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House on Haunted Hill (Digitally remastered in colour) [DVD] [1959]
House on Haunted Hill (Digitally remastered in colour) [DVD] [1959]
Dvd ~ Vincent Price

5.0 out of 5 stars the colour version is best version to get -essential if you love this film, 5 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the Colourised version was as I am not a big fan of the process generally.

I watched it with friends who did not know the film well and they were fooled into believing it was filmed in colour and was just showing its age in terms of the quality of the colour, being a film from the 50s.

I agree with all reviews that say it is the best quality print and so if don't like the colour, do as one other reviewer has said, turn it off and you still have by far the best picture quality version.

Buy it if you love the film and only have a poor quality black and white fuzzy ersion as the price is starting to rise and it is still cheap. It really showcases Vincent Price at his very best .

Super Duper Alice Cooper - Deluxe Edition [2dvd+Br+Cd Set]
Super Duper Alice Cooper - Deluxe Edition [2dvd+Br+Cd Set]
Price: 30.31

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4.0 out of 5 stars For big fans of original Alice Cooper Group this is essential (the deluxe edition), 5 Jun 2014
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This is excellent value with a really good hardback A4 format book with some stunning photos, especially pre 71, quite a few of which are in colour and full page and many I have never seen.

for this is much better value than the very expensive original full size 'old school' box with arguably a better book to boot.

It includes the excellent documentary super duper in both dvd/ blue ray (which are exacly the same). The real bonus is the other DVD, which while only 35 minutes, is in full colour of clips from Montreal an early 1972 Killer concert. As it was made for a documentary it only has parts of some of the songs (only three are fully complete) as what we have here looks to have been spliced together from filming undertaken to be used for a Canadian documentary which I think was called rock-a-by. Some of the non concert footage from the original documentary was used in Super Duper, with more in the extras, talking about Alice nearly being kidnapped by gay activists. Some of the footage has been around for years in collector circles but never in this colour quality or in such a complete form. Be warned some of the audio has also been synched from other concert recordings, presumably as parts of the original recording is lost, so quality of sound is variable.

However it is the most complete colour footage we have of a Killer show shot with 2-3 cameras and highlights the innovative use of lighting the band were already using and will be the nearest many of us will now get to experiencing a Killer tour show as we were too young to go and see the Band at Wembly in 72. For big fans of the original band this is an absolute must have as the visual quality is excellent.

The main film includes mouth watering clips that appear to show the archives have a lot of the 72 Hollywood Bowl, Schools Out era concert in great quality and this with the Don Kirshner 72 US TV special would make a great super deluxe release with concert audio as a bonus cd.

Only down side is that as the 2 film DVDs, the extra live concert DVD and the book focusses mainly on the original band era why include the 2009 Montreaux audio Cd? While a great concert cd, it is totally pointless in terms of the context of this release which ends in 1986 and the main reason I have docked a star.

However, more like this please, as the contents are generally excellent for the big original Cooper Group Fan. I think the Cooper managment and their advisors are starting to listen to what the real fans want, especially as the Group era along with Nightmare represents the golden era with one or two other exceptions - Poison etc.

What we now need are individual Love it to Death, Killer, Schools out, Billion $ Babies , Muscle of Love superdeluxe boxes with additional correct year bonus dvds with full length concert and tv clips, video promos, audio live cds,(soundboard where possible) from the archives, as glimpsed in the documentary.

If a similar package at this sort of price can be maintained it will sell and shows how it should be done when compared to the forthcoming Pink Floyd 'Division Bell' rip off and the missed opportunity that has happened again with the Led Zeppelin deluxe box sets. The only comparable one is the Elton John 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Box', but even that was not full sized if you went for the CD option, so as I say, for value for money this is hard to beat.

Buy it, we want to keep encouraging them and this time for the quality of the product, it need not break the bank!
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Live 2013 (2cd + Dvd)
Live 2013 (2cd + Dvd)
Price: 15.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Essential purchase for Mott fans for DVD alone, 17 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Live 2013 (2cd + Dvd) (Audio CD)
Despite my extreme reservations on the long delay, (see my comments before release) I recommend that all Mott fans purchase this release, which represents very good value.

What we have here is a slightly mixed bag, but I recommend it for the DVD alone and fully endorse the comments made by others. It's a must have.

Parts of the audio are superb but it does need a few plays. The first time I played it was like when I saw them in 2009 and they started with 'Hymn for the Dudes' and Ian's voice was struggling and I was not sure I was going to enjoy it. There is no doubt that Ian's voice is not always strong enough, and he clearly struggles sometimes straining it to try to sing over the famous Mott barrage these days. But frankly, without wishing to be ageist, it is amazing that he is still doing it, when most people are long retired, or no longer around to rock the roll. His integrity and enthusiasm is never in doubt and the band instrumentally do manage to reproduce the power of the Group in their hey-day.

