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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Offered by groove_temple
Price: 18.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars better than expected, 13 Dec 2012
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This review is from: Artificial Intelligence (Audio CD)
Was not expecting that much from mixed reviews but enjoyed the album more than expected.

While some of the music is dated with 80s synth sounds, the great thing is Cale as today was always interested in the latest technology and always gives a solid performance. See other reviews for individual highlights.

LAMF - Definitive Edition
LAMF - Definitive Edition
Price: 24.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars yes this is definitive, 13 Dec 2012
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For those fans who always wanted more of the alternate mixes this delivers as the last word on the subject, with some really different ones.

Also for the first time the balance of the Richard Hell era cassette recordings with Thunders / Lure on vocals which are previously unreleased, the other tracks with RH lead vocals being included on his own cd 'Time'.
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The Rolling Stones 1972
The Rolling Stones 1972
by Keith Richards
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 12.79

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4.0 out of 5 stars great photos, 13 Dec 2012
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An excellent value book. Only issue it could have been a larger format so star docked but I suppose reflects lower cost

No Title Available

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1.0 out of 5 stars All these reviews are for the wrong CD, 17 Nov 2011
These reviews are clearly for different cd compilations while this is purporting to be live in 79 from Australia with Gary Moore and is available on DVD. Clearly it has not even yet been released and Amazon need to sort this out and remove all reviews including this one!!

If it is ever released I hope it has better sound quality then the dire DVDs available from the same concert and hopefully a longer track listing unless they played a very,very short set???

I only gave it one star as it won't let me give it no stars.

Amazon sort yourselves out.
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Sadistic Summer: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 2011
Sadistic Summer: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 2011
Price: 19.04

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3.0 out of 5 stars Another good performance with moments of greatness., 13 Oct 2011
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The James Williamson version of the Stooges whips up a storm and there some great audience participation moments. It was also wonderful that they finally became friends again, but sad that it took Ron Ashton's death to unite them.

Two stars removed as I was at the Hammersmith Raw Power show and preferred that track listing as it had the full Raw Power album lots from Kill City and the great "I'm Sick of You". This seems a shorter set (festival set limitiations?) and sometimes Iggy's vocals sound a bit weak, but hey the man is getting on. Also I really wish Iggy would not swear so much (I have seen him 10 times since 1977 so its not that I'm a prude, but it does come over as crass and totally unnecessary and what may sound fine in the excitement of a live concert just sounds a bit embarrasing when listened back in the comfort of your home).

Lets hope there is a studio album from this line up with new songs plus some proper polished studio versions of songs that were destined to follow Raw Power Like "Open Up and Bleed" but never happened, as they spilt up. There are rumours that Iggy will be retiring from live concerts, if so, can we please have a CD release of the Hammermith or Paris shows as they really stormed, or better still a combination of several indoor shows with a longer track listing and a pick of the best performances. This should not be the final live statement.

Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks [DVD] [1972]
Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks [DVD] [1972]
Dvd ~ Jon Pertwee
Price: 6.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possible audio problems?, 28 Sep 2011
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No argument with all those that think it is a great release, especially the enhanced version with new effects and scenes which I agree is probably the best ever enhanced version DVD release and does a great deal to further improve what was always a great story, let down by budget constraints.

Question to fans who have bought it from Amazon, has anyone had problems of sound quality fluctuations in episode 1 of the special edition version (disc 2) especially the conversation between the Doctor and Jo in the scene where they see themselves from a different time stream?

Old School: 1964-1974
Old School: 1964-1974
Price: 224.65

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3.0 out of 5 stars For Die Hard Alice Cooper Group Fans, 6 July 2011
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This review is from: Old School: 1964-1974 (Audio CD)
The package looks great and there are some excellent parts to it and you can tell it's not just a cash-in for the groups rock and roll Hall of Fame induction as it is a real attempt to build on the visual quality of the original Alice Cooper group album designs and succeeds in that respect having been put together with a lot of love and respect for the original AC group and with their full co-operation. It is much more worthy of your money then say the Stones Exile on Main Street Box.

