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Tales From the Crypt / Vault of Horror [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Tales From the Crypt / Vault of Horror [Blu-ray] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Ralph Richardson
Offered by Moref Designs
Price: £17.28

Two of the best Atmospheric suspense thrillers from AMICUS FILMS now on blu-ray for the first time ever
scream factory from Los Angeles have done a fantastic Job giving these 2 films HD blu-ray transfers
TALES FROM THE CRYPT which is more of a suspense thriller than a Horror
the transfer looks fantastic very clean & crisp in 1:85:1 widescreen
the best the film has ever looked actually
plus the Audio quality has been boosted with a new Master audio stereo mix which does sound better than the old Mono sound
better than the old dvd release for sure

VAULT OF HORROR has been given the exact same treatment as TALES FROM THE CRYPT
the 1:85:1 widescreen transfer looks exactly the same as the transfer given for TALES FROM THE CRYPT
very clean & crisp, the Audio quality is the same aswell, Master audio stereo mix
the only difference between the 2 films is

Scream factory have released the UNCUT/UNRATED version of Vault of Horror for the first time ever
with extra scenes inserted back into the film
these extra scenes seemed to Graphic to be released with the Theatrical cut back in 1973
the extra scenes are the extended kill scenes in all 5 of the stories maybe by an extra 60secs in all the stories
well for the first time ever this extra footage is inserted back in
the new blu-ray transfer for this UNRATED version does look beautiful in 1:85:1 widescreen
,really clean & crisp not much Grain at all hardly none infact
the Audio quality has been boosted to a new master audio stereo mix which sounds really Good
i think a 5.1 master audio mix should've been added to

both the Theatrical cut & the new UNRATED cut are included on this Blu-ray aswell
plus Scream factory
have added the original 1:33:1 full screen format for VAULT OF HORROR for the UNRATED version only
with black bars either side of the screen which i don't like, i prefer the widescreen version
so you can either choose to watch the Unrated version in 1:33:1 full screen or 1:85:1 widescreen, your choice.

there are no new special features and i'm not surprised there's not
except for Still photo Gallery, the Theatrical trailers for both films, TV spots, radio spots are on this blu-ray
apart from that, that's all
it would've been impossible for scream factory to get some new interviews with some of the cast/crew from both films
or even an Audio commentary
cause some of the cast have either passed away now or just left the Acting business
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Director Freddie francis passed away back in 2007
VAULT OF HORROR Director Roy ward baker passed away back in 2010
Actor Ian Hendry from the story REFLECTIONS OF DEATH passed away over 30 years ago now
Actress Angela Grant from the same story is still living but left the acting business over 10 years ago
Actress Barbara murray from the story WISH YOU WERE HERE passed away in may this year
both Actors Daniel massey & Donna massey who were real life siblings from the story
MIDNIGHT MESS from the Vault of horror film have passed away now
Donna massey about 4 years ago from cancer, Daniel massey back in 1998
Actress Glynis Johns from the NEAT JOB story left the business years and years ago, she's 90 now
i could go on but i'm tired of typing

the bottom line is nearly all the cast & crew from both films
have either passed away now or have just left the business and are not acting in films anymore
with the exception of Joan collins from her role in ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE from TALES FROM THE CRYPT film
and Child actor Chloe franks from the same story ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE
who are both still working Actors in L.A. or England.

scrap the old dvd releases of both films
it's time to upgrade and get this blu-ray version of both films
which has the UNRATED version of VAULT OF HORROR
the blu-ray is available from for about $18 Direct from an amazon listing
this blu-ray is region A locked so you'll need an ALL REGIONS player
5 stars i gave this new blu-ray based on the new UNRATED version of Vault of Horror
worth the money for sure

Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors [1965] [DVD]
Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors [1965] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christopher Lee

is another film anthology movie from 1965 released by Amicus films
goes for about 90mins
Peter cushing a German passenger on board a Train from London to Bradley
his name is Dr schreck which means Dr. Terror
5 men enter this carriage and Join this Dr. while on the Journey to Bradley
Dr. Terror pulls out his Tarrot cards and begins to read out Destinies for all 5 men
and so begin 5 stories of terror and Horror
the 1st story is about a Werewolf which concerns passenger Jim Dawson played by Actor Neil McCallum
the 2nd is about a Creeping vine which concerns Bill rogers played by Actor Alan freeman
the 3rd is about Voodoo which concerns passenger Biff bailey played by Actor Roy castle
the 4th is a Disembodied Hand
which concerns passenger Franklyn marsh played by Christopher lee
and the last story is Vampire which concerns Dr. Bob carroll played by Actor Donald sutherland
there is also an Epilogue just before the credits role up
which i must admit was a shock ending, hell of a twist ending
just after all 5 readings are made all the passengers are shocked and ask the Doctor if their Destinies are avoidable
the Dr says the only way the Destinies are avoidable is by Dying first
and when the train stops the 5 men find out they are Dead already when they get of the train onto the platform
having already perished in a Train wreck and Dr. schreck is Death

Hell of a Good suspense thriller i must say, Directed by Freddie francis, produced by Milton subotsky
Anchor bay has given this film special treatment for sure
a new Widescreen transfer is Given and does look pretty Good in widescreen with top/bottom black bars
but the picture quality does not look very clean there's still some Grain
Anchor bay also given 2 new Audio options
a 5.1 Digital surround sound track and the old Mono sound mix
the 5.1 surround sound mix does sound very Good a big boost in the Audio quality

there's only 2 extras
2 Audio commentaries, one by Freddie francis and another commentary track which i've forgotten who it was
the Freddie francis commentary is very informative, he talks about the casting
and where the shots were filmed, he also talks about the special effects in the film
especially the Werewolf story, on how the werewolf is not shown much at all
and that's due to the limited special effects at the time
Freddie talks a Great deal about that
he talks about the Creeping vine story aswell, and the Disembodied hand
very informative commentary
a Stills Gallery & Theatrical trailer are added aswell

to bad there's no interview with Freddie francis but his commentary is pretty Good anyway
the picture quality would look fantastic in Blu-ray for sure there would not be much Grain if any at all
plus a new 5.1 master audio mix would be given to
but don't hold your breath it would be a miracle if this film gets blu-ray release

for now this Anchor bay release is the version to get for sure
i gave it at least 4 stars based on the informative commentary
and the chilling stories

The House That Dripped Blood [1971] [DVD]
The House That Dripped Blood [1971] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christopher Lee

One of many chilling Atmospheric thrillers from Amicus films
the title THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD was a marketing idea by Producer Milton subotsky
obviously there is no blood in this film, it's an Atmospheric suspense thriller, not a Horror
the Director of the film Peter Duffel wanted to call the film Death and the maiden
but obviously the producer won the vote for the title the film is called now
any fan of Amicus films knows the plot to this film already

this review is about the this new Anchor bay release
the film itself has been Digital remastered in a new Widescreen ratio, not sure what the ratio is
it doesn't say it on the back cover i guess it's 1:85:1 but i'm only guessing
but the picture quality does look better than the old VHS tape ofcourse
new Audio options have been given aswell
5.1 Digital surround sound mix plus the original mono mix aswell
i tell you if i had to choose, i'd choose the new 5.1 mix, it sounds Great it boosts the Audio quality for sure

Anchor bay have added new special features
a new making of featurette which only goes for 17mins,
new interviews with Director Peter Duffel,Ingrid pitt, child actor Chloe franks and few other Actors to
who give their recollections on making the film
there is also a new Audio commentary by Director Peter Duffel & Johnathon rigby
the Theatrical trailer & stills Gallery is included on this DVD aswell

this film would look even better with a HD blu-ray transfer for sure if it ever gets released on blu-ray
but don't hold your breath i don't think it's going to happen
but if it did happen i'd be surprised if these new extras will be carried over

but for now this new Anchor bay release will have to do
5 stars for sure, worth the money

Get Carter [1971] [DVD]
Get Carter [1971] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael Caine
Price: £5.99

