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The Sunshine Boys [DVD]
The Sunshine Boys [DVD]
Dvd ~ Woody Allen
Offered by babsbargains *** WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ***
Price: £8.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars enjoyable but TV movie-ish, 6 July 2005
This review is from: The Sunshine Boys [DVD] (DVD)
Lots of great lines and nice performances form all 3 leads - and the whole story is touching and funny. Despite high production values something about the look of the whole thing feels a bit 'TV Movie'ish and you can't help but comapre to the earlier film version which this doesn't really match. Always nice ot see Woody Allen having fun with a part and reading somebody elses lines for a change
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Golden Flatts
Golden Flatts
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Price: £29.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars Golden, 23 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Golden Flatts (Audio CD)
If you are one of the lucky few who do know Moses you will not be surprised to hear this album has all the perfect harmonies, sunny catchy choruses, brooding beautiful slow numbers and quirky lyrical ideas you already love Moses for...
A richer album than the lo fi gem of a debut 'The Swimming Zoo' this time the Mosely siblings incorporate more diverse string parts (folksy fiddle style on the bouncy 'Forever changing', lush and orchestral on the stand out epic 'Tigers')more unusal rythyms (Bunea Vista Social Moses on 'Sandman', Velvet Underground style tub thumping on 'Swimming Zoo part 2') some plucky Mandolin from special guest, comedian Stuart Silver and even a school choir ('Golden Flatts' is the Mosely brothers junior school, the choir are current pupils from the school)
Both brothers have superb voices, one gruff, one light which fit together perfectly, and with guest vocalist Sophie Traves now a full time backing singer teh harmonies are even fuller I would heartily recommend this album to anybody who is currently grooving to the Magic Numbers, Becks more acoustic stuff or Nick Drake.

The Tigers Have Spoken
The Tigers Have Spoken
Price: £8.12

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than Live, 23 Nov. 2004
This review is from: The Tigers Have Spoken (Audio CD)
If you already know NEKO CASE but are wondering if you need a live album by her - the answer is yes. This is not a 'Greatest Hits' live package at all - 2 new originals ('If you knew what I knew' sounds like a bouncy lost 60's classic & 'The tigers have spoken' is an odd, sad guitar jangler) are up there with her best work.
The covers heavy nature of the set shouldn't put you off either as none are especially well known (save the traditional 'Wayfaring stranger' which is only partially live and very lovely and lonely)
Buffy Saint Maries 'Soulful shade of blue' suits Nekos BIG but controlled voice perfectly and the girl group shimmy of 'Train from Kansas city' shows off the Sadies excellent indie/country/60's pop guitar sound as well as backing vocals from, among others, the Alt Country goddess Carolyn Mark.
It's short and punchy and mostly very beguiling - not at all like the standard live album (not an extended guitar jam in site)
With rollicking good time tunes ('Loretta' is like a very up beat version of the Velvet Underground and 'Rated X' is what I believe we used to call CowPunk)
The next album is bound to be a belter and is coming soon but in the meantime this is a very welcome stop gap indeed

Pros And Cons Of Collaboration
Pros And Cons Of Collaboration
Price: £17.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Proper country - dead good, 29 Oct. 2004
Carolyn Mark likes a drink and a barrel of home truths with a twist of bitterenss. She is very great.
Her voice is a smokers, drinkers, party girl voice that can do low and gravelly or high and pure and always sounds like she's got a (sincere) smirk on her face and a bottle in her hand.
The songs are hard nosed gems - loads of great, BS cutting lines & bar room philosophy that perfectly match the bar room boogie & sentimental waltzes of the music. 'The wine song' ('how can you love a man who drinks white wine?') & 'Bigger bed' ('she calls your name, but it sounds like she's lost more than I have gained') are a couple of my favorites right now but they will change I'm sure - & 'Yanksgiving' is just a superb mini epic detailing an all American party that deserves to be heard by everyone (although not everyone deserves to hear it)
'Not a Doll' may be familiar to Neko Case fans as Carolyn and Neko make up the 'Corn Sisters' who's album 'The other women' includes the song. Here it is slowed down and beautifully arranged whilst the Corn sisters version is fast and busky. Both versions are great, it's a great song.
There's nothing particularly 'Alt' about Carolyn & the New Best Friends brand of Country and its the better for that - loads of super fast guitar runs that are pure Beverley Hillbillies and ruddy marvelous, huge and wholesome harmonies, raucaus drumming and flourishes of fiddle and piano that make you feel good to be alive and really want to join in their world of beer and skiffle.
& it has a Overture! A snippet of every song cleverly worked into one long piece in the style of old romantic musicals - class act all the way.
No idea how many people will ultimately know about this album but everybody who ever slapped a thigh or shed a tear to the tiniest bit of country should buy this album immediatley.

