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5.0 out of 5 stars The most incredible fascinating album of all time by far, 19 Dec 2007
This review is from: Ultra (Audio CD)
The most incredible fascinating album of all time by far ... I will start my review by these simple words because this album is beyond words to describe.. I remember back in 1998 I was yet new to discover music genres and I was a really teen pop kid and most importantly I was more into techno because of their beats it haunted me and also have only tasted a number of rock albums.. So I was not impressed... Later on after 2001-2002 EXCITER period came and my music taste was changed dramatically I found 'I FEEL LOVED' and 'DREAM ON' stunning I can't ignore any of their work anymore so I began tracing their earlier work I listened to the whole EXCITER album but still can't find what I want...I searched in my older albums I found 2005 PLAYING THE ANGEL came I was more into all rock genres,electronica so it impressed me very well and I felt this band will be huge to me so I gave ULTRA my first listening try in DECEMBER 2005-JANUARY 2006 (can you imagine)... What happened next I wondered about it til our present day Impressive,Incredible,Fascinating,Astonishing, Accessible,Genius,Masterpiece of work (all of these words of descriptions are inferior for the real identity and concept of this album in my opinion)... I found in every track a diversity in music genres which haunted me the most the incredible content of lyrics BARREL OF A GUN,THE LOVE THIEVES,FREESTATE,IT'S NO GOOD,HOME... the genius instrumental playing of all types guitars,drums,keyboards,strings,electronics.... the vocals are on high vibe especially HOME ..... the production is excellent no fault on that.. the mood the inspiration of darkness it haunted me the most and it reminds me of great memories of mine and became my most favourite album by far (surpassing Madonna's RAY OF LIGHT and Coldplay's A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD) I listened to it about 20-30 times which is for me by far the most times I ever listened to an album like that I am very choosey and can't be impressed easily by the stuff of our days...Let's talk about every single track:
The opener track...1st the intro is so fascinating so adorable then the music built up so fast and haunting ...the drums! the beat the general mood..the lyrics
(This twisted, tortured mess This bed of sinfulness Who's longing for some rest And feeling numb ...Whatever I've done I've been staring down the barrel of a gun )amazing piece of work so passionate and psychologic deep inside
1st the beat is so moody beautifully sad and to some point it makes me cry I love it! the intro is so haunting ... I love the line (Love needs its martyrs Needs its sacrifices They live for your beauty And pay for their vices Love will be the death of My lonely soul brothers But their spirit
shall live on in The hearts of all lovers ) so moody I can't help thinking of it The ending is so creepy and beautiful as well in the same time..
3.HOME 5/5
One of the finest tracks here the beat of the intro is so amazing built up more into electronic then orchestral strings all through.. the amazing piece of lyrics I think is the 1st line that goes (Here is a song from the wrong side of town Where I'm bound to the ground by the loneliest sound
That pounds from within and is pinning me down )so so powerful track its meaning its message the production the vocals are so amazing and that what is called singing! by MARTIN GORE (And I thank you for bringing me here
For showing me home, for singing these tears Finally I've found that I belong here )... The ending is at the maximum and is taking the song to more powerful side ...Genius
4.IT'S NO GOOD 6/5!
My finest best most fascinating piece of work I ever heard in my entire life by all means the best track I guess here....The intro is so electronic the beat is so strong so creepy that beautifully affects me the most and frightened me as well and my brother (HOBA)! and the lyrics flows (Don't say you want me Don't say you need me Don't say you love me It's understood Don't say you're happy Out there without me I know you can't be
'Cause it's no good ) powerful electro-rock I have ever heard in my life...and by the middle of the track it became so so heavy..The best piece of lyric in the whole album also as well in here (When will you realize Do we have to wait 'till our worlds collide Open up your eyes
You can't turn back the tide )...and the beat goes til the end...Perfection
So adorable and creepy instrumental interlude ..Bingo! and it will progress to the upnext track
The intro is pure heavy rockier side of the band...The heaviest on the whole album right choice as well in the lyrics (All my useless advice
All my hanging around All your cutting down to size All my bringing you down )....and the music going deeper and deeper and by the middle of the track it became so so heavy rock...The hell is rising!
Another side that describes the diversity and variety of this album is this track in particular way...The track begins like GARBAGE but with DM touch this built up to a slower tempo like 80's but wait it progress into a rockier electro magnetic wave of perfection you should listen to this one....The winner here in my point of view id the creativity of the beat of the music
Another instrumental interlude so jazzy so creepy will progress in the upnext track so incredibly way so fast
About freedom about becoming unattached live free let your feeling go and show you the right way...The intro is so jazzy then built up to the core of the track and the lyrics flow (Step out of your cage And onto the stage
It's time to start Playing your part Freedom awaits Open the gates
Open your mind Freedom's a state ) what the hell are these harmonies melodies and thoughts of lyrics came from... I still don't know til the present day..the solos are so extremely beautiful and powerful and the ending is so electro orchestral love that one too
One word inspirational exceptional ... so classy and can't be ignored again the vocals are amazing the intro is so creepy and makes you wait and wonder what's next...the backing vocals at the climax of the song mmmmmmm is so haunting and frightening (I'm yearning I'm burning I feel love's
wheels turning )....the ending is one of the best (The sun will shine
The bottom line I follow you)
11.INSIGHT 5/5
The final track..the opening is so haunting the beat goes strong and spiritual .. I love (And the spirit of love Is rising within me
Talking to you now Telling you clearly The fire still burns )...the ending (I'm talking to you now The fire still burns Whatever you do now
You've got to give love The world still turns I'm talking to you now).. perfect ending to a perfect album again the vocals both main and backing and makes me wonder My fire still burns!
Overall viewing:
The production of both beats and vocals at its maximum I wonder this album was out 1997 ten years ago I'm listening to it where the hell I were been it's shame to make my 1st listen ten years later but it became my favourite
The vocals the lyrics the overall dark feel I like the diversity of music genre and types and variety it haunted me the most (P.S I don't like concept ones) ranging from electronic, techno ,new wave ,alternative ,dance ,rock and even jazz what you want more than that
The art direction even the name ULTRA is best described by my best friend nowadays (AMMOR)when he listened to the album by my recommendation he was shocked both by the album and its high production back in 1997 and it's more more mature than any other nowadays stuff by far and also was shocked by the band it was his first time he had ever listened to this band...He said that the title ULTRA on its own is ultra in everything!
The music is best heard in this album by HEADPHONES not live sets I mean if you want to discover the the amazing journey you are about to hear and see you must wear your headset immediately right now
The creativity of the whole album makes me wonder how it progressed like that I still wonder til the present day
To know whether an album is perfect or not listen to it over and over you will not get bored of it and each time you will discover things you haven't discovered in your last time and on each listening you will choose different track or more to be your favourites out of it
The longevity of the album clocking to an hour makes the journey more and more perfect (P.S I don't like short ones)
I can't see any fault here........not even one weak point
This album remains my favourite of all time and occupies a special place in my heart and soul....and reminds me of alot of stuff ,trips, people ,memories it's so passionate and will be my best forever!


