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In A Different Light
In A Different Light
Price: £13.48

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Stick with the original versions..., 4 Nov 2009
This review is from: In A Different Light (Audio CD)
Firstly, and as a response to another person who wrote a review here, it never occurred to me that At the End of the Day was a new song.. I heard a different version of it years ago, and it was a lot better. Actually that used to be one of my favourite songs, but they totally killed it in the cover version, sounds like a Michael Jackson song now, or something.

The fact that I'm probably going to get tons of thumbs down ratings from fellow EC fans sucks but I'll live. I've been a fan for around 10 years now, which is saying something seeing that I'm only 22. The moment a new album comes out, I gotta have it, no matter what. (Addicted to Art's pre-EC bands too, esp. Colorfinger). The Vegas Years was a great album, though I remember I had those songs from way back, some were crappy quality bootleg material, so it was nice to have their swingin' covers in good quality, finally. WIsh I could say the same about 'In a Different Light', which I was uber excited about the moment I heard it came out. Got it right away, listened to it once, twice, then never again.

There's nothing explicitly wrong with this album, except for that the covers are underwhelming in my opinion (maybe they should stick to covering other people's songs, seeing those covers usually always rock =)), and - with the exception of the song 'Summerland' - none of the covers came close to the original versions, in my opinion. It's just not worth the money, the covers aren't much different at all and usually blander or worse. Summerland was the only song I'd consider worth listening to (or downloading separately on iTunes instead of buying the whole CD). Ironically, I thought Summerland was one of their weaker songs on Sparkle and Fade, though the cover actually gives it the drive it lacked back then (mostly because the guitars sound heavier and are more driven) so that song's actually gained power through the cover. The rest is plain boring. Nothing terrible, but if you own their other albums, I see no reason why you should get this one, unless of course you're a die-hard fan, like moi. Actually, even if you don't own their previous albums, I recommend downloading the older version of those songs seperately instead of buying this album, you'll be glad you did.

I wish they'd make a new album with fresh songs already, seeing that I was familiar with 95% of the stuff on their last two releases from before. Tangentially, I never would have thought I'd ever give an EC album 2 stars.

Sony Ericsson K550i Sim Free Mobile Phone
Sony Ericsson K550i Sim Free Mobile Phone

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4.0 out of 5 stars You won't be disappointed., 6 Aug 2007
Well, I've (temporarily) owned quite a few phones.. the Nokia N91 8GB, the Nokia N95, the Sony Ericsson W880i (which I returned a couple of days later due to poor music quality), but this phone is the phone I've stuck with.

What speaks for this phone?
1.) It's the perfect size and weight (light, but not so light it feels cheap, not bulky at all, it'll fit into your pocket easily), the design's awesome, not in your face but by no means dull or bland. I gave the N91 away because it was too big and bulky, looked more akin to a stoneage dinosaur than to a contemporary mobile phone.

2.) The battery life is extra long lasting, I listen to music on my phone at least two hours a day and one battery load does me 5 days! I gave the Nokia N95 away because I was highly disappointed with the low battery life.

3.) The camera's totally top of the range in the 2mp class, too bad it doesn't have a flash, merely an LED light.

4.) The quality of the music player is TOPS (and this coming from an ultra audiophile person). I suggest buying Walkman earphones for it though, and jacking your own phones into it, the ones that come with the phone ain't much good if you're an avid music fan. I exchanged the W880i because for a reason not known to me the music player is terrible. (Not all Walkman players are, don't know what they did wrong with the W880i, like, it sounded compacted and especially terrible if you listen to electronic music on it). The K550i player also goes up to a decent volume, which is important (some music can only be enjoyed at a higher volume!)
The music sounds balanced, the bass is rich and full and it sounds like computer playback. Awesome.

Now a couple of downsides
1.) The whole thing isn't put together quite right, when you press the battery cover it squeaks like the door to grandma's attic (this problem can easily be eradicated by placing a piece of paper between the battery and the lid, though).

2.) The music player doesn't have features like the one enabling you to jump to an artist or song on the playlist by typing their first letter on the keypad. Why? Marketing. *Dare the cyber shot music players be better than the Walkman ones!* Eh, another potentially awesome thing spoilt by marketing.

3.) The Micro SD port is under the battery lid, so you have to open it up everytime you want to change the medium / take it out.

I'm happy with it, it's a good and reliable phone. Get it, there's not many like it, despite what you may think now.

