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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
by Eben Alexander III M. D.
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.79

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1.0 out of 5 stars Hes a 'man of science' you know, 11 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a complete skeptic of life after death, yet still willing to be convinced otherwise (after all - i dont really WANT to be right do i?) i was expecting something a bit different from this book seeing as this man is an alleged 'man of science' rather than a tree-hugging 'new-ager'

so what do we get? well......nothing much really. just memories of how he flies around through different 'realms' with his beautiful companion on 'the wings of a million butterflies' (yawn) etc etc, all the while imploring us to believe in him because, hes telling you, HE WAS THERE. It wasnt a dream oh no. It wasnt his brain playing tricks on him. It was a real experience and youd better believe him because you know, hes a man of science.

A book full of the usual poetic waffling about being surrounded by 'unconditional love' and how everything is so la-la-la lovely etc. As per usual, no evidence, nothing remotely like any kind of proof. Just all flowery metaphors and hippy-dippy poetry and how he was 'one with the universe' etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum - underpinned by the always evident 'you must believe me in all this cos im a man of science you know'

A complete joke. Dont buy into any of this drivel. Remember THESE facts:


All we,ve got is the here and now in our worthless, miserable little lives. Its hard to face isnt it? But there it is. My life, your life - none of it is of any meaning at all other than a biological existence until we're switched off at the source. Just like you switched that flys life off when you swatted it this morning. Those are the facts. And in all of the books ive ever read on the subject, nothing has ever come close to convincing me otherwise. This of course, all stems from mans abject terror of death, that he has to create all these wonderful scenarios that await him when he dies. The same scenarios that orthodox religions have kept people in chains with for thousands of years.

oh, and did i mention that the writer is a 'man of science'?


Price: £7.49

4.0 out of 5 stars go manny!, 9 May 2013
This review is from: Hellacious (MP3 Download)
As a long time nazareth fan, im really glad to see manny charlton back out there making a racket - and this is better than i could have expected. Manny for me always gave nazareth an edge theyve never really had without him and he has assembled a stellar band around him here - the singer reminds me very much of lee aaron, plenty of guts and power in her voice. Hadnt been aware of her before but shes a great find for sure. Add the great tim bogert to the equation and we've got something a bit special going on here

The mood is basically straight heavy rock but with dips here and there into rather more left-field territory, as in the very excellent 'family' - not really a bad number on here. A couple that may be kinda forgettable but as a debut album for this band this is pretty classy stuff. Highpoint of the album is a ferocious and heavy as hell version of nazareths 'changing times' - and mannys version here outclasses the original by some distance. How about that!

Unfortunately, with the industry being as bad as it is, this tasty little album will probably go un-noticed and all we'll likely see is a cursory mention in the jaded and apathetic rock press, if that. And thats a shame cos manny and his band are on fire here and this effort walks all over many of the much-lauded new bands around in the rock field. You see, for the likes of the kerraang kiddies, its just not done to admit that a 70+ year old guy can come out of semi-retirement and blow all their kiddie bands out of the water like this. Rock on manny - im proud of you man

Fist Of Fury [1993] [DVD]
Fist Of Fury [1993] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bruce Lee
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: £9.84

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2.0 out of 5 stars a bit of a joke really wasnt it?, 28 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Fist Of Fury [1993] [DVD] (DVD)
As a teenager in the early 70's i used to love kung fu flicks and every week i would bluff my way in to the cinema (they were 'x' films see) to see one. Bruce was the ultimate kung fu guy of course and i loved him, even started kung fu lessons myself to emulate him, etc etc

40 years on how do these movies stand up? i havent seen them since so when my fighting mad 7 year old son wanted some action flicks i bought this film and all bruces others. With much anticipation i sat down and watched them with him

well.....lets forget the acting and dialogue which was recognized as atrocioius by everyone even back then (enter the dragon excepted)- what about the fighting? another reviewer on here called the fight scenes 'realistic' - obviously this is a reviewer who has never had a fight in his life! in all honesty, i was squirming at the whole thing. And kids are obviously much more enlightened nowadays cos my 7 year old boy didnt bat an eyelid at these films. In fact he summed them all up with one very incisive comment....

'Its a bit like the power rangers'

People Hell & Angels
People Hell & Angels
Price: £24.32

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1.0 out of 5 stars A shocking p***take, 28 Mar 2013
This review is from: People Hell & Angels (Audio CD)
Somewhere out there there is a strange sound, Know what it is? - why, its the sound of Jimi Hendrix spinning in his grave thats what. As yet another shabby album of peiced-together inferior work hits the street, 43 years after the mans death the vultures still arent satisfied while theres still one scrap of meat left to scrape off of his musical bones

The only good thing you can say about this compilation is that it has modern day production values - apart from that - its just a mix of jams and out-takes that im sure jimi never intended to see the light of day, along with a few other bits and peices when he was just working as a session player for old soul artists.

