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The Very Best Jazz Vocalists [3CD Box Set]
The Very Best Jazz Vocalists [3CD Box Set]
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Plenty of jazzy vocal here..., 19 Jan. 2015
The Very Best Jazz Vocalists, 60 Original Jazz Classics, NOT3CD182

CD1 covers 1946 to 1962; CD2 covers 1946 to 1962; and CD3 1944 to1962. The running times for this eclectic collection are CD1, 60.26; CD2, 60.13 & CD3, 57.52.

This 60 track collection is a wonderful review of jazz singing styles and a chance to hear both the most well known "names" along with the jazz singers that fans would travel miles to see and hear. Excellent sound transfers. Informative liner notes by Not Now Music regular Joseph Adair.

The earliest recordings come from the Second World War era and it will not surprise you to know that it is the band and voice of Cab Calloway CD1/16 & CD3/10. Louis Jordan offers one of his well known numbers CD2/18 & CD3/6.

The most well known and identifiable trumpet player of the 20th Century was surely Louis Armstrong and his vocal style of scat singing can be heard on some mainstream recordings which were highly popular. Likewise the magical pairing of Louis and Ella gets a well deserved airing too. I can see the LPs of both sat beside the record player of a local watch repairer...he found their music the perfect accompaniment to carrying out repairs. Others may well have preferred the smokey haunts and late nights but this chap had his own way of relaxin'.

Not everyone will agree that Frank Sinatra was a jazz singer and perhaps the bar room setting he used for "One for My Baby" is the focus of his non easy listening style but he was mainly "middle of the road". The songs chosen her are Songbook classics with the great arrangements. Fine performances from a great song stylist.

Nat King Cole was certainly a jazz performer and his origins as a jazz piano player and vocalist go way back...the songs here are the soft jazzy treatment of "Let There be Love"; "Just One of Those Things" & the mainstream middle of the road hit " Unforgettable".

Mel Tormé could certainly scat sing with the best of them and he is well represented on this collection. In a long career he did just about everything and kept working and delighting audiences. The performances here date from 1960 to 1962.

Well known amongst jazz fans are a host of performers who are not mainstream in the public eye and yet have had a loyal following...I think Mark Murphy is the longest performing of this category. Jazz fans will know the word vocalese and it was coined by jazz critic Leonard Feather to describe the first Lambert, Hendricks & Ross album, "Sing a Song of Basie" The Mark Murphy tracks come from his Riverside LP "Rah" CD1/10 & CD1/8 and the Riverside single "Why Don't You Do Right?" CD3/2.

Oscar Brown Jr. is represented by songs from 2 LPs the 1960 "Sin & Soul" on Columbia and 1962s "Between Heaven and Hell". He was only a jazz singer but also a songwriter, playwright, poet and civil rights activist.

Johnny Hartman was a jazz singer who specialized in ballads and earned critical acclaim, though he was never widely known and that does seem to be the case with many jazz singers. The song "Where or When" demonstrates his way with a ballad and comes from the Bethlehem LP "All of Me-The Debonair Mr Hartman".

Betty Carter sings "One Note Samba" from the Atco LP 'Round Midnight CD1/11. She was known for her improvisational technique, scatting and other complex musical abilities that demonstrated her vocal talent and imaginative interpretation of lyrics and melodies. The vocalist Carmen MacRae once remarked, "There's really only one jazz singer – only one: Betty Carter."

The well known ladies are all here Billie; Etta; Nina; Dinah; Peggy; Anita; Eartha; Carmen; Sarah and plenty more...

The companion to this excellent 3 CD set is The Very Best of Jazz Instrumentals, 45 Original Jazz Classics on 3 CDs, NOT3CD183.

The Very Best Of Ragtime [Double CD]
The Very Best Of Ragtime [Double CD]
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Ragtime...Piano music galore..., 19 Jan. 2015
The Very Best of Ragtime, Various Artists, NOT2CD562

This new 2 CD compilation of 25 tracks covers a large time span and offers the work of many skilled performers.

Both CDs cover the period 1902 to 1962. The running times are CD1, 55.30 & CD2, 56.22.

The attractive packaging includes some miniature images of sheet music that add to the interest and story as outlined by Colin Salter's liner notes. The packaging on these CDs is always top notch and it is amazing how much can be included.

