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Taste Stratogy - The Very Best of Taste (Includes Previously Unreleased Material)
Taste Stratogy - The Very Best of Taste (Includes Previously Unreleased Material)
Price: 6.49

1.0 out of 5 stars is this a joke?, 12 Sep 2013
Ok - first off - this is NOT taste - rory gallagher is NOT on this album. These tracks, covers of the taste material, sound like they were recorded very recently. Is this a tribute band? or surviving members re-hashing the songs? i dont know. All i do know is that the 'best of taste' blurb with the 'previously unreleased material' tag is a blatant LIE.

Whats going on here? another record company scam trying to milk the rory gallagher cash cow? what an insult to the mans memory. DONT BUY THIS ALBUM

The Circle & The Blue Door
The Circle & The Blue Door
Price: 12.51

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3.0 out of 5 stars its.....its.......curved air!, 15 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Purson (a well ropey band-name by the way guys. How many times have you had to explain how its spelt so that its not 'person' - just saying!) have been compared to many bands by people reviewing them here and elsewhere. Whether its lack of culture/musical knowledge i dont know, but no one has mentioned the number one act that this band sound like - and thats 'sound like' with a capital S

CURVED AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes folks - this is curved air. So curved air that in fact it could be a new curved air album. Its unbelivable!! to compound matters further, Ive read interviews with the singer rosalie cunningham where she talks influences and she never even mentions them! Perhaps shes never even heard of them? if not, then i find that pretty INCREDIBLE as everything about her voice, from sound, tone, melody, structure - the whole gamut - is a total,absolute 100% CLONE of sonja kristina, to the extent where you simply cannot tell the difference! Musically speaking they sound remarkably very much like curved air too - perhaps they are slightly heavier in places but the overall feel of the material is very, very curved air circa 1972 with modern production. If you doubt me, go onto spotify right now and check out curved air songs such as 'easy' and 'purple speed queen' then tell me that im wrong.

This being the case, it becomes very hard at times to listen to this album objectionally - which is a shame because its actually pretty good. Two standout tracks are 'spiderwood farm' and 'leaning on a bear' - the rest vary from good to just ok - just like a curved air album in fact!

Sonja kristina have you heard this band????????? get your lawyers ready!
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Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Expanded Edition)
Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Expanded Edition)
Price: 16.19

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3.0 out of 5 stars perspective, perspective!, 14 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I LOVE hawkwind but over the years theyve been both consistently great and patchy. This remaster has been a long time coming and the reverance being shown its arrival is slightly over the top i think, because i have to disagree with the hype and with all the other people on here reviewing this album - it is NOT their finest album, not by a long shot. That honour for me belongs to 'hall of the mountain grill' which is heavier and has more consistently good songs.

This has one very good song - 'magnu' - and one all-time CLASSIC song 'assault and battery/golden void' - in fact this song for me is hawkwinds greatest moment and is worth the price of admission alone. Absolutely mind-blowing work

Unfortunately the rest of the tracks are a bit of a mishmash really. i thought that in 1975 and the passing of time hasnt changed my opinion. With pointless instrumentals, spoken word things and vocal tracks like 'kings of speed' which coulda been really good but sound a bit weedy and tinny to me, the album never really soars ('assault' excepting of course) - 'demented man' is a quite nice acoustic thing but really not that special, and miles below 'the watcher' from the doremi album. The extra live stuff from weatherfield, whilst being an interesting time-tunnel experience, is so rough in quality that its practically unlistenable

As for steven wilsons remixes - i dont really hear him bringing anything different to the table and i in fact prefer the regular remastered version here where the drums have much more punch.

You HAVE to get this album though simply cos it has the remastered version of 'assault' which remains a masterpeice and the pinnacle of everything this band recorded
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Bula Quo!
Bula Quo!
Price: 5.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars oh dear, 13 Jun 2013
This review is from: Bula Quo! (Audio CD)
A lame effort from this once great band im afraid. It would be a total disaster except for one track - a fabulous number called 'run and hide' which harks back to better days. its a bit of a mystery why the band cant lock into this sort of feel throughout the entirety of an album these days cos the rest of it is oh-so-poppy - embarrasing even in parts. Theyve obviously still got it in them but it seems like theyre just happy to poodle on releasing album after album of lightweight pap safe in the knowledge that their ever loyal (and totally blinkered) fan-base will always be there

For a band capable of so much more this is a real downer - saved only by the aforementioned 'run and hide' - its this sort of stuff that prompted the departure of lancaster in the first place. Why cant parfitt and rossi see it? I for one wish they would cos i would love to see them come out and do a black sabbath, releasing a monster of an album to shut everyone up - LEGACY. A very important word that these guys seem to keep disregarding by releasing below-par material like this