Of the other songs, we have to endure totally inferior versions of great songs like 'izabella' and 'bleeding heart' (both of which can be found in penultimate format on the great 'war heroes' LP)plus version 675 of 'hear my train a comin' - superior versions of which you can find just about anywhere

i mean, whats the point? just to milk the cash-cow dry even further? Shame on eddie kramer and everyone else associated with this

The saddest part is, young newcomers to hendrix might hear this and wonder what all the fuss was about - to those of you who are new to hendrix and thinking about buying this to discover him - DONT!! seek out instead the albums released when he was alive, or the incredible 'war heroes' album. This album is another shoddy rip-off and does nothing but drag the legacy of this great man through the dirt. Why are they doing this? does no one care? what a world.
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Old Sock
Old Sock
Offered by Side Two
Price: £5.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars how the mighty have fallen, 27 Mar 2013
This review is from: Old Sock (Audio CD)
Sitting through this album was only slightly less mind-numbing than watching the paint dry on my living room wall. I did it anyway in the hope that there might be some life left in the bloated musical corpse that is eric clapton. Of course - there isnt. This is so middle of the road and comfortable it makes me wanna puke. Its hard to believe that this is the same towering musical giant who turned his guitar up to 11 and pretty much single handedley invented heavy rock with cream back in 1966. How strange that after that blitzkrieg musical tour de force between 66-69 eric settled into the bland and irrelevant persona he remains in to this day. You cant even blame it on age cos hes been like this basically since cream ended (a few tracks from the 'derek and the dominoes' project excepted)

I would give this album one star but he gets the extra one simply because of who he once was and the righteous respect he has for the cyclone that was cream. Its truly bizarre that eric himself cant see how everything he has recorded in the past 40 years pales into insignificance when compared to those glory days. Im glad hes still alive and still making music, but eric, havent you ever heard the phrase 'rage against the dying of the light'? how sad it is to see you going out so meekly and gutless with music as bland, empty and spineless as this. old sock? you aint kidding brother.

Are You Experienced?: The Inside Story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You Experienced?: The Inside Story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience
by NoŽl Redding
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.74

5.0 out of 5 stars painful but totally engrossing, 25 Mar 2013
This is a very, very interesting book indeed, Coming from the horses mouth the tales on offer here of touring with the experience are totally spellbinding and should be treasured by all rock afficiandos. Most of the stories noel tells are totally new to me and its all nothing less than fascinating

Its also a deeply depressing read at times. Noel comes across as an extremely embittered man at the colossal rip-offs he and jimi encountered along the way, and thereafter in the years following jimis death. Its hard not to sympathize with his bitterness as some of what has gone on really made my blood boil whilst reading and contemplating it. Its a really damning account of this rotten, parasitical industry. What hurts the most for me is the total lack of respect everybody involved seemed to have for the incredible music itself - the music that absolutely changed everything in those early days and was, along with cream, responsible for putting the 'heavy' into rock

Noels bitterness, however justified, dominates this book though - and in detriment to the music itself of which he hardly touches upon. I would have liked to have heard more about the recording of these historic musical moments, and his personal take on them as a musician. Some have lamented noels ability and called him 'lucky' - well - they say everything happens for a reason. Noel was there and he was the PERFECT man for the job. Not only did he look the part, but his solid bass playing was the perfect foil for jimi and the chemistry between him and mitchell cannot be under-estimated. His bass playing was extremely well-rooted and there are some wonderful little passages and flourishes in these great songs, stemming no doubt from noels frustrated guitarist aspirations. As a songwriter i personally dont rate him that highly and in all honesty, his contributions to hendrix's repetoire are well inferior to the great mans own compositions. Its unclear just how much input noel had in the actual creation of titanic moments like 'third stone from the sun' or 'manic depression' which is why i would have loved to hear more about it from him. But the business side of the whole scenario seems to totally obsess him throughout and its quite disappointing that he didnt focus more on the actual music itself while getting all this down

Ultimately its hard not to paint redding as a somewhat tragic figure, especially in the wake of his early death. However - this man was part of a legacy of life-changing music and for that alone he will never be forgotten. Respect

The Next Day
The Next Day
Price: £10.44

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2.0 out of 5 stars its 'put it in perspective' time, 12 Mar 2013
This review is from: The Next Day (Audio CD)
Oh dear this is a hard one to write. Why? well - i am a big bowie fan. its hard to be objective when that is the case because it means you must listen with ears open and not just say 'i love it!' just cos it happens to be bowie. So lets tell it like it is

over 10 years have gone since the last album. yet this one sounds like its from the same session to me. Both 'reality' and 'heathen' sounded very samey and 'the next day' falls right in alongside them. To call this a return to form and compare it to his best work from the 70's is pretty ludicrous. For me, bowie lost his true muse many years ago. There were a couple of great songs on 'hours' and 'earthling' and i thought 'i, outside' had some terrific moments, even if bowie was kinda following the prodigy style drum n bass vibe popular at the time. Apart from those isolated moments however, i dont think david has had anything profound or original to say since 'heroes' over 35 years ago.

