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Nokia Lumia 930 5 inch, 32Gb, 4G, UK Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Green
Nokia Lumia 930 5 inch, 32Gb, 4G, UK Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Green
Offered by Wowcamera
Price: 425.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unique simplicity and modern is best to describe this phone, 24 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unique simplicity and modern is best to describe this phone. Excellent quality build that comes with a top camera and fluid and very elegant OS. The touch screen is the best I've used that can be used with ease even with gloves on. With W8.1 now having 'Swip' keyboard which feels more accurate compared to all Android phones I've used, inc my now Xperia Z2. Live tiles are informative and look great. Apps are plenty with less bloatware apps compared with Android/iOS where many apps do the same thing, but still W8P still has all the popular apps: Facebook, What's App, Netflix, BBCiplayer, 4oD, Spotify, Instagrams...etc. The store continues to add new apps with some excellent Nokia apps already built into the Lumia. Bing apps are great too: News, Weather, Sport, Fitness & Health, Travel, Food are all very clean and polished looking and very easy to navigate. Standard lockscreen is informative - this can be further altered and customised using the Lockmix app. NFC is built in and can be useful. Accessories from Nokia like the wireless-charger speakers, phone charger, and the upcoming tags where you attach tags to personal items, eg: keys, bags, phones, bike, lap-tops, tablets, phones..etc; so if you forget them or leave them behind your Lumia can be set to alert you, and can be tracked if lost by using the Lumia 930(plus other W8 phones)...Updates now seem to arive quicker from MS with other feature/improvement updates also coming at a faster rate. The exciting Contra(Speech assistance + info-cards)is soon to arrive to W8P, but even with the now already standard W8P voice assistance(not Contra)does a good job by doing the usual speech commands: Call, note, search, msg, open app; but can also, for certain apps, do certain things a little more extra compared to google/siri eg, say "TV play bbc 2": It will play that channel for you, or any other channel you say that's available from "TVCatchup" app. Tell 'Wikipedia' search "Star Trek": It will give info about your search request from the app and read the first part to you! Simply double press the Search-Key and press See More to see what apps can be used in this way...Lumia phones have the ability to have your txt msg's read out to you (it will ask you first - just answer after the beep)which can be handy (go into Settings and then Speech). Another nice feature is pressing the Search-Key which takes you to Bing Internet search with options for Scout Local Area, Music Search(like Shazaam), and Barcode Scanning which allows you check barcodes such as price checking, download apps or info from barcode(s), checking cds/dvds/apps/games, and also translate text if needed by holding the phone over the required text to be translated - all very quick easy fast access at a press of the search icon.

Rooms/Groups/People Hub on W8Ps allows easy quick access plus communication to who ever you put in them. This allowing grouping individuals together or who you choose for sharing or sending photos/videos, txts/chats, contacts, emails. Pins is another unique feature that allows you to pin most things to the screen such as apps, articles from the web, individual notes, sport/news/app pages, albums/artist/songs, address/map/route(s), page from web, photos, contact(s), group(s)..etc; for later or just keep them there for quick access for when you want/need them. Another simple but very useful function for people with/around children is 'Kids Corner'. Simply swipe right from lockscreen, put in code, which will now not allow a child to enter any other part of the phone except those apps you put in 'Kids Corner'.

The phone seems suited for business users too as W8P' come with Office which can also be connected to mobile Office365 for setting up Office documents, with also Office Lens to capture pictures of whiteboards, documents, photos and then share them or just save them onto OneNote. Also Skype is also part of the phone that can be used for 'Facetime' and group chats as well as cheap calls abroad. Onedrive gives you plenty of free cloud storage, and with blackberry messenger soon to be released for W8P's too. Combine all this and with Lumia's smooth OS operation group/people hubs, live tiles, and the ease of use and to navigate really helps for people who do need a phone with a business use edge...Not forgetting all those XboxOne owners, there's 'Smartglass'. Entertainment from movies/sport/music/games can be beamed/shared on your Lumia screen. Smartglass can also be used to navigate and control functions on XboxOne too as well as be used to send msgs to Xbox friend lists, invite people for gaming, control apps on the console..etc.

