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The Little Book Of Wisdom
The Little Book Of Wisdom
by Dalai Lama
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Little book of wisdom, 23 Oct. 2011
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The little book of wisdom is probably one the most concise books on personal mental health you can get.
Whilst there are many books out there of the same genre,what makes this little book stand out is it's easiness to read.
Although written from the perspective of a Buddhist,it does not criticise any religion or indeed asks that you believe in Buddhism,only that you are aware of just how much control you have over your own thinking & life's direction.
If approached with an open mind,one can easily see the ultimate message regardless of personal beliefs.
Produced in a way where it can be read as a sort of daily affirmation,I found this book to be of great help towards a better understanding of myself,my place in this world & everyone & everything around me.
The self,being the one true relationship where once understood,puts most if not all things into their proper perspectives is what this book intends to do in a simple,concise way.
(Each page has no more than a few sentences on varying subjects)
I often find myself buying this book for many people I know & meet who seem to be at a point in their lives where they need some help with regards to their personal well being,with a suprising degree of success - ie: In some small measure it helped them compartmentalise everyday difficulties which with an unhealthy mind can become intricate & un-necessarily problematic.
This book is not a magic wand,but if the teachings are applied to everyday thinking can certainly lead to a healthier frame of mind,which in the end,is what we all could do with.
I would recommend the Dalai Lama's little book of wisdom to anyone even mildly intersted in promoting within themselves &/or others a healthy way of thinking & living.
It has certainly helped me.

Company of Heroes (PC)
Company of Heroes (PC)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Problems again, 13 April 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Company of Heroes (PC) (DVD-ROM)
Whilst loving this game (I have it already) I decided to buy it for my new laptop so I could play on LAN with my mates.
This is the second time ive bought this game from this site and both times im having problems.
The first time there was no product key therefore i couldnt install it,the second time,it says once I have installed it that I need TOV to unlock the Werhmacht and American factions!
I wont be buying games from here agin.

Company Of Heroes - Anthology (PC)
Company Of Heroes - Anthology (PC)
Offered by GiftsGifted
Price: £27.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars COH review, 5 July 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
COH is simply put,THE best RTS game there is.
Whether a fan of WW2 games or not,or even RTS games,this game is in a complete league of its own.

First of all,it has to be pointed out that installation can be a real bummer but that would entirely depend on how you install it,ie: Install with your internet switched on or internet switched off.
If you have internet switched on,then be prepared for a long haul because there are about 4-5 patches required in order for you to play online (it can take a few hours!)
Or,if you want to just play the game before (or if you want to) enter the online multiplayer world,switch your internet off before installation and everytime you want to play the game.

There are some people on this review thread who have slated the graphics,but im at a loss as to why because the graphics in this game are outstanding!
The quality of the maps and the detail put into the units is first class.
Of course,you will need a computer that is at most 2 years old to appreciate this,but even on an older system with the specs lowered right down (which btw for an older system is imperative because the game will stick like hell & you will feel like you're wading through muddy water),you're still in for a treat.
The sound of the game is impressive also,with all the noise you would expect from a WW2 battlefield. (You have the option of having less (32) or more (64) voices being heard of men giving orders on the field,bitching about their job,slating their opponents weapons or screaming with pain in battle which can either annoy you or make it better,up to you).

But,by far the best aspect of this game,whether you like the graphics & sound or not,is the gameplay.
There are so many options for every single map whether on campaign or skirmish mode that it makes this game one of the best value for money items you'll probably ever buy!
I first played this game 4 years ago & it is still the game I play the most.
Even though it is a strategy game,it really boils down to the tactics you use on the field which will see you through to victory or down the road to defeat.
On skirmish or multiplayer mode,for each faction you are given a choice of 3 military doctrines to use which focus on defence,offense,or both which once you get used to them,offer you a huge selection of ways to play each map & so many ways for you to enjoy each one.

Although I have warned you about installing the game with internet,this is where you will find out just how good or bad a soldier you really are because playing the computer has one very necessary element to it - you can pause the game to figure out your next move.
And because you cant do this when playing against other people it is a far harder challenge..well,as long as they are at least as good as you are.
I find more enjoyment playing on Lan against friends because theres nothing better than seeing the face of defeat & having a great laugh suspiciously eyeing eachother over the top of your computer screen or,nothing worse than having to stop to type what you want to say to other players in the midst of battle so playing with or against my mates is usually how I would play on multiplayer.
Also,you get around 25 skirmish maps with all 3 games and about the same with the missions but you can download maps,patches (which can be really fun)and some truly amazing mods that the gaming community have made.
In these you will find a whole range of artistic licences gone wild but on a whole very well made & very enjoyable.

The only real misgivings I have about the game (which arent really that bad) is the slight (& some not so slight) imbalance of the sides (races).
Although there are obvious advantages & disadvantages to each side,you only really find this out when playing online.
For example,if you are playing against or with the British,their artillery capabilities are awesome. Completely devastating actually because I have managed in one such game to wipe out 3 enemy teams by simply building lots of arty,making sure my teammates hold them off at any given chokepoint (think Thermopylae) with one or all of my 4 officers in the line (who ALL have off map artillery capabilites) & pummelled their bases to pieces so not suprisingly what happened was they all gave up.
The range & effectiveness of the British 'Arty' is a bit much if on the receiving end but will make you rub your hands with glee and evil cackle your way through the game if you decide on this faction using this doctrine.
Basically,if you are playing against the British who are slow to build up,then you must destroy them early or face the wrath of the Arty God! hehe

Or,you will find that the American 57mm AT gun is really not a 57 but more like a 75 & can feel like an 88 at times but this is only if you're an historical accuracy freak (which in this case I am a crybaby about when faced with it because one little 57 manages to destroy head on my Panther or Tiger tanks if im not watching over them)
Having said this,the only way to balance the teams for yourself is to play with them all,but usually people find their own favourites and stick with them.
The only real disadvantage or annoyance to playing online is that other people will sometimes lagg the game quite badly if their computer or internet connection is poor.
Anyway,there are one or two other things that I could say,but to be honest,as my last paragraph shows,they arent that much of a complaint,just me yapping. ;-)

All in all,this game is an absoloute gem.
If you fancy yourself as a cunning general or a hard as nails quick witted NCO,then Company Of Heroes is the game for you.
Basically,if I can get my mates,who are 100% FPS X-Box addicts & who never play on PC to try this game,then fall in love with it,then that is in my books at least,the perfect positive review for this game.

Buy it now,I promise you,you wont look back!

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