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A. Smith (Surrey, England.)

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Premium ULTRICS 3.5mm AUX auxiliary CORD Male to female Stereo Audio Cable for PC iPod MP3 CAR - 1m 2m 3m (1 Meter)
Premium ULTRICS 3.5mm AUX auxiliary CORD Male to female Stereo Audio Cable for PC iPod MP3 CAR - 1m 2m 3m (1 Meter)
Offered by Sonali
Price: £1.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not impressed by the durability of these cables. Where ..., 21 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not impressed by the durability of these cables. Where the cable comes out from the male plug the black plastic has snapped leaving the signal wires exposed. These have worn through and have meant no sound.

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer
Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Bike Computer
Price: £313.27

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3.0 out of 5 stars One thing I like, which isn’t a native thing from Garmin, 7 July 2015
I’ve had the Garmin 1000 for a couple of weeks now, have done a few rides and have had successes and failures.
One thing I like, which isn’t a native thing from Garmin, is the ability to have Strava segments on the unit.
Once you’ve uploaded your chosen segments they display on the map meaning you can find them easily. It then counts down to the start in both time and distance, then bleeps go and starts off the virtual partner. In this screen is displayed is where you are in relation to the VP, which will be the current KOM (or whoever you selected in gniza). When going flat out it’s enough to see if it’s red or white, you can’t really focus on the actual numbers – especially on the mountain bike! It’ll then bleep when you cross the line with a celebratory tone, or will give a conciliatory tone if the VP has beaten you. You can then view your past attempts at the segment to see what time you got. One useful thing on this is that it’s actually based on the course, not an average. So I noticed that when one section had a gate to get through the VP also slowed right down, then sped up once passed the gate.
Love this feature, and have used it successfully to bag a few KOMs… ' Last night I got 5! The unit does get confused though if you have a lot loaded for the same area, but you can turn them off if you’re going for a specific one.
I like the fact it has a thermometer on it. Last week my office was 26 degrees, and outside in the shade it was 34! Also useful in the winter so when you get home you can say it never went above 1 degree. Man points…
I also like that you can arrange the screens how you like, have all the distance on one screen, altitude on another, time on another, heart rate etc…

On now to what I don’t like about it. Navigation. As a unit that is billed as a navigation device, this function can be terrible.
I uploaded a course from ridewithgps. It’s a fairly complicated one, hence the need for gps guidance, over my local hill in Surrey.
The route is called the Leith Hill Octopus and takes you to the summit of the hill through 8 different ascents. As it is a summit route, the road over the actual top gets used multiple times. Easier if you click here and look at it
The first 30km were fine, so one ascent in each direction. After that though I crested the top and started the 2nd descent in that direction. It was only when I got to the bottom that I realised the distance to the end had reset to the same as for lap 1, instead of 50km it was now 70km and was trying to take my up a road and ascent I’d just done. I think the unit had lost its position on the course and then re-joined on the first lap. ( I use the word lap, but they weren’t laps as such as each route was different, just with the same topmost point.) Because of this misdirection I had missed a turning and was now off course and would not complete the challenge correctly which is a real pain when you’re talking 2000 metres of ascent over a 100km course – though I did use my phone to navigate the rest of the ascents so still got the climbs in but it wouldn’t register as the correct course.
Why does the unit not pick up the distance already travelled on a course to work out where it is if it loses its place? Why would it reset back to the start? This worries me, if I set it to guide me up 10 ascents of the same hill, can I trust it to count 10, or is it continually going to reset to lap 1? I live near Box Hill, and it’s an easy (and often social) way to get a few vertical metres in!
Edit: I tried this on Box Hill. Downloaded a route that was 4 ascents. Each time I returned to the start point, which is essentially a u-turn it would reset to lap 1. Very very annoying when you're trying to race a virtual partner that still has fresh legs when you're on lap 4!
To make matters worse, the unit then refused to realign itself to where I actually was on the course, continually bleeping at me saying I was off course though I was now following the route from my phone. This came to a head with several minutes of continuous bleeping before a glorious silence – except it had completely hung, needing a power off to reset it back to life again and losing some of the ride when I came to view the recorded ride.
Once it powered back on again, because I was on a unique section of course it picked up my position. But then tried to take me down dirt tracks instead of following the gpx course. I could understand if it was just on a navigation mode, but it was supposed to be following a pre-planned course, and looking at the map on the device the course was shown as down the road, but the arrows and text said ‘dirt road’ left – which would be the shortest route to the summit, but not on the route I’d programmed.
There was also some confusion from the unit over how far I had left to go later on as well. Descending the final time it said 15km to go, which I knew was incorrect. It then guided me to the final hill a couple of k’s later at which point it changed to 2km, which was correct.
I’m not sure if this was due to me having recalculation switched on. I’ve now turned it off, but don’t really want to have to do the ride again to test it! Though I will be as there’s a Strava challenge to climb the same gain as Alpe D’Huez coming up. Will update the review after this…
I had avoid unpaved roads on, as well as avoid narrow paths. But I wouldn’t have thought this would have mattered if I was following a gpx route.