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Get Carter [1971] [DVD] (DVD)
One of my favourite Michael caine films
the Audio is Dolby mono
the picture quality is alright in widescreen 1:85:1

the dvd extras are wrong
on the extras it says Introduction by Michael caine
and Audio commentary by Michael caine, and Director Mike Hodges
plus Theatrical trailer, and U.S. theatrical trailer
well there is feature length Audio commentary by Michael caine & Michael Hodges
but not recorded at the same time,
Michael's commentary was recorded on a different Date to Mike Hodges commentary
so they're not in the same room together
the Theatrical trailer's are correct
but there is Definitely no Introduction by Michael caine

talk about misleading the customer

my advice is to upgrade to the new blu-ray release which has better picture quality in High Definition
plus a new Master audio stereo mix, no 5.1 master audio sadly
also no new special features on the new blu-ray release
i thought there would be a new Michael caine retrospective interview, but nothing
the only extra is the Audio commentary from the DVD release that is all
plus the Theatrical trailer's that go with the film
but the picture quality is much much better than the dvd release
and the Audio quality is a master stereo mix, not Mono
at least that is something with the new blu-ray of Get Carter

Gremlins - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
Gremlins - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Zach Galligan
Price: £16.18

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well you can scrap the old 2009 blu-ray of this classic 80's film

Warner bros have re-issued GREMLINS once again as 30th Anniversary edition this time
with all new special features
2 Blu-ray Discs packed in a standard blu-ray case with the same cover art as the 2009 release actually
i would've thought WB would have reprinted the artwork with 30th anniversary on it, back they havn't.

Disc 1 is exactly the same as the 2009 blu-ray release with runtime of 106mins,
not 102mins like it says on the amazon listing
the same Blu-ray transfer to, WB didn't bother giving a new Blu-ray transfer for this anniversary edition
the 2 Audio commentaries, behind the scenes footage, additional scenes, theatrical trailers
from the 2009 release are on this blu-ray Disc

Disc 2 has all new content
a 30min retrospective featurette with new interviews with
writer Chris columbus, executive producer for Gremlins steven spielberg,
Frank marshall, Director Joe Dante, Producer Michael Finnell
and that's it.
sadly the only Actor interviewed is Zach Galligan
Phoebe Cates, Judge reinhold and Corey Feldman were not interviewed for this blu-ray release
for some reason, maybe they refused to be interviewed.
still a very interesting featurette
a new interview with Chris Walas gives his recollection on making the creatures
with added out-take footage
goes for about 20mins
and another behind the scenes featurette called Hanging with Hoyt
which is on set footage during 1983 with Actor Hoyt Axton

both the old extras and new extras could've easily fit with the film on 1 blu-ray Disc
there's enough Data space for 1 blu-ray for sure, 3-4hrs of content can fit on 1 blu-ray Disc nowa-days
but WB decided to stretch the material over 2 Discs

the U.S. edition of this 30th anniversary blu-ray which is ALL REGIONS
will be released Dec 9 in Diamond Luke packaging which is similar to fold out Digi-pak
so it's up to you definitely time to upgrade
get this U.K. release or wait til Dec9 for the U.S. edition.
i gave it 5 stars based on the new special features
worth the money for sure
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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Restoration - 2 Disc Standard Edition [Blu-ray]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Restoration - 2 Disc Standard Edition [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Tobe Hooper
Price: £19.61

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Scrap the previous dvd releases of TCM
and scrap the previous Ultimate edition blu-ray release by Second sight films

Get this new 40th Anniversary edition by Second sight films
this film has been given a new 4K blu-ray transfer supervised by Tobe Hooper himself
the transfer is the exact same blu-ray transfer from the U.S. edition
the picture quality looks very clear not much Grain
for a film that is 40 years old now the picture is the best it is ever going to get
plus Tobe hooper also supervised the sound quality
and added a new 7.1 Master audio mix which really does boost the sound quality up
much better boost than the 5.1 master audio which is the old mix been around for maybe 5 years now
the new 6.1 or 7.1 mixes are better
but the old 5.1 master audio option & stereo option is on this blu-ray anyway
they're old Audio mixes now it's time boost it up to 7.1

