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Psyched Up: The Deep Knowledge that Liberates the Self
Psyched Up: The Deep Knowledge that Liberates the Self
Price: £7.66

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb - highly recommended for people wanting insight into the mind, 1 Oct. 2015
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The third Peter Michaelson book that I've read and the most complete. The author is a writer and therapist who studies and applies the theories of mid 20th century academics such as Bergler and Freud. The main idea is that current emotional attachments in our lives are actually symptoms of unresolved emotions from our past. There is a dymanic between our unconscious and conscious mind which creates conflict. This conflict can lead emotional feelings of anger, sadness, depression etc. However as soon as one has insight into this dynamic and the passive nature of our self, the emotional attachments can be resolved and a much healthier state of affairs is achieved.

This dynamic and inner passivity is highlighted several times throughout the book with the author analysing a number of different behaviours. This helps the reader understand the thinking and logic behind the ideas, as well as put them into practice. The author scales up the workings of the human minds to social ways of thinking, how inner passivity contributes to wars and all the turmoil we see in the world today.

However it is the spiritual nature of how seeing our minds for what it is that most interested me. The author discusses how by working through inner passivity and resolving our emotional attachments, we can liberate ourselves from the chaos of the human mind and feel at peace. Our true selves and caught up in the mire of conflict between the conscious and subconscious - we need to see through this conflict to let those detach our true self and experience life as it is - not personal

Whether you are looking for a spiritual insight or feel that you have unresolved emotions then this book is for you. I recommend it as someone who has been on a sort of quest for many years. I have read a considerable number of books, watched videos, attended lectures and so on. Everything helped in someway to manage the symptoms, but nothing really helped me understand who I am. My issues were with sadness and anger, incredibly low self -esteem and recently diagnosed depression. This book has helped me gain insight into why I have these feelings and thoughts, which allows me to see them and be much more at peace.

Poison Pen [Explicit Content] [Us Import]
Poison Pen [Explicit Content] [Us Import]
Price: £18.61

5.0 out of 5 stars Too good for words...Superb!!, 11 May 2006
Chino Xl's 'Poison Pen' is the third album from the 'king of metaphors' and arguably contains his deepest lyrics.

Kicking off with the Portishead sampled title track, Chino starts to take us on a journey of biblical proportions. There's no doubt that he spits from the heart in tracks such as 'Skin' where he pours out his issues by arguing with his psychiatrist and 'Talk to You' which contains my favourite line

"...I try to make peace with the monster inside

strive through infinite miles of pain like nature when it's sad

Angels in the path to teach you,

The cemetary is the only place where the strong and the weak are truly equal...'

'Beastin' featuring 'Killah Priest' is another beauty, with old Wu-Tang style beats and a phenomenal verbal assault from Chino. 'Wordsmith' is a track Shakespeare himself would be proud of containing some of the sickest rhymes in any rap tune out today.

Production wise the album doesn't reach the standards of other artists or even Chino's sophomore album 'Here to Save You All'. 'Don't Fail me now' with the 'Beatnuts' is a trifle disappointing but once again Chino's verse saves the track from becoming a total flop. 'Our Time' featuring the tragic Proof is set to be a classic. Proof really surprised many people with his skills on this track which turns out I think to be a fitting tribute.

Chino XL is simply awesome. He's deeply moving, angry and hilarious taking the listener on a barage of breathless verbal assault. Simply superb

Revolutionary Vol. 2
Revolutionary Vol. 2

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best out there.., 10 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Revolutionary Vol. 2 (Audio CD)
In a world dominated by celebrity culture, money, sex and politics emerges one of the rawest rappers ever - Immortal Technique.
'Tech' takes all these modern day vices and annihilates them. He delves into the hippocritical, political histories of the US and other countries and tells you what he terms 'The truth'
A man of immense intellect, Tech grew up on the mean streets of Harlem NY. He started seriously writing lyrics while in prison. There he read prolifically, attaining a deep understanding of how the world works.
Revolutionary volume 2 is like no other rap album. 9/11 features prominantly along with the US response to the tragedy. The treatment of Central and South america, the drug trade, poverty in America and a painfully personal narration of his own life experiences (Internally Bleeding, You never Know) make this album legendary in its own lifetime. Tech cuts through the crap to tell you how things really are, how the media smokescreens the truth from you every day and how governments create wars to make money
Techs rhymes and metaphors are unparalleled, as is his knowledge of history of science, a true rap polymath. You won't be disappointed...

