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Destroy All Humans (PS2)
Destroy All Humans (PS2)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: £23.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good, But not Great, 4 July 2005
One of the most original concepts to come along in a long time, Destroy All Humans is also one of the funniest. You play as Cryptosporidium 137 (also the name of an unpleasant type of bacteria) who is the 137th clone of the original Crypto. He's also something of a psycho, determined to wipe out as many Humans as possible. Much of the Humour comes from Crypto's demented ranting, but it's the Men In Black who get the best lines with steriotypical dialogue straight out of a 50's B-Movie.
Amusing as the game is, it's also shorter than I expected, with around 20 odd missions, which are mostly quite similar, find an object then blow something up. It doesn't take too long to finish the main game. Unfortunatly, unlike games like Grand Theft Auto or Mercenaries, there isn't that much else to do after the story missions apart from going back to blow everything up. Exploration is made more difficult by the fact that virtually everyone is trying to kill you all the time, this is okay on the earlier maps, but the later ones are filled with missile launchers & gun emplacements making it difficult to get aound.
Where the game does stand out though is with a group of mates & a few drinks. Taking it in turns to blow the hell out of everything can be great fun before or after a night out.
Destroy All Humans is worth a play, just don't expect too much from it.

TOCA Race Driver 2 (PS2)
TOCA Race Driver 2 (PS2)
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £20.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Almost Genius, 29 Jan. 2005
What Gran Turismo does for Cars, Toca does for Race Tracks. It features dozens of the worlds best tracks from Brands Hatch to Laguna Seca to the mighty Bathurst in Australia. If GT is a game for Car fans, Toca is a game for Racing fans.
The twenty car pack racing puts GT to shame, the same can be said for the excellent damage model, just today I flipped an Aston Martin DB9 & utterly wreaked the Body work.
The only problem I have is with the slightly unbalanced story mode; in most races you are set a target rival to beat, but they always start at the front of the grid & you'll be lucky to start above 8th. To be honest this is a relatively minor flaw in an otherwise Phenominal game.
If Toca featured the Nordshlieffe, I wouldn't even be considering buying GT4. And thats saying something

Killzone (PS2)
Killzone (PS2)
Offered by CDandVinyl
Price: £13.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars Killzone, 5 Jan. 2004
This review is from: Killzone (PS2) (Video Game)
There are some very petty little people around. I don't think anyone from Sony has described Killzone as a Halo beater, that came from unimaginitive journalists. I really think that people should stop trying to judge a game that they haven't played several months in advance.
All that needs to be said about this game is how defensive all the Halo geeks are already getting. It's gonna be good.

Futurama - Season 4 [DVD]
Futurama - Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Billy West
Offered by gowingsstoreltd
Price: £16.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars R.I.P. Futurama, 31 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Futurama - Season 4 [DVD] (DVD)
Criminally, this is the last ever Series of Futurama. Someone at Fox in the USA decided to cancel it. It seems bizarre that such an original, consistanly funny program is cancelled whereas the Simpsons, which lets be honest is not as good as it used to be, continues.
But anyway, this is the best series of Futurama featuring some utterly classic episodes, such as "Where no fan has gone before" which features almost the entire cast of Star Trek the Oringinal Series. Other episodes include Fry & Leela getting Superpowers, Kif getting pregnant by Leela(!) and Bender being converted to a wooden Steam powered model by a group of outdated Robots.
Buy it. Love it. Write to Fox & tell them off for cancelling the best thing on TV.

IndyCar Series (PS2)
IndyCar Series (PS2)
Offered by sicodaddy
Price: £29.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Indycar Series, 16 July 2003
This review is from: IndyCar Series (PS2) (Video Game)
A good concept. However the oval tracks are simply uninspiring. There is only one real racing line which you much stick to religeously in order to succeed even on easy mode.
A little dissapointing, but fans of the sport will enjoy it.

F1 Career Challenge
F1 Career Challenge

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5.0 out of 5 stars F1 Revolution, 16 July 2003
This review is from: F1 Career Challenge (Video Game)
A long time ago, I played an Indycar game on the PS1 with a career mode, & after all these years, we've finally got one for F1.
The great thing about this game is that you actually feel a real need to perform well. Also, unlike other games, you can't win with a Minardi in Career mode, unless there's a smash up on the 1st corner.
Ok. so the AI makes the occasional odd descision, but they are forgivable for a game which gives you more targets than just winning the championship.

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