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Car Auto Red 14 LED Third Stop Brake Warning Tail Light Lamp DC 12V
Car Auto Red 14 LED Third Stop Brake Warning Tail Light Lamp DC 12V
Offered by sourcingmap
Price: 5.46

4.0 out of 5 stars Decent light good value, 30 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This took a little longer to arrive but that was expected. Exactly the right size to fit into my motorcycle top box as an additional high level brake light. Decent quality and construction especially for the price. This is my 2nd one of these and I am sure the original was brighter but this is still acceptable and does the job fine.

Offered by Motorcycle Parts Direct
Price: 10.19

3.0 out of 5 stars Bulky but solid, 11 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have previously bought the cheaper Chinese 12v adapters for my bike, and wired them straight onto the battery. The cap fell off it and the quality wasn't great so when my new bike came with an optimate connector I bought one of these instead.

They are basically twice the price of cheaper ones but they are much better quality and feel like they will last longer. Only issue is the socket is slightly bulkier than the cheaper ones, but this is indicative of the build quality. I tuck mine under the seat and its great for occasional use.

Overall, it IS better than cheaper ones but not sure if its worth twice the price.

Prosafe CE Approved Protective Hip Armour (Pair) FREE P&P Offer
Prosafe CE Approved Protective Hip Armour (Pair) FREE P&P Offer
Offered by The Leatherbox
Price: 15.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Good value and comfortable, 10 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When I washed my Frank Thomas textile trousers I realised that I didn't have hip armour fitted.

I wanted something CE approved but not too pricey and to be fair there were only 3 or 4 on my hit list. I went for these as they seemed the best overall and they arrived pretty quickly.

I was a bit disappointed as they were only packed in an envelope with no other packaging. I assume this was because of the free postage deal to keep costs down.

In any case, they fit great in my trousers and are light weight and very comfortable, so much so, I forgot I had fitted them.

Definitely worth the 15 I paid to upgrade my kit.

TP-Link TL-PA211KIT AV200 Nano 200Mbps Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack
TP-Link TL-PA211KIT AV200 Nano 200Mbps Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack
Offered by E W Link Co Ltd.
Price: 19.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good value, small form factor adapters, 15 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I should say I've been using these for more than a year and mine look different to the ones pictured.

However, these were my first set of home plug adapters and I am pleased with them. No configuration, no fuss, just plug in and go. They come with a good diagnostic tool which scans and reports on all the powerline adapters on your network, regardless of brand. You can see the speeds and line quality and these get anything between 50-120Mb on our wiring. So on paper that looks like they would hardly beat wireless G but in practice they are about 3x quicker than transferring stuff over wireless between the same computers i.e. Home server to kids PC copying large file circa 2-3MB/s shown in Windows 7 dialog, 6-7MB/s with these adapters, even home server to PC directly on 100Mb LAN is only 10MB/s so its pretty respectable.

They are small enough to sit side by side with other plugs and adapters so you don't lose 2 plugs because they overlap or anything. They don't get that hot and up until this year were totally reliable. One of my pair just stopped working without warning or obvious cause. They have a THREE year warranty with TP-Link but being the good shopper I went back directly to my retailer (Amazon). I knew about 60 day returns policy before contacting but thought they might be able to assist and I mentioned my consumer rights in my email...Nah, please enjoy this automated email from India repeating the policy and telling me to go elsewhere...I filled in their call feedback form and complained...nothing.

I contacted TP-Link directly and actually ended up speaking to a nice chap in China who asked if I contacted "my retailer", I told him it was Amazon and I didn't need to say anymore. TP-Link sorted everything out and I had a brand new boxed replacement unit by courier, in 2 days of returning the old one, very professional. They say it's only when things go wrong you find out how good a company really is, so TP-Link pass the test with flying colours...Amazon, not so much this time, but hey, rules are rules.

Despite one defective unit I would definitely buy these again, they are great value and TP-Link's 3 year warranty is good.

D-LINK Powerline 500M AV Starter Kit
D-LINK Powerline 500M AV Starter Kit

3.0 out of 5 stars Work fine but not quite the speed boost I was hoping for, 15 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these on a Black Friday deal and I am pleased with what I got for the money. I should say these have been totally reliable in over a year and although slightly larger than my TP-Link home plugs they are well made and don't get especially hot.

I already had a pair of TP-LINK 200Mb AV plugs which I used to connect my router to a hub behind my TV where my Sky Box and Media centre live. They worked fine but I wanted to boost the speed a bit on this connection and then use the other plugs in the kids bedrooms where wifi coverage can be patchy.

After swapping them about in different locations basically they aren't really any quicker than the TP-Link 200Mb plugs and we all know they rarely reach advertised speeds but I guess I hoped for an extra 20Mb or something. Using the diagnostic tools from TP-Link and D-Link it shows I can achieve up to 120Mb between the 500Mb D-Link on my router and the 200Mb TP-Link in my furthest bedroom which is good. However, I used the other D-Link 500Mb on my poorest connection near the TV, but it still only gets about 50-70Mb, same as the TP-Link. After switching them about in different locations I realised it made little or no difference.

Its always going to come down to the wiring in your house, ours is 1970's so hardly modern but not ancient and listed or anything. I've since read a couple of reviews/articles that said the chipsets in most of these 500Mb AV plugs often don't achieve more than the 200Mb speeds so this is to be expected.

Overall, good units, a little bulky but so long as you're not expecting faster speeds you won't be disappointed.

