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Bed Rest
Bed Rest
by Sarah Bilston
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fun!, 30 July 2008
This review is from: Bed Rest (Hardcover)
There is more to Sara Bilston's 'BED REST' than meets the eye. On the surface it is a witty tale of a woman ordered to be on bed rest for the remaining 15 weeks of her pregnancy. Quinn, or Q as she is affectionately called, decides to write a diary about her weeks on bed rest for her child to read one day but as bed rest starts to take it's toll, Q soon realizes that her life may not be the perfect life within which to raise a child.

Q and husband Tom seem to have it all. They are both high powered corporate attorneys with a small but great NY apartment who are both crazy about each other...that is when they actually get to see each other. After a rare passion filled evening, Q finds herself pregnant and thrilled but when she finds out that her amniotic fluid is low and she must be on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy she is obviously scared to death. However, during her time on bed rest (which is no easy feat for someone used to the hustle-and-bustle of life as New York City attorney) Q soon realizes a few things about her life. Her job is not all that it is cracked up to be, her family may be a bit more misunderstood than she imagined and most earth shatteringly that her marriage may not be as solid as she's once imagined. Workaholic Tom doesn't seem to have any time for her so what is going to happen when the baby arrives?

`BED REST' does not have the usual chick-lit clichés such as the doting husband the quirky friend or Q trying to scheme her way out of the bed every time you turn around. This is an honest take on life, the effects of a new baby on a marriage and the real life scares of a high risk pregnancy. This novel all though dragging at times was overall a fun read and certainly not predictable! 31/2 stars!

Vapor: A Novel
Vapor: A Novel
by Amanda Filipacchi
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Strangely enough I loved this book., 30 July 2008
This review is from: Vapor: A Novel (Paperback)
I am sure that many other reviewers have said this of Amanda Filipacchi's second book `VAPOR' but it certainly is by far the strangest book that I have ever read! And I loved every minute of it!

Definitely a departure from the norm the only thing I can assure you about `VAPOR' is that you will either love it or hate it, I doubt that there will be any in between. I loved it and recommend it just to hear others reactions to it although when asked I am unable to give a just description of it without giving anything away or turning potential readers off by it`s sheer oddness. I wouldn't even know how to begin to explain the complexities of this novel. There is a near death experience, a kidnapping, a house full of clouds, a murderer, an actress, floating people and most importantly it is a love story. Sound strange enough for you? Well that isn't even the tip of the iceberg but this is one reading experience you wont soon forget.

Obviously anyone who can pen such a novel is one strange cookie but I cannot wait to get my hands on her first novel `NUDE MEN' or her third `LOVE CREEPS' in hopes that they will be just as strange but just as good.

Lastly, if anyone knows an anagram for whiterose Please let me know!!

Eclipse: 3 (Twilight Saga)
Eclipse: 3 (Twilight Saga)
by Stephenie Meyer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Too involved to be objective?, 30 July 2008
I have kept up with these characters, Bella, Edward & Jacob, for three books now and I am finding it hard to find my objectivity these days. Was this book good? Yes, they all are. Could I put `ECLIPSE' down once I picked it up? Absolutely not! But this was not my favorite book in the series.

Now before you all start throwing tomatoes (because I know many people think it is the best thus far), this goes back to my objectivity being compromised. There were so many great aspects of this book, for example, the flash backs as to how the rest of the Cullen's became vampires (loved that!), the history of the Quileute tribe and the story line about the newborns (which, in truth, I had higher hopes for but I liked it overall). But in my head there is a certain outcome that I would prefer for Bella, but by the end of `ECLIPSE' it became pretty clear that what I want and what is actually going to happen are two very different things. It is like watching a good friend make a lot of decisions that you know are really bad. It is frustrating.

Also, Bella was a little hard to deal with in this third book. She was whiney and selfish , in my opinion, quite often I wanted to slap her (smile)! I found her treatment of everyone from Edward to Jacob to Charlie off-putting and I often found myself screaming at the book for Bella to "stop being so selfish!!" Nonetheless, this book is just as engrossing as the rest, that point I cannot deny. I found myself reading 'ECLIPSE' faster than I have ever ready any other 600+ page book before. And I am waiting not-so-patiently on the edge of my seat for the fourth and final book in the Twilight saga `BREAKING DAWN'!
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Natural Born Charmer
Natural Born Charmer
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars A star is born., 30 July 2008
This review is from: Natural Born Charmer (Hardcover)
I love to read. Moreover, I love to read romantic comedies. So I am at a loss as to why it took me so long to discover an author who, for good reason, has had legions of loyal fans for years! I was first introduced to Susan Elizabeth Phillips (or SEP which those of us "in the know" [wink, wink] like to call her) a couple of years ago when `AINT SHE SWEET' was first published. I bought it, I loved it. I then could not wait for her next book `MATCH ME IF YOU CAN' which immediately became one of my all time favorite books. So it was obvious that when `NATURAL BORN CHARMER' came out I ordered it on the spot. Regretfully it took me almost a year to the day of purchasing it to actually read it, but let me tell you it was well worth the wait!