Experiencing Lumia WP8 is really different and does shine in areas above Android and Apple, and that's coming from a well used Android user(used SG1 and SG3, now using Xperia Z2 as my contract upgrade phone, bought a 2nd hand Lumia 920, and got the 930 recently. Have used iPhone too as my partner has it). WP8 may still miss some functions of Android or iOS missing on W8P - but its vice versa on Android and iOS too. Its the new kid on the block, new OS, so just remember iOS and Android when they started! But it seems MS have caught-up faster, listening to users, and pushing ahead in updates and quality. Looks feels and operates like premium phone too.

A few great apps that might interest you:
*1#TOOLKIT (all tools and conversions in one place
*627.AM (alarm, notes, weather on one rotating tile
*CHRONOAS CALENDAR (great informative and customizable calendar)
*CONNECTIVITY (info on battery, data roaming, remaining hours, network, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/gps/data/setting toggle on/off all on one tile)
*CAR DASH (if your driving you need this with easy access to contacts, home address, destination, music(can use voice commands), weather info, apps, on/off switch for data/Wi-Fi/rotation lock/bluetooth)
*GMaps+ (for all those who need Google Maps)
*LOCKMIX (excellent for various info/rotating photos you can put on your lockscreen
*myTube (Youtube but better)
*NOKIA APPS FOLDER (put apps eg:Video apps, Music apps, Note apps in one sizable tile)
*NOKIA STORYTELLER (shows you where photos where taken, timeline, story video, favs, photo folders)
*NOKIA JOBLENS (jobs around your area)
*NOKIA EXPLORE BETA (everything around you - shops, restaurants/take aways, atm/banks, hospitals..etc. This app seems much better then Local Scout)
*POUCH (save web pages to read later when no network is available)
*OYSTER BUDDY (informative app and great for glance at your oyster credit on tile)
*SKINERY THEMES (great for simply adding a spacer between tiles or customizing tiles)
*TRANSPARECY TILES (does what it says)
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Nokia Lumia 635 4.5 inch, 8Gb, 4G, UK Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Black
Nokia Lumia 635 4.5 inch, 8Gb, 4G, UK Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Black
Price: 144.83

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great phone for its price, 18 July 2014
Having been converted from a solid Android user since the original release of the SG1 then SG3, and now recently contract upgraded to a Sony Xperia Z2, to a now preferred bought from Amazon Windows Lumia 920. I bought this Lunia 635 phone for my wife - who doesn't know anything outside iPhone! For the price the phone feels good that sits comfortably in the hand and looks good. You get more features at this price point then any Android phone, and comes with an OS and UI that's fluid smooth and without the glitches and annoyances of Android(Yes! I still get them on my SXZ2). This may be a budget phone, but you certainly get build quality(but don't expect the highest Lumia standard) and great simplicity within the interface for a price that would cost double(+) if it was an entry level Android(which are still prone to crashes, jerkyness, glitches, virus..esp lower end phones!). You will have to pay more then twice for the lowest iPhone model!!!! A great phone for people who want a smartphone that's hassle free with nice features and ease of use that's stable with a secured OS at very very reasonable price - then consider Lumia 635(+).

The New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol 300ml
The New Bed Bug Killer Aerosol 300ml
Offered by LightingandMobileAccessoriesUK
Price: 1.59

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Only good if directly applied, 4 Feb 2014
The problem with Bedbugs is there ability to hide and stay hidden for long periods in the tiniest of spaces and for long periods. This spray is only good for direct contact with BB, this will not kill hidden BB's or there eggs which will be protected by there shell/sack. If you do not kill the eggs or nymphs you will not successfully get rid of bedbugs - this spray has no long term effect, so only direct hits works on the bugs, but they some may still survive.. Not killing the baby nymphs or eggs will simply allow them to continue to grow and feed while quickly reaching adult stage to reproduce, they can be very difficult to spot and find. Using sprays and foggers can only spread them out to other areas and rooms or send them into deeper hiding! I learnt the hard way using this and other home product !!! ...What I've learnt is that Bed-Bugs can be difficult to detect, they can sense certain pesticides. You do need to look for signs by BB's: Fecal Spots, Alive Ones, BB Skins, Bites, Bloodstains, Sweaty Smell indicating a large infestation; and also do remember a female can lay upto 5 eggs a day! The eggs will usually take 10-14+ days to hatch - many people make the mistake that they have beaten Bedbugs only to discover symptoms a month plus later! To get rid of bed bugs DO NOT USE FUMIGATOR'S/SMOKERS!!! This will only make them hide deeper and spread them to other areas making you think you've killed them - when all they have done is spread them out and make them hide deeper. This product amongst many are good for killing if directly sprayed upon, but in most cases this will not get rid of them as they usually only occur at night from there hiding space when you are at your deepest sleep stage.