Extras : Complete BBC Series 1 [2005] [DVD]
Extras : Complete BBC Series 1 [2005] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ricky Gervais
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £0.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another great idea..., 3 Jan. 2006
Following the astronomical success of the Office was always going to be difficult, but in Extras, Gervais and Merchant pull off another hilarious series.
Gervais plays Andy Millman, a nobody extra who's yearns for a break in the film world. His trusted sidekick is Maggie played by the excellent Ashley Jenson, who's dizziness and approach to life has a sweet innocence and is very funny indeed.
The comic timing is excellent, the script is well written. The idea it seems is to take well known film/television stars and break down their public persona. (Ben Stiller, Patrick Stewart, Kate Winslet, Ross Kemp, Les Dennis and Samuel L Jackson all work beautifully in the storylines). Throw in the tackling of some of society's most taboo subjects (racism, disability, war crimes, sex and the church), and you have one of the finest sit-coms ever produced

Offered by westworld-
Price: £10.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Their best work..., 2 April 2005
This review is from: Untilted (Audio CD)
The magic of Autechre for me is their ability to fuse together so many styles of music in so many different ways. With "Untilted" they continue to set new trends and break with the norm, creating ever more complex rhythms and breathtaking sound production.
The album is produced at a frantic tempo with so much taking place within each track. Effects are numerous, time signature increasingly inventive. As with much of Autechre, these aren't tracks you can dance to nevermind nod your head at. It's music for the mind and imagination. The album for me was a cacophony of sound at first, but with each listen my level of understanding increased. It's mood swings from the dark to the beautiful, it's styles incorporating those of hip-hop, drum n bass, electro and dub.
It is clear that Autechre have learned some new tricks since their last album venture "Draft 7.30" Although some tracks will be reminiscent of their earlier work (notably "Confield"), there's still plenty in there to keep the 'wow' factor. If you've never heard Autechre before, I'd try some of their previous work first, those who think they know what to expect, get ready...

Are You Experienced
Are You Experienced
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Superb..., 7 Dec. 2004
This review is from: Are You Experienced (Audio CD)
"Are you Experienced" is arguably one of the finest albums ever made. The 'Jimi Hendrix Experience' were just a great band, talent oozing from all aspects of their work.
"Are you Experienced" kicks off with the emblamatic 'Foxy Lady' and a rhythm which expresses the theme superbly. 'Manic Depression' and 'Love and Confusion' set the trend for much of not only today's guitar based music, but also electronica (the progressive breakdown and build up in 'Love and Confusion' typical of the programming in a modern day trance track!)
Hendrix's talent is endless - not only as a guitar player but also as a songwriter. The experimental 'Third Rock from the sun' has a guitar riff which tears right through you. Homage must also be paid to Mitch Mitchell on drums and Noel Redding on bass, who both work beautifully alongside Hendrix's bountiful imagination.
If you like this and are impressed with the talent on offer -- check out Jimi Hendrix live on DVD to get the full picture of just how uniqely gifted this man was


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5.0 out of 5 stars Unparalleled - Devine lives upto his name..., 25 May 2004
This review is from: Asect:Dsect (Audio CD)
A prodigious talent, Richard Devine is a true jedi master of engineering sounds to create rhythms. Leaving his exceptional contemporaries in his wake (Aphex Twin, Autechre et al), Devine produces an album which has to be heard to be believed. Opening with the terrifying "Cprec", we embark on a diverse audio travelogue of machine music. "Floccus" is truly my favourite with it's funky electro breaks, "Isuko" progresses as manically as a bluebottle on speed. These are just the pick of 13 classic tracks. You can't dance to it mind, but then again, you'll never get bored of it...

Draft 7.30
Draft 7.30
Price: £9.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars If machines made music..., 12 April 2004
This review is from: Draft 7.30 (Audio CD)
Draft 7.30 is the soundtrack to the future. In a matrix style environment where the machines work in unison to generate sounds, borrowing subtle melodic hints from an inhabited human past, this is their time. It's a musical of how 1's zeros have come to dominate our lives, bringing order out of chaos.
A gem of an album, Autechre know the tools of the trade inside out. Some of their programming cannot be reproduced on even the most advanced (and far more costly) equipment. I recommend watching the animatrix with the sound off and Draft 7.30 on...

Northern Exposure: Mixed by Sasha and John Digweed (U.S 1-Disc Edition)
Northern Exposure: Mixed by Sasha and John Digweed (U.S 1-Disc Edition)

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Unique, 13 Aug. 2003
At a time when Mix CDs were flooding the market claiming to be "Digitally Mixed by...," Sasha and John Digweed come along, grab the industry by the scruff of the neck and say "Look people, if you want to use computers to mix music, well here is how you do it..."
Beautifully arranged, this album was made with the knowledge that it's listeners' wiil probably be sat at home or in the car rather than pretending to be in a club. With sublime mood swings throughout disc one and subtle progressive sound construction on disc two, this cd tells the greatest story ever told.
If you like to think about what you spend money to listen to, then try this If you like banging hard house anthems, educate yourself.

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