SEP has a way of creating characters that her readers genuinely care about, a story that engulfs you and can weave a tale of romance that will leave even the ficklest of readers wanting more, and more, and more. In `NATURAL BORN CHARMER' she reintroduces us to Dean Rolbillard star player for the Chicago Stars football team who, in search of a much needed respite from the chaos of his everyday life, heads down to his Tennessee vacation home. He soon meets Blue Bailey who is also in need. She needs a roof over her head, a job and time to sort out the mess her life has become. These two soon find out that they have more in common than an instant attraction. They both come from similar childhoods and they both are stubborn, headstrong and not willing to give an inch. All of which makes this novel a ton of fun.

At the heart of this story, yes, it is a romance but there is so much more to it than that. It is about family, reconciliation, willingness to forgive and being able to look past some serious rough edges in order to see the good in people. All of which may sound a bit cheesy but believe me SEP makes it work.

I have a list of "go to authors" as I like to call them. They are the authors that I can always count on to produce quality work, who I know will never let me down. Now Susan Elizabeth Phillips, you my friend, are definitely on that list, I thank you.

Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)
Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)
by Jane Austen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Who am I to critique such a classic work by Jane Austen?, 30 July 2008
Not someone properly suited for such a task, I can tell you that. What I can do, however, is give an honest and heartfelt account of what I thought of Jane Austen's 'PRIDE & PREJUDICE'. I have always wanted to read some of the classics but have never up until now dug up the courage to actually do so. I thought if I was going to start reading a classic novel Jane Austen would probably be a good author to start with and what better choice was there than her stand out 'PRIDE & PREJUDICE' ? I was pleased to find out that I was absolutely right. 'PRIDE & PREJUDICE' has to be one of the most romantic novels that I have ever read. The romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy literally made me swoon quite often (and I don't swoon!). Romance mixed with a little bit of drama and Austen's most descriptive prose made it impossible for me to put this book down. Now I see why 'PRIDE & PREJUDICE' is on so many people's favorites list because now it is most certainly on mine.

Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct
by Joseph Finder
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Another winner from Finder!, 30 July 2008
This review is from: Killer Instinct (Paperback)
This is only the second book by Joseph Finder that I have read but it certainly won't be the last. His books are totally engrossing and keep the reader turning the pages at a rapid rate!

'KILLER INSTICNT' grabbed me from the very beginning when Jason Steadman meets tow truck driver & ex-special forces Kurt Semko and they immediately hit it off.

Jason soon gets Kurt a job at his company as corporate security. And before Jason knows it things begin to look up for him, his beautiful wife is with child and he is swiftly moving up the corporate ladder. However, it seems that his new friend has been helping him climb the ladder in some less than ethical ways. When Jason tries to put a stop to Kurt he soon realizes that it is better to have Kurt Semko as a friend than as an enemy.

Yet another gripping novel Joseph Finder, I cannot wait to get my hands on his next!

Once Upon Stilettos
Once Upon Stilettos
by Shanna Swendson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £13.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Loving the Enchanted series!, 30 July 2008
This review is from: Once Upon Stilettos (Paperback)
After reading 'ENCHANTED INC.' I was very excited to read the next book in this series by Shanna Swendson, 'ONCE UPON STILETTOS' and I am happy to say that the second cast it's spell on me just as the first did.

In this book Katie Chandler is back, only this time the trials and tribulations of working for MSI, Magic, Spells & Illusions are starting to take a toll on her personal life. Katie and her boyfriend don't seem to be on the same page, the evil Phelan Idris seems to be out to, if not ruin her life, at least make it considerably more annoying and when her parents come to NYC for a visit she has to be on double duty as a tour guide and protecting her mother from magic. Because as Katie soon finds out her small town Texas mother is an immune too!

To make matters worse it seems that there is a spy at MSI and the spy's target seems to be none other than Katie herself! But all of this couldn't come at a worse time because in the midst of it all Katie begins to lose her most valuable resource, her immunity.

I am really enjoying this series. It is everything that you would hope for in this type of series. It has charm to spare, lots of whimsy and just a dash of romance to top it all off. I think anyone would be sure to enjoy these Katie Chandler books just as much as I have.

