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Alienwork IK Automatic Watch Self-winding Skeleton Mechanical Multi-function Water Resistant 5ATM Stainless Steel white silver 98005-02-R1
Alienwork IK Automatic Watch Self-winding Skeleton Mechanical Multi-function Water Resistant 5ATM Stainless Steel white silver 98005-02-R1
Offered by  Turcoe GmbH
Price: £121.54

5.0 out of 5 stars Attractive design, excellent features and value. Good accuracy but sized to extra-large, 11 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The general impression of the face is predominantly that of silver with black features and markings although there is also an all-black version, although at a rather higher price. This has full calendar day and date functions albeit as dials within the overall face. It also has a secondary 24-hour dial. All the major hands are luminous, but not the sweep second hand.

A very welcome feature is the ability to stop the second hand by pulling out the crown. This allows a far more accurate time setting than with those where the option is unavailable and, incidentally, a better longer-term assessment of accuracy.

This is rated to 5ATM of waterproofing, or equivalent to 50 metres of water pressure which allows those activities the lower standard does not, plus swimming and involvement in moderate aquatic activities. Most Alienwork watches have far lower standards of waterproofing.

The case and bracelet are stainless steel, the bracelet in this instance being extra-large - too large in fact and it rotated freely through 270 degrees or more and became a constant annoyance as it was often being re-centred on the wrist. While many of Alienwork's watches are sized for a small wrist of about 19cm, this is closer to 24cm. Although purchased because it was thought to be a very attractive design, it was quickly realised that reading its hands was quite difficult other than in the brightest of illumination as the hands tended to be indescernible against its skeletal componenets. Reading the calendar dials was also more difficult than necessary although similar dials on other designs are easily read. A minor sizing adjustment equivalent to about a half-link is possible by moving the point at which the bracelet is joined to the clasp.

Accuracy initially was to about 2 seconds per hour but later both increased and decreased over different 12-hour cycles, but mostly stayed within about 30 seconds per day. Although sold from Germany, the seller's service is usually very fast and the watch arrived days earlier than expected.

Were the bracelet a little smaller, it may have been kept but other designs ordered by family members were more suitably sized and also far clearer to read and this was later returned.

Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution 4g
Lamisil Once 1% Cutaneous Solution 4g
Offered by Pharmacy Place
Price: £8.32

4.0 out of 5 stars Can work as claimed but possibly not for all, 10 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a long-term sufferer of Athlete's Foot, although infrequently, Lamisil is one of several brands known to have at least one remedy. It was not the brand last used but one that was suggested although then not selected. Being a fungal infection rather than bacterial, they are notoriously more difficult to treat and slower to react and improve. Often localised to a small area, usually between two or more toes, it can become extensive and affect the whole foot making treatment far more difficult. This is primarily intended for localised infections.

It should be borne in mind that, as with any medication, it may work better for some individuals than others or not at all in some situations. results are not going to occur overnight but you will need some patience.; it will probably need several days.

Lamisil Once is a variation on the more traditional treatments that need to be applied two or three times a day until 'cured' and then continued for perhaps another two weeks or more to prevent a recurrence; it is a one-time single treatment per episode. Apply it once and then allow time for it to work. It will still take some time, several days or longer, but you should see some improvement fairly quickly. Full and detailed instructions are included.

The tube dispenser contains rather little of the medication, just 4g, but is should be sufficient for several repeat applications if and when the infection reappears or if it shows in another location. Relative to its packaging, it is tiny and overwhelmed.

Philips S9041/12 9000 Series Wet and Dry Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer
Philips S9041/12 9000 Series Wet and Dry Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer
Offered by Discount-Select
Price: £239.00

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent shaver but some minor areas of oversight with protection and storage, 10 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Philips S9041/12 9000 Series Wet and Dry Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer is one of their top-of-range and also one of the most advanced currently available. As it does not include or necessarily need to use the Philips SmartClean base and cartridge system, the shaver is better suited to use while travelling, on holiday etc than would be those models that rely upon them. The base needs mains connection but should not be considerad transportable - the fluid contained within its cleaning cartridges is mostly alcohol and will probably be banned from flights and some other transport services.

