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3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent if very dated, 15 Nov. 2013
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This review is from: Dracula (Kindle Edition)
Dracula is a very famous story that nowadays most people are familiar with I imagine. It is gripping at times, well written generally.

It does suffer with age, lots of its ideas are distinctly Victorian and incredibly backward if not shockingly sexist by modern standards. Most of the characters lack depth and feel more like pantomime heroes and villains and female characters are bland, unbelievable and uninteresting.

I would recommend Dracula to those with interest in horror/gothic, and those interested in supposed classics. To be honest I think that were Dracula written today, it would not be considered quite so highly and might even be a 'guilty pleasure'.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox Classics)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox Classics)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Use your wallet, strike this game from your need to own list, 31 July 2005
Well, having completeled this game earlier, I sulked about for a bit feeling as though I had just lost my best friend of the previous 37 hours [It could be done more quickly but i like to take time and level up lots]. Then I turned on my X-Box to start over again this time to follow the path of the Sith. This game is absolutely amazing and a must have for any Star Wars fan.
The story is as engrossing as any Star Wars film and will make you keep on playing just to find out what will happen next [I completed the game (all 37 hours) in only four days]. The script is great, in places genuinely funny, and is not nearly as childish and embarrisingly bad as in the films [need I remind you of the scene in Episode III when Anakin and Padme are in her apartment "I'm only beautiful because I'm so in love with you"?].
You're a soldier of the Republic fighting in a War against the Sith. Your ship has just been attacked by a Sith fleet and you escape to a nearby planet, Taris. The Jedi who you are supposed to be protecting [Bastila] has also escaped to Taris and you have to find her and escape the Sith quarantine of the planet. Once you escape Taris, if you head to Dantooine you are accepted into the Jedi order and you can start using Force powers from here on. You and Bastila share visions of an ancient star map which will eventually lead to a thing called the Star Forge which you are ordered to find as it is being used by the Sith, although what this is does not become apparent until much later on in the game. Cue saving the galaxy or using your anger and striking down the bad guy, Sith Lord Darth Malak and taking over the galaxy as the new Sith Lord, destroying the republic.
I prefer this game to the movies personally because I found it more engrossing and also it was me being able to save the galaxy with a blue double-ended lightsaber [yes, double-ended, fighting with two lightsabers or just the one, its all there] and the force i just found more exciting. The story has lots of twists and the game has many sub-quests that you can choose to do. But my favourite aspect of the game is the ability to choose your path to mastery of the force. Will you chose to become the saviour of the Republic, or chose to destroy it? Become greater than Yoda [a true Jedi would never be so proud as to admit it though] or set an example for Anakin and join the order 'too old', become a Jedi and then become twisted by the Dark side? The element of choice does affect gameplay as you have to choose your actions carefully depending on what path to greatness you have chosen.
Gameplay wise the game is not revolutionary of real-time [not turn based] RPGs, you choose what attack you want and it executes that choice immediately. However, this is a system that works well and combat remains largely fluid. The worlds are large to explore and the enemies are quite varied. The graphics are good and you really *do* feel as though you are in the SW universe but I do not really consider good graphics as a necessary factor of a good, fun game so I will not waste words. However, there is one of the most beautiful views in the history of games in one of the last levels of the game which really does almost look like a postcard. The musical score is very SW and I think that many people will want to replay the game if only the once to choose go down the other side of the force.
A couple of minor criticisms, firstly and *this* is my only major annoyance, you can only go to about level 24 after which you stop gaining in levels and you can't, therefore, learn all the force powers. Perhaps I could not level up because I was on the last world but then it is disappointing still. Secondly the enemies do not regenerate when you return to a place you have previously cleared, stopping you from levelling up fast. Combat on medium difficulty was always very easy, even the last battle with Darth Malak posed no real problem to me. some of the sub-quests become unavailable if you make bad or ignorant choices. Lastly, it can be a bore hiking through the vast levels which you have cleared already to get to a place but these are all rather minor and do not tarnish the game as a whole.
Overall this game is huge and well worth the money. If you are looking for a game to keep you occupied for hours this is it. If you are a SW fan looking for something to do now that you have seen all 6 episodes then this it that something. If you are simply looking for one of the best RPGs ever made this a strong contender.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Two Disc Theatrical Edition) [DVD] [2002]
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Two Disc Theatrical Edition) [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Elijah Wood|Ian McKellen|Viggo Mortensen|Orlando Bloom
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good But Not Perfect, 7 Sept. 2003
What can I say...? Exciting, entertaining, close to the book, but somewhat lacking. The film itself is brilliant with exciting battles at Helm's Deep and at Isengard and the Ents. The costumes are superb and how you'd imagine them to be. The characters are generally faithful to the book. If you haven't read the book and loved the book you will love the film - but if you loved the book you might be disappointed for these reasons;
Peter Jackson has ruined Faramir - Faramir in the film takes Frodo to Osgiliath (where is that in the book?). In the film Faramir wants to take the ring which I think ruins his character. In the book Faramir is a great example of the men of Westernesse, and one of the more honourable characters.
Theoden doesn't argue with Aragorn so much if at all in the book although he does in the film...but it's understandable in the film as Theoden is frutrated. But in the film (unless I didn't hear him saying it) Aragorn doesn't reveal himself as the King of Gondor and Anarion.
In the film the ents decide not to go to war at the entmoot and it is not until Pippin leads Treebeard past Isengard that the ents go to war. However, in the book they decide to go to war at the entmoot.
Maybe it is in the extended version (available in November), but it doesn't show Saruman creeping about Fangorn forest when Legolas and Aragorn are sleeping and Gimli is keeping watch which I think would make for a tense scene but possilbly a bit irrelevant to the main story.
Finally Eomer is banished from Rohan in the film... but in the book he was just killing invading orc and uruk-hais and was welcome at his uncles court.
These things will only really annoy purists and if you're like me you wont mind these changes but wonder why they were done the way they were.
As for the DVD it has loads of special features (I haven't watched them all yet) but the documentaries are good and there is even a preview/documentary on The Return of the King which will be the best of the trillogy...
To be honest, if you haven't already got this on DVD, I'd wait for the Extended version which looks to be loads better but as a film it is one of the best films that is based on a book in my opinion.

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