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Creative ZiiSound D5x Bluetooth Wireless Modular Speaker System
Creative ZiiSound D5x Bluetooth Wireless Modular Speaker System
Price: £210.54

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The other one I bought after the remark by a salesman, 21 Feb. 2012
This the second speaker system I bought after a salesman who called at my home said as soon as I opened the door "I could here your music as soon as I got out of my car" (he was parked about two hundred mtr's or so away) or words to that effect, I thought he was probably exaggerating but it made me realize that I probably wasn't considering my neighbors enough by streaming to my Creative Ziisound T6's all the time which are in the living room and consequently having them running at the volume they were so I could here them through out the Bungalow, I decided I needed some more wireless speakers to place around my home.
So I looked around to see what was happening and on the opposition and I came across first of all a brand new unopened pair of Parrot DS1120's (see my review of these) which I now have in the bedroom, shortly after that I found this speaker brand new, unused with a bid on it of about £110, I bid on it and eventually bought it for £139.25 + £8.00 postage, now it was delivered in error to a local firm, where it was tracked too, when it was recovered it was without any coverings, address's or any identifying criteria whatsoever and when I got it it was just in it's retail box.
I know have this speaker in my kitchen and it has quite a good frequency response plus it does have a very good amount of volume for it's size, it is very easy to listen too for a long period I don't suffer from listening fatigue in any way with this speaker, sometimes I stream to it from 8.00 o'clock in the morning until 11.00 o'clock at night and I am still generally enjoying it even then, I do though I must confess run the Audio signal through DFX Audio Enhancer and have tailored a profile that I think does improve the sound quality of this speaker (Audio Enhancer doesn't do a thing for the T6's) the other good point with this speaker is that it does have a strong connection with it's bluetooth, for instance if I put the microwave on it doesn't disturb the connection in any way whether I'm streaming from my bedroom (this is where I usually stream from) or if I'm streaming whilst in the kitchen to it whereas with the Parrots and also the T6's if I put the microwave on whilst I'm streaming to them it disturbs the connection to them.
I have to say as a final comment that previous to this speaker I was never a fan of "sound bars" but this has converted me, let me just tell you this, as I was listening to it for the first I was on my laptop at the table with the speaker on my right and a track from Dire Straits (the long road) which has some flute like material in it started to play and I could have sworn that this was being played from behind me instead of to my right, impressive for a sound bar. (I must confess though I still from time to time stream to my T6's with the volume up where perhaps it shouldn't be, because as good as this sounds it's not in the same league as the T6's)

Parrot DS1120 Wireless HiFi Stereo Sound System
Parrot DS1120 Wireless HiFi Stereo Sound System

