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Mystery Match
Mystery Match
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars a new twist to match 3, 13 April 2015
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This review is from: Mystery Match (App)
Great fun and really addictive. A bit of a new twist on match3 . The story is quite simple but takes you to different places and if you are new to this type of game there is adequate help.

Alan Titchmarsh Bypass Secateur
Alan Titchmarsh Bypass Secateur

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't expect spares or service, falls way short of the mark!, 13 Mar. 2015
Put simply these are bought in from china, & when the spring pops from daily use you are stuffed, I used to be a fan of Bulldog tools (good to support Uk companies right!) ?

The Titchmarsh range is discontinued, & has been replaced by rollins (Bulldog tools) non endorsed schmutter at around the same price.
However you will be required to lob them in the bin when they break, in the past mine have lasted as little as 2 days work.

My recommendation (bearing in mind how generic the cutting blade is in relation to other brands incorporating the ratchet system (which is admittedly good, ...till it breaks) is to not buy blindly based on smiley face titchmarsh but to check out the cost over a season (& hope you get it) ..but really therefore to ring up the parent company of any goods you buy & ensure they stock, sell, supply replacement parts.

Not good practise to support in terms of aftersales products you sell, any moron who tries to sell me a bulldog tool from here on will get it with both barrels.
You will be left high & dry having paid a premium price for a "one pop" set of tools based on my experience.

For want of a spring costing a few pence on this tool has me shaking my head at the level of competence, so much for the bulldog banner headline on their website stating "Quality British made tools since 1870" ...HA !

Ulti-Mitt® Oven/ BBQ Gloves
Ulti-Mitt® Oven/ BBQ Gloves
Offered by Mac's BBQ Ltd
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars They work so well ...(could've saved me a fortune in dropped pyrex), 2 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Ulti-Mitt® Oven/ BBQ Gloves
Had these since the summer & boy what a difference they make within a household (not just handy for out on the BBQ)
We cook fresh food for our dogs each day, which invariably uses up a lot of pyrex glass bowls, that I mean regularly dropping them due to heat coming through my poxy regular oven mitts (Life "before" Ulti-mitts).

Open my cupboard & count the dissproportionate quantity of lids vs glass bowls, cos juggling them past the dogs to their bowls whilst fooling ourselves that the bowl of meat in stock sn't really that hot, I can, I can I can, ..if only I could hold off the searing pain for a few seconds longer whilst I serve out the contents.

(you can see why there's more lids than bowls right)!?

Well we got a pair from Mac's BBQ, & since arrival they have had a permanent place in the kitchen, (my husband smokes food both hot & cold so these get used between the kitchen & the BBQ ALOT.

We tested them out by simply balancing a hot pyrex bowl full of cooked hearts & stock on one hand, & several minutes later still intact, no sweat, no blisters, the merest spot of warmth but nothing that would send us dashing around in a panic, as we did previously.

They are a one size fits all (man hands) ..with a snug accommodating fit, cotton lined, silicone type material grippy stuff, ..if you rewally want to get technical! ...long reach design so your arm is not burnt either (they pull up nicely, but do remove your watch if you need to pop these on & off with any frequency.

On the bbq they have been sublime ..which is exactly what they have been designed for!

Don't balk at the price these will be with you for the long haul, ..indispensable kit, not a salesman's "frippery extra" ...these have earnt a coveted place in our household.

ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator
ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator
Offered by Mac's BBQ Ltd
Price: £49.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars More addictive than cigarettes & certainly more satisfying., 30 Nov. 2014
This review is from: ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator
Well, she's arrived, & boy has someone been beefing this one up with a steroid filled brine injector or what!?

Whilst no-one who owns the regular Mac's csg would ever describe it as "average" first impressions of the Artisan is like putting your shoes by that of a pro league basketball giants & the incredulous look you give it ....and you thought you were a big boy eh!?