The songs? well for a start, every song on here practically is in mid-tempo 4/4 style, which soon becomes very tiresome and one song just kinda melds into another. best tracks by far are the slower numbers 'heat' and 'where are we now' - the rest are very drum-dominated big-snare meanderings. some clever lyrics of course (its bowie) but nothing to really transfix you or make you sit up and go 'wow'

And 'wow' lets face it, is what we expect from this great man. the album doesnt sound old or tired it just sounds....well....ordinary. just like its pre-decessors. it offers no surprises and no revelations

I remember first hearing the 'the man who sold the world' album and being blown away by its dexterity, power and sheer genius. likewise ziggy and the instrumental parts of 'low' and 'heroes'. Bowie throughout the 70's pushed the boat out probably further than anyone. There WERE some low points, but the man was on fire with creativity throughout that decade. Those days however are long gone. Im glad to see him back and long may he record music and live. but this is just not that good. Im truly sorry to say that but its the damn truth
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Every Kingdom
Every Kingdom
Price: £7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars A slight step up from ed sheeran but........., 24 Feb 2013
This review is from: Every Kingdom (Audio CD)
Quote from ben howards biography;

'Ben Howard is a young acoustic troubadour who will make you feel as though he is the first young acoustic troubadour you have ever heard. He brings freshness to the form, gives it lustre, making it all seem brand new even as his songs have about them a quality of wisdom and a rootsy authenticity as old as the hills'

Did you write that ben? surely you had your tongue firmly in your cheek when doing so? something new and fresh? well - maybe for somebody totally without any musical culture (come to think of it, thats probably 70% of the population of the UK) that may well be. But for somebody like me, brought up on a rich and varied diet of folk and acoustic music - well, that blurb is a bit of an insult mate.

Ok - id much rather people like yourself recording music like this than go down the olly murs-tiny tempah route which most young and brainless kids tend to go for these days. so hats off to you for that - but please, dont make this out to be anything more than what it is - I;E - a totally derivative mishmash of various acoustic artists going back over 50 years

The songs? theyre alright i suppose. nice playing and nice sound from the guitar. Lyrics are rather vacuuos however, not saying much at all. No depth, no soul, no passion. Nothing to make you sit up and go 'wow' or root you to your seat like the giants of acoustic music do. The voice is that same affected, wispy, trembling, artsy thing that everybody from ed sheeran to coldplay uses. Its all a bit meek and harmless really, perfect for this middle of the road generation. it just sounds so......young, y'know? folk music for kiddies. oh dear. Good luck to you though ben
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Price: £4.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars we're definately living in the end-times, 20 Feb 2013
This review is from: + (Audio CD)
As someone who grew up listening to all the GREAT singer-songwriters such as, are you ready?
bob dylan
leonard cohen
james taylor
neil young
cat stevens
townes van zandt
nick drake
gordon lightfoot
don mclean
tom rush
jim croce


....i am always keen to hear what passes these days for acoustic based singer-songwriters, especially those who have won multiple awards and are signed to major labels like this guy. And so......i listened. Hard. Oh, how i listened. And what did i hear? well, just what i expected to hear really. Ultra ultra ultra lightweight material sung in the same wispy, soul-less manner that every other young singer seems to use, from coldplay to james morrison to green day. You know what i mean dont you? sure you do. And the songs - well, kitchen sink dramas mostly but at least 4 divisions below what acts like squeeze and the kinks used to do many, many years ago. muzak for elevators totally devoid of emotion and drama, just wispy, twee melodies perfectly created for an entire generation of people who are happy aiming their creativity levels at the middle of the road

Im sure young ed is a nice chap and i admire how he got where he got but really, this is insipid stuff. It gets worse when he attempts a hip hop style, god help us all. Its a sad sad state of affairs when material like this gets lauded so high but thats where we are today. we have generations of people aged 10-40 who have lived and are living through the worst possible eras of music and are so desperate to have their own heroes they will hang on to anything and say 'this is great' when its not at all really. They know that the great days of music are over and they must be very bitter about it all.

This is twee twee tweeeeeeeeee stuff! just perfect for 2013 and the years coming up which are only gonna get worse. Its all over boys and girls.

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous
Afterlives of the Rich and Famous
by Sylvia Browne
Edition: Hardcover

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1.0 out of 5 stars A disgrace beyond words, 29 Dec 2012
This is, without doubt, the most shocking and disgusting book i have ever read. Shocking and disgusting in its lies and deceit wrapped up as truth and sincerity. Shocking and disgusting that all of the people associated with it, from the publishers to the associates of the author, can actually look themselves in the mirror and then go to sleep at night. Shocking and disgusting that those same publishers have taken to classify this as 'non-fiction'

If i were the relatives of any of the celebrities featured herein i would be sueing this disgusting and depraved woman for all i was worth. This book is truly sickening beyond belief and if anyone deserved burning at the stake it is most definately this woman sylvia browne, who, on this evidence - is truly evil beyond words.

If there is a heaven (which there ISNT by the way, nor a hell - Grow up now) then i hope she is relegated to the most deepest, darkest bottomless pit available where she suffers in endless torment for all eternity for printing these outrageous works of fiction whilst wearing that oh-so benevolant smile. Ive never read a book that made me want to go grab a machine gun quite as much

Oh - and for those reviewers on here who have actually bought into this bile - i truly feel sorry for you

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