TP-Link TD-8817 ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
TP-Link TD-8817 ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Modem Router for Phone Line Connections
Price: 13.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what I hoped for, 15 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you're looking at this thinking its a bit cheap, will it be reliable, will it drop the connection, will it have crappy firmware? So was I and I am glad to say in the last couple of months its been totally reliable, has a great responsive web UI and firmware and has given me the best rate on my line and a mile from my exchange. Its my 3rd piece of TP-Link kit and I am fairly impressed with them.

My 7 year old Belkin Mimo G router was totally reliable but I wanted an wireless N router. My ISP gave a low end N modem/router which had firmware issues and couldn't hold ADSL2+ reliably. That never got above 12MB and the Belkin achieved 13.7Mb, this TP-LINK achieved the full 16Mb I can expect on my line and I am about 1 mile from my exchange. Flicking through the menus, it is fully featured a modem/router, albeit with one port. I didn't try any of it as I put it straight into PPPOE mode and connected it to my separate ASUS RT-N66U.

I am a plug and play, never read the manual sort of person but this had some serious stickers all over it telling you to run the CD and follow the instructions, so I did and had no problems going through the wizard. I connected my PC to the LAN port, followed the wizard and got on the internet in 2 mins. Getting it to play with my wireless router required a bit more faff, I changed the IP address of the modem to and left my router on, then made sure DHCP was turned off on the modem and configured it to operate in as a PPPOE modem.

I ended up using the USB cable at one point and still use it now to check on the modem. You cannot access the web interface over the LAN once its configured for PPPOE the other side of your router. However, you CAN have it working as a modem on the LAN port and simultaneously and access the admin page from the USB cable connection. So no faffing with swapping cables if you need to configure it, both USB and LAN cables are in the box along with the mini-CD, manual and PSU. The PSU is typical of what you get these days with a separate plate to allow you slot in the UK 3 pin adapter. Make sure it clicks firmly into place, I found it a bit wobbly at first.

I chose a separate modem/router after reading reviews of combined ADSL/Modem Wireless N, Gigabit Ethernet routers are at the top end of home routers and tend to either have great features, but a poor modem, good modem, then firmware issues etc. Yes you need two plugs and two boxes but if that's not an issue it makes things more flexible and means I won't have to replace the WHOLE router when we get fibre.

In the meantime this is an excellent ADSL2+ modem and an ideal companion to a separate router.

Offered by K D Trading
Price: 12.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Good socks, partner happy., 17 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought these instead of the duvet socks I had previously got for my partner. She's happy with them and they are comparable in terms of warmth and quality to the other brands.

Only problem was I ordered the slipper socks and got normal socks but the seller was apologetic and helpful and dealt with me well.

Kelkay Snow Glider Sledge
Kelkay Snow Glider Sledge
Offered by Stewart and Gibson Ltd
Price: 14.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Good sledge, glides well, 17 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ordered this on Amazon when local shops were selling similar items for around 10'er but were out of stock. It seems a bit flimsy compared to our old sledge but in normal use holds up pretty well, and also makes it a lot lighter.

I took a bit longer than expected to be delivered but then the weather was very bad and that's understandable.

Its very light, easy to pull and glides across snow and slush very well. It holds two small children (6 and 4) or one adult, just! The only reason I dropped a star is because I hoped it would be a bit bigger and perhaps a bit sturdier.

However neither of those points stops its being a good and usable sledge.

ASRock Z77E-ITX Motherboard (Socket 1155, Intel Z77, DDR3, S-ATA 600, Wireless, Mini ITX, Instant Boot, AsRock XFast LAN and XFast USB, AsRock APP Charger)
ASRock Z77E-ITX Motherboard (Socket 1155, Intel Z77, DDR3, S-ATA 600, Wireless, Mini ITX, Instant Boot, AsRock XFast LAN and XFast USB, AsRock APP Charger)
Price: 82.42

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great spec Mini-itx beast, 22 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Been running this 24x7 for about 2 weeks in a Mini Windows Hyper-V server with a Core i5 3470S and 16GB Corsair Value ram, really pleased with it so far.

Love the UEFI/GUI style bios, and its pretty easy to find all the settings although I am not overclocking/tweaking. I did actually UNDER-clock this to save power and most timing/multiplier settings etc are there, it never gave any problems. Only oddity is that the BIOS screen would not show using the DVI to VGA adapter so I used the HDMI instead, so if you're hitting DEL furiously and its sitting there with blank screen, use the HDMI.

Physically a quality item which is well laid out and compares very favourably to the Intel D510MO it replaces. I nearly went with a Z77 based Intel MiniITX board but the Intel forums had quite a few negative commments from owners. I already had a ASRock 775 board so I knew it would be pretty good for the money and I wasn't disappointed with this.

Using all the SATA and RAM slots with no problems, the WIFI picked up my router without even plugging the aerial in on FULL strength (same room though :-)). Only minor disappointment was the aerial connectors came loose when I tried to attach the aerial but its pretty common with these type of connectors and not really an issue after a bit of fiddling.

On the software side, not as good, not had much success with the USB 3.0 under Server 2008R2 yet, the network and USB booster apps you get with it crashed at boot time and I had to reinstall! All the other drivers and utils have been fine though.

I can confirm that you wouldn't get jumbo sized cooler on it as mentioned previously, stock is fine, and I am using a AKASA low profile 1155/56 cooler for my MiniITX case without issue, but some heat-pipe beast is probably out as indicated in the previous review.

I boot off an SSD, with a 3TB Seagate 7200 HDD and 2TB (5900 Green) HDD, CPU at standard clock, 2 fans, and a USB Hub with camera, mouse/kb etc. It all runs fine off my 150W Chenbro case/PSU.

Overall pleased with it, and still the best buy for a Z77 based ITX board, beating the Intels at the moment. It works great in my server setup but would be even better in a mini media/gaming environment.

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