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Playing Card Oracles Deck
Playing Card Oracles Deck
by Ana Cortz
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Picture Book of Ana Cortez is a stunning work of art and magic....., 9 Jan 2007
I got this deck (along with the large book) a short while ago, and I am completely in love!

Reading with playing cards can seem a daunting task, this deck and the authors guidance make it seem natural and yet magical. These cards and the illustrations are just resplendent and breathtaking. Very evocative and they convey the intuition, mood, feel and ambience of the card powerfully. The colours are done in stark red, black and white along with muted colours which is simple, yet gorgeously perfect.

I love the backs. A darker cream yellow with swirling symbols in black. Great for focus and concetration as you shuffle. The little white book that comes with it is very informative for being so small. It should get one started right off. But I do also HIGHLY reccommend the actual full size book which I reviewed as well on Amazon. The insights, teachings, essays and sheer joy of the book is beyond monetary value, as are the cards.

The cardstock is very good, with not too slick lamination. They are slightly bigger than normal playing cards, which IMO is much better, the images jump out at you and you can see the incrediable detail. They are the perfect size. They feel "at home" in my hands.

This deck will bring you stunning insight and tranformation, if you're at all interested in divination I cannot reccommend this highly enough.

Playing Card Oracles Book & Deck Set [With 2 Deck or Oracle Cards]
Playing Card Oracles Book & Deck Set [With 2 Deck or Oracle Cards]
by Ana Cortez
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars This set reveals and awakens the mystical magic within the cards....., 9 Jan 2007
I was introduced to this deck and book through an online popular divination forum just a short while ago, and after going to the artist's website I was instantly captivated. Some decks and ideas just jump out at you and demand you have them. This is one of them (rare for me!).

The place I work had gone suddenly out of business and money is/was tight. So I was sad I wouldn't be able to purchase it for quite some time. Lo and behold 2 days later for christmas I get a gift certificate for Amazon : ). So it seems I was very much meant to possess this oracle!

I recieved it very shortly after and was completely blown away. The artwork on the cards is stunning, just completely evocative and very powerful. The mix of muted colour with deep red and black is the best feature. Simple yet gorgeously perfect. I have tried other methods of playing card reading and nothing has clicked. Most seemed to complicated.

Which brings me to the book. I can't say enough for the ease of use and step by step study the author provides for you. All clearly explained. Her use of words and the emotions, ideas, intuitions and images she invokes are magical....otherworldy. Besides being a great teacher she is a wonderful writer. The cards are starting to come alive for me, something I thought was not going to happen with playing cards.

The book is just packed with information not available anywhere else. Info on the lunar calendar and how it's built right into the deck (and it's practical use, I've never seen that mentioned or explained before!), history of the cards, the hidden revelations of geomancy (which is simple!) along with the cards for deeper meaning and direction, many spreads....I could go on and on. This book is wonderfully researched from obvious years of actual experience and connection.

Each card (and suit and number) get it's own description, accompanied with an illustration of the card. And some of them have short stories to further evoke and connect you to them as very distinct personalities.

As far as book quality goes, it's top notch. I love the play of black and red ink, it's a striking combination for a text which I haven't seen before. The cards are high quality as well, very good cardstock. Not too large (these aren't the normal size playing cards, I love them bigger so I can see those beautiful images)and not too slickly laminated. These cards feel really good in your hands, at home. At least they do in mine!

If you are at all interested in divination with playing cards, than this book and cards will be invaluable. Ana Cortez and her father have created something very orignal and brimming with magic, wonder, joy.....profound transformation awaits you!

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