The next issue was relating to its choice of routing.
I decided to let it take me for a 50km circular ride on the road bike.
I set it up as follows – Navigation routing mode = Road cycling. Avoid unpaved roads and narrow trails.
All went well for the first 20km, then it took me down a road that rapidly degraded in quality before dropping me out onto a dirt track and then the middle of Epsom racecourse!
Looking on an OS map the degrading road is labelled as a road and the course over the racecourse is officially a ‘traffic free cycle route’ – but is totally unsuitable for a road bike.
This would be fine on a hybrid or mountain bike, but not a race ready road bike, which is why I set the settings the way I did…
I would have through that the unpaved roads tick box would have meant this sort of path would not have been taken?
It’s a little worrying as I’m planning on using it to guide me in the Alps and I don’t want to go down a mountain only to be told the way back to the campsite is a 15km dirt trail. I don’t have that many patches in my puncture repair kit!

Another issue is again with it following a gps route I had created. Part of it went up the A23 from Horley to Redhill.
Midway between the 2 towns it tried to make me turn left into what I found out later was a dead end housing road (Wood Close). I ignored it and carried on and got some ‘off course’ warnings before it picked up where I was and then continued with the ride.
This in itself is worrying as it’s supposed to be following a set route – which I later checked and was straight up the A23, no turns or anything.

Lastly, when riding through trees the gps signal can be pretty weak. Was using it yesterday to try and find the start of a segment and it was putting me all over the place.
When out in the clear it’s pretty accurate, but under cover it’s not. This is using both sets of GPS satellites as well. Accuracy was apparently 4m, but I was moving around a lot on the map while staying still…

I haven’t really used the Garmin website other than to initially set it up and set up the auto import into Strava. This seems to work really well. When I get home I turn on the wifi on the device and it auto uploads new rides. I then get a message on my phone saying the ride is ready to be edited.

So a 3* review.
I really like the segments. Even if you’re not a Strava addict they can be really good for pushing against yourself. My ride to work is mapped out so I know my previous pb and can try and beat it.
Some of the navigation works well, but at the moment I don’t feel that I can rely on it. This may be down to the way I have the device set up, but looking on the Garmin forum there are others with issues similar to mine. I intend to try out different maps that you can download to it, OSM etc, so I’ll update the review accordingly when I get them installed.
Lesson learned from all this is always have a map enabled phone on you, and have Strava running on that phone as well as a backup in case the Garmin freezes!

CDL Micro 3 m USB 2.0 A Male Plug to A Female Socket Extension Cable - Black
CDL Micro 3 m USB 2.0 A Male Plug to A Female Socket Extension Cable - Black
Offered by CDL Micro
Price: £2.79

1.0 out of 5 stars Only works on a few devices., 22 Jan. 2015
This cable appears to work ok for low powered items like the USB receiver for a mouse/keyboard, but fails to work with hard drive enclosures or web cams. Windows 7 pops up a message saying device not recognised, but when it's plugged in directly it's picked up with no issue. This is on a number of PCs as well, all running 7.

ASUS Transformer Book TP550 Intel® CoreTM i7-4500U Processor (1.8 GHz, 3 GHz with TurboBoost, 4 MB cache), 8GB RAM, 750GB HardDrive 15.6" MultiTouch screen 2 in 1 Flip and Fold Tablet Laptop - Black
ASUS Transformer Book TP550 Intel® CoreTM i7-4500U Processor (1.8 GHz, 3 GHz with TurboBoost, 4 MB cache), 8GB RAM, 750GB HardDrive 15.6" MultiTouch screen 2 in 1 Flip and Fold Tablet Laptop - Black

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice versatile laptop., 22 Dec. 2014
Have had this laptop for a week now, so this is a first impression. Will update later on once I’ve had it for a while and got used to it. It’s the i7 version with 8Gb Ram and 750Gb 5,200rpm drive.