The glossy hardback book has lots of excellent rare photos and a good history of the band and lets face it where else will you get this, (not in WH Smiths!).

The art cards are very good.

The repro of the Killer 71 programme is excellent, as this Group did some of the best concert programmes, with lots of colour and black and white photos.

I personally could have done without the vinyl live 71 Killer album and early single, especially as the live album is also reproduced as a CD (also the vinyl single a side "Why don't you love me" should have made it onto CD disc 1 as that has yet to have an official digital release and you have to wonder when that will now ever happen)and these must have added a hefty amount to the final price. However the live CD and the DVD are the gems of the package. The Love it to Death and especially the Killer tours (represented here) along with the studio LPs are the pinnacle of lead guitarist Glen Buxton's contributions, because as die hard fans now know, he was already drifting by the time of the Schools Out LP sessions although he did come up with the classic riff and co-wrote the centre piece: Gutter Cat vs the Jets)and played very little on B$B and possibly nothing on Muscle of Love. Also by B$B Alice Cooper's voice live was often very rough due to the affects of drink.

The two rare CDs are for the real fans of the original group giving a very good sprinkling of demos / rarities not previously officially available (and there is certainly some that I, as an avid collector of Cooper group bootlegs, have never encountered before). Quality generally very good but two Muscle of Love pre-production demos are so dire they should never have been included even for so called "historic value". (e.g. "Call Me Evil" quality) There are however some good quality early run throughs from the "Schools Out" Album and alternate lyric versions of songs from Killer, Muscle of Love, some with very different guitar parts. More should have been used from the Killer and Love it to Death Demo sessions as they are generally better audio quality than the Muscle of Love demos, especially as they have missed including an excellent demo of "Is it my Body" with the "going to the graveyard" coda which was used on all subsequent live band versions and is at least 4 minutes longer than the familiar album version. (however there is a full version on the live CD/LP from the Killer tour)

The DVD has some great rare footage with at least five complete songs which is good as I hate all the rip off talking DVDs which only show brief extracts, although there are some of these on it as well. Rarities include colour TV appearance of two Pretties for You songs and a Love it to Death era live outdoor concert footage and an extended number of songs recorded in the studio around time of LITD (tubeway session). There are some excellent interviews both with Alice and the band together and separately. Which brings me onto the interview disc cd which is unfortunately a complete waste of time as most of it is culled from the DVD.

While I said the package looks great there is a significant design fault, as for some reason (authenticity?)the opening lid to the desk is wider than the bottom holding all the contents (which are cleverly stored in two levels with an inner draw that lifts out!) which means it is very easy to damage the lid sides if it gets knocked, even though it is quality thick cardboard. For the same reason you cannot store it sideways on a shelf like a normal box set or old style lp and so where to store it (as it is a very large,heavy lump) will be an issue for a lot of people.

I understand that licensing of clips costs a lot of money but I still think that costs could have been reduced especially as one Cd is totally superflous as indeed for some people is the Vinyl (a lot of re-release vinyl these days costs in the region of 25-35 and that being omitted could have trimmed the price)

To summarise, for the die hard original Alice Cooper group fans (they were our Beatles after all and we knew who all five were by name) it may be a luxuary but is still a must, being a limited edition of 3000 (mine was already up to 2975) you have to get it before it is too late, as this only comes out once in a lifetime. It could have been better but then obsessive fans always say that. At least we have it. Get it if you loved the original group and can afford it.

What we now need is a DVD of the full Don Kirshner 72 colour US TV broadcast (Schools Out is included from it on the DVD) and the full 71 live shows from USA and France 72 Canadian / French broadcast and also the never offically released Whistle test performance of "Is it my Body" from OGWT which is in the BBC archives with outtakes! Also what has happened to the full Hollywood Bowl Schools Out,Teenage Lament 74/Hello Hurray promos which are available in collecting circles as these shout out for an official release and any others AC mgt might have.