The sound quality is excellent throughout and this is a real bargain. I really enjoyed playing this one and it will be on the player again and again.

Listen out for British Woolworth Embassy label performer Bobby Brent whose 4 tracks come from a 1962 LP entitled "Honky Tonk Piano".

American female pianist Del Wood recorded in 1958 an LP for Vocalion entitled "There's a Tavern in the Town" and in 1960 for RCA Victor an LP entitled "Flivvers Flappers & Fox Trots" from which some of the tracks are taken along with some earlier tracks from 1952/1953 on the Republic Records label.

I think most of us know that Joe "Fingers" Carr was actually the musician Louis Busch. His 1960 LP "The World's Greatest Ragtime Piano Player" was recorded for the Warner Bros label and tracks from this feature along with "Down Yonder" from 1951.

Winifred Atwell was a Trinidadian pianist who enjoyed great popularity in Britain and Australia from the 1950s with a series of boogie woogie and ragtime hits, selling over 20 million records. "The Black & White Rag" dates from 1951 and was on the Decca Records label..."Coronation Rag" dates from 1953. There are also 2 other classic Atwell recordings included.

Johnny Maddox is a ragtime pianist, historian, and collector of musical memorabilia. Johnny Maddox recorded the LP "Ragtime Piano 1917-19" for the Dot label in 1958 and many tracks from that album are featured on the 2 CDs.

Knuckles O'Toole...This pseudonym was used by various artists. The First "Knuckles O'Toole" recordings, done in Honky Tonk style, were performed by Billy Rowland. Due to its popularity, many others were made, some of them by Dick Hyman.

There really is a delightful collection of performers here with one thing in common...the love of ragtime piano music. I cannot say that I was around to hear the 1902 recording first time around but I do remember hearing many of the others in the 1950s and early 1960s. I well recall the happy playing of Joe"Fingers" Carr and it being on the gram frequently in our house.

Moon River [Double CD]
Moon River [Double CD]
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A nostalgic journey with Mantovani..., 19 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Moon River [Double CD] (Audio CD)
Mantovani, Moon River, 50 Easy Listening Classics on 2 CDs, One Day Music, DAY2CD273

This new compilation from One Day Music covers the period 1948 to 1962. The music on each CD is pretty much split down the middle recording dates wise with half before 1960 and half 1960 onwards.

The running times are CD1, 74.58 & CD2, 78.30. The sound quality is very good throughout. Another great value release that allows you to add quality music to your collection for a reasonable outlay.

Anyone who was alive to music in the 1950s and 1960s will be well aware of the massive output and success of the Mantovani orchestra. This compilation includes many of the well remembered instrumentals of the period and the collection opens with one of my all time favourite songs "Moon River" and the Mantovani version is a delight (1962). The earliest recording is that of "Swedish Rhapsody" which dates from 1948 and what an uplifting number it is. This is mainly a sprightly collection of film, theatre and popular music of the time.

Mantovani recorded for Decca for most of his long career and in the USA his LPs were also issued on the London label. He recorded in excess of 50 albums many of which were Top 40 hits. His single tracks included "The Song from The Moulin Rouge", which reached Number One in the UK Singles Chart in 1953; "Cara Mia" (with him and his orchestra backing David Whitfield) in 1954; "Around the World" in 1957; and "Main Theme from Exodus (Ari's Theme)" in 1960.

In the United States, between 1955 and 1972, he released more than 40 albums with 27 reaching the "Top 40", and 11 in the "Top Ten". His biggest success came with the album Film Encores, which attained Number One in 1957. Similarly, Mantovani Plays Music From 'Exodus' and Other Great Themes made it to the Top Ten in 1961 and sold over a million LPs.

The cascading strings technique developed by Ronald Binge became Mantovani's hallmark in such hits arranged by Binge as "Charmaine". Binge developed this technique to replicate the echo experienced in venues such as cathedrals and he achieved this goal through arranging skill alone. You will hear this haunting treatment on many of the musical numbers.

Music on this compilation comes from some of the following albums:
"Waltz Encores"; " Mantovani Continental Encores"; "Gems Forever"; "Showcase"; "Concert Spectacular"; "Plays Music From Exodus And Other Great Themes"; "Theme From Carnival And Other Great Broadway Hits"

The liner notes by regular contributor Michael Heatley remind us of the musical importance of Mantovani and the level of musical excellence that he achieved.