for those who keen for meaningful and classy highly productive ones

Pushing The Senses
Pushing The Senses
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5.0 out of 5 stars Pushing My Senses Forward By This!!!, 17 Sep 2005
This review is from: Pushing The Senses (Audio CD)
First of all I didn't listen to the older stuff by Feeder but I own the last 2 albums. Comfort in sound is great with hits like'Forget about tomorrow' & 'Godzilla' but the last album shows a more mature direction and let's concentrate on how the beautiful lyrics and music make this album different here's my review track by track:
01.Feeling a moment.2nd single great opener great music and more great lyrics I love it 5/5
02.Bitter glass.Oh my God this should've been released as a single but sadly not Assssssstonishhhhing!!! 5/5
03.Tumble and fall.1st single.Once again great music great lyrics with its chorus stuck in my head for a long time early this year 5/5
04.Tender.Will be the forthcoming 4th single with'Shatter' a non album track.Great choices of making singles this band know what it has to do! 4.5/5
05.Pushing the senses.The title track and 3rd single to be lift out off the album make me really respect this band a lot and in my opinion this alone makes the album worth buying Greeeeeaaaatttttttt 5/5
06.Frequency.This is the real break after nearly 5 tracks of a harder edgr of music but in this one here's a harder edge of beautiful lyrics 4.5/5
07.Morning life.My favorite track in the album It's the type of music once you listen to it hunts you 5/5
08.Pilgrim soul.Like 'Pushing the senses' a standout without a doubt great makes the 2nd half of the album a more rockier side!
09.Pain on pain.Oh great title great lyrics and music as well I found this one more suitable to be the ender track for one of the most amazing albums of the year 4.5/5
10.Dove grey sands.This is the only weakest point in the whole album I found it not suitable and not matchable for both the whole album and its end which it should be more powerful like 'Pain on pain' but anyway it's not bad 3.5/5
Vedict:The whole album is different more powerful than 'Comfort in sound' except the last track
also great artwork and fonts
Feeder you are much welcomed in my everlasting collection.....!!!

Waiting For The Sirens' Call
Waiting For The Sirens' Call
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Price: 5.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Waiting for this amazing call!!!, 11 Sep 2005
I'm 21 years old I didn't listen to old new order's stuff but I own their last 2 albums. Get ready is good and I love 'Crystal' but their latest effort is completely different. Each song is a masterpiece no ridiculous or fake ideas. I listen to it more than 20 times or more. The thing that amazing me the most is that I can't get it outta my head. It's incredible comeback I hope that 2006 album is ready to hit my shelves soon. I'm dyin' to...

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