You may be interested looking into David Cain (just type in Google David Cain Bedbugs).. who is a world recognised BB expert, his forums and research is very handy as well as informative [...]

Bed Bug Treatment Killer With Free Bed Bug Monitor Trap (Now With Latest Technology Scentrel Candle)
Bed Bug Treatment Killer With Free Bed Bug Monitor Trap (Now With Latest Technology Scentrel Candle)
Offered by Direct Sales
Price: 29.99

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars It Kills, but!, 28 July 2013
This is spray that does kill bed-bugs but does take a bit of time to take effect. Unfortunately it will not get rid of any Bed-Bug infestation as this is a direct contact spray! This will not get rid of unreachable or hidden BBs, and certainly no effect on BB eggs - which by destroying the larvr is the only way to stop them multiplying and re-infesting. PLEASE NOTE: Using the FOG FUMMERS supplied with this package will only cause the BED BUGS to hide deeper in the smallest of places, or even worse spread them to other areas, inc other rooms. Doing this will make it harder to kill these parasites and even detecting them could become very much harder, esp with the Nymphs(bed-bugs at early stages) due to them being almost colourless, very tiny, and extremely flat...Sadly even if one or two bed-bugs are seen/caught or found then killed, others could be easily hiding or lurking in the tiniest of places without you ever knowing that they're there. Bed Bugs can be extremely notoriously hard to find or see making this product useless for eggs and unseen BBs.

Having had these annoying parasites myself, its a good idea to look into them to understand how these horrible bugs live and survive for long periods. This will help you understand the treatment that may be needed or required to completely eliminate them. The best and most efficient way to get clear of these parasites, for me, is by PROFESSIONALS. I tried all sorts of methods from Poison Pesticide Sprays, to Fog Fummers, and even Diatomicus Earth(this is excellent but you need to know how and where to spread this as this dries them out slowly). Unfortunately there is no easy way, esp with home products. This is due to how these parasite live, breed, hide, sleep, infest, and feed that can make them very difficult to get rid off. Without the right effective and sometimes repeated treatment that maybe required, you could make the situation a lot worse doing it with DIY: If BBs are not caught early infestation can spread quickly. You need to look out for early tell tale signs: Live Ones, Faecal Spots(small black spots that look like pen-tip spots), Shed Skins or Live Bugs. If hidden and unable to reach bed-bugs with this spray, BBs will simply continue to multiply if you don't kill the eggs - which this product wont do and with females laying upto 5 eggs a day! Unless you find all the eggs and females this treatment will not resolve the clearing of bed bugs for long. For efficiently eliminating these parasites 'professionals' are probably the best method: Its highly recommended to do your research and use a trusted/recommended pest control business as unfortunately a lot have jumped on the BB bandwagon for quick money by promising cheap and effective treatments - BUT DON'T DO THE JOB!!! DO DO THE RESEARCH BEFORE HIRING!!! Professionals should check properly for any infestation, use proper bed-bug treatment, two treatments might be required (usually 2nd treatment after two weeks - though this can depend on how its treated). Some will offer a bed-bug free time guarantee or free treatment if they re-occur within that time period given, but some are also based on false promises! Do check if they are members of PEST CONTROL INDUSTRY BODY for extra piece of mind. Also do be weary of council treatments as they may be cheap but not exactly effective, with also no real emphasis on effectively understanding the individual case and managing the problem. Its usually the same procedure with councils as they simple spray the bed with some medi-core pesticide then repeat with the next client as they seem more concerned with quick and more jobs due to cheap call outs. Its also a good idea, esp. in flats or joined apartments, to see if the problem could be spread from there.