Its major features include use of the SmartClick system which allows easy interchangeability between the various heads and attachments (some are optional and not included from the outset). Gently pull one off to remove it, align another and gently push home until it clicks. It is also wet/dry which means that, with use a suitable gel or foam, a superior shave is then possible - not that it is a poor shaver if used dry but demonstrates that Philips wet/dry models are universally capable of better when used wet. A one-hour full charge is standard and this delivers a longer than normal 50 minutes of use per charge or 16-17 days based upon Philips' standard time allowed per shave.

The triple-cutter shaver head with its advanced V-Track (twin track cutters with V-shaped blades beneath) design and what Philips term 8D Contour Detection technology which allows the cutters, their mounts and even the head itself to have completely independent movement within three planes to better match facial contouring and then to effectively lift and cut the hairs when it encounters them allow Philips to claim a 20% more efficient cut with far fewer blade strokes; this is essentially delivered as the shaver removed less than a day's growth far more effectively than was expected and after using another Philips shaver about 16 hours previously that also surpassed expectations on first use. This all adds up to a better shave supported by the more powerful battery and motor. The SmartClick Precision Trimmer attachment is now common to many of their more advanced models. The trimmer, even in its most basic form, is a dramatic improvement upon the push-up style previously included, is better and more naturally aligned for the task without having to conjour the shaver body into an uncomfortable angle or position in order for it to perform. Trimming of sideburns, moustache or beard is easier, more comfortable and potentially tidier results will be achieved.

A surprising omission is that of an item previously always included with every Philips model ever seen or owned and that is a protective cap for the shaver head. If the shaver is to be transported in anything other than its fitterd case, head or cutter damage may then be incurred. Another is the absence of a button to release the cutter section of the shaver head for rinsing; this would normally be a button at the front. Instead there are fingernail grips to completely detach that section from the remainder of the head. It is also curious that Philips mention in their promotional material a new and additional function whereby you can adjust the shaver for use on Sensitive skin, Normal or Fast without seriously affecting the quality of the shave but it does not apply to this model or any other from the 9000 series yet known or read about.

The shaver body includes an informative LED system with some associated bleeps to better indicate remaining charge level during use and when recharging. In the event that the battery runs down mid-shave, you have the option to fast-charge in three minutes which will provide sufficient power for a full shave. Use direct from the mains is not possible, but this is now expected from Philips. The system also indicates when the shaver heads are likely to need replacement, normally after 2 years' use and routine rinsing.

Cleaning the shaver could not be easier. It uses AquaTec sealing to provide complete waterproofing so, whether used wet or dry, a rinse under running water will clean the head very effectively. A cleaning brush is not needed. The power adapter is Philips' current smaller unit, suitable for connection to any shaver socket. A hard shelled, fitted travel case and a protective cover for the shaver head are also provided. A series of minor oversights on Philips' part is not to provide storage for the trimmer attachment, the power adapter or any additional attachments you may have bought. Should you be on holiday, even if the shaver was fully charged before departure, unplanned additional use may have been required and the battery could deplete sooner than expected; the charger adapter will then be required. Without somewhere to store it conveniently, it and any attachments may be left at home. That situation applies to many of Philips' models, even the relative few that include some form of storage.

The shaver body is of a shape and style favoured by Philips for its more advanced models and slightly modified for its lower ranges. It fits well into the hand and is extremely comfortable in use. The shape and finish also provide greatly improved grip and security in the hand.

The 9000 series is intended for the more mature beard. Compared to other models recently tried and reviewed this is the best to date, has the features and accessories most will appreciate and, if you need the optional accessories of a body grooming attachment or the facial cleansing brush, they are available separately. The facial brush has never been needed and comments cannot be made, but the other attachments all perform to or above expectation. Overall, this is the best performing of any Philips shaver yet used, recent or past. The attachments enable the shaver body to be converted into very functional devices in their own right, to a standard equal to a standalone equivalent but the lack of any storage provision for the power adapter and other accessories is a disappointment. As a two- or three-in-one solution, it is convenient, functional and likely to satisfy. It is relatively expensive but compares well with the opposition.

HP Premier 3 Backpack for 15.6 inch - Blue
HP Premier 3 Backpack for 15.6 inch - Blue
Price: £32.17

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent features and value, not an in-your-face design or colourway, 10 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The HP Backpack is ideal for almost any laptop with a 15.6-inch screen or smaller. It is obviously branded with the HP logo but that need not preclude its use with any other brand of machine. Apart from a laptop, it can also accommodate a smaller device, including a tablet such as Microsoft's Surface 3 with its keyboard or anything remotely similar. The dedicated storage compartment is very well padded and so able to protect its contents from moderate knocks and incidents.