Disc 2 has the special features which are exactly the same as the U.S. edition
you get all the Documentaries & featurettes from the previous dvd & blu-ray releases
on 1 blu-ray Disc
THE SHOCKING TRUTH DOCUMENTARY, plus the outtakes from the Doco
OFF THE HOOK with Actor Terri McMinn
HOUSE TOUR with Actor Gunnar Hansen
a TOBE HOOPER INTERVIEW which is actually an extended interview from the
KIM HENKEL INTERVIEW another extended interview from the Shocking truth Documentary
Deleted scenes, Outtakes, trailers & TV/radio spots from the previous blu-ray release

but you also get some new stuff released for this 40th anniversary release
still on the 1 blu-ray Disc
CUTTING CHAINSAW interview with editor J Larry carroll
GRANPAW'S TALES with Actor John Dugan
and some new Deleted scenes & outtakes that were recently found by Tobe Hooper
these new Deleted scenes have no Audio thou
but they're worth checking out for curiosity reasons

and that is not all either, i forgot to mention 2 new Audio commentary tracks just for this blu-ray release
a new commentary by Tobe Hooper & a new commentary by Cinematographer Daniel Pearl, J Larry carroll & Ted Nicolaou
plus you get the 2 Audio commentaries from the previous blu-ray release aswell
Audio commentary by Marilyn burns who has tragically passed away now
passed away few months ago she was only 65 could've lived a bit more longer til 70 maybe
the old commentary tracks are on this blu-ray Paul partain, Allen Danziger, Gunnar Hansen, Robert burns

this 40TH Anniversary edition by second sight films is the best version to get
you get all the old special features plus some new special features on 1 Disc
plus 2 new commentary & old commentary tracks on Disc 1
this blu-ray is packaged in both a steelbook & standard case,
the standard blu-ray case has 2 sided artwork cover so you can choose the old poster artwork or new artwork

i gave this blu-ray 5 stars Definitely worth the cash time to upgrade
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Live In 1984 - Back To The Bone (Cd+dvd)
Live In 1984 - Back To The Bone (Cd+dvd)
Price: £13.99

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I am somewhat of a fan of Whitesnake, i listen to the albums Trouble- Saints and sinners more than
the albums that came after that
i Don't mind Slide it in, it's Different line up-Different sound
so i only like maybe half the tracks from the album
i'm a bigger fan of Deep purple than whitesnake.

i have this Super rock '84 concert on bootleg DVD anyway, in fullscreen format thou
this show was only available to watch on youtube from bootleg source
and now after all this time this concert is now officially released by David coverdale himself
i have compared this official dvd concert to the bootleg dvd i have
David has supervised the picture and Audio quality himself
but has only Digitally remastered the picture & also given the Audio quality a 5.1 Dolby Digital sound only
but still looks 10 times as better than my bootleg dvd quality which is just VHS transfer of the concert

I don't know why David coverdale did not release this show on Blu-ray
the picture quality would look amazing in High Definition for sure & the Audio would be shot up to Master audio sound
but i think he explains why in the new Liner notes he's given for this dvd release
this concert is TV broadcast for Japan back in '84
that is why you'll see the name of each track shown on the screen after each song
the TV broadcast goes for about 60mins most of the tracks are from the Slide it in album
this concert is the full concert with couple tracks cut short to allow for behind scenes footage
of Whitesnake arriving in Tokyo, Whitesnake partying & meeting fans etc
so i honestly think nothing was cut for this dvd release
David just got the TV broadcast footage as is and Digitally remastered the picture quality
so all the Dirt and Grime has gone as you would see on VHS tape
my TV like most TV's these days is widescreen so the ratio from the DVD which is 4:3
appears to be widescreen on my TV or is just formatted to fit my TV screen regardless

there is Bonus material on the DVD
4 tracks takes from Jon Lord's Final Whitesnake performance before he left to Join Deep purple again
for Deep purple's perfect strangers album
again the footage is pro shot & Digitally remastered just like the Super rock show
there is also Bonus Gallery of rare unseen Photos from the Slide it in tour
plus snippets of Private Demo's from David's personal archives