4.0 out of 5 stars Bought these after a comment by a salesman., 16 Feb. 2012
I was at home streaming music to my Creative Ziisound T6 speakers that are in my living room, but I was listening from the kitchen (I often did)
When a double glazing salesman knocked at the door and the first thing he said was I could hear your music system as soon as I opened my car door (he was parked about 200mtrs away) now I thought that was probably an over stating it, but it made me think that I probably wasn't considering my neighbors enough (none of my neighbors had ever said anything) so I decided that I would buy some more wireless speakers to spread around the Bungalow so as to reduce the volume at which I was having to set the Creatives in order be able to hear them all over the Bungalow.
I started searching and came up with these Parrot Speakers which appealed being 2 separate speakers that connected to each other wirelessly meaning you only had to supply power to each speaker with no other wires being involved. (unless you use the aux in, even then they communicate with each other wirelessly)
I eventually bought them brand new in a sealed box for £60. (an absolute bargain as far as I am concerned)
I decided I would use them in the bedroom streaming from my permanently connected bedroom laptop which I use for streaming from sites (like Netflix,ITVPlayer,4OD,Crackle,internet radio and generally using the internet via a big "TV" screen plus I stream from this laptop to my creative speakers and now the others that I also bought, in short I use it as a Media Centre leaving my other laptop free to use for anything else) in other words all the things I can't stream or do with my Smart TV/Blu-Ray players.
On to the speakers they are actually quite good with quite a good frequency spread, but the bundled software can be a bit of a menace, if you install it, it always try's to connect automatically to the speakers (you can't permanently switch off this software) when you boot up as well as trying again when you go on the internet if your laptop has built in bluetooth that switches on when you switch on the internet it try's to connect again, if the speakers aren't switched on it will go "bong" and you will get the message that the connection was unsuccessful, and your other bluetooth settings will go into some sort of error state and you will not be able connect to your other devices, so you then have to restart computer your to reset your bluetooth, the other thing is that this software can make permanent changes to your speaker settings, for instance I altered the balance on these speakers ie: more sound coming out of the right speaker than the left speaker, then I forgot about it now the software was in the laptop (it wouldn't install in the other despite both being Win7) that I don't normally use for streaming so that when I used the other laptop (the one without the software) the sound was still down from the left speaker and it was quite a while before I remembered that I had altered the balance with the other laptop, however I was a bit skeptical that the settings had remained altered in this way, so I disconnected with this laptop and reconnected with the other and altered the balance and sure enough they retained the new settings whichever laptop I used, I also think that when I boosted the bass and the treble settings that the speakers retained those settings as well because it seemed to remain the same whichever laptop I used, so the lesson to be learned here is if like me you uninstall the Parrot Audio Suite, that you have set the speakers as you want them to be, before you uninstall the Parrot Audio Suite, if you have an external bluetooth dongle and you can install this Parrot Audio Suite into your PC then being an external bluetooth being less susceptible to Windows vagaries I don't think that you'll have any trouble with error states, in which case it's worth having the Parrot Audio Suite installed for it's ability's to alter the speakers frequency response etc, which if you don't then like at a later time you can put back them back to how they were or of course use totally different settings.
In conclusion I'd have to say that I like the sound that these speakers now produce, they are very easy to "pair" with other devices (I have them paired with four devices) so I would definitely recommended them as they do also have a nice stereo "spread" and are really very easy to listen too and seem to be able to handle most of the music I listen too from stuff like ZZ Top's: "GIMME ALL YOUR LOVIN" and "SHARP DRESSED MAN", To Tim Mcgraws: "Angry All the Time" and "Why We said Goodbye".

Belkin CoolSpot Cooling Stand for Laptops up to 17-inch - Black
Belkin CoolSpot Cooling Stand for Laptops up to 17-inch - Black

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Packed up after 4 days and shut all my USB ports down., 15 Feb. 2012
Not much to say really about this cooler except it's noisy,stopped working after 4 days and when I unplugged it and plugged it back in again (same USB port it worked with for 4 days) it caused a power surge which shut down all 4 of my USB ports (including my 2 USB 3.00 ports) meaning that all USB ports had to be enabled again.
That was the finish for me, all arrangements for it's return have been made.
Conclusion: Dangerous to your laptop's USB ports.

Premier AV TV-1108V-SD Mini SCART Freeview Receiver with Recording via USB Flash Memory Stick
Premier AV TV-1108V-SD Mini SCART Freeview Receiver with Recording via USB Flash Memory Stick
Price: £17.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Worked well till two days ago., 30 Jan. 2012
Bought to add a second tuner to my TV so that I could use the USB HDD recording facility built into my TV and still watch other TV programs via this tuner.