There are some excellent bits and the good, far outweigh the not so good. There is a brilliant 9 minute plus version of 'the Journey' which I would say is the centre piece of the concert, with an excellent arrangement being a medley incorporating 'When my minds gone' and 'No wheels to ride' and works just great. I also think they do an exceptional 'Ballad of Mott' and there is a touching 'Waterloo', surely one of Ian's best ballads.

Overand gets his day in the sun with an excellent ''Born late 58' and the real surprise is 'Soft Ground '(my least favourite track off the 'Dudes' album and yet it works really well live) which is much better than the original studio version. Verden Allen's vocal is excellent.

I believe there has been some overdubbing as 'Roll Away the Stone' has a complete vocal and Ian sounds in excellent voice on some tracks and yet appears to be struggling on others. Frankly I don't give a damn, as after all, the audio is for posterity and what sounds great when attending a concert, often doesn't sound so good at lower volume in the comfort of your sitting room. I would have been happy if even more had been touched up in the studio, but can see that there would then be criticism levelled for that. There are other surprises, but I don't want to spoil them all.

On one track Ian incorporates the Stones 'The Last Time' chorus slightly amending it to "this could be the very last time" saying this a number of times and you do think that live, it may well have been. In which case I think the momentum should
not be lost and they should go back into a studio to do some studio redos of some of the tracks from both the 2009 and 2013 concerts as well as others, which I have already suggested in my remarks rant. My wish list would include:

Sea Diver with Verden's organ and Mick Ralphs soaring guitar as done live on the 72 tour replacing the strings

Redo Sweet Angeline, as the studio version was not as good as it as it could have been on 'Brain Capers'

How about a long medley covering both Dylan's 'Like a Rolling Stone' (as we don't have a full studio version of the former, even though they recorded it for some BBC sessions, now sadly believed lost) and 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' which they did an excellent version of at the 2009 concert I saw.

I also still believe they could do a great version of the track they originally passed on back in 72 (according to Bowie, if not Hunter) as a single; namely the great and under-rated 'Drive in Saturday'. The descending chorus is just made for them to do a great version, especially now there is no pressure of being labelled Bowie's puppets, which would have been the case back in the day, if they had recorded it as the follow up to 'Dudes'. I think we need the great Stan Tippins on the case.

A final comment on the concert, I disagree with one of the other reviews, as I think there is enough track variation from the 2009 concerts to make it an essential purchase for Mott fans, while not being one you would hold up to try to sway the uninitiated. It just needs to be played LOUD to get the real Mott feel and then the really good far outweighs some of the weaker moments.

There is no doubt collectively they still pack a tremendous punch, with Mick Ralphs having some nice different lead guitar solos and its interesting to hear his take on the 'Hoople' material which could be developed further in a studio setting (as well as being kinder to Ian's voice as he would not strain to be heard over the music) and also with Martin Chambers being the great, consistent powerhouse he always is, subbing for the much missed Buffin.

I say buy it and play it loud, just in case it is the final chapter of this great band.

White Light / White Heat
White Light / White Heat
Price: 16.19

5.0 out of 5 stars The ultimate edition of this classic album, 12 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
At this price I would say from other comments that the two two cd deluxe package is the one to get. I have not gone for the bigger box version as the price is excessive for just a hard copy edition of the book and the mono version cd, which from what I understand, it is hard to hear any real difference with the stereo version. This classic needs the stereo separation for gems like 'The Gift' and 'Lady Godiva's operation'.

The paper booklet included is still very good. My only criticism is its so tightly packed I nearly ripped the inside sleeve trying to get it out of the middle panel. I hate this particular 'innovation' in packaging which is now often used where there are three cds/ DVD combinations. I will be getting a large format cd polythene cover to house the whole package within and will just place the booklet loose in the middle of the open up cd as I will not be trying to force it back into the cover.

The second live CD is also well worth the admission price as are the extras on the first Cd most of which have been available before, but not in this superior mixed format.

If already a fan you really need this version.

Live In Stockholm - March 10th 1975
Live In Stockholm - March 10th 1975
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 10.80

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great edition to the Cd collection if already a Greenslade fan, 12 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really enjoyed this. There is not too much duplication from the previous Live CD from the 73/74 tours and this one appears to be the whole set or thereabouts.The performances are excellent and it is great to finally hear a live version of 'Drum Folk'.

This gives a great representation of what it must have been like to have seen them in 1975 with an excellent recording from a radio broadcast. The recording is between the release of 'Spyglass Guest' and 'Time and Tide' which at the time of this concert had not yet been released, even though several songs are performed from it. 'Newsworth' from the latter is a bit disconcerting, as there are no back-up vocals singing the title against Lawson's voice, which for the first couple of times I heard it made me think a mic was not working, as they are missed, when you are used to the studio version. I now wonder if it had not yet been fullly developed at the time of this concert or the others in the band were too shy to sing back up vocals! Who knows. The packaging and paintings (some I am sure are by Arthur Rackham) are in keeping with the style of those 70's albums and there is also an excellent booklet, although at least one of the main photos of the band is with the earlier line up with Tony Reeves, who I believe had left by the time of this concert.