the 2nd Disc in this fold out Digi-pak
is LIVE tracks recorded LIVE during the 1984 tour
about 12 tracks recorded LIVE and the sound quality is pretty good
Pretty thick sounding soundboard recordings all Digital remastered of course
Don't know where the tracks are recorded LIVE
it does not say on this Digipak,
David does not mention the live tracks in his new liner notes in the booklet
David does not specify where the LIVE tracks are recorded
so my Guess is as Good as yours
the tracks don't appear to be edited,
the first 9 tracks sound like they're recorded from the same show during the '84 tour
could be somewhere in the U.K. or U.S.
the last 3 tracks are recorded live from the super rock show Japan

so time to get rid of the old bootleg copy of SUPER ROCK JAPAN '84
and get this new official dvd release which has been newly remastered by David coverdale
plus you get a 2nd Disc aswell of a show in the U.K. or U.S.recorded during the '84 tour

i gave this new back to the bone cd/dvd 5 stars mainly cause of so much content on the DVD and CD
and a new booklet of new liner notes from David cover dale himself

The Neverending Story - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
The Neverending Story - 30th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray] [1984] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Thomas Hill
Price: £17.20

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I Grew up watching the NEVERENDING STORY i watched it many times on VHS
and now on 30th Anniversary blu-ray i still enjoy watching it
a beautiful action/adventure fantasy film based on German author Michael Ende book
of the same name THE NEVERENDING STORY
the production of the film is 40% American/british & 60% German
the main contributors to the film are German ofcourse
Wolfgang peterson, Deiter Geissler, Herman weigel
the Executive producers Mark Damon, John Hyde are American thou
most of the behind the scenes crew that puppetered the Creatures
were a mix of German, British & American crew
the Amazing special effects all done handmade way before Digital effects
the Luck Dragon, Rock biter, Gmork & many other spectacular creatures still look incredible
i think if some of the creatures were produced Digitally i think the film's magic would be lost

for this 30th Anniversary of the film Warner bros have released a new special edition on blu-ray
with all new special features that have never been released before
a new 25mins recollection featurette RE-IMAGINING THE NEVERENDING STORY
which is brand new interviews with the German production team
Director Wolfgang peterson, Producer Deiter Geissler, screenplay writer Herman weigel
Cinematographer Jost vacano & Music composer Klaus Doldinger
they speak English for this new featurette, no subtitles
there's also new interviews with the Warner bros Executives from the film, Mark Damon & John Hyde
regarding the Actors from the film, tragically only 2 Actors have been interviewed for this blu-ray
Childlike impress-Tami Stronach & Gerald McRaney who plays Bastian's father in the film
unfortunately Barret oliver who played Bastian was not interviewed maybe he Declined who knows
and Noah Hathaway who played Atreyu is not interviewed either
Barret oliver & Noah Hathaway left the Acting business back in the 90's anyway
anyway the people interviewed give recollections of the making of the film
Definitely worth watching
there's a new RESTORATION featurette in German ofcourse with English subtitles
the person who did the blu-ray restoration for the film is interviewed for only 10mins actually
i couldn't see the point, the subtitles were annoying me

there's also 2 other Documentaries on this blu-ray that were released for the 20th Anniversary of this film
these 2 Doco's were only released on the 2 Disc DVD release in Germany only
the first one Making of the Neverending story was for German TV Goes for 20mins
2004 Interviews with most of the Production team from the film
the Director, Producer & screenplay writer
the 2nd Documentary is 55mins behind the scenes on set footage of the making of the film during 1983-1984
all in German with English subtitles
this 55mins Doco was previously only seen on
but is now officially released on this blu-ray

but that's not all Warner bros have given fans a new audio commentary by Director Wolfgang peterson
interesting commentary aswell worth listening to
a new blu-ray transfer has been given & the picture quality looks stunning, looks beautiful in 2:40:1 widescreen
so scrap the old 2010 blu-ray
get this new 30th Anniversary blu-ray, definitely worth the money you won't regret it.
i gave it 5 stars for sure

Jaws: The Inside Story [DVD]
Jaws: The Inside Story [DVD]
Price: £10.96

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Jaws: The Inside Story [DVD] (DVD)
still a classic thriller after 3 decades, incredible acting, brilliantly written script and brilliantly Directed
Director Steven spielberg should have won the Award for best Director at the 1975 Academy awards
he definitely was nominated but didn't win.

