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Apple iPod mini 4GB - Silver [M9160B/A]
Apple iPod mini 4GB - Silver [M9160B/A]

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars How do I describe something this good in a few words?, 16 Oct 2004
Think about it; something that weighs as much as 2 CDs holding between 60 and 90 CDs of songs. How can it not be good? Everything from the design to the function is well thought out. It looks good, is unbelievably easy to use and even has additional functions such as being an address book or being an external hard drive. When it comes to comparing it to its larger brothers there really is no question as to which is better, alright the bigger ones hold more songs, but who really needs space for 10,000 songs? Secondly the larger iPods don't come in the three colours, are more expensive, are larger and don't quite have the same "cool" factor. When it comes to the question of the battery think about it. You are paying for something that will last roughly 2 years; think about how much you will use it in that time you may end up having only paid 10 pence for every hour you use it. If it runs out within the first year of use apple will replace it anyway.

Braun Oral-B EB17-4 Precision Clean Replacement Rechargeable Toothbrush Heads 4 Pack
Braun Oral-B EB17-4 Precision Clean Replacement Rechargeable Toothbrush Heads 4 Pack
Offered by Discount Direct
Price: 13.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good Value, 13 Aug 2004
What can one say really? These are refil heads for the Oral B elctronic toothbrush. They last about 3 months each so you should get a year's brushing out of these. There is even a useful colour fading effect in the heads to tell you when you need to replace them. seems to be offering these at the cheapest price I could find so if you have the specific toothbrush you may as well get them. Nuff said.

Real Inspector Hound
Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute genius, 12 Aug 2004
This review is from: Real Inspector Hound (Hardcover)
Never has such a play captured my imagination. Last year I starred as the role of Birdboot in this extremely intelligent comedy in my school play. Upon reading the script for the first time I was confused beyond belief because of it's complicated structure. However once we ran through it for the first time it's blatent ingenuity of parody became apparent. It effectively it runs off a play within a play and the two critics who watch tbe play, the hopeless romantic Moon and the ever sleazy Birdboot. The play they are watching is a classic murder mystery which shows the ridiculous nature with which murder mysteries are created and provides countless laughs for the audience. The Real Inspector Hound also shows funny elements of everyday life such as:
Birdboot: Chocolate?
Moon:What kind?
Birdboot: Black Magic.
Monn: I'll have montelimar.
Birdboot: Ah sorry. (Poniting to mouth)
Moon:Turkish Delight? Cherry Liquor? pape Neuf de 55 Cracknell?
Birdboot: Afraid not. Caramel?
The Real Inspector Hound also has rather sinister undertones which become apparent as the critics become absorbed into the play they are watching, however I shan't reveal the entire plot as that would ruin the play. If you can appreciate good theatre then I would recommend reading this or seeing a production of it to absorb the true magic of Stoppard. This is also an extremely good play for school production as our's went down extremely well. A true masterpiece.

Leaving Through The Window
Leaving Through The Window
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 4.40

4.0 out of 5 stars An excellent debut, 18 Dec 2003
This is one of those albums that definately grows on you. When I first heard Punk Rock Princess(One of the greatest songs ever) I near immediately ran out and purchased this. When I got it it certainly wasn't what I expected it to be; it was far more mellow and anthemic. However this is not necissarily a bad thing especially with songs such as If You See Jordan, which is quite uplifting. For any light-punk fan I advise you get it however for other possible buyers I advise listening to it before purchase as Punk Rock Princess doesn't reflect the overall mood and so it may not be what you like.

Braun Oral-B Professional Care Rechargeable Power Toothbrush
Braun Oral-B Professional Care Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 28 Jun 2003
It is hard to write a review on a toothbrush but this one is excellent. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The first time I used it my teeth felt exceptionally clean and unlike others, the heads do not run out too fast.It also good as it easily rechargable. A must for all oral-health fanatics. Also, do not be put off by the 27 price tag, it is well worth it.

Comfort in Sound
Comfort in Sound
Offered by RFH Global
Price: 2.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Feeder's Finest!!, 3 Jan 2003
This review is from: Comfort in Sound (Audio CD)
Upon hearing this album for the first time I was filled with a sense of serenity and calm. It lifts the soul with the first track, a gentle ballad, 'Just The Way I'm Feling'. This is then followed by the also outstanding track 'Come Back Around'. This a far faster and more rocking tune than the previous but is nonetheless also brilliant. The pinacle of the album is Forget About Tomorrow, another uplifting ballad. However, Feeder also do a couple of darker tunes such as Helium just adding to the record. The only bad song is Godzilla which should be skipped so as not to detract from my abum of the year. Buy it no questions asked!

Just The Way I'm Feeling [CD 1]
Just The Way I'm Feeling [CD 1]
Offered by LEWKS1973
Price: 1.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding!!, 3 Jan 2003
This song is a beautiful example Feeder's slow rock. Listening to it is an extremely uplifting experience. It has a fairly slow verse building up to the fantastic chorus. This is a must buy for anyone who needs cheering up, Feeder fans and just about everyone else.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.73

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not the best, 3 Jan 2003
This review is from: Resist (Audio CD)
Upon hearing the fabulous 'Catch' and 'Hungry' I immediately went onto and bought this record thinking that it would be brilliant. The reality is something else. This album is a blend of dull, repetitive tunes and the 2 or 3 outstanding ones such as Catch. You probably won't like this unless you are into hardcore drum 'n' bass or really into kosheen. My advice is to listen to it before you buy it.

Performance And Cocktails
Performance And Cocktails
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.86

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliance!, 22 Dec 2001
Brilliant! This word sums up the whole album. If you like rock or indie music buy this post haste. It is wonderfully varied from the rockin tunes such as 'the bartender and the thief' and 'T-shirt sun tan' to the mellow tunes such as 'Hurry up and wait' or 'Just looking' they are all some of the finest songs around. Buy it!

Tropico (PC)
Tropico (PC)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great idea but not well developed, 22 Dec 2001
This review is from: Tropico (PC) (Video Game)
When I first looked at Tropico I thought, GREAT!, something that has strategy and quite a comical theme. Also when I first played it I thought it was brilliant, however after the thrill had worn off I found it to be a tad repetative and not the most brilliantly developed game ever. The options are very limited and there are only so many things you can do. It only needs a fairly low-spec P.C. and fairly easy gameplay which make this game better than had it been extremely complicated and brings it up to 3 stars.

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