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Belkin Pro Series USB Extension Cable 3m
Belkin Pro Series USB Extension Cable 3m
Offered by Eleze
Price: £4.56

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5.0 out of 5 stars Used to extend the length of stupidly short Apple cables, 14 Aug 2010
Bought 2 of