Homespun - Homespun
Homespun - Homespun
Offered by music_by_mail_uk
Price: £18.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars An ironing classic!, 11 Jun. 2004
This review is from: Homespun - Homespun (Audio CD)
If i said that this album is perfect for doing the ironing to would you know what I meant? Listening to it You probably won't dance but you'll shuffle in time, you probably won't cry but you'll go 'aaaww' in sympathy, and you probably won't laugh out loud but you'll generally have a really snug, warm, happy glow from the whole experience.
Nice is such a useless word but this REALLY is a very nice album. The (mostly acoutsic) songs are like the Beautiful South but without the cynicism and the singing from Sam Brown is of course excellent. If any Sam fans know her long term support band MOSES - Homespun is a bit like them but cuddlier.
Best songs are probably the perky, poppy 'I'm in your head' which is really catchy and the ballad 'footsteps' which has the saddest story to tell.
Only down side is that Beautiful South fans might be expecting something a bit more acidic and Sam Brown fans might be expecting her to let rip in that big bluesy way only she can BUT if you accept this as a great, mellow Sunday album you will grow to love it's mild but heart wearming ways.

Torch Division
Torch Division
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £2.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars lo fi splendour, 11 Mar. 2004
This review is from: Torch Division (Audio CD)
Apparantly there's a noble history here but I don't know what it is. It involves Creation records & Manchester, so it's probably quite a good story but it's nice for me to bring nothing to this but my open minded ears.
The sound is a bed of rattly programmed drums and strummed fuzzy guitars with some surf guitar, picked acoustic, and odd bits of synth over the top. Pete Astor is your main man, with one of those excellent can't-be-bothered mumbly voices that occasionally flashes inot a soulful croon to show he can do it really.
It's the songs though that are what this is all about and shiney little gems in the gritty lo fi world they are. There's characters: mostly melancholy, like 'Joe The Astronaut' (retired) being followed by the kids of the town chanting "Where's your rocket now?", & the 'Sports Boy' reminiscing from his less active adult life. But none of them seem beaten, there's plenty of fight in them and they're more interesting for it.
There's great images in each song too ("me in my neon suit, you in your wings") that draw you in to these worlds and keep you listening to see how the stories play out.
Stand outs are probably 'Neon Suit' (probably the prettiest tune) 'Great Inventor' (top idea for a song, great pounding rhythm) & aforementioned 'Joe the astronaut'.
Comparisons are tricky, maybe Joe Henry without all the guest virtuoso musicians? But then the songs are very British feeling too, so maybe more like Robyn Hitchcock without the ... Robyn Hitchcock-ness. Whatever, I'm glad I took the risk, It's a new favourite.
There is more stuff by Mr Astor with other bands, I'm off to find out.