In case you are wondering, it runs to the same depth in terms of its framework (when filling) but the sheer size is like comparing a stream against a river in terms of capacity, the supplied weight of smoking dust amounting to +/- 298g bagged weight, (if I recall correctly the regular csg comes supplied with 98g).

channel width on reg csg 24.42 mm (according to my cheapo diy range micrometer)
channel width on artisan 48.18 mm

Depth on both remains the same, top to bottom around the 25.28mm mark.

Side by side the unit consists of the same gauge wire ,but beefier chrome frame crossbars (hey, the proven design formula works so well in such a simple form, why change now & add confusion) !?

Get ready to wear a track into your lawn "just checking it's still alight" ...this one is going to pull an all nighter, ..may as well install a remote I.P. camera & save yourself the bother getting dew on your feet, I have a feeling this is going to be both a capacious & kick-ass performer.

Welcome to Mac's smokehouse, wanna go LARGE!? ..course you do

Additional info: as we all know, microwaving the dust beforehand helps prevent any chance of "fizzle out" & ensures a good overnight burn (mostly) to achieve this you have to carefully pile a dinner plate till it resembles the potato mash mountain on close encounters, ..this also means you need a BIG old tray to sit the Artisan on ready for filling, & i'd recommend a bread knife or similar to spread the filling evenly, (it is capacious indeed).

Such was the qty of wood-dust I did 3 x 3.30 minute full power turns in the microwave, mixing & cooling in a couple of containers, subsequently the pottery plate was incredibly hot (thank goodness for the pro-q heat mitts, I needed em)...please note, I was using my own supply & mix of several wood-dust species, specifically chosen for their size & proven ability to smoulder properly, on this occasion I did not use my supply of macs own dust.

So far (& being an owner of both sizes of Mac'sBBQ cold smoke generators, the artisan wins hands down for me based on size for cleaning when giving it a scrub, the wide channels allow you to whiz round it, compared to the smaller unit, but in context this s designed for either a LARGE barrel smoker (of chemical drum proportions upward) ..a small "smokehouse-shed" or a large refrigerator sized smokehouse, ...& running these is WAY cheaper than buying all those bradley smoking bisquettes I promise you)!

You are not paying approaching £50 for a small wire mesh "thingy" are paying it to actually save you the far more costly price of a bradley (so many bradley users just use a mac's CSG nowadays, ..running costs are negligible, the results (after maturing) are phenomonal.
As a member of a certain "sausage making forum" I have pillaged my own review on the site for use here on Amazon (so have not ripped off others thoughts) ..,within the uk this design has broken new ground & pricepoint in terms of hobby smoking with the regular csg, the artisan takes it to the next level semi / commercial, I will continue to use both sizes of csg for different sized smoke housings & can heartily recommend both product & afterservice bought through Macs bbq (whether via amazon or mac's own website.

The only extra I would recommend purchasing is a "tefal cheese caveau" (the large one) for all that cheese you will inevitably cold smoke & put away to mature (soften & absorb the smoke flavour), which I have also reviewed elsewhere.

Additional. Having made my own cardboard box smoker (in the early days) I would suggest macs card smoker box isa great first step purchase, cardboard seeing as the csg is designed to smoulder with very little heat works incredibly well & prove durable in all but the "moist"-est of conditions, can use this in a standard weber type 47cm diameter grille, but the rule is smoke out as fast as it is created (avoids excessive acridity from the outset) first foray was indoors with a plastic tumble-drier vent through the window.

Lastly BUY lots of proper "food safe certified" wood dust as this is a very addictive & demanding(mainly from hungry family & friends) hobby.

Do try the smoked fish, & the homemade bacon, nuts, ...& Marmite!

Hydrosoft Salt Granules, 25 Kg
Hydrosoft Salt Granules, 25 Kg
Offered by The Water Softener Company
Price: £13.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Big Bag, Big Value., 30 Nov. 2014
As we run our dishwasher everyday & live in a hard water area this made sense, but we were caught in the loop of "just get a small bag from the supermarket"... (sound familiar)!?

Making a break from small 2kg sacks we simply bought this & weighed / measured (it pours very easily) into separate bags & containers to go in our storage room, (separate bags ensure it stays dry no matter what & no problem lugging the big sack around, all of which are stored in the heavy duty original bag) out very cheaply indeed.