It seems pretty well built, everything is fairly solid and feels secure. The screen folds all the way back with no feeling of anything being put under pressure or strain. Time will tell on how robust this it.
I have used this in standard laptop form, which works exactly like a normal laptop; as an a-frame, which is fairly solid and works quite well (using the laptop as a controller for Serato Final Scratch on a shelf above the decks); and fully folded back as a tablet where I sit back on the sofa and rest it on my knees which are up at an angle. In all of these it works fine, but I’ve found that if I have the screen folded back 270 deg or so then you need to support it while tapping as the screen moves/wobbles slightly on its hinge (as you would, really, expect). As a tablet though it does need to be rested on something, you wouldn’t want to hold it for any length of time as your wrist would get tired pretty quickly due to the weight. Also, the keys on the keyboard are pressed when you hold it in this fashion and some people might not like this.

The screen flips when you turn it upside down, generally without issue, though occasionally on booting up upside down it doesn’t realise and shows the image upside down (like booting when it’s in an A frame setup). You need to then twist it 360 (back to upside down) and it then gets the orientation correct.

It does appear that the screen is less clear though upside down. It seems to have a little more contrast to it. Also, the viewing angles on it are pretty poor. Once you’re off centre from it the colours change – a red door I was looking at looked blue from an angle of about 50deg. This isn’t so good for sharing the image with people sitting around you.

Windows 8 runs quite nicely on it, and with the addition of a touch screen becomes so much more user friendly than a mouse only configuration. I think the 5200rpm hard drive slows it down quite a bit and am considering an SSD replacement (though I’m wondering whether opening it up to replace this will invalidate the warranty). The touch screen works well and is fairly accurate. Am still learning how the screen works at the moment so sometimes it requires more than one tap to get it in the right place for the computer to respond. It’s not great on small fiddly controls (Reason (music software)) but for general web navigation etc it’s great. Pinch to zoom etc works and once you’re used to tapping the screen instead of using the mousepad it’s much quicker to do things and I think I’d now have problems going back to the tiny touchpad on other laptops!

Power consumption is pretty good and a single charge will last quite a while.

One slight annoyance is that when you click into a field that requires typing the keyboard doesn’t come up automatically, like it does on an ipad. This might be something one can change though, so I’ll look into it at some point in the future.

Can’t really comment on the sound yet as I haven’t really used it. It’s either plugged in at home to bigger speakers, or used at work where they don’t appreciate the noise.

In conclusion I’m very happy with it. It does everything I need it to do and seems to do it pretty well. Would be 5* but it drops half a star each for the viewing angle and for the 5200rpm drive.

For those that are interested the windows performance scores are
CPU - 7.4
D3D - 5.4
Disk - 5.9
Graphics - 5.8
Memory - 7.5

3 Pigs hanging Basket bracket
3 Pigs hanging Basket bracket

5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice item., 11 Sept. 2014
This review is from: 3 Pigs hanging Basket bracket
Arrived quickly and well packaged. Well cut and finished.
Girlfriend loved it (she has a thing for pigs!!)

Borg 2201 Digital Push Button Door Lock with Holdback in Satin Chrome
Borg 2201 Digital Push Button Door Lock with Holdback in Satin Chrome
Offered by Comyn Ching Architectural Hardware
Price: £23.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars On back gate, seem ok so far!, 11 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Have this on my back gate.
Has only been on there for a few months so can't say how good it will be through the winter, but at the moment it's brilliant. Can leave the garden locked up, but not have to worry about keys!
Easy enough to fit, though I needed to buy a large drill bit to dig out the recess for the locking mechanism.
Have found that if it's over tightened then the lock doesn't ping back again. A few turns to loosen and it's free again.

Oa2ki Aerosol Pesticide Free Bed Bug Killer Powder !
Oa2ki Aerosol Pesticide Free Bed Bug Killer Powder !
Offered by Soil fertility solutions
Price: £16.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Only stuff that worked!, 11 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After an infestation of flour mites that just would not die this did the job!! Fantastic!