This tuner worked well enough at first although I didn't like the fact that for the signal to pass through this tuner to the TV's own tuner you had to leave this tuner switched on, I overcame this by simply adding an aerial splitter before this tuner so that I could send a signal from the aerial to this tuner and also to the TV's own tuner separately (seems to be a lot of tuner's)

Tuning this in was no problem at all in fact it's pretty much plug n play with all the channels coming in thick n fast in their proper order, it does however seem to require quite a strong signal, whilst my TV shows both a 100 on signal strength and a 100 on quality this tuner only shows the strength (on the same aerial)to be around 60 and the quality around 70 so you'd have to guess that on an aerial not quite so strong that you may have problems, that aside I had no problems with the picture quality or anything else until two days ago when it refused to switch on, so I unplugged it (thinking it had got itself in a muddle) and plugged it back in again at which point it switched on I used it for a while (whilst a recording was taking on a different channel via the TV's own tuner) then switched back to the TV's own tuner when the recording had finished, it switched of via the remote with no problem, however when I tried to use it again today it wouldn't switch on so I unplugged it again plugged it back in and it switched on as before but this time I switched it off via the remote and then tried to switch it back on but it wouldn't switch back on, so I ran though the switch off/switch on routine again but it performed in exactly the same faulty way, so I have now arranged for the return of this tuner and it is all packed up waiting to be posted back.

I have to say it's a pity that it's gone faulty because I was happy enough with the way it worked and the quality of the pictures (after a bit of tweeking in this tuners settings) coming out of tuner, and would in fact have ordered a replacement but for the fact that at the moment amazon is out of stock on these tuners.
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Globatek Small Compact Mens Professional Wet And Dry Shaver
Globatek Small Compact Mens Professional Wet And Dry Shaver
Offered by Bargains Essentials
Price: £9.99

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Just wanted to try a foil shaver, 30 Jan. 2012
I bought this after buying a rotary shaver which nipped and actually cut me in the neck area, understandably (I think) after this experience I was rather reluctant to spend a lot of money on any sort of electric shaver but I wanted to try a foil shaver just to see if it was any better than the rotary shaver had been.

After looking through amazons site I saw this and thought what the heck it's only a fiver or so lets give it a try.

When I received it (which was almost before I'd finished ordering it) I thought as I opened the packaging this shaver looks like a toy I can't see it being a lot of good, what a surprise I got as I used it, it provided a very close comfortable shave, one which has converted me to electric shavers.

I can only recommend this shaver as it is very good value for money and does give a very close comfortable shave one which I can't honestly see being bettered at any price, which is very surprising all things considered.

Letpower Wireless For Dreambox PS3 XBOX Game Wifi Bridge Dongle in UK
Letpower Wireless For Dreambox PS3 XBOX Game Wifi Bridge Dongle in UK

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars No longer recommended as it's unreliable., 30 Jan. 2012
Edit: Turns out to be unreliable constantly dropping the signal when streaming, I have now dumped this item and returned to using home plugs.

I bought this WiFi bridge as an alternative to Sony's overpriced USB Wifi dongle and I have to say that it does work very well, streaming etc without any problems once set up.

However setting it up I had a slight problem in that Windows couldn't read the program on the supplied SD card, so I downloaded the program direct from the manufacturers (Vonets) website, then I hit another problem, the program needed unzipping which Windows couldn't do so I then downloaded a free trial of Winzip and unzipped it with the free trial program, from that point on it was quite a simple procedure to set it up to connect to my router and then simply remove it from my laptop and attach it the USB port and the ethernet port on my Sony TV making it instantly wireless.

Recommended as a reasonably priced alternative to the Sony or any other overpriced WiFi Dongle.

Creative ZiiSound T6 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System - Black
Creative ZiiSound T6 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System - Black

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Bought on the fly, 30 Jan. 2012
I bought this speaker system very much on the fly, let me explain I was searching for a wireless system because I'd got a bit fed up of the wire's trailing from my laptop and having to disconnect every time I wanted to move and then being disconnected from my music collection.

As I searched I decided to see what was up for auction on the opposition (eBay) during the search on eBay I found an auction for this speaker system (Brand New in Box) with one and a half Days to go with a bid of £110.00 on it, I decided to put a bid of £170.00 and see what happened, I was quickly overhauled by the previous bidder, however I decided to watch and see where it ended up, (pricewise) towards the end of the auction it was £205.00, I decide that I would have another bid, I waited until the last few seconds (six seconds to be precise) and placed a bid of £221.00, I ended up buying the speakers at £215.00 which included delivery.