You may be interested looking into David Cain (just type in Google David Cain Bedbugs or go to forum). David is a world recognised Micro Biologist and BB expert. His forums and research is very handy as well as informative [...]

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Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Black
Nokia Lumia 920 Sim Free Windows Smartphone - Black
Offered by Prepaymania
Price: 238.99

22 of 34 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Where Are The Basic Features Of Smartphones!, 10 April 2013
Update 2014 after review below from 2013(Please note I originally rated this phone 3 Stars, now have given it 4 Stars).

After being a disappointed with the phone previously coming from SG3, I have now fallen in love with Lumia 920 after a years use, the improvements and discoveries as follows:

*Folders are now available on Lumia.
*Voice assistance is actually quiet good once remembered commands for various apps - though full voice control is apparently coming with 8.1 update.
*Camera is much better now and apps/options are easy to access (recommend Nokia Camera app)
*Maps while not as informative as Google; Nokia maps do accuracy very well, with a very simple clean interface. A third party Google Maps/Street View apps also available that work very well too.
*Calendars recommended Cal/Simple Calendar/Chronos Calendar are brilliant and with informative Tiles. Also much more apps are now available & still arriving that work really well with the Windows UI.
*Interface is well integrated bringing apps/info such as music/contacts/social all together in one place.
*Tiles can be very useful and with folders now available it can look pretty slick too. Recommend 'Groupy' app to add spacing and can be lettered.
*Great and informative lockscreen plus Nokia Glance very useful and helpful in a simple way. Recommended app: Lockmix for extra lockscreen add-ons (eg: appointments, calendars, revolving photos, battery info, weather..etc)
*UI is slick and fast and very smooth - love it!
*Xbox Video is now available with movie/tv rentals or purchase.
*UC Browser is excellent on W8P for downloading and storing web videos/music on phone.
*8.1 update will further improve W8 phones later this year with intergrated Notifications page plus other functions & improvements(2014).
*Kids Corner is very handy for those who the phone/children safe when letting them use it.

Hi, I really starting to love the 920 now! Here's a few apps that really work well with W8P esp Nokia Lumia's:
*Nokia App Folder - great for creating folders for apps.
*Car Dash - excellent for when driving.
*Chronos Calendar(more customization) or Cal (calendar) - Both quality useful and simple calendars with informative tiles.
*Lockmix - Informative custom information you can use on lock screen.
*627.AM - Excellent alarm, reminder note, tomorrows weather all in one tile.
*Connectivity - Best quick toggle access settings, battery info, plus more.
*Nokia Storyteller - Date timeline/places/folders/favs of all photos. Can also tap photo to add info.
*Music - Excellent free music streaming
*Groupy - I use this to create space between above and below tiles by using a Black small tile sitting in between the above and below tile(s). 1 can used to separate a whole row. This also allows me to use white lettering on the black tile(s), or what colours you wish, allowing me to create tags with appropriate apps/tiles sitting under tags, eg: M_E_D_I_A / N_O_T_E_S / N_E_W_S..etc (you have to fiddle around with space spreading letters on each tile used).
*Skinery Themes - Great custom tiling that can have continuous revolving tiles with reminders, notes, photos, icons, blank/coloured tiles attached to any one app, open a chosen webpage, all or single contact, settings, or no tasks - just use it as decoration or informative/reminder or all 3 as a tile.
*Bing: News, Sports, Health, Weather, Travel
*EasyNotes - Quality notepad with many options.
*Oyster Buddy
*MyTube - Better then any official YouTube app on any phone.

Oh! If you go into Speech and turn tick Play Audio Conformation, then Always On below - this will read your SMS messages to you. Just wait for the bleep at the end and respond. Very handy at times...You can also change text size for certain areas eg: Contacts, People, email, messaging and lock screen - just go to Settings, Ease of Access and switch On.

