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Take To The Skies
Take To The Skies
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good/Bad, 4 April 2007
This review is from: Take To The Skies (Audio CD)
Last time I heard of such a split in opinion was with the arrival of Fightstar. Enter Shikari seems to be doing the same job.

This time last week, I knew nothing about Enter Shikari. Now I am an advocate. In a nut shell its hard rock with some "hands in the air" keyboards, all wrapped up in a emo ish presentation. Or, even simpler, guitars and keys with a melody. I really like it. The musicianship is not always spot on, but so what - are we asking people to write exams before we can enjoy the music.

Loads of influences in the music, which is fine by my. I like a kick drum onslaught and shout, as much as I do a harmony, and I really don't mind the trancey keyboards, which really seem to work in places - an of course give the grounds for debate. There also seems to be some debate, usually beginning "...same as other bands but XYZ do it better..." - this one I don't buy into. No-one as far as I know is doing this to anything near this level of proficiency. 65 days of static, quality wise are similarish in that they use samples etc., but not really the same as they don't have vocals, and express their anger through instruments other than voice.

The album has many "links"/interludes in it, so track listing is slightly missleading. However, having recently bought the most recent grandaddy album, which is ruined by padding out with crap songs, I think this album is probably how I would prefer it with only good, strong songs.

The songs do have some really nice vairety, with Johnny Sniper and Today wont go down in history, being a massive contrast to for example Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour, and Sorry your not a winner.

Do what I did. Buy it. Its fun, its rough in places, but most of all its fun, and thats probably the right reason to buy an album. Leave the genre/category debate to others and just get stuck in is my advice! (For extra conviction, I believe they are on their own label, which helped convince me to get involved).

Finally - does "labyrinth" remind anyone else of tv show Dragons Den theme?

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5.0 out of 5 stars YCNI:M - SUPERB, 24 May 2005
This review is from: Ignoto (Audio CD)
Without doubt the best album i have bought in some time. Before I go any further, I will outline that I have listened to this album about 30 times in the last week. Thats probably comparable with the life time of listenings to many of other cds I have bought in a while.
This is the sort of album whereby you listen to it, and one song pops out (Rapt. Dept), then you listen again and another one pops out (Schteeeve) and some more listens down the line a few more seem to have some great hooks and your not sure which one you cant get out of your head at any one time(Team Radar, Fivefour and Yesterday Head). And then, a week later, someone tells you that one of the other songs is the best song. And guess what (17) it probably is!
Maybe its this feeling of discovery that makes me buy albums...
Ignoto is a complex collusion of some seriously inventive musician ship. Think down the same lines as Oceansize and Vex Red for the sound, but perhaps Biffy Clyro for creativity. Only its different. There are so many hooks and catchy bits that you wont be able to resist fondling the rewind button just to experience it over again.
If you have bought any of the albums from the bands I list, or that Amazon recommends on this page, then you WILL love this album. If you like creative albums or 'growers' or just fancy something a bit dark and rocky without going to far in any direction, you will enjoy this. For some reason I find it emotional in parts, in the same way listening to Deftones or watching The Crow has done in the past, but then that might just be me.
Will this album go down in history? Maybe. Will this be a long-term favourite of mine, definately!

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5.0 out of 5 stars What happened!!!, 1 Jun 2004
As a fan of the first single, massive US and EU hit POPULAR, i bought hi/low and then the proximity effect and loved them both in their own unique way. They capture a kind of grunge rock rock that was happy and dramtic, whilst still rough and energetic. So what a suprise when I picked up Let Go.
Rarely does a band shift genre so effortlessly, I even had to check the sleave to make sure it was the same line up. The bands history of tough deals from record companies explains their absence, but not the change in direction. Let Go features the kind of heart led accoustic honesty that is normally left to the oldies and the modern ne'er do wells. The single The way your head is probably as exitable as the band get on this album. That however is not a bad thing.
The album opener, blizzard of 77, sets the theme for the album, which meanders beautifully from the calm of Happy Kid ("I'm just a happy kid"), to the almost sinister Killian's Red ("if i told you the truth, you wouldnt like what i said, i almost believed I was dead...there'll be no more crying tonight") , the lively Hi-Speed Soul and heavily influenced Blonde on Blonde.
If you like bands like Third Eye Blind, Semisonic, and tv shows like Dawsons Creek, My So Called Life and Party of five, then you are like me. This means you will like this album. Your life (well...) will not be complete until you have drifted off to the end of the album's ecstatically under played and hook laden Treading Water and dreamy Paper Boats ("sit on a train, reading a book, same damn planet every time I look").
The band will be known by some for their one hit, but forget about that. This album is a new begining and a new direction for a great band. This album sits compfortably in my top ten, superseeding hundreds (thousands?) of other albums I have, including their first two offerings.
I cannot recommend this more.

The Essential Simon & Garfunkel
The Essential Simon & Garfunkel
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent or rather Essential, 29 Nov 2003
This is an fantastic set of recordings. If you already have one of the severall compilations already, as I do, you may still find this a compelling purchase. Asside from the obvious large number of songs, there are live songs in at all the appropriate moments, and as a collection they are ordered well.
If you dont recognise some of the songs, then this is a definate must, even for the casual fan. I find the collection emotional and relaxing to listen to, with Paul Simon's vocals and the guitars of G having a casual (not overproduced) sound to them, which makes the album infinately more listenable to then the majority of other 'digitally remastered' best ofs that seem to be coming out. These are the best songs by a great band, in their origional form. This is an Essential purchase, even if you already have the Definative collection.

The Beautiful Letdown
The Beautiful Letdown
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5.0 out of 5 stars A different perspective, 25 Nov 2003
This review is from: The Beautiful Letdown (Audio CD)
So you have been recommended Switchfoot right? Or you already have an album, or a couple of songs. I like switchfoot because their songs are loud without being thrash, hard but not pain inducing, strong, meaningful, ambitious, inspiring. Most of all I like them cos they make me smile and make me want to do something. I often find I stand up and walk around at least five times per album. Maybe a psychologist could tell me why. I just love it.
This album is more than fine, more than just ok, as one of the lyrics echoes. I dare you to move has been reproduced in what I would call a studio version of the live version ie a bit more liberties with vocals and drums in places (and a bit more 'stadium rock')
The album contains the kind of soft warm songs that got the band onto Dawsons creek, whilst also powering through with honest anthems. There is enough musical intricacy, vocal harmony and clever/thoughtful lyrics to make sure it can last a few more listens than your average album.
I dare you to not be impressed!
The other reviews will tell you about the songs, I just want you to buy it and let it cheer up many of your days. After all, what else do we listen to music for!<

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