I awaited delivery with some trepidation never having even heard any Creative speakers before I had no real idea of just what I'd bought.

The speakers arrived about four days later, initial dissapointment ensued, the box had previously been opened, (had I been ripped off) upon further inspection it was obvious that this speaker system that I had bought was in fact new, even though the box had been opened (sigh of relief)

First thing I did (after inspection) was to stream from my laptop whilst I was in the same room and I have to say that I was very impressed with the quality and power of this system, with far more volume, bass etc that I can handle (still better more than less) the overall frequency response is to say the least impressive in fact in some instances the lower end frequency's can reach to far, for instance I connected them up to a Kogan LED TV (I'd previously had a set of JBL Creatures connected to it) all the time that I had them connected to this TV I was aware of quite a loud low end rumble whenever the TV was switched on, (this rumble was never apparent on the JBL Creatures) this rumble is no longer a problem as I have since bought a Sony TV and there's no rumble from the Sony, the morale of this particular tale is that you really need to use these speakers with equipment of similar quality.

So the power,performance and frequency range of the speakers themselves is I think impressive (you really need to be in detached property to explore them fully especially the power and bass performance) what I don't think is quite so impressive is the performance of the Dongle (especially if you look at the cost of a replacement) the range of the Dongle is pretty limited, once you move out of the room where the speakers are it has difficulty keeping contact, OK you may think it's Bluetooth not RF, but my phone's Bluetooth doesn't have the same problems in fact my phone will stay connected from anywhere in the house even out in the conservatory, fortunately my laptop also has Bluetooth and while it's not as good as my phone is for staying connected it is certainly better than the Creative dedicated Dongle and will stay connected most of the time.

Overall in my opinion this speaker system does everything it promises (apart from the Dongle) I stream to it from all my devices (most of all I find that since getting this system I stream internet radio directly from my phone or laptop, this gives me a vast listening option be it music or anything else I want to listen too)just as an aside it's also very impressive with film sound effects, with that low down rumble, explosion's etc really coming into there own on this system.(I tried a Sony Surround Sound System and it wasn't a patch on these speakers)

I would say that if you are thinking of buying a wireless speaker system (or any decent speaker system) one that you can run all your devices through: laptop's, desktop's, tablet's, mobile phones, TV's, BluRay/DVD player's for playing your CD's (eliminating the need for a seperate HiFi system)through as well as DVD's etc then this "Creative ZiiSound T6" System definitely has to be on your list of Speaker system's to consider.

I have to say that I am very pleased with this speaker system, I'm almost tempted to say that's it's the best system I've ever had (it's certainly the most versatile) but that wouldn't be quite true as the best system I've ever had was a pair of Bose 901's.

Finally I have to say this system with it's wide range of connectability has eliminated all other speaker systems in the house which is a bonus that I never even thought about.
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Sony KDL32EX723BU 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz Edge LED Internet TV with Freeview HD
Sony KDL32EX723BU 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz Edge LED Internet TV with Freeview HD

79 of 80 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Cracking picture, streaming, well thought out USB recording, 14 Jan. 2012
Bought this TV for it,s streaming, LED Technology and USB HDD Recording ability's. all of which work very well.

After trying Samsung for streaming and support both of which were rubbish I wasn't left with a lot of choice of devices which have an app for streaming from Lovefilm (only Sony and Samsung TV products have Lovefilm apps)

First of all I tried the Sony KDL 32EX523 LED TV but in spite of the manual saying it had USB HDD Recording it didn't actually have it, plus the picture was very dull, so I packed it back up for return within the hour.