Gems still missing which I believe should have been included are the original B side of the Schools Out single an edited Gutter Cat, which sonically sounds radically different in places to the LP version and is now the only official release never to be included on CD. Sort this out someone, perhaps as part of a deluxe Schools Out reissue whch could have a full 72 concert as a bonus disc. Same goes for Killer and LITD and MOL the space on CDs means you could put demos as extras on original disc and have a second soundboard / radio broadcast or good audience live disc. (There is another great Killer show) Come on Alice's management please do it before it is too late and we all die.
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Flying Deuces [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Flying Deuces [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Stan Laurel

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flying deuces the version worth getting, 11 Sep 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having previously bought the Elstree Hill version of Flying Deuces which I agree with other reviews is dire picture quality I took a risk having read the review on the Kino version and can confirm that it is a universal all region DVD that can be played on region 2 players(which is the only player I have and if had been a region 1 disc it may as well have gone in the bin). I can also confirm the quality of the Kino picture is massively improved. Buy it you won't be sorry.

The Elstree Hill version will be going in the bin as it is so poor that I would not even give it away to anyone to suffer sitting through it. Th quality of the artwork for the Kino says it all in terms of every picture tells a story it's the only one with a good sleeve and the only one worth getting. The cheap alternatives are just poor and not worth bothering with. Pay more and get the real thing.

The 'original' Bad Co. Anthology
The 'original' Bad Co. Anthology
Offered by westworld-
Price: 24.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very Good collection, 5 Mar 2010
I can't disagree with those who think it is a very good anthology. Great for the rarities,the four new tracks and for 90% of what has been included. It also has a great, very plush booklet. However there are two glaring omissions which is why only four stars.

No "Live for the Music" from Running with the Pack" which is probabaly the best track on that album and managed to get on "10 from 6" the original vinyl compilation which had to cherry pick 10 best tracks from six albums due to the limitations of vinyl.

Also no "Electric Land" which I believe was also a single and is from the generally awful "Rough Diamonds" album and is in my opinion the only really outstanding track on that album. Oh yes and it was also included on "10 from 6" - so it beggars belief, that like the above track, it gets missed off a far more expansive double CD compilation!! Me thinks this was a compilation made by a committee of perhaps the four original Members, who probably agreed on 90% of the content (as they tend to pick themselves anyway. it's the other 10% that is alwaya a worry, as it probably comes down to how well an individual thought they played on a particular track or perhaps to ensure a song written by them is included and has little to do with objective quality or what would be a fan's choice(who usually know better anyway about what a bands' best stuff is, as the band are too close to it)and this is how what should have been two obvious inclusions got missed, or at least that is the theory that is mine.

Can't wait to see them at Wembly in April 2010. If its anything like the Mott reunion it will be great.

Live 1973 - 2007 (Audio CDs and NTSC format DVD)
Live 1973 - 2007 (Audio CDs and NTSC format DVD)
Offered by Music-Shop
Price: 79.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Classic Era live section butchered again, 18 Sep 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like some of the other reviewers who has bought all three previous box sets I was disgusted with the poor thought involved in this latest box. Let's be clear the Genesis Live 1973 set missed a great version of Suppers Ready and that is what should have gone on the re-release not five tracks we already have from a previous box set from a tour two years later. SR from this classic concert has never been released officially and having in my collection a bootleg version I can assure people that it is also not inferior to the Rainbow 73 and is another great version. Let people make their own minds up.

Also the Rainbow version needs to be the full concert in both formats not just on audio dvd and if a double cd is required, so be it. Believe it or not we don't mind two versions of Watcher of the Skies etc. I am sure there is other vintage live material that could be added to a double e.g. Montreal Radio broadcast 1974 or even better, some of the early BBC broadcasts. This was the last chance to get it right and it has been butchered. We know certain members in Genesis would rather ignore the earlier era but guess what, I bet the Gabriel years set outsold the other two put together as they are bought by the loyal fans, not those who picked up on the band in the late seventies and eighties and who are now long gone.

While we are at it lets finally release as a double CD the early BBC sessions in full - I will even give it a title " foxtrot crymes of trespass at the BBC".

Come on lets do it right through the release of individual CDs (double in some cases) in great quality. The real fans will buy them and deserve them.

This is the least the band can do to repay the loyalty of fans over many years who have paid out many times over andnow need the band to listen one more time. (The Gabriel era box set was great)

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