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iGadgitz Black EVA Travel Hard Case Cover Sleeve for New Amazon Kindle 4 Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display Ereader (Latest Generation Released October 2011)
iGadgitz Black EVA Travel Hard Case Cover Sleeve for New Amazon Kindle 4 Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display Ereader (Latest Generation Released October 2011)
Offered by iGadgitz
Price: 7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Solid case, great price, 4 Jan 2012
I was a bit suspicious, what with it being so cheap, but opted for this case for my Kindle as I didn't want something that added to the weight when reading (you can't really read the Kindle when it's in this case - the elastic strap would get in the way), but did want something solid to protect it when it was in a bag, or a pocket or generally lying around.

The case is solid - the sides are stiff, almost as stiff as the cover of a hardback book - and the outer covering is hard-wearing; sort of like cordura. The inside is soft and fits the Kindle snugly. There's also an elasticated mesh pocket on the opposite side to where the Kindle slots in. Not sure what this is for, but there's enough room for a couple of passports and tickets I discovered.

It would no doubt shrug off splashes - much more so than a 'flap cover/case' option, but wouldn't cope with being fully submerged. It probably floats, but I'm not about to test that one!

So... I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for something to protect your Kindle while you're reading it, but I can't fault it as a travelling case. There's not much cheaper out there - and it certainly doesn't look cheap.

I LOVE MY KINDLE!!! (simple things...)

Ben Ainslie: Close to The Wind: Autobiography of Britain's Greatest Olympic Sailor
Ben Ainslie: Close to The Wind: Autobiography of Britain's Greatest Olympic Sailor
by Ben Ainslie
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Oppies to AC boats via the Olympics, 10 Oct 2009
Yesterday I started (and finished) reading Ben's autobiography, `Close to the Wind'. He covers, in a fairly haphazard order; his Olympic campaigns, duels with Robert Scheidt, Oppie racing, his involvement with various AC campaigns, training, his dislike of Guillaume Florent (cheating Frenchman who's good, but not good enough) and his poor performance at school. Arguably he could have left that last part out - the book's riddled with spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. At least it proves he really did write it himself, I guess. And giving it the same title as Pete Goss' unimaginatively titled book was an odd move.

Throughout the book he's borrowed Dame Ellen's self-conscious, self-deprecating style, though thankfully he's yet to adopt the pained martyr-smile that's the Weepy One's trademark. (Or is it just wind? Should her book have been called "I've Got Wind"?) Anyway, despite all that, it's a great read if you're interested in Olympic sailing, AC sailing or what makes the finest sailor on the planet tick - and, can, cope, with, random, unnecessary, commas - and dashes - everywhere - and sentences that are, frankly, just a bit too long and feature the word - `frankly' - too often.

It would have been great if he'd called it "The Queen's going to have to Knight me in 3 Years", and written the thing via dictaphone whilst out racing when, by his own admission, he's a very different character. I'd have loved to have heard more about incidents and his attitude on the water. The last thing I want to know is that he's a nice guy too. He's obviously not when he's racing! (and long may that last - at least till the AC's in British hands)

Not quite un-put-down'able (unless you've really got nothing else to do, as I didn't), but still a page-turner (unless you've got no arms) and certainly an enjoyable read.

Oh and, like Dame Ellen, he was bullied at school. So the finest two contemporary British sailors both kicked off by having their heads flushed down the loo. Hurrah for the British education system. If you want your kids to be world class sailors the message is clear - get them rubbish haircuts, ill fitting clothes, move halfway across the country and send them to a rough state school. It worked for me. Apart from the world class bit.

And at least he finished this one, unlike "Ben Ainslie's Laser Campaign Manual" which reads like he got bored, said `sod it', and fired it off to the undiscerning publishers half-finished. That really wasn't worth the wonga - this one certainly is.
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Lexen Healthy Juicer (Silver)
Lexen Healthy Juicer (Silver)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good little manual juicer, 2 Feb 2008
I was given one of these a couple of weeks ago, so can't comment on it's durability yet, though it looks as if it'll last.

I asked for a manual juicer as I felt there were more than enough electrical appliances knocking around in the kitchen already. This is a fairly compact thing and can be put in a drawer when dismantled.

It takes about 15 minutes to juice 12 carrots, which gives about half a pint of carrot juice - that includes pulling the thing to pieces and rinsing it afterwards, and cutting up the carrots beforehand (small pieces much quicker to juice).

The suction pad on the underside needs an utterly smooth surface, otherwise you need to clamp, which in turn needs an overhang on a work surface of just over an inch - you can't create this by opening a drawer as the drawer then prevents the handle from turning.

Despite being predominantly plastic, it works very well and doesn't require too much effort to turn the handle. It does squeak a fair bit though. (or maybe that's the carrots squealing!)

Unless you've got extremely weak arms, or don't have a minute to spare I'd go for this juicer over an electric one - cheaper, easy to clean and doesn't fill up work surface space. Bit better on the carbon footprint front too, I guess.

If it's still up and running in a year I'll bump it up to 5 stars!

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