I got his after giving my Samsung Galaxy S3 to my partner. I liked the look and feel with W8 OS, plus the OS seemed exciting and fresh. At first I really loved the fluidity with its handling of W8 and Nokia phone - it felt slick and smooth/responsive, plus can be operated with your gloves on! BUT!!! now 3 weeks inn, I see many Basic features missing from W8 OS, esp after coming from SG3 plus Iphone background:

1)NO REAL VOICE ASSISTANCE: You can't ask it to set-up Reminders, Alarms, Timer, Calendar Events/Tasks or simply ask various questions like: 'How many countries in the EU', 'What was the football results last night', 'What is the fastest car in the world'..etc! You be amazed how this function can be useful and now an expected feature in modern Smartphones. The only voice assistance on W8 is fairly limited and quiet basic: Web-Search, Call'name', Note'...' that's about it on W8! With no voice option when typing with the only exception for Txt/Emailing, unlike the Iphone or SG3 which both have speech available in most apps/areas, and is esp good when you can't spell certain words which don't show-up in word prediction(which W8 is not as good as SG3/Jellybean/Google!). On SG/Iphone simply say the word eg:'Considerable'; and 'Considerable' will be spelled and inserted for you if/when needed! Lumia W8 surprisingly been really stupid not to include this level of Voice Assistance! It has and does come in useful at certain times esp with hands free operation.

2)While Bing/Nokia Maps are good! Bing maps lack detail/ reviews of places, and are very photos-less compared to the well up-to-date OS implemented Google Maps on both Android phones and Iphone. W8 often lacks the various information on areas/places with no proper Streetview integration - you do have a separate app for this, but even then it does not operate with the fluidity and ease of Android/iPhones all-in-one Google StreetView/Places/Latitude/Maps. W8 Maps both sadly can't find real-time alternative routes to avoid tailbacks, traffic, accidents - Google's can!

3)While Nokia does a excellent job of photos, its sad that not much that you can do with them! Again separate apps have to be bought to do the most basic things that come with Android/iPhone. This does become a problem as you have to go into a separate app which is not integrated with the main camera, so you going to have to remember each Icon for each Tile to remember the function of the app - Not very good if want to take quick shots! To do a simple function such as Photo-Albums on W8 requires patience and multitasking: You need to be connected to SkyDrive app stored on both Phone and PC, upload photos to SkyDrive, this costing you data and battery power, then make Photo Folder in SkyDrive, then send Photos into Folder, then wait(depending on the net connection - but can take upto 30+mins)for Photos to be put into folders created on Sky Drive. THIS IS JUST SLOW AND CUMBERSOME AND STUPID!!!! There is no photo slideshow ability as its all manual. No screen touch side-bar on video/music/photos to wizz too, or pass quickly, to certain images or sections of a pacific part of video or song you may wish to see/hear: You can only Forward or Back skip at 30 second intervals on both video/music. The camera lacks any real image photo editing features(i'm not talking about gimmick editing), with also a very useless photo Map Location option. No face detection that can recognize faces in your contact list, which you can then optionally use to view all photos of that person, or send Msg's/Call/Email that person when looking at photos of that person in you contacts - which SG3 can all do! Though Nokia does an excellent job with the camera, its MS again holding Nokia back!

4)CLUTTERED CONFUSING TILES: While the tiles are nice on W8 and even informative(not very though!); They certainly can get confusing. If kept at the smallest size to fit a decent amount on screen, which will happen if you want to keep a good amount of apps for quicker access - and because of this the smallest Tiles will not be labelled! This forcing you to recognize the app by Icon identification, while requiring you to have a very good memory to remember what that Icon app is ? Most tiles even at there medium & larger size, that usually flip between two images, only provide minimal information - esp. when compared to the Widgets on Android which carry more info, eg: Sky News Headlines, Agenda Calendar , Flipboard, Pulse, Emails, Txts, Weather Clock (Widgets also allow you open other apps by linking it to Widgets!)..etc. Andorid's screens are alive with updates and information and more informative, interactive then W8 tiles!

FOLDERS: Sadly you can't create folders on W8, so its impossible to group and categorize apps together neatly for quicker, easier access, which also doesn't force you to filling the homescreen with app icons, widgets, tiles which can become confusing and slow to navigate or find that particular app - W8 can become confusing!

