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The Wind on Fire Trilogy: "The Wind Singer", "Slaves of the Mastery", "Firesong"
The Wind on Fire Trilogy: "The Wind Singer", "Slaves of the Mastery", "Firesong"
by William Nicholson
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The series is The Best!!!, 5 Dec 2004
If you ever see The Wind On Fire Series, it is a "must have" Trilogy. It contains:
#1) The Wind Singer
#2) Slaves of the Mastery
#3) Firesong
#1) The Wind Singer:
It starts off with long ago, when the building of the mysterious 'Wind Singer' took place. Then it zooms foward in time, to the great walled city of Aramanth. Here the twins Kestrel and Bowman Hath live. Kestrel creates alot of havoc, when she shouts out swear words through the Wind singer, after running out of school. A very funny, but stupid boy, Mumpo, with an unknown family, falls in love with her, and follows her every where she goes. Maslo Inch, the high examiner of Aramanth, tries to teach her a lesson, where she escapes, and finding the emperor, Creoth the 6th, who gives her a map, and she then sets out on a quest, with Mumpo and Bowman, to bring back the Wind Singers voice. Only then can the city of Aramanth be freed from the evil Morah...
#2) Slaves of the Mastery:
5 years have passed, the city free from the evil Morah, but then the ruthless soilders of the Mastery strike. Kestrel escapes all of the killing, when she realises that her family and her people have been taken away, under slavery. She follows, and meets up with the people of Gang, where she meets the beautiful Sisi. She wants to continue searching for her beloved brother and family, but Gang is holding her back. But what she dosen't know, is that they are on their way to the Mastery. Meanwhile, Bowman learns the secrets of the singer people, who live a long way off on The Island of Sirene. Pinto, Bowman and Kestrel's younger sister has fallen in love with Mumpo, who is no longer stupid, but strong and handsome. He lears to dance the deadly Manaxa. The bride of the person who led the soilders into Aramanth (you will have to read to find out who the bride is), creates alot of havoc, when she refuses to marry, because she loves Bowman. The mastery try to kill all of Gang, and then, Bowman makes his move...
#3) Firesong:
It is now the time of crulety, and the Manth people leave the ruined Mastery, to find the homeland. Only Ira Hath, The twin's mother can lead them there. They face Blizzards, mind controlling flies, and the evil of the Morah. Bandits steal their young woman, but with the help of Bowman, Mumpo, Rollo Shim, and a few other boys, get them back. And also, they see a rather familliar face among the bandits, fighting them off. Death is near in the snow, when Kestrel, as if it were just like magic, finds a jungle, which is almost too hot. They meet The very fat Captain Canobius there, who has an evil plan, but seems nice. Bowman eagerly awaits the summons from Sirene, and Kestrel becomes jelous.
And all the while, The wind is rising...

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