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Skytronic Ground Loop Isolator
Skytronic Ground Loop Isolator
Offered by ExpressPro
Price: £4.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars No more buzzing..., 2 Jun 2011
My scenario: Connecting audio out phono sockets on my Sony Bravia TV to the Aux input on my amplifier produced a loud buzzing noise that was not related to the volume setting, i.e. it was there all the time. Tried this after speaking to a technician at a Sony service centre. Perfect - no more buzzing noise and decent quality TV sound through the Hi-Fi.

APC BE700G-UK 405 Watts /700 VA,Input 230V /Output 230V, Interface Port USB Power-Saving Back-UPS
APC BE700G-UK 405 Watts /700 VA,Input 230V /Output 230V, Interface Port USB Power-Saving Back-UPS
Offered by Gotechie Ltd
Price: £84.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 18 Mar 2010
Charged overnight, set up and running in well under half an hour. There is no application shut-down control in PowerChute Personal Edition, but for home / home office use I debate whether that's necessary. The software is simple to use and takes over battery control in Windows 7 without a hitch. So, some detail for those trying to make a decision:

My PC is (whilst sparing you the detail) a fairly top-end, AMD dual processor system with 2 Gb RAM, two optical drives, single hard drive, NVidia PCI Graphics and a number of USB devices connected. Display is a Sony 19" X-Black LCD and I also have an IcyBox NAS drive connected to the UPS. I plan to power the wireless router from it as well but haven't got round to that yet. So, currently it's the three 'essential' components of the system. Brief test this morning by turning off the power on the switched socket that the UPS is connected to showed an estimated battery time of 12 minutes. That may not seem long but it compares well to the Belkin UPS (similar spec) that I've replaced and is plenty of time to ensure that you finish what you're doing, close everything down nicely and power off to save battery life. That's all I want to do in the event of a power cut at home. Interestingly, having had this unit plugged in and running for an hour or so now, and running the test above, I'm at 89% charge with an estimated battery time of 15 minutes, so things look even better...

There is a review here somewhere, moaning about the need to connect the battery before using / charging the UPS. For the life of me I can't understand how it would take two people 20 minutes to do it! It took me less than 5 minutes, more like 2 or 3...but let me give you further instructions:

When you've opened the battery compartment cover and 'fiddled out' the loose battery wire (the one you have to connect), tip the unit up gently on it's end and lean it slightly so that the battery itself begins to slide out. You'll easily be able to grab it at that point, lower the unit down flat on the floor and lift the battery out far enough so that you can connect the battery cable. Lift the unit up on it's end again so that you slide the battery gently back into place without just dropping it in, replace the cover (two simple plastic clips) and that's it - job done. Plug in and charge for 16 hours.

Hope all this helps someone else make a decision.

No Title Available

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy it, 15 Mar 2010
Nice idea, but it has a problem that is known to PureNature(by their admission). Here's my experience:

We have had our Aquagrad kettle for just under 1 week now and
there seems to be a problem. Steps below:

1) I set the temperature at 95° and switch the 'Keep Warm' function on.
2) When the temperature drops, the Keep Warm function seems to work, but
this causes the red 'On/Off' light to flicker on and off and the kettle
makes a noise as if it is switching on and off rapidly. This can happen
just once or twice, or several times, before it stops.


1) I heat the kettle to 95° and make a drink.
2) I return the kettle to the base, press the temperature button to set
it to boiling to make a different drink, and press the On/Off button.
3) Very often the kettle will not switch on and I therefore cannot make
the water boil.

Remington PG410 Beard Trimmer Stubble Kit
Remington PG410 Beard Trimmer Stubble Kit

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best I've used for stubble..., 9 Dec 2009
One person here commented that this wasn't any better than anything else on the market, Well, sorry, but I disagree completely. I have been through 4 (yes, 4!) Babyliss iTrim Stubble shavers and they are awful. I have very closely shaved stubble, which is what this unit is best at I think - I use it on setting '1' which gets closer than the aforementioned competitive product and produces a much tidier 'cleaner' result. Take it round the ears to trim straggly hairs while you're at it.

Amazing battery life between charges (it just goes on and on, so you don't need the charger if you're away for 2 or 3 days), nice smooth powerful motor, and the slim design means it's easy to hold as you move around your face. Simple to clean, and you can rinse it under the tap!. This is also the only trimmer for stubble I've found with a carrying bag! (Simple thing, but convenient). I also very much disagree with the comment about cutting your face. I managed to do that several times with the iTrim but not once with the Remington.

If you're a short stubble man, buy this. If you want a shaver or a beard trimmer - in my opinion this is not for you. If you force me to find a negative then OK - it has no battery charge level indicator, but with the length of use between charges that it offers - who cares - it's not critical.

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