For plenty about the man and his music please visit his official website

The Very Best Jazz Instrumentals [3CD Box Set]
The Very Best Jazz Instrumentals [3CD Box Set]
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Classy Jazzy instrumentals..., 19 Jan. 2015
The Very Best of Jazz Instrumentals, 45 Original Jazz Classics on 3 CDs, NOT3CD183.

The running times for this excellent 3 CD set are CD1,65.57; CD2, 63.08 &CD3, 58.47

This collection covers a wide public domain timespan similar to The Very Best Jazz Vocalists set with CD1 covering 1941 to 1962; CD2 covering 1937 to 1962 & CD3 covering 1939 to 1962.

First off this is a really entertaining set to listen to and what you get for the asking price is superb music from start to finish. Plus, the sound quality is excellent throughout.

When you see a list of big bands you always associate the leader with the style of music the band was most well known for. As a result some of the names here might not immediately make you think of jazz and yet when you look back to their roots you will find jazz. I'd like to think that some of the names if discussed down at the old English pub would be a source debate. It is interesting to delve into the musical roots of some of the more mainstream and big band musicians...and indeed see if there are jazz roots...

Lawrence Welk. 1903-1992
Although many associate his music with a style quite separate from jazz he did record at least one notable song in a ragtime style in November 1928 for the Indiana based Gennett records. "Spiked Beer" featured Welk and his Novelty Orchestra. Welk never lost his affection for the jazz numbers he had played in the 1920s, and when a Dixieland tune was scheduled he enthusiastically led the band. In 1966, with his orchestra, he recorded an album on the Ranwood Records label, with top-flight Jazz saxophonist Johnny Hodges, featuring a number of Jazz standards, including "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Misty" and "Fantastic, That's You". The rest of his lengthy career was devoted to dance tunes and "sweet" music and what became Welk's "Champagne Music". It was this area of music that made him a household name for several decades.

Glenn Miller 1904-1944
He was best known as a big band musician, arranger, composer, and band leader in the swing era. He was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1943, leading one of the best known of big bands. He had a songbook published in Chicago in 1928 entitled Glenn Miller's 125 Jazz Breaks for the Trombone. During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Miller managed to earn a living working as a freelance trombonist in several bands. In the early-to-mid-1930s, Miller also worked as a trombonist, arranger, and composer in The Dorsey Brothers. The Grammy Hall of Fame inducted 3 of his most well known recordings and it is here that they are classified as jazz.

1939 "In the Mood", Jazz single, RCA Bluebird, 1983
1939 "Moonlight Serenade", Jazz single, RCA Bluebird, inducted 1991
1941 "Chattanooga Choo Choo, Jazz single, RCA Bluebird, inducted 1996

There is so much to listen to and from a wide jazz perspective too...the liner notes by Joseph Adair provide an informative backdrop to the music. Another great collection from Not Now Music...

Duets [Double CD]
Duets [Double CD]
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Plenty of great duets to be heard..., 19 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Duets [Double CD] (Audio CD)
Duets, 50 Timeless Duets on 2CDs, NOT2CD563

The public domain period in my opinion provides plenty of material from which to produce a 50 track selection and I am so pleased that there are items here that are new to me.

Both CD1 & CD2 cover the period 1936 to 1962 although the main body of the musical recordings date from the 1950s a wonderful time when you could hear your old favourites and sample many up and coming artistes too. Of course, this is now all part of history and nostalgia and it is wonderful to have these recordings as a 2 CD set.

The running times for these CDs are CD1, 73.47 and CD2, 67.19. The sound quality of the transfers throughout is excellent. The packaging is very attractive with a photograph of Sarah Vaughan & Billy Eckstine on the front cover and one of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong on the back of the liner notes. Inside the CD case are 4 smaller photographs of Helen Forrest & Dick Haymes; Jane Russell & Bob Hope; Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire and one of Judy Garland & Gene Kelly. Years of recording are provided. The informative liner notes are by Helen Akitt. Great value for 50 outstanding recordings...

I am glad that "How D'Ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning" opens CD1 as it sets the tone for plenty of fun and uptempo numbers. I also appreciate the inclusion of 2 personal favourites "Passing Strangers" CD1/4 and "It Had to be You" CD1/20 both of which are more romantically inclined.