5)DOWNLOAD VIDEO! You can't download video into you phone as with Android(SG/Android gives you an option everytime), or iPhone, which now has an app allowing you to do that. So if you ever want to download a certain video and watch it later, at any time and place from your phone - you can't!!! Lumia W8 does not store the any net-video in the phone memory. This leaves you with no-option but to download and watch it using Wi-Fi/Net there and then! This means if you want to watch something from Youtube later, you can't, it has to be watched while its downloading, even after its downloaded, your unable to keep it for later to watch!!! This is just dumb of W8 and Lumia.

6)THERE IS NO NOTIFACTION BAR - you have to go into your email, msg, miss calls! No notification bar is just plain stupid not to be included. You can't have notification updates from things like: Weather, Traffic, News, Footballs Scores, Ebay, Sports, Local events, Emails, Txts, Tweets, Facebook...etc: Unlike Android/Iphone where you can see and access all various info at anytime and in any app just by simply pulling down slidebar from the top. There is no way to view all-in-one information in one go on W8! People's Hub on Lumia is very restricted and just formainly msg social grouping - that's all.

7)App's while growing, simply don't offer much! There is also the habit if overcharging for apps that should have been naturally integrated into W8 phone OS. Also there is NO hiring/buying/watching movie, no magazines, no books on W8. Only Netflix. This is again so stupid on MS and W8 phones. Google and Apple certainly has beaten W8 in this area, as well as others. Even the apps that have reached W8 phones, lack many features compared to Andorid and iPhones equivalents!

W8 has many simple basic expected features missing. Yet! sadly offering nothing that can equal Photos, Maps, Voice Assistance, Notification, Apps when compared to Android/SG3 and Iphone! A good but badly stripped of features phone and OS, which MS also seems to slow to bring up-to-date!
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Price: 11.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hidden deep absorbing chaos., 8 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Untilted (Audio CD)
This album certainly is not ambient, abstract, broken Idm as you know it! This is delicate sculptured experimentation across non-rhythmic spheres and a variety of mini fragmented rhythmic structures that takes the listener through a mind alternating listening experience though a mishmash of abstract soundscapes featuring fragmented dense beats, beatless ambient space, and funnelled sonic's that are then further crunched with disjointed broken rhythms grafted with dense elements of Idm. This will certainly take a few full listens to really absorb the micro robotic organisms of the hidden clicks and cuts with gradual swirls of glitchy rhythms and beats that within and along the ambient and twisting abstractness, as each new listen start to reveal the deeper hidden depths of sounds plus sculptured musical components as they start to emerge through the once complete chaos that seemed at fist...A excellent album that requires patience with repeated listens to understand and appreciate.

James Vs The Sabres Of Paradise
James Vs The Sabres Of Paradise

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars CD 33mins of great atmospheric dub., 6 Jan 2013
If you enjoyed The Orb's classic full 39mins Blue Room cd - then this cd should be added to your collection!

JAMES vs SABRES OF PARADISE "Jam J" CD EP is one long journey across 33min+ of languorous dub/deep progressive house with added indie guitar. Totally reworked/rewritten by the excellent Sabres Of Paradise and much extended from the original James version! SoP completely totally re-write the original music with a unique hypnotizing and instrumental take using dub, ambient, and prog-house; creating feelings and moods that are both involving and very deeply atmospheric. A unique listening experience that only The Sabres Of Paradise can create...DO NOT MISS!!