There are always issues for a wider audience with Dave Lawson's rather strangled vocals - which I agree with other reviewers of some of their other cds - are an acquired taste, but if you are already a fan of the original group, then this is a must have purchase.

Now if we can have this unexpected but very welcome release, what is holding up a cd release of 'Cactus Choir' the first album Dave Greenslade made after the band split. Come on Dave get someone to release it soon. Us fans have been waiting far too long.

From The Velvets To The Voidoids: US Punk Rock Roots 1970-1978
From The Velvets To The Voidoids: US Punk Rock Roots 1970-1978

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic compilation to compliment the Book of the same name of one of the classic music movements, 1 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great compilation of the most important New York Bands who created one of the important and influential music scenes of teh seventies. Highly recommended, also has some rarities like "Hey Joe" Patti Smith and Blondie's "X Offender" Private Stock single.

A soundtrack to the classic book of the same name. Both this cd and the book are essential if you want to know why the New York scene of the seventies was as important as the UK Punk scene of 76-78

Lipstick Powder & Paint! The New York Dolls Heard Them Here First
Lipstick Powder & Paint! The New York Dolls Heard Them Here First
Price: 13.23

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4.0 out of 5 stars ORIGINAL VERSIONS OF DOLLS COVERS, 30 Sep 2013
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Welcome to My Nightmare: The Alice Cooper Story
Welcome to My Nightmare: The Alice Cooper Story
by Dave Thompson
Edition: Paperback
Price: 11.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Definitive, 29 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a great fan of the original Alice Cooper Group I stil learnt a lot from this excellent book, especially about Alice's early family life which I found fascinating.

It does a great job of objectively charting the original group's rise and fall and is essential reading for any Alice fan, but particularly those that prefer the original group circa 68-74. Buy this and Alice's 'Golf Monster' autobiography.

Ready To Die
Ready To Die
Price: 10.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Welcome back James Williamson - but Iggy must try harder, 28 May 2013
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This review is from: Ready To Die (Audio CD)
My own view is that rather like 'the Weirdness' the last Stooges studio album, Iggy Pop has again not done justice to the Stooges legacy with the lyrics served up on most of the upbeat songs on the album, many of which are furnished by excellent riffs.

To me his lyrics are lazy and could have been on any of a number of his more recent sub standard solo albums. e.g. Beat em Up, Naughty Little Doggie etc The music served up by the band, welcoming back legendary guitarist James Williamson from the Raw Power days, deserves so much better. (The music is worth five stars and it is the lyrics which result in me very reluctantly docking two stars).

Iggy seems to have dashed off most of the lyrics which rarely speak with any intelligence,which we know that he has, as off stage he is well read, intelligent company. Instead he again follows on from his live image which has him pandering to the worst elements of the heavy metal festival crowd by acting as if he is still a brainless 20 something who feels he has to compete with younger bands who swear every second word when making their song introductions. He is still relying on shock value in adding unnecessary four letter profanities to a number of the high tempo songs on the new album which add nothing, but ensure that they will not get wider radio exposure which a lot of the music deserves. After all how much swearing is on Raw Power? By pandering to the lowest common denominator he falls far short of the lyrical excellence of songs from the Stooges hey day e.g. 1969, Dirt, Raw Power, Search and Destroy etc. In fact some of the best tracks on the new album are the slow ballards.

Its time to make a great, mature Stooges album thatwill stand the test of time and sadly this is not it. There will not be too many opportunities to make a further mark on musical history like the original 3 albums and especially Raw Power. Iggy must now stop pretending he is still 21, he needs to keep his shirt on and write considered, intelligent lyrics to match the maturity shown by his fellow musicians (James Williamson and Scott Ashton and Mike Watt) and finally come up with an elder stateman album that does justice to getting James Williamson out of retirement. (who must on first hearing the lyrics wondered why he bothered).

Its time to step up to the plate lyrically and write that final masterpiece that all Stooges fans have been waiting for all these years and to also treat us with the respect we deserve. Iggy needs to stop underestimating the intelligencee of his core audience and deliver or retire in disgrace. Currently its not so much growing old disgracefully as pathetically and I am speaking as a fan who has followed him for 40 years and seen him live countless times.
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Elysian Encounter
Elysian Encounter
Price: 11.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars overlooked classic from Seventies, 28 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Elysian Encounter (Audio CD)
Classic album, great performances and songs, Ginger Baker was never better and this album has the best songs from the Baker Gurvitz army. This is an underrated Prog rock classic with two excellent live tracks as bonuses.

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