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Eddingtons Tiny Bottle Brush
Eddingtons Tiny Bottle Brush
Offered by AP Motor Store
Price: £6.65

1.0 out of 5 stars Flimsy, useless, 9 April 2014
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This review is from: Eddingtons Tiny Bottle Brush
The wire handle is so thin that it bends out of shape immediately, meaning you can't get the brush head where you need it to go. Very disappointing. Am returning for a refund.

Synology DS212 2 Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DS212 2 Bay NAS Enclosure

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1.0 out of 5 stars Gobsmacked it contained no hard drives, 18 Sep 2012
I've been buying NAS for a few years now, gradually increasing the spec as better models come on the market. So forking out £220 for a piece of plastic and a power lead sticks in the craw somewhat. It's going back to Amazon an hour after it arrived.
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Daylight Energy Saving Spiral Helix Light Bulb 30W ES Prolite 30 Watt
Daylight Energy Saving Spiral Helix Light Bulb 30W ES Prolite 30 Watt
Offered by My Green Lighting
Price: £6.60

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1.0 out of 5 stars Awful, they just burn out, 24 Jan 2012
Just had the second of two Prolite bulbs burn out on me in two weeks. Filthy smell, cracking and popping. Will definitely not be buying that brand again. Complete waste of money and dangerous to boot.

PURE Sensia, Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi and Colour Touchscreen - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
PURE Sensia, Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi and Colour Touchscreen - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Getting better - slowly, 18 Nov 2009
I had been on a waiting list for the black Pure Sensia for some time. Was thrilled when it arrived. Unfortunately Pure have clearly gone to market with this too soon. I use Twitter a lot, and since this radio is marketed as having an in-built Twitter app, that was a big selling point for me. But the app doesn't exist. It did at the launch. It doesn't now. Same goes for Facebook. And the weather app refuses to change from King Langley to anywhere else (Kings Langley is where Pure are based).
However, I've not given up on it, because I know Pure deliver eventually (our house is pretty much a Pure emporium) and I would urge anyone else to bear with it as well.
After all, have you ever seen a cuter looking radio, anywhere? The design alone is enough, the rest can come later.

**edited to add the following**

OK. Sound quality is better than any other DAB (Pure or otherwise) radio I have. It's clean as a whistle to my ears, although I'm not a professional audio person so that's just my view and techies will probably disagree. But they're the sort of people who talk about these things as if their life depended on it. Whereas I just want a radio with no burbles and crackles that delivers Classic FM and Planet Rock alike with aplomb. The Sensia does this.

Reception clearly has a part to play, and the Sensia has a heavier duty aerial compared to other Pure sets which is an important consideration if you live in a weak signal area as I do. It also means the aerial is less likely to break (I've broken a few).

I haven't found any lag in tuning using the touch screen. Yes, it takes a while to get used to the response time of the scrolling but since I use a favourites list, this isn't an issue.

I like the easy to set sleep alarm and wake up alarm - no irritating clicking of buttons. Just a couple of finger strokes and it's done. I've never used a touch screen before - maybe iPhone users would be better placed to comment.

I particularly like that you can set the screen to go completely black. I currently have the Sensia next to my bed and not to have a glaring, or even dim standby screen 6 inches from my nose is a great improvement.

The "Listen Again" feature is a real treat, as it means I don't have to faff around with recording stuff to an SD card or whatever, but I've yet to explore its internet radio features fully.

I'm not sure I've completely sussed how to switch the thing on an off, other than cupping the top with my hand, and the remote control is a pointless bit of kit, since I can't work out if you can switch stations on it. The user guide that comes with the Sensia is hopeless, as others have pointed out, and the nightmare navigation in the Pure website to find what turns out to be an incomplete manual is an insult.

Last night the thing announced it was updating itself. I haven't as yet found out what's changed, if anything. All I know is, still no apps.
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Shop Factory Professional
Shop Factory Professional

1.0 out of 5 stars Poor value, rubbish software, DO NOT BUY, 6 Sep 2008
This review is from: Shop Factory Professional (CD-ROM)
I used Shop Factory software for 6 years. As time has gone on, the product has got worse, despite my upgrading each time a "new" version is released.
The ability to run a successful online store is so limited with ShopFactory, that it's laughable. There is no automatic stock updating system, customer order emails are sent out BEFORE payment so you constantly have to cross-check with your payment provider, and customers constantly think they have paid when they have not.
ShopFactory's insistence on integrating with the useless GlobeCharge order system means you are at the mercy of GlobeCharge's pathetic uptime statistics. If GlobeCharge goes down, so does your shop.
Support is next to non-existent and you have to PAY to ask a support question! Also, "support" is in Australia, hopeless if you are in the northern hemisphere.
In February 2008 I finally gave up the struggle and switched to a rival software, which is British-based. It costs less, too.
So far all is plain sailing. Uptime is 99.99% (no GlobeCharge thank goodness) which is about as good as it gets in e-commerce. And my turnover has risen by 45% in 6 months.

Norton 360 (3 User Licence) (PC)
Norton 360 (3 User Licence) (PC)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Dreadful piece of software - do not buy, 15 July 2007
As others have reported, I too had the same messages "Norton 360 has encountered a problem and must be uninstalled". I did this so many times I lost count. I downloaded the removal tool, the LUClean software, cleaned the registry of Symantec files, everything. And still the errors kept coming. I think Norton should refund all users their purchase price as this surely has to be an open and shut case of selling something which is simply not fit for purpose. If I could give this zero stars I would. It does not rate even 1.

Be Careful What You Wish for
Be Careful What You Wish for
by Alexandra Potter
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sorry to rain on the praise parade ..., 12 Feb 2006
This was incredibly disappointing. I'd read the reviews and expected a rollicking good read. What I got instead was stuttering plot lines (if you can call them that - more like threads actually), characters so thin that if you held the book up to the light you could see straight through it, and so many editing and continuity errors that I wonder if this book ever saw an editor.
I fully expect to have completely forgotten what it is all about within hours. Here's hoping ...

Feast: Food that Celebrates Life
Feast: Food that Celebrates Life
by Nigella Lawson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another stunna from Nigella, 19 Oct 2004
Beautifully presented as ever, with a series of compelling menus from which to choose. A significant proportion of the recipes are rehashes or direct copies from older books by La Lawson. However, this doesn't detract from it at all - if anything it's good to see them reworked in new contexts.
The chapter introductions are delightfully written, in what more literary reviewers than I would probably describe as a fresh writing style. I have learnt more from NL about different faiths, countries and peoples than I ever did from a history book or encyclopaedia.
Anyway, back to the cooking: so far not a single recipe has failed. Dinner parties in my neck of the woods are definitely going to be more successful from now on.
I'm also delighted to discover that the cooking times for individual recipes concur exactly with what Nigella suggests, which means that either she has the same cooker has me (which I doubt) or that she and her team have paid particularly close attention to this key detail.
This book deserves to be in everyone's Christmas stocking this year, and no, I don't even mind if that makes its author even more fabulously rich than she already is.

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