Offered by Side Two
Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is how its done kids!, 11 Jun 2013
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This review is from: 13 (Audio CD)
Lets get one thing straight first - all fans of this band should be on their knees in grateful praise that this album even exists in the first place. 43 long years have come and gone since that first epic album. 43 YEARS! thats longer than most of the 'reviewers' on here have even been alive id wager. That they have come back and released an album of such quality is pretty amazing, especially when you consider that most of the bands from their generation have become wispy shadows of the forces they used to be, and theyve managed to walk over all over the 'metal' opposition around today with consumate ease

Production-wise this album sounds FANTASTIC and there is incredible clarity between the instruments. And its as HEAVY as an elephant in concrete boots! Song-wise theres some truly GREAT stuff here - 'god is dead' 'age of reason' 'live forever' and 'dear father' are my favourites (at the moment!) but the rest are not far behind. The only fault i can find is that some of the songs could maybe have done with some editing - rubin as producer must take the blame for this. Its not that much of an issue but now and again i felt it, especially in 'damaged soul' and 'end of the beginning' - but overall, I LOVE this album. It sounds fantastic and gets better each time you listen to it - people are saying that its retro-sounding but i disagree - this sounds NOTHING like their original albums. Each sabbath album had its own identity and this is no different. Couple that with the quite stunning production and youve got an album that stands alone and proud amongst the bands output - and is on par quality wise with all of them. Im so happy that this most legendary of bands have come back in such STYLE. If this is their swansong, then its an awesome way way to wrap up such a golden legacy. I for one am very grateful to have been alive through it all.

Zoey 101: Season 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Zoey 101: Season 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Jamie Lynn Spears
Price: 5.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars its drippin!, 8 Jun 2013
I love comedy shows and the great ones are far and few between these days - zoey 101 is billed as a kids programme - which i guess is the target audience its aimed it - but its also a very strong show in its own right, very under-valued, and wasted on being thought of merely as a 'kids' programme

started watching this highly under-rated series by accident with my own kids and just couldnt believe how great this little show was as it unfolded with each episode. its very funny, extremely well written and well acted. All of the characters are perfect and the cast of goofy supporting actors who crop up in various episodes give it a great sense of realism and continuity

season 1, as with all comedy series, takes a few episodes to get going and settle into its characters but some really great little episodes start showing up pretty quickly. The ultimate series is season 3 though, where the characters have got a little bit older and every show (with the exception of the 'ghost' episode) is a little mini-classic. One episode in particular, where coco has a date with the new dean, is so perfectly written and laugh-out-loud funny in parts that it really should have won some kind of comedy award.

The show kinda reminds me of 'please sir' in parts, with the way it handles the relationship between the characters - and the fact that all of the teachers seem to be very comically dysfunctional in some way. Jamie lynn spears took some flak from critics (what do they know anyway?) but i think her performances are spot on and shes a great little actress - in fact all of the characters acting is very, very strong indeed throughout. Critics also lambasted the show because the girls appear in full make up. Well yes they do - and practically all the young girls at this school are drop-dead gorgeous - but there is no underlying sense of sexuality in this show (not even for normally lecherous old perverts like me)- instead it manages to retain an innocence and sense of nostalgia that is really very endearing.

However, for a 'kids' programme it occasionaly gets a bit risque. But the show is so brilliantly written that such moments come and go almost incognito - and they are intertwined into the episodes so cleverly that they help belie the 'mindless kids entertainment' bracket - example:

mark (doing his laundry) - 'does this detergent get rid of stains?'

quinn - 'i dunno...what kind of stains?'

mark - 'errr.......never mind'


Price: 4.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Time to take the rose-coloured glasses off folks, 1 Jun 2013
This review is from: Time (MP3 Download)
There was a time back in the early 70's when rod was loved by everyone with musical tastes right across the board and was considered just about the coolest cat in town. This continued up to the late 70's. we even forgave him the disco pap of 'dya think im sexy'

since then rod hasnt done anything of any relevance. His forays into the 'great american songbook' were frankly laughable, like donald duck sings frank sinatra. This is supposed to be a comeback album of sorts. But is it any good?