The salt is food grade suitable, meaning it is passed for contact with cutlery etc which you will obviously be washing via your machine, so all is good, (there are multiple grades & purities of salt if you wish to get in depth), ..but needless to say this will more than suffice in your home kitchen dishwasher.

If you have the room, or enough folk around you to buy a singular bag & share it out (I was tempted to say "dish it out" ..but I won't ;) ..then save some cash & keep on saving, break out of the habit of overpriced supermarket offerings.

A regular clipseal / cliplok bag is typically strong enough to package into smaller bags by weight or volume, & will keep moisture out thereafter.

Flappy Wings (not Flappy Bird)
Flappy Wings (not Flappy Bird)
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars 're, 15 Nov. 2014
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Really good so fun and very affordable to buy it is repetitious however you want to be the one that is the best

The Marble Crusher
The Marble Crusher
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars More Marvellous Morpurgo., 26 Oct. 2014
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Yet another great book from Mr Morpurgo. He writes book's for children that entertainment and teach in a most pleasurable way.In a world of selfish and thoughtless acts these books teach without preaching.
My own daughter started reading his books at age 5 and five years later she still loves all of his books and is one of the most caring kids I know.
Any book / author who can achieve so much through the written word is a treasure to be kept and loved. I'm 49 and I still love reading all his books. These are for the younger reader 5-7yrs depending on ability but a good read for parents.
Introduce your child/ children to this author's stories and it's a precious gift they'll have for life.

PUMPKIN CARVING:Art Carving by Miranda Mac
PUMPKIN CARVING:Art Carving by Miranda Mac
Price: £2.20

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3.0 out of 5 stars I'm all cut up!, 23 Oct. 2014
This is one book that even I got through quickly, virtually no words. Lots of pictures which showed what you are meant to do. Probably a few words in a few places might have been better and information where you can buy a pumpkin carving tool would have been useful as most tools you find are either cheap and plastic or cost as fortune. Still she's a much better carved than I am, one day maybe!!

Maleficent Free Fall
Maleficent Free Fall
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Never too old for Disney, 15 Oct. 2014
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This review is from: Maleficent Free Fall (App)
I've seen the movie twice with my daughter and the game follows the movies storyline. I thought initially that it would be the usual sickly sweet Disney offering but was pleasantly surprised and this is what makes the game so good.
There are a lot of levels using all types of game play and believe me some of them are not easy. There is the usual match 3 but with added twists, soldiers,time limits, thorn plants to name a few. It doesn't sound much but some of these levels have had me stumped for maybe 20 -30 goes.
On the down side it has all the in app buying you expect these days but you don't
have to use them. Personally I don't and just use the game as it runs. Each new day there is a box of 9 squares where you get to pick a square. Each one holds a bonus either extra games or power-ups.
All in all an addictive game that has kept me occupied for quite some time and still is.
Back to the game now!!

American 550 Paracord 100ft Neon Yellow
American 550 Paracord 100ft Neon Yellow
Offered by Wild Elk
Price: £7.75

5.0 out of 5 stars Caution Happy wild elk ahead, 11 Aug. 2014
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All things bright & beautiful in paracord seems to have a wild elk on it. You pay for what you get

Great quality paracord.

(& at risk of repeating ourselves word for word, as this is on another wild elk paracord review by ourselves)

I could wax lyrical about this, But all you need to know is that it is made in the USA by military contractors who know their product should be a "lifesaver" if put to the test.

Needless to say, when looking over the multitude of sellers: if it looks like it is a chinese seller, or seems a bit "iffy" with regards to "style" then don't chance your money on it.

The real stuff is head & shoulders above the look-alikes sold here & on ebay in terms of outer sheath & inner core.

I'm happy to recommend "wild elk" products, they are solid paracord you can put to use (as intended) ..worth the extra cost outlay, we purchased some cheap stuff from elsewhere just to make a comparison, would not have asted a week on the wrist & fibres were pulling out from the word go!

Get it right first time round ...get "Wild Elk" (seller) paracord.

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