An interesting and completely valid inclusion amongst many American recordings are Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson aka the UKs...Mr & Mrs Music plus lovely Alma Cogan & vocalist Les Howard. That is why I am enjoying the CDs as this is not the usual mix but a quite eclectic mix of long term partnerships and one-off's. I think you will enjoy this set and it is one of the most musically interesting ones I have listened to of late...also great value...

In A Broken Dream [3CD Box Set]
In A Broken Dream [3CD Box Set]
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dreamy options..., 19 Jan. 2015
In A Broken Dream, 60 Dreamy Classics, NOT3CD174

This dreams related musical collection is as eclectic as you might imagine. The recordings are taken from a wide public domain time span from the USA and UK with many a vocal ballad mixed with country and rock n' roll...etc...

As a result you will hear the likes of Frank Sinatra side by side with tracks from Del Shannon and Johnny Cash. Nat "King" Cole side by side with Michael Allen and Patsy Cline. The Andrews Sisters side by side with Jan & Dean and Danny Williams. You get the idea...this is all about the songs and their titles and the words and dreamy atmosphere they create within different musical genre.

The running times for the set are CD1, 50.17; CD2, 50.11 & CD3, 51.31. CD1 covers 1954 to 1969; CD2 covers 1949 to 1962 & CD3 covers 1944 to 1962.

Some of the stars I spotted are...

Adam Faith, 1940-2003
The track "Hit the Road to Dreamland" comes from his 1960 LP "Adam" released on the Parlophone Record label.

Michael Holliday 1924-1963, sings "Dream Talk" and this was on his single "Skylark" / "Dream Talk", (March 1960), a UK No. 39.

Mark Wynter (happily still with us) sings "Dream Girl" and it was a 1961 Decca single Dream Girl & Kickin' Up the Leaves.

Danny Williams 1942-2005, sings "Weaver of Dreams" from his 1961 HMV single Moon River & Weaver of Dreams.

Billy Fury 1940-1983, sings "Once Upon a Dream" from his 1962 Decca single Once Upon a Dream & If I Lose You

Bobby Darin 1936-1967, sings "Dream Lover" from his 1958 Atco single Dream Lover & Bullmoose.

Artie Garr, aka Art Garfunkle...In interviews, Garfunkel has noted how his early singles distinguished him as a folk-styled crooner, with songs like "Beat Love" and "Dream Alone" (both released 1959).

All of this makes for a fascinating concept collection and the liner notes by Not Now Music regular Brian Parks cover all the bases. The sound quality throughout is excellent. The packaging has pictures of a dreamy female swimmer. Two day dreaming young ladies and letters posted in a bottle at sea...and by the way great value too...

You Can't Escape [DVD]
You Can't Escape [DVD]
Dvd ~ Noelle Middleton
Price: £7.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting if a bit slow moving..., 17 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: You Can't Escape [DVD] (DVD)
Very pleased with the DVD and 2 screen versions provided, original format and a full TV screen version. An interesting story if rather slow at telling it. Glad to have it and it is certainly worth much more than the 1 rating given in Quinlan's. Good picture and sound. Price very reasonable too.

The Greatest Christmas And New Year Party
The Greatest Christmas And New Year Party
Price: £8.06

5.0 out of 5 stars My one Christmas CD set for 2015..., 16 Jan. 2015
More great value from Music Digital (Delta Music) and I bought this now as I did not see it when it first came out. I wanted one Christmas set and looked at the titles and performers and knowing many of them thought it fits the bill. The price right now is great value so buy it. The music transfers are excellent throughout. The amount of quality music for the price is incredible. These sets are a budget release so no liner booklets but at Christmas I want this as background music and a bit of fun...perfect purchase.

Hot Hundred Love Songs
Hot Hundred Love Songs
Price: £8.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Great value from Delta once again..., 16 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Hot Hundred Love Songs (Audio CD)
An excellent 4 CD set from Delta Music and such an eclectic mix of tracks too. The first reviewer has captured all of the details. I can only add that from my own perspective these budget releases are incredible value for the sound quality and quantity. A great way to get introduced to so many performers and musical styles. You can also buy as a download.

180 Thread Count Percale Poly Cotton Fitted Valance Sheet - Double in Mulberry
180 Thread Count Percale Poly Cotton Fitted Valance Sheet - Double in Mulberry

5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality sheet..., 11 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good quality material and price for size and product...would certainly order again...

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