Externally, the backpack features a seemingly endless number of zipped compartments, the largest and deepest at the back and getting progressively smaller towards the front. Consequently, there is space galore for school books, sports gear, work-related documentation and much more. Its smallest pockets could be used for a mobile phone, media player, wallet, travel documents etc.

Construction and materials are to a high standard, apparently ballistic nylon or similar. It appears to be reasonably watertight and weather-resistant although zips are always a potential point of water entry although it should not be excessive unless out in torrential rain. In addition to the expected shoulder straps, there is also a carry handle affixed to the top which is fairly standard. This appears to be well reinforced and therefore unlikely to tear away from the body. The back of the pack is also fitted with some additional, breathable material to provide ventilation to the area of the body that will be covered and thus reducing perspiration and resulting discomfort it may cause.

Described as 'blue', the colour is an almost black midnight blue and relates to a small proportion of highlighting, the remainder is black or a very dark grey and not as multi-toned as the illustration may suggest.

The bag is quite soft to the touch, without a single hard panel anywhere and lightweight when empty. The larger front pocket, not the one almost immediately above the HP logo, but the one just behind that, is an organiser with space for pens, a mobile phone or calculater and other items and will accept an A4 folder or binder. There is a facility for a bunch of keys. The three largest pockets all have 3/4 zips so that access is quite easy, but you may not need to open them quite so fully. The adjustable shoulder straps are pleasingly wide and better able to support the weight of its contents without too much strain to the shoulders and there is more than sufficient strapping to accommodate anyone.

As a multi-purpose carry-all, with protected storage for a laptop, tablet etc, it is fairly and competively priced. There is plentiful competition, especially at and around the £40 price point that are somewhat similar in style and nature, but this should deliver and well serve any purchaser although it does not have any especially outstanding or unique features. It appears to be likely to last for several seasons or years of use.

Igenix Bayonet Cap 25 W Round Lamp, Pack of 10, Opal White
Igenix Bayonet Cap 25 W Round Lamp, Pack of 10, Opal White
Price: £15.71

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3.0 out of 5 stars Limited functionality, not even with desk lamps if used singly, 10 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
There was no information available at the time of order to show which technology was used in these bulbs; they may have been traditional filaments bulbs, LED, halogen or something completely new and unknown. Amazon's product page gave no clue, Igenix' own web site was no help as lighting is not covered at all. The product line appears to be mostly new with no available information elsewhere even from other retailers of Igenix' other lighting products which are predominantly LED-based. The bulbs are essentially opaque, with little information to be gleaned prior to physical examination, especially of the packaging. However, most of their lighting range is LED.

Neither the outer carton or the individual packs have much information. In fact, they are both almost devoid of anything other than wattage and do not even mention voltage. They are packed as pairs of golfball-sized, standard bayonet cap (BC) lightbulbs and are incandescent filament in type. Although described by Igenix as suitable for reading lamps, most such lamps will either use a 40 or 60W filament bulb or possibly a pair of 25 or 40W for a more even light distribution or something brighter such as halogen or CFL tubes. Used alone, these are really too weak at 25W to be used for the stated purpose.

They may be used in multiples within a suspended downlighter, but anything fewer than six will probably be insufficient. They may then be used as alternatives to the 'candle' bulbs of the same fitting. Otherwise, they are of very restricted functionality.

Philips S738/17 Series 1000 Click and Style Shaver / Beard Trimmer / Body Groom
Philips S738/17 Series 1000 Click and Style Shaver / Beard Trimmer / Body Groom
Price: £75.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal for the younger shaver with full body grooming, too, 9 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Philips S738/17 Series 1000 Click and Style Shaver/Beard Trimmer/Body Groomer is part of the same series and shares two of its heads with the Philips S720/17 recently reviewed. Consequently, and to avoid excessive repetition, this review is limited to a general intro but with additions where required. The body groomer is not included with the S720/17; the remaining accessories are.

Based upon pricing alone, the 1000 series is towards the lower end of Philips' current ranges and is intended primarily for the 16-25 age group, otherwise first- or second-time shavers. The style of its shaver's cutter heads is better suited to this age group and not that of more mature users. This model includes three of the available four SmartClick attachments, the last being a facial cleansing brush but those included here are likely to be far more useful to its intended target group. Being personally too far beyond its intended age group, a younger family member was the guinea pig. As he had never previously used a rotary shaver, especially one that is wet/dry, he was pleasantly surprised with its results once shown an appropriate shaving technique. The trimmer and grooming attachments were also found easy to use with results to a high standard.