Had a severe infestation of mites in the kitchen, they were everywhere. We cleaned out everything and threw out loads. Eventually we’d cleaned everything so there was no trace of them and bleached all the surfaces.
But, the next day they were back! Not as bad as before by a long way, but concentrating in a corner they were slowly advancing on the kitchen again.
Tried using garden pesticides with no luck, didn’t seem to affect them. Several days of wiping them away just didn’t seem to help and I was worried that the longer we left it the longer they had to breed and lay eggs.
Searched the internet for ideas and came across this. Cost put me off a bit, but then I went into the kitchen and came straight back and bought it!
Arrived 2-3 days later.
Sprayed onto the areas where they were and left it.
Couple of days later wiped it all off and just put a ‘fence’ of it around the area they appeared to be coming from.
This worked!! No more mites in the rest of the kitchen.
Under a microscope they were obviously dead…
Since using this we have had no further outbreaks. Here’s hoping it stays that way!!

We also put everything we could in a chest freezer for 48 hours as the cold kills them. So this was drawers and contents as well as the toaster, kettle and microwave as these all had nooks and crannies they could well be hiding in.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent fan!, 11 Sept. 2014
Very happy with this fan. Have it installed in the bedroom and was a godsend during the hot weather this year. Have left if running on speed one overnight to introduce a breeze into the room. If you turn it off you realise how warm it still is in there and start sweating again!
There’s a small amount of noise from the motor, on speed one it pulses slightly, but was never loud enough to keep us awake and a small price to pay.

Installation would be possible to anyone who was fairly handy round the home. Had to build a support brace in the loft for it as the wires for the existing light came through between 2 joists and I didn’t want to have to patch the hole. Unit is quite heavy though, so 2 people would be best to get it lifted up and fitted. I did it on my own and managed, but would have been a lot easier with a second pair of hands.

Instructions are on the whole good. Had no issue with them. Just took my time and it was fairly clear.

Copy This Idea: Kick-start Your Way to Making Big Money from Your Laptop at Home, on the Beach or anywhere you Choose
Copy This Idea: Kick-start Your Way to Making Big Money from Your Laptop at Home, on the Beach or anywhere you Choose
by Andrew Reynolds
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Please join my monthly newsletter for just £30 a month and copy me..., 14 Mar. 2014
I always like to start with positives.
1 – It was at a knock down price, so didn’t shell out an awful lot for it.
2 – There are some good ideas in there, but a bit of common sense would also suffice. Such as: choose something to sell that people want to buy and that there is a demand for. Like for instance, get rich quick schemes.

Then come the negatives.
1 – It’s a thinly disguised sales pamphlet for his ‘funnel’ system.
2 – I now feel like I know him. He’s told me about his dad, and his mum, and his life growing up. Don’t really know how he made his millions though.
3 – Most importantly I think the ship he is peddling has now well and truly sailed.
It’s an outdated business model, which is why I think he is now allowing the general public in on it. Who buys DVDs now? More importantly who will in 5 years?! The internet has changed everything. With superfast broadband now commonplace and YouTube videos on literally any subject, why would I part with upwards of £200 for a DVD on my golf swing? Or learn to trade forex by parting with £2000 for a seminar when there are hundreds of pages on it on the web, for free.

It’s a well written book, you want to read on and it stirs something deep inside you. Probably because he mentions vast sums of money from a single seminar, upwards of £400k in a weekend, plus many more huge sums, which get you greedy. £ signs flash up in your head and before you know it you’re signed up to his monthly newsletter and sliding down that slippery funnel he mentions so much.

The irony of it all is. He is explaining throughout the book exactly what he is doing to you!!

1990’s, this would have been a good idea, and I think when he started out it was.
2010 onwards, there’s just too much good competing information online…
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 30, 2015 7:20 AM BST

DeWalt D25013K 230V SDS Plus Combi Hammer Drill 3 Mode with Case
DeWalt D25013K 230V SDS Plus Combi Hammer Drill 3 Mode with Case
Offered by Tooled-Up
Price: £113.95

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent drill, 7 Mar. 2013
I'm just a DIYer, so this is from the perspective of a non-professional. This is also my first SDS drill, so can't compare to any others out there.

I was really impressed right from the start with it. Bought some SDS drill bits for cutting brickwork as well as a set of chisels.

Have now used it to chase in cables and chain drill up several walls, along with lighter use.

Smashes through brick with the drill, I think I drilled into a lintel (it was above a window) but I couldn't tell as it went in as if it were normal brick. It does take a little pressure for the hammer action to start, before that it just spins, but then it clunks down a few mm as if it were engaging and then boom, the hole is done...

When using the chisel the drill did get very hot, too hot to touch, and also leaked a bit of grease from inside. This wasn't great as I put it down on the carpet not realising. Once I realised and cleaned the drill up it was fine.

All in all a very fine piece of kit. Very impressed with it.

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