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Means to An End
Means to An End

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's just so good., 21 Jan 2003
This review is from: Means to An End (Audio CD)
Farse are a totally amazing band. Period. The songs are so infectious and are created so much variety and versatility you'll love them. Ollies vocals are excellent and the lyrics are somewhat masterful. Faltless bass, crunchy enough guitars and hammaering drums.. this really is a faultless record. Every song will make you wanna go grab your dancing shoes for some skanky skanky but Farse mix that in with some superb groove laden rock riffs and mellow breakdowns to give you time to find that bracelet you just lost in the pit. Highlights smother the record and it's really hard to name but a few, but if you get the chance download the free samples from, and then buy the album at a show or at your local (good) record store. Farse are equally good live, mind you. I got to see them with [spunge] and the almighty Salisbury crew know as Spankboy.
I couldn't reccommend this enough, if you like ska punk.

Better Dayz
Better Dayz
Price: 9.43

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4.0 out of 5 stars Lookin' for these Better Dayz..., 27 Dec 2002
This review is from: Better Dayz (Audio CD)
Firstly, I reccomend you use a file sharing client and find as many of the original recordnigs and master versions which have been bottlegged already to see how these tracks REALLY sounded. But we still get a few un remixed tracks (which we know of) like 'Who Do U Believe In' and the DJ Quik produced 'Late Night' which both appeared on Death Row's 'Still Smokin' Chronic 2000', and 'They Don't Give A F-ck About Us', which remained in it's original state (thank god) because Amaru couldn't obtain the master from Daz.
Some of the tracks that have been remixed are just as good as the original versions, if not better, the 'My Block' Remix (the original appears on 'The Show' soundtrack' is excellent, the production si first class and perfectly suits Pacs flow and justifies his poetry, and the chorus, after a few listens of getting used to, fits in well. I loved the original version of 'Street Fame(2)', it made Pac sound that little extra bit paranoid.. but the new version has a decent piano loop and some superbly dramatic voilins on the hook. 'Mamas just A Little Girl' is the highlight of the first disc, this is classic Tupac, a wonderful beat that fits the flow like a glove and an equally good sung hook, and first rate storytelling. 'Changed Man' is funky enough, and the beat for 'When We Ride On Our Enemies' is superbly atmospheric and rips the old tired sample original to shreds. Not all is good though... the album contains way too many Outlawz verses as filler.. the original to 'Catchin Feelings' wasn't even two minutes long, but featured a good beat and pure Pac... the new version features a boring beat and too many Outlawz verses to fill the gaps and make the song a full 3 mins+ long. Same goes with 'Fame'.. it's great until Pac finishes the first verse and the Outlawz fill in the rest. 'U Can Call' and 'Neva Call U B-tch Again' are full uncut Tupac tracks which will keep you happy enough with the highlight of the second disc 'Better Dayz' sandwiched in between. This song is definately in the top 10 of Tupac tracks, filled with pure emotion and raw passion, the beat is unspoilt and underlines Tupac's masterfully crafedt lyrics. 'Thugz Mansion', the first single taken from the double disc set, is why Tupac Shakur is widely considered the greatest rapper of all time. Only TUPAC would have conjured up the concept of a 'Thugz Mansion', the ghetto fantasy tale of a heaven for G's is told so well that you can envision Tupac siting there right now kickin' it with Malcolm X. Only Tupac would have even attempted this kind of track. The remix is pretty poor.. what with including an uninspired verse by Nas, who should NEVER have even been considered having a part in this album. He's a liar, the beef with pac was never squashed and this totally disrespects everything Tupac stood for and believed in. Other mentions include the superb 'They Don't Give A F-ck About Us', a couple of weak tracks like the FairXchange's, which don't have a patch on the original, 'Who Do U Believe In' and 'Late Night' are good inclusions and 'Still Ballin' has been cleverly edited, with Tupac rapping 'Trick' instead of the original rapper 'Kurupt', I didn't even notice at first but listen close, still the beat is sure to get the club and the jeeps bangin'. Not to forget the 'hidden' track 14, which has Tupac saying he's returning (probably included by Suge Knight to bump up sales, as always). Yes, he IS returning on September 13th 2003... BUT in the form of a documentary of his life NARRATED by TUPAC HIMSELF. Can't wait. It's called 'Ressurection', by the way.
Overall, this should please us hardcore fans, because Amaru and the producers have actually LISTENED to the mostly negative feedback that the pretty weak 'Until The End Of Time' got, there's a reduction in guests, a reduction in emotionless female R'n'B singers on the hooks and fewer lame remixes. Also this would keep the casual fan happy and would get a good number of spins in either type of listeners collection.
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Frankenstein Girls Will Seem S
Frankenstein Girls Will Seem S
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Exhilerating., 24 Jun 2002
...Mindless Self Indulgence may confuse you at first, but after a listen or two you'll realise just how original, fresh and superb this album is. On first listen you may mistake MSI for a DJ and an MC, but this is actually a unisex 4-piece band, bass, guitar, MC and drummer. The thing about MSI is, they mix mental guitar riffs with overloaded programmed drums, electronic effects and techno music. The best way to describe MSI music wise is Industrial-punk-jungle-metal-techno-hip-hop-rock. That's the best I could do, sorry if it's too vague but there's no other way, MSI WILL blow you away. I guarantee it. The catchy 'Backmask', the techno/punk of 'Faggot', the only pure rock song in 'Holy Shit', 'Futures', Cocaine & Toupees' and 'Kill The Rock' are some of my other favourites. You will love this album, I can't really describe the album, this review wasn't very clear, but I hope it helped. Mindless Self Indulgence are easily one of the most ORIGINAL, DIFFERENT and CREATIVE bands of the last ten years, no doubt about it. You'll go crazy over them, you'll want to rock out to every song. Check out their first release 'Tight' also.

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