Well - the voice is still there, albeit weakened by his much publicised nodule problems years ago. The songs on here are pretty twee though, as is evidenced by the song titles. As with david bowies latest, we are in 4/4 heavan (hell?)too, with every song kinda melding into the next as a result. The standout track is 'time' which gets away from the utter tweeness of the lyrics of the all the other songs and starts to get into something more meaningful, before the predictable 4/4 drum arrangement kicks in and ruins it

The album sounds awash with reverb as well which gives it an almost 80's feel in parts, and further detracts from rods voice. All in all this is pretty insipid stuff

what rod needs to do at this stage of the game is to go one of two ways. either;
a) start rocking it up(and i mean ROCK not the jingly-jangly guitars present here)as per the faces heyday, and bring back all the old swagger
b) go back to the stripped down acoustic route of his best 70's stuff, 'reason to believe', 'hard lesson to learn' etc

Better still, an album with a mix of both styles, as per the great atlantic crossing

Rod can write a pretty good song when he wants to (see 'the killing of georgie') but here he sounds very uninspired and lame, and this album isnt worthy of him at all or of his great 70's legacy. Sorry Rod

Never Say Die!
Never Say Die!
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 9.85

3.0 out of 5 stars Sabbath confused and confusing, 31 May 2013
This review is from: Never Say Die! (Audio CD)
Ozzy has described this album as a 'disgrace' - i think thats a bit strong. This is the final album from this great bands history, and like all others before it, it took on its own identity. Every sabbath album was different and this is no exception. The main culprits here are iommis guitar sound and the production. Iommi has a terribly thin sound on this album, perhaps his weakest ever, whilst the production is equally thin and passionless. Nevertheless there are a few great tracks here. In particular the title track itself and 'johnny blade' both of which sit well alongside anything else the band have recorded. 'Hard road' is another potentially good song spoilt by the production and sound. Of the remainder 'shock wave' and 'over to you' are sabbath at their weakest in terms of songwriting. Very ordinary. 'Air dance' is an ambitious move into jazzy experimentation that loses itself and 'swinging the chain', whilst interesting in having bill ward singing, is equally strange - sounding more like blodwyn pig than sabbath! 'juniors eyes' is an ok number but again, the sound and production renders it pretty impotent

The band were in a bad place personally at the time with ozzy on the brink of leaving and all members fighting drug addiction and various personal problems. And thats an exact reflection of how the album sounds - like a band on a downward spiral not knowing the way out. Without the title track and johnny blade it would have been a total disaster but those two great songs pull it through

All Hell Breaks Loose [Special Edition]
All Hell Breaks Loose [Special Edition]
Price: 8.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars pretty uninspired, 27 May 2013
This is a tough one to call cos i love scott gorham and im really glad hes still out there blasting away. But this album, though rocking and very well-produced, smacks of a little bit of desperation to me

ok - first off - brian downey and his tom-oriented drumming (my favourite ever drummer by the way) is sadly missed here. What we have instead is very predicatable and unimaginative 4/4 drumming patterns throughout. The real issue though is with ricky warwick. When hes not cloning phil lynott in his singing style hes sounding like gary moore. And when i say 'sounding like' i not only mean in his vocal itself but also in terms of phrasing, melody and structure. After a while this mike-yarwood-style impersonation/s starts to grate a bit. The man has no identity of his own here.

The songs? theyre ok. pretty standard riff-a-rama though, nothing really to make you sit up and go 'wow'. The problem is, they all sound like thin lizzy or gary moore out-takes, except that the lizzy material especially was a hell of a lot stronger than whats on offer here

I dunno - like i said, im glad to see gorham out there and i wish him and his band all the success he can handle. But theres something depressing about this album
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OK Computer
OK Computer
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.37

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2.0 out of 5 stars very over-rated, 17 May 2013
This review is from: OK Computer (Audio CD)
Ok - ive tried VERY hard to listen to this band and find out what makes them so popular, especially among the 30's-40's blank generation. On one website recently this band were rated 2nd best band of all time (stifles a laugh) and this album 2nd best album! so im thinking, ok i better listen again

So down the library i go and sit down to listen very intently. According to devotees this is the bands best album. So here we go

Firstly there is one very good track on here - paranoid android. No denying that. But what of the rest? heres how radiohead go on practically every song. Soft intros under 4/4 drumbeats leading to jagged instrumental passages which they obviously put in for effects sake only. Occasionally they want to rock it up but the guitars are not full of much substance and the constant 4/4 repetition starts to grate very quickly

Underpinning all this is the godawful voice of singer thom yorke - a man responsible for a whole generation of people from elbow to coldplay to ed sheeran singing in that particular whispy, whiney, angsty way that tries to be deep and emotional but to me sounds very lightweight. The songs themselves are not that memorable, be honest now! with the exception of paranoid android the rest of them sound very ordinary to me

The trouble with voting systems on websites is that we are dealing with whole generations of people who dont know any better - hence this bands high rating. Whole generations of people who have never even heard real experimental music like early 'man who sold the world' bowie and van der graaf generator (two acts that radiohead have stole a lot from by the way) - a lack of culture and knowledge has led directly to this band being rated 2nd greatest ever band - which is an absolute JOKE. And this album being rated so highly when it truly doesnt deserve the accolades
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