this 90mins Documentary Distributed by the History channel
is the most Detailed making of Doco you'll ever see on JAWS
better than the 30th anniversary universal made Documentary
very in Depth and detailed interviews with most of the cast and crew from the film
even actors with very small Minor roles in this film have been interviewed
there's some information mentioned in this Documentary
that was not mentioned in the 30th anniversary Documentary
the U.S.S Indianapolis story, more detailed info of the tension between Robert shaw and Richard Dreyfuss
the list goes on
there are tragically no extras.
but this 90mins Doco has more than enough info on the making of the classic film, you don't need extras
if your a Huge massive fan of JAWS, you'll love this Documentary
Definitely worth 5 stars for sure

Celebrating Jon Lord [Blu-ray] [2014] [Region A & B]
Celebrating Jon Lord [Blu-ray] [2014] [Region A & B]
Dvd ~ Jon Lord
Price: £16.99

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
DEEP PURPLE one of my top 5 favourite bands ever
and part of that is keyboard/organ player Jon Lord, when i found out he passed away
i had to listen to Machine Head, In Rock again like i had done many times before
but this time listening to his Organ riffs on Lazy, the intro organ riff in Lazy still gives me chills
and Space trucking, Child in time, the track Wring that neck from the Mark 1 era and his solos of course
Jon Lord was Definitely part of the Deep purple sound no Doubt about it
Don Airey who has taken over Jon Lord's place in Deep purple does come close to Jon Lord's playing
but there is only one Jon Lord

this beautiful concert to celebrate Jon Lord's life and his compositions
is an emotional tribute of how Unique is Organ playing really was & his own compositions that's for sure
the whole concert plus the interviews goes for about 3 hours plus a 1 hour making of Documentary aswell
the first part is about Jon Lord's own compositions
about 8 tracks of his own compositions are performed by
Steve Balsamo, Micky Moody, Miller anderson, Rick wakeman, Margo Buchanon other musicians
backed with the London orchestra conducted by Paul mann
the 2nd part are songs performed when Jon Lord was Organ player in Rock bands from the 60's & 70's
the first 2 songs are from Jon Lord's first band THE ARTWOODS
his band just before DEEP PURPLE was formed
and then another 2 tracks from the PAICE/ASHTON/LORD band
and then a few tracks from the Mark 4 deep purple era, Burn and You keep on moving
with Ian Paice, Don Airey, Glenn Hughes and Bruce Dickinson on lead vocals
the camera catches fans in the Audience going wild to Burn, emotional.
the last Track THIS TIME AROUND which is a solo performance by Glenn Hughes
Glenn and Jon wrote it together
he can still sings those High notes, incredible.

and then ofcourse the Last act, DEEP PURPLE with Don Airey on Hammond Organ
the camera is right on Don airey
so i have to admit Don Airey made a fantastic effort to play Jon's keyboard riffs
pretty Damn close
7 tracks are played, 3 of them are Lazy, Perfect strangers and Black night
the last track is Hush which is a Jam session that brings some of the previous performers back on stage
to Jam with Deep purple, Bruce Dickinson shares the singing with Ian Gillan
Micky moody, Bernie marsden and Rick wakeman are brought back
are Great Keyboard/organ jam between Don Airey and Rick wakeman
the performance ends, everyone bows, Ian Gillan thanks the audience
and then the credits come up with some after concert comments by some of the musicians

the only extra, is the making of Documentary, excellent 1 hour Doco
brief comments from
Ian Paice who organised the Concert with his Wife, Jacy Paice who is Jon Lord's sister, if you didn't know that.
Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Steve morse Bruce Dickinson, Glenn Hughes, Rick wakeman
and many others are also briefly interviewed
i guess the person who produced this Doco was trying to fit all the interviews in 1 Hour runtime

plus behind the scenes rehearsals with Paul weller from the Artwoods
and rehearsal footage of Glenn Hughes and Bruce Dickinson
and other Brief comments from Jon Lord's friends

A fantastic concert to celebrate Jon's Lfe
this region free blu-ray is Definitely worth 5 stars

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