Northern Skies
Northern Skies
Offered by encorerecords
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Thibaud does it again, 15 Feb 2005
This review is from: Northern Skies (Audio CD)
I know for a fact that almost nobody knows this artist. Thibaud is Roots-rock at its very best, skillfully combining acoustic and electric guitar for wonderful riffs that will keep your feet tapping and your head nodding. Songs like "Lost again" or "Lousiana" or "Long way down" bring in that country rock element - you'd expect from good roots-rock - very nicely.
Almost every song on this CD has the potential of becoming a hit, due to the Thibaud's excellent songwriting skills. And everyone who's heard a couple of his songs from any CD will agree that this man has been blessed with one of the most wonderful voices from his genre EVER - a deep, wonderful voice who's capacity will amaze you... no whiny country-hack voice you might get somewhere else. The only reason I've given this album 4 stars instead of 5 is because Thibaud at his VERY best would have to be the album "Favourite Waste of Time", which is one of the few albums I've ever listened to that I'd give 5 stars.
Just buy this album. You'll see what I mean!

Fear Nothing
Fear Nothing
by Dean Koontz
Edition: Turtleback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Genuine, but definately not gripping, 29 Aug 2004
This review is from: Fear Nothing (Turtleback)
I ordered this book quite a while ago, after reading Koontz' book "Demon Seed" a - in my mind - well thought out, exiting, unique suspense story, hoping I'd end up feeling the same way about this book, but unfortunately this was not the case.
The book started off well, with an intruiguing and promising start, but after the first 100 pages, this book starts getting a little generic. I mean, how many stories are there featuring missing kids for some scientific experiment? Too many to count, that's for sure, and even though the book started off well, featuring a character who is personally involved in more than one way, our sympathy for the protagonist doesn't hold very long.
When, for the third or fourth time, the protagonist pulls jokes while drinking beer at his friends beach house, you wonder "how long is this going to take". For me, the more the protagonist opens his mouth, the more generic, and shallow it makes him appear, and effectively, the less we end up caring for him.
The parts that were supposed to be gripping were endlessly elongated and overly lame, and, much to the frustration of the reader, who quarrelled through 400 pages just to have what started so promising tie up in the end, this book finishes open-ended.
Koontz planned to make this a trilogy, and while the second part came out (ending up even blunter than the first part since you feel you're reading the first part all over again), Koontz hasn't written a third part yet.
Maybe he got bored, and I don't blame him.

A Crack in Forever
A Crack in Forever
by Jeannie Brewer
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good, insightful read yet a little simple minded., 23 Feb 2003
This review is from: A Crack in Forever (Paperback)
This story is one of love, the perfect relationship and the eventual loss of it. It is a good, insightful read that I've enjoyed. Yet despite what most people say of it, I wouldn't consider calling it 'absolutely fabulous'; I will try to explain why.
It is a parable, and like so many others, it's goal lies in making you reflect on the issues it's covered and you're own life a bit. Yet unlike some other books written for the same reason ('Flowers for Algernon' is one I'd strongly recommend), the end disappointed me a little. Apart from not jerking a singly tear from me, everything comes to an unrealistically smooth conclusion, I couldn't help being reminded of a cheap soap opera and, although the ending is plausible, it is not very probable in 'real life' which is a pity because it seems like the book is desperately trying to convey just that.
For me, the story seems a little to full with American Moral and its lament about how an honest soul must pay before positive changes occur. I recommend this book to every person who does not mind this because on the whole, it's a good book.

Golden State
Golden State
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bush go grunge again, it works!, 4 Jan 2003
This review is from: Golden State (Audio CD)
After albums like "The Science of things" and the mix-album "Deconstructed", which in my oppinion explored the softer side of Bush, this album shines with heavy grunge tunes and base guitars, giving it an exiting new texture. This album also contains plenty of the catchy tunes that we so love from Bush. All the songs are great but some really stand out - from "Superman", a powerful song with a sing-along refrain to "Hurricane", a more agressive grunge song with a harder refrain to "Headful of Ghosts" in which we have the pleasure of hearing the traditional Bush-tune guitar mixed in among the grungy base guitars. The album is fantastic, it's a must-buy for all Bush or grunge fans!!

Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet
Offered by Media Hessen
Price: £18.36

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very good new Thrash-metal CD .. well worth the buy, 14 Dec 2002
This review is from: Not Dead Yet (Audio CD)
Don't be put of by the thought that metal is something that belongs in the 60's-80's, because this great album will blow you away! Raise Hell are one of the best active Thrash-metal bands around and this album just once again shows off their greatness. This album gets you well into it with what is in my eyes the most powerfull song on the entire album - "Dance with the Devils" It will amaze and satisfy all you thrash/power/death metal fans. Another gem on this record is the song "User of Poison" quite at the end of the album. I have only named two of the various songs that stand out, but they're all great. The only reason I gave only 4 stars instead of 5 is because some songs do sound a little alike, the album dosn't really live up to the high standards the first song set.

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