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Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse
Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse
Offered by Terminal 1
Price: 59.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars G5 to G500, 21 Jun 2010
The G500 replaced my trusty G5 (1st rev) after many years of happy gaming and general computing (the G5 is still working fine, the need for more buttons and better layout made me give in to the G500)

After considering the drawbacks and benefits of the new mouse, i decided to go for it and try it out.

The major complaint is the wheel, it is certainly not gaming grade as the steps are too soft when you turn it, and the middle mouse click rarely registers correctly.

I have alleviated this problem by using the extra button underneath the forward/back keys to act as the middle mouse button as well, which actually helped me a lot during gaming sessions as i never have to move my fingers off the two main buttons (left/right) during a heated session.

So in essence during gaming i have found the wheel to be almost useless, (using the mouse mainly for Bad Company 2 gaming atm with some light touches of Starcraft 2 Beta and Team Fortress 2) but during browsing and computing sessions it is lovely to have.

A point has to be made that the wheel on my G5 after years of use has become a bit wonky as others report too, which made the middle mouse click useless on it during gaming as well.

It is a balance between having the design on the mouse i loved for same years with a new wheel giving me more pleasure during browsing, and the extra buttons and functions (such as a profile able to be saved on the mouse).

Over the G5 i have lost nothing from the original features that I used but gained pleasure in many more areas.

The 1000hz mode is nice to have, but as a reminder if you move your mouse around between computers or laptops and save your own profile using that refresh rate, the extra cpu cycles it requires might be evident in lower spec machines.

Also, this wheel does not include the auto-switch from stepped to free mode for the wheel, it is a manual activation using the button below the wheel. (I like this feature due to the way I have been accustomed to using computers so for me it is not a negative, but others looking for the auto-switch between modes like the G9 had better look away)

Now coming down to the weight of the mouse, it seemed to me without looking at specs, that the stock mouse weight without using weights inside must be a bit heavier than my G5, it was more evident in long gaming sessions where my hand got tired quicker. I run my G5 with no weight since i got it. Further sessions though proved to be better as i got accustomed to the mouse, and was loving every moment of using it.

I do recommend this mouse but with caution, if the balance between the extra features and the few problems it brings with it suits your style, go for it.

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