The trimmer is similar to that included with other models and especially to that personally used but is adjustable with five different stubble lenths on offer; just select with the red lever. The body groomer comprises a foil 'shaver' head sandwiched between twin trimmer blades similar to that of the beard trimmer. It is thus able to work in two directions, halving the number of strokes needed to complete the task. Three combs are included, for the body groomer only, each providing a different length of trim any one of which could be left in situ on the head to protect its relatively delicate foil. Results from the beard trimmer were very much to personal expectation, although a welcome surprise to the tester. The results from the grooming head were to a similar standard. The beard trimmer is about as effective as a separate, dedicated tool sometimes used (although a few extra settings are available) and it is therefore probable that the groomer head compares equally as well to Philips' dedicated groomer, although it has not been seen or previously used.

A major feature of this series is that the shavers are wet/dry; you can use them alone or with a suitable shaving cream or gel after which you can rinse them under running water to remove residues of foam and beard. Based on personal use of other Philips' wet/dry models, they tend to produce a closer shave when used wet than when dry provided that you do not over-use a foam or gel. A cleaning brush is no longer a regular inclusion and a storage or travel case is not routinely included although a soft case is included here, large enough to include all accessories. The charger adapter is of the two-pin variety compatible with most shaver sockets and adapters. An LED within the body illuminates when the charge is low, during recharge and differently when charging is complete.

With the SmartClick system which is used by many of Philips' other ranges in various forms, any head can be gently pulled away from the body and replaced with another; it takes a few moments. The beard trimmer used within the 1000 series is a development of an older design and now has five settings controlled by a short red lever, each set to a certain stubble length; the longer the indicator line, the longer the stubble and it should cover most users' likely needs. The trimmer is far more effective than the older push-up types, working extremely well and offers greater usability via the additional settings provided which were previously impossible other than with a dedicated beard trimmer. The grooming head is of an entirely different design, is smooth to the body and includes rounded combs and 'pearl' tips for greater comfort during use. Again, this is an effective implementation that delivers what is promised.

Although Philips have good reason to declare the 1000 series as dedicated to the younger user, that applies primarily to the shaver head and less to the remaining attachments which could easily be used by any age group with probable equal effectiveness. By the time that a user reaches an age beyond 25 and presumably when changes in the pattern of beard growth may then be evident, a higher range shaver may then be justified and necessary, retaining this for its beard trimming and body grooming functions.

The body is common to the series and allows 40 minutes of usage time per one-hour charge. They also allow a five-minute quick charge either to complete a shave that may have begun but not finished before the battery runs out or when you need to shave but do not have the time for a full charge. It may not quite cover a 14-day period on a single charge, but will be very close.

This is rather more than a shaver with attachments. They effectively turn it into the equivalents of standalone alternatives, each performing its unique function to a high standard. The individual tools would be collectively more expensive. Value, as supplied, is adequate if not actually outstanding and it is likely that most targeted users will be very satisfied with its across-the-board performance at all levels. Unless spending a great deal more, you probably will not see better results.

OPI Fungus Fix 30ml - fungal nail treatment - fungal nail - fungal nail cream - nail fungus - fungus - fungus killer - fungus fighter - fungus nail treatment - toenail fungus treatment - fungal infection - fungal infection treatment - similar product to: scholl fungal nail treatment
OPI Fungus Fix 30ml - fungal nail treatment - fungal nail - fungal nail cream - nail fungus - fungus - fungus killer - fungus fighter - fungus nail treatment - toenail fungus treatment - fungal infection - fungal infection treatment - similar product to: scholl fungal nail treatment
Offered by Ella Gray
Price: £15.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Currently more expectation and anticipation but hopefully results will follow, 8 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
OPI is a brand much associated with nail care. Their best-known products are nail varnishes and related finishes but the broader area of nail care is another that they cover although generally in a cosmetic sense.

This is primarily a medical rather than cosmetic treatment and intended to help resolve the fairly common problem of fungal nail infections which can be unsightly, cause some discomfort or distress if severe and also be notoriously difficult to treat; it may take many months or longer to achieve a full cure although improvements may be evident rather more quickly. The packaging suggests a larger bottle or quantity than is actually supplied, but 30ml when applied 1 or 2 drops at a time is likely to last for months.