Then I studied for quite a time before I decided to buy this particular TV, especially since I found the picture so dull on the first Sony LED TV however I decided to take a chance and at first I thought that I had slipped up as the picture was again very dull, I couldn't be bothered to pack it up that day and decided to watch it for the evening and pack it up the following day, but on the following day I decided to have one more look at it and much to my surprise the picture was as different as is night and day, it was much brighter than it had been the day before so I had a fiddle with the picture setting's and have since tweeked them a bit more and now the picture is absolutely spot on.

As for it's streaming ability's it is very surefooted and has never dropped a connection even when the available bandwidth drops from Lovefilm (which drop's quite low during busy periods, sometimes dropping from 5.5-6.0 mbps to as low as 1.5 mbps) it just carry's on streaming. as does my Sony Blu Ray player and the Sony TV and Blu Ray player that I have in the bedroom, they are all very surefooted streaming on the internet from whichever site I maybe using.

When it comes to USB HDD recording this is very well thought out and is a full function facility supporting up to 2TB (I have a 1TB drive attached) and it also allow's the use of all other input's (HDMI,Scart,Composit,Input's etc) whilst recording's are taking place, so that you can for instance watch a DVD or Blu Ray, use another freeview box (I have a scart freeview box attached) to watch TV programes other than the one that's being recorded, you can also watch a previously made recording at the same time as something else is being recorded, most scheduled recording's can be recorded directly from the EPG and you can schedule serial recording (daily, weekly, mon-fri, mon-sat, etc) from the manual settings, the only thing that it doesn't have is a timeslip facility but as far as I am concerned this is only a small limitation, especially when compared to most other manufacturers very limited USB recording facility's which generally only allow (at best) a recording to take place as long as you don't want to do or watch anything else.

A quick word on the 3D facility, I didn't buy this TV for the 3D facility and I'm rather glad that I didn't and that it isn't important to me as I found the images produced to be somewhat unresolved, fuzzy and irritating as an overall experience (my complete system composes this Sony 3D TV, Sony BDP S480 3D Blu Ray Player, Sony 3D Glasses and 3D bundle kit), but don't take my word alone for this 3D ability, plus which I think this TV is a good buy regardless of what I think of the 3D. (I'm sure that there are other people who will disagree with me about the 3D ability)

A further word with regard to there being no timeslip facility on the USB HDD recording facility, there is workaround for this and it's simply start a manual recording (simply press the record button) of the program in question then when you get back to it whether it's still recording or not you can start watching it immediately from the place that you started the recording and pause the watching of it again if you wish and pick it back up at that or any other point all without disturbing the actual recording going on, the main difference then is only that you have to delete the recording when you've finished watching it whereas with a proper timeslip it doesn't actually make a recording so that when you've finished there's nothing to delete, but having to delete the recording is I think a small price to pay.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 3, 2013 3:35 PM BST

De'Longhi BCO410 Front Loading 15-Bar Combi Coffee Machine
De'Longhi BCO410 Front Loading 15-Bar Combi Coffee Machine

13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Makes every type of coffee you could wish for., 14 Jan. 2012
A recent but very good purchase as far as I am concerned.

This coffee machine will make you a very good cup of coffee whether you like:- filtered, espresso, capuccino , latte or any other type of coffee that you can think of, including being able to use E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee pods which you can buy on amazon

Although it is probably made more for filter coffee which it keeps warm indefinitely on the hotplate (without burning it) than for the other types of coffee, it does work very well when making other types with the steam frothing device working particularly well (unlike some other frother's) but the main advantage with this type of machine is that you can choose your own type of coffee be it beans or ground coffee of any type you like from anywhere you like in the world.

I have no hesitation in recommending this coffee machine to anybody who is interested in making a decent cup or mug of coffee of whatever type or blend you fancy as it's a pretty good machine, especially since at this price there's nothing else to touch it.

Offered by Electromart-UK
Price: £1.63

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First class item and delivery., 14 Jan. 2012
Super fast delivery, I received this aerial splitter the day after I purchased it and it is a very well constructed item unlike some other aerial splitters that I have bought over the years. Highly recommended seller and aerial splitter.

Purchased from "electrosmart"

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