New Moon: 2 (Twilight Saga)
New Moon: 2 (Twilight Saga)
by Stephenie Meyer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars WARNING: This series is highly addictive!!!!, 30 July 2008
I got 'NEW MOON' as a mother's day present because, after a few inquaries from my husband, all I could think of that I really wanted after reading 'TWILIGHT' was to get my hands on the rest of the books in this series! So my husband although a bit confused dutifully went to the teen section of the local bookstore and purchased my copy of 'NEW MOON' and from the time he brought it in the house until I finished it I was barely able to put it down.

Although it is hard to say I think that I may have liked 'NEW MOON' even better than 'TWILIGHT'. One reason for this is that the action started much earlier in the book. From Bella's discoveries about the LaPush Gang, to the return of her nemesis, all the way to the mysterious and ancient vampire sect, the action in 'NEW MOON' rarely slows.

The second reason I liked 'NEW MOON' so much is Jacob Black. It was a joy getting to know his character and to see Bella blossom when interacting with someone outside of the Cullen Family. Don't get me wrong I love Edward and the entire gang but in my opinion, Jacob Black brought out all of the best qualities in Bella whereas Edward seems to reduce her to a love sick, disagreeable...well...brat. Not to mention Jake is just an all around sweetie!! For these reasons, I am reluctant to say that no matter how much I love Edward (and I do) I am officially on Team Jacob!

On one last note, I cannot recommend this series enough. If you have not read it hurry and get on this ban wagon now! It doesn't seem to matter how old you are or what sex you are for that matter, I have not met one person who has read this series that has not become completely addicted to it (What DO you put in these books Stephenie Meyer??). Do believe the hype it seems to just get better with time.

Little Stalker: A Novel
Little Stalker: A Novel
by Jennifer Belle
Edition: Audio CD

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4.0 out of 5 stars Belle: One to watch out for!, 30 July 2008
This review is from: Little Stalker: A Novel (Audio CD)
I have waited years for Jennifer Belle to pen a new novel. So needless to say that when I heard she was writing her third novel 'LITTLE STALKER' I was very excited. A few years ago, I'd read and loved her second novel 'HIGH MAINTENANCE', so much so that after reading it I rushed out to get her debut 'GOING DOWN' which although it possessed the same dark humor didn't grab me like the former.

Therefore I was anxious to see if her third novel was going to live up to the standards of 'HIGH MAINTENACE' or be a bit of a let down like 'GOING DOWN'. Now after having read Belle's newest book I am happy to say that it is everything I hope for it to be and more.

Jennifer Belle's dark humor works extremely well here and had me laughing out loud several times before I even hit page 50! If you have never read any of Belle's work I definitely suggest you pick up either 'LITTLE STALKER' or 'HIGH MAINTENANCE' ASAP, I promise you will be in for a reading experience like no other!

It's a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons
It's a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons
by Andrea Buchanan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable collection of essays on raising sons., 30 July 2008
I really enjoyed this collection of essays on raising sons. I have three of them myself and was very excited to get my hands on this book that tells the tales of mothers and their challenges and joys when raising their sons from conception to the dreaded teenage years. There were obviously some essays that I enjoyed more than others such as Susan Ito's "Samuel" about a woman and the son she never had. "Things You Can't Teach" by Katie Kaput a transgender woman trying to raise a son, "Pretty Baby" by Catherine Newman a hilarious essay about a woman trying to raise a son without the confines of societal norms and Jacquelyn Mitchard's "The Day He Was Taller" a touching essay about the day she realized her son was becoming a man. All of these above mentioned essays made me laugh or cry and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

So one may wonder if I liked all of these essays so much why am I only giving the book three stars. Well that is because many of the essays despite being fairly entertaining did not touch me...I could not relate. The beginning essays mostly focused on women's disappointment at learning they were having a boy. Now, trust me when I tell you no one has wanted a little girl more than I did and when I found out I was having twin boys after already having a three year old son I was a bit miffed to say the least. However, no matter how much I wanted a girl I never cried over the fact that I was having boys, my disappointment did not run as deep as many of these women's seemed to have at the news of a boy. I was just happy to be having healthy babies. So on this issue while I could totally understand, I couldn't completely relate.

Also, many of these women writers wanted to raise their sons to be free of the confines society forces on boys. Which is all well and good but I cannot, personally, relate to letting my son wear earrings and necklaces to preschool just because he felt like it. I cannot conceive of buying my son pink clothes and shoes from the girls section of the store just be cause he really likes pink and I don't tend to give my sons dolls over trucks because I want them to be more open minded. I am just not one of those mothers so again I couldn't relate.

Overall I think this is a good collection of essays centered around raising boys especially since there are not a lot out there like it. Therefore, I would recommend it to mothers of sons even if you cannot relate to all of the essays some are guaranteed to touch your heart.

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