The Devil Inside [DVD]
The Devil Inside [DVD]
Dvd ~ Fernanda Andrade
Price: 3.00

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Unfairly Underrated, 17 Nov 2012
This review is from: The Devil Inside [DVD] (DVD)
I don't understand why people have disregarded this movie so harshly! I finally got around watching it on Sky movies after avoiding watching it in the cinemas due to its very over-exaggerated, and its quiet unfair, bad reviews. The movie develops at a good pace without purposely over-stretching the story or characters background. Just as with Blair Witch, Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, Rec, and many other horror films, which all never really develop any real deep story lines or character backgrounds - The Devil Inside is no different! The film focuses dealing with the 3 main characters actions that develop by on ONE demonic event in the film. As this event gradually deepens, its here the film keeps its main focus, dealing with the characters actions based around situation throughout the film. The atmosphere is great with some disturbing creepy horror moments, with the live camera effect adding to its horror(its not over shaky too!). The acting is authentic and acted out well and quiet believable too: There is absolutely nothing wrong with the acting as some have unfairly commented or complained. If you can accept the acting in Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Insidious - You can certainly accept this!...The minimal used special effects are effective with a more 'real to life' approach, and for the better, with non of this OTT CGI, this allowing the movie to feel more horror like because of this. The story is decent enough with good pacing and climax, and if you can live with most horror movie stories, this is just as good. Overall an enjoyable horror film that is actually horror and not dependent on gore with some true jump-out-of-your-seat moments! It may have an opinionated climax ending but it's one that will keep you watching to the very end with some good development with scares and momentum along the way. As a low budget movie, this movie certainly doesn't feel that way, and one that has certainly has been strangely panned for doing a good job in making a good and atmospheric horror. Certainly worth a watch and if you liked horror like Blair Witch, Insidious(overrated), Paranormal Acrivity - This movie is on the same level!

2nd Home
2nd Home
Price: 15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Music for your thoughts, 3 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: 2nd Home (Audio CD)
This is a perfect album to unwind too, to chill-out after a busy day, relax too when you can't sleep, or just listen to quality absorbing music that maintains emotion and the understanding of meaningful downtempo grooves throughout. A recommended release to all Norman Feller's followers, esp his if into his deeper side, yet also to all those into quality non-commercial chill music. This is a album full of beautiful deep lounge music with a certain cinematic soundtrack feel across its diverse downtempo sound. A album that creates a perfect formula for mellow, calming, and relaxing moods, yet at times dense hyponitic and thought provoking too, while still containing all the emotional characteristics of what makes modern deep and absorbing instrumental electronic music sound immersive. Norman Feller excels using his captivating and soothing modern composition with mainly a minimal structure along with plenty of depth using touches of charming padded trip-hop beats, gentle deep-house grooves and rhythms with some tracks adding breezy light jazzy elements that inc real saxophone, strings, and even the occasional piano play. At times cresses of subtle touches of dub like effects are also occasionally added; all bringing together a feeling of warmth along with its deep dowmtempo atmospheres across the album. Rhythms and beats at times is also elegantly touched-up with interesting effect filters plus effective use of ambient sounds using wispy electronic effects with a variation of triggered textural samples such as human voices, drifting urban layers, and even gentle sounds of nature; which are all subtly integrated into the album to great effect sitting comfortably within the music. Even though the ambient use remains subtle, they are obvious, bringing an engaging result that add a natural harmony to the rhythms and beats with its atmospheric and organic effects...A wonderful deep engaging journey into downtempo music.

Price: 13.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Relaxing, 25 May 2012
This review is from: 1549 (Audio CD)
Another great release of absorbing deep music from BimeMusic label. This is a album with a warm minimalistic approach across warm textured spacious sounds using deep electronic melancholy and elements and influences of dub-techno. A listening experience sits somewhere between Purl's ambientish 'Deep Ground' album, and Geoff Whites' micro/subtle styled of dub-techno structures from 'Question and Comments' and the more rhythmic dub-tech house 'Neverless' album - all quality deep albums themselves. Tracks flow with synthetic style of pace to be absorbed in a Brian Eno listening way: Just sit back and play! Though this time with a warmer organic modern tech sound using spacious gentle ambient that at times flutter with minimal 4/4 beats, plus the subtle elements of dub-techno, which are then further built upon with the gradual build of techno/house-ish looped synth sweeps; that gently flow along or build upon the drifting textured like ambient. The more beatless ambient on a couple of tracks are used nicely in a calming manner, while at times also edging inn the occasional sounds and elements associated with dub-techno - but in an minimal ambient way! With each new listen the album can start to reveal new sounds that pleasantly leads the listener discovering and absorbing new elements and deepness within the tracks across the albums ambient, dub, and techno. A quality debut release that has the depth and capability to please fans of either genre preference without compromise. A truly absorbing listen from beginning to end.

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