It is a clear, colourless liquid, easy to apply, not as expensive (ml per £) as others some of which may contain various natural oils that may have reputed anti-bacterial (but not necessarily anti-fungal) capabilities, effectively condition or provide other claimed benefits. General consensus appears to indicate that they may sometimes work, although often not at all or with minimal long-term improvements. Most reviews for this product are positive, a reason leading to its choice.

It is unrealistic to claim improvements after a couple of applications, but it is a longer-term expectation. The problem is isolated to one toe but not previously treated or been a particular concern.

Offered by forestfox_trading
Price: £5.39

5.0 out of 5 stars Far better and stronger than expected, 8 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These are 60cm long (approx 2ft) and are supposedly split bamboo; they are actually whole, young shoots and quite circular. You will receive two packs, each of 20 pieces. They are long enough to support up to about 40-50cm of shoot or flower stem growth while being buried to a reasonable depth in a pot or the soil. Normally used to support plants, vegetables or flower stems until they are strong enough to support themselves.

Some flower heads may be too heavy to ever support themselves and that is a persistent problem with some, as is a young hydrangea that is being grown on. Although quite upright until a couple of days ago, high winds, heavy rain and perhaps some additional growth have seen the most flower heads dragging down to ground level and in dire need of support.

Sufficiently inexpensive to be used fairly freely, with wire or string ties to assist. They appear to be quite thick and sturdy and up to their task. Heavy rain or strong winds will better prove their worth than current, milder conditions. They are certainly stronger than a slightly shorter version purchased previously that frequently broke during use.

Popamazing Watch Box Large 6/10/12/20/24 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer (6 Slots)
Popamazing Watch Box Large 6/10/12/20/24 Mens Black Leather Display Glass Top Jewelry Case Organizer (6 Slots)
Offered by Popamazing
Price: £9.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Works well and reasonable value, 8 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you own more than one watch, knowing how to store them safely could be a proiblem. This is a potential solution.

There are watch storage cases that have see-through windows in their tops, some may have drawers (for very large numbers), but may will resemble this and use compartments with a pillow for each watch. Prices vary according to capacity and construction. The size of the bays should accommodate even the largest watch possible.

The Popamazing range comprises five models able to store 6, 10, 12, 20 or 24 watches respectively, all with a see-through top. All but the 20-capacity store their contents on a single level; the 20 watch model has two levels. External finish is standard with black faux leather and beige velveteen interior lining across the range. Value for money, especially for the smaller models, is good.

Having purchased the smallest, 6 watch model, it is surprisingly heavy and has a keyed lock rather than the more basic catch illustrated. It isn't a high quality lock and could probably be opened or forced quite easily but it will help retain the contents and protect them from accidental spillage. The pillows are of the same velveteen fabric wrapped around and glued to card end-pieces. With reasonable handling, they should serve long term.

In the short time since writing the original review, a couple of additional watches had been added to my collection meaning that the 6-bay box is now too small. It is to be given to another family member and has been replaced with the 10-bay version. Other than capacity, everyting is similar.

Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Sticks - Helps to Prevent Blockages Forming - 1 Year of Protection Per Packet
Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Sticks - Helps to Prevent Blockages Forming - 1 Year of Protection Per Packet
Offered by Lakkaur Store
Price: £6.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Useless; first stick dissolved within 12 hours, 6 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having recently experienced a partially blocked kitchen sink, it was suggested that a more eco-friendly solution might possibly resolve the issue. Ecozone Enzymatic Drain Unblocker was purchased and used. It may have loosened a portion of whatever was causing the blockage but did not completely remove it. More caustic solutions, and less eco-friendly ones, had later been used as they had in the past to good effect.

These sticks are not so much intended to unblock a sink but to help prevent it blocking up and to maintain a good flow. They are also claimed to deodorise, removing any nasty odours that may derive from any accumulations that may build up. The sticks are quite thin and they should be capable of being inserted into any sink. You use a stick each month and there are twelve in the pack, a year's worth or so they claim. The first stick had completely dissolved and disappeared within 12 hours and so appears unlikely to be able to deodorise for about a month yet alone maintain its other functions.

Based upon initial evidence, there is nothing to prove any of its claimed functions. There was nothing remaining or its fragrance detected the morning after first use. Its claims may be more wishful thinking than based upon fact. Don't waste your cash!

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