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The Talented Mr Ripley [DVD] [2000]
The Talented Mr Ripley [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Matt Damon
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5.0 out of 5 stars My favourite film ever!! *yay* Jack Davenport *hops madly*, 26 Sep 2003
When I was first told about this film I thought that it sounded boring, like any run of the mill thriller. However, a few weeks after I was given it I decided to watch it just so I could say I had seen it. I watched it, then watched it again, and again and again because I never got tired of it. It is a superb, finely-crafted psychological thriller, which keeps you riveted as to what Tom Ripley will do next, and also makes you think a lot about how far into madness he is sinking. Each of the characters is played brilliantly by their actors and actresses, with stunning performances from all, whether you hate the actual character or not. I hate Meredith (grr...) but she is played exceedingly well by Cate Blanchett.
The ending is amazing, and leaves you sitting there shaking the TV yelling "NO!!! That can't be the end dammit!! Keep playing keep playing!!" I won't give the ending away but... *sniff*
The DVD extras are good too, the interviews show that the actors understood their roles, but my only quibble is PETER. Why isn't he mentioned? He is in it about the same amount as Meredith is, but he isn't mentioned at all, which I think is a bit odd since he is a fairly important character. Maybe I only think this because I am a big fan of Tom Ripley and Peter Smith-Kingsley... and of Jack Davenport.
To conclude, this is a brilliant movie. Truly well-crafted. But I hasten to caution you - not everyone will like this - this is a movie for people who like detail in films and like following very subtle mood changes and how they progress towards full-out madness. Some people just won't "get" this film and therefore will find it boring. BUT out of the nine of my friends who I know have watched this so far, three are really obsessed (as I am), five of them really liked it (and three of those five bought it after seeing it at my house), and only one person didn't like it and she doesn't like any movies except Star Wars. So most people will like this film, and if you don't maybe you need to watch it again and pay more attention - the greatness lies in the detail.
My favourite film of all time!!

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