T'Pau: The Greatest Hits
T'Pau: The Greatest Hits
Price: £7.28

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3.0 out of 5 stars There's no need to be ashamed...., 11 Mar. 2004
You can't really ADMIT to liking T'Pau anymore can you? There's something a bit David Hasselhoff about them - and yet I mis-spent my own youth dancing to 'Heart & Soul' and waving my lighter to 'Only the Lonely'.
This was an era when Whitesnake got in the charts and pop was either a bit rock (Bon Jovi, The Pau) or scottish 'lite' soul (Wet Wet Wet, Deacon Blue, Hue & Cry)and frankly a gobby red head singing about Monkey Houses and Frankensteins monster won hands down in our house.
It's a BIG, multi tracked vocal, shiney/whiney lead guitars and synths doing orchestral stabs kinda sound, as 80's as Thatcher in a rah-rah skirt; but the songs? You know these songs really are pretty cool...
'Heart & Soul' has a hyper catchy plinky plonk riff and those sexy 'rapped' vocals, a proper POP record that sounds leagues better than the efforts of many feted 80's revivalists currently getting rose tinted kudos. 'Only the lonely' has a lovely vocal melody & some top 'bored housewife' lyrics:
"& here we go spending our money, filling the house with the things we hope will bring us happiness again,... well you can have anything these days I'm sure"
Ok it's not Dylan but it's not The Cheeky Girls either.
The big ridiculous number one ballad 'China in your hand' is here of course with it's horrible Sax break but then so is 'Road to our dream' (their first 'flop' single) that has a much classier saxophone line and actually sounds genuinely moving instead of overblown.
Although every hit(& almost hit) single is here, with the excellent brassed up, stomping b side 'This girl' (which should have been a single really) the rest of the tracks are confusingly taken from their 3rd and weakest album.'Hold on to love', 'Strange place' and 'place in my heart' are all nothing much and although the title track 'The Promise' is a good rocker, the only actual corker from that album 'Soul Destruction' has been left off.
Tracks from other albums ('Monkey house', 'Island', 'Arms of love') would have made a much better best of. Oh!& early b side 'No sense of Pride' is rubbish why is it here at all?
The packaging and track selection are inferior to the other best of (Subtitled 'Heart & Soul') but there is still a place in my heart that loves these songs and wants to see T'Pau rememebered as something better than the times they came from.

High Dive
High Dive
Offered by SellerHit UK
Price: £15.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars highs & lows of going it alone, 14 May 2003
This review is from: High Dive (Audio CD)
Maria Mckee is one of those "force of nature" singers that get plenty of credit for the voice but precious little for the songs.
High Dive should correct that balance, with cracking tunes in styles ranging from the country to music hall.
every song is stuffed with hooks and counter melodies, horns and strings and synths and strummed acoustic guitars giving a pastoral occasionally melodramatic sound.
best of the bunch is "From our tv teens to the tomb" most likely about McKee and her half brother(that bloke from Love who wasn't Arthur Lee). It's like something from a musical about a wannabe rock band, that never quite gets past the "grand ideas" & "practising 5 years" and spend "forever in their rooms"
other highlights are the title track with it's warmly funny lyric and subtle horn arrangement, and (A new, more idyllic version of previous albums title track) "Life Is Sweet".
it ends with the dramatic country twang of "Worry birds" which could easily be her nearest new rival Neko Case (a v good thing)
it's ace basically, a fine balance between her country roots, early poppy solo material and more recent indie noise-ness.

European Punks Lp
European Punks Lp
Price: £10.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars tiny suprises, one after the other..., 13 May 2003
This review is from: European Punks Lp (Vinyl)
I got this because it was in the sale. It is properly magical. The bloke from Magic Car sings like a classic 70's singer songwriter, half mental but hushed and still unique & Scott 4's singer is like a genuinely soulful version of the bloke from the Beautifull south who isn't Paul Heaton.
Musically it's a bit Flaming Lips and a bit Beta Band but more "stage musical" than either of those. There is loads of lovely "bits"..a minute of pedal steel guitar fading out, and unexpected choir singing along, electronic wiggles and bleeps that sit beautifully amongst the pianos and wurlitzers and strummed acoustic guitars. It's pretty but feels "deep" enough not to be throwaway. A fantastic surprise, definitely going to be a favourite of mine.
I don't know anything else by either band but apparantly Magic CAr have there own record due out soon. It's bound to be special and good.

No One's Home
No One's Home
Price: £2.17

5.0 out of 5 stars Radio 2-tastic, 18 Sept. 2002
This review is from: No One's Home (Audio CD)
We're all getting older. No way around it. BUt does that mean you HAVE to start liking David Gray & thinking that "actually Dido has some lovley tunes & at least you can hear the words"... But ON THE OTHER HAND there's nothing sadder than hitting 30 & trying to dress like you're 17... so where do we stand, us non teen music fans who aren't quite ready for the pipe and slippers yet?
If you've any sense you'll stand by MOSES! This is great, all catchy harmony chorus & sexy cello line, but still with the bite & musicality of a band who just LOVE music. & the b sides are evn better, "Paradise" is a brilliantly bitter tale of "Actually you made me choose between you & the easy life, I chose you, I was wrong!" & "Ain't it strange?" is an O Brother where art thou type knee slapper with twangy acoustic guitars.
The fact that I only heard of Moses because they did a (fantastic) live session on the graveyard slot of Radio 2 says more about the state of the music industry than it does about them.
Time for the money men to realise that there are people out there who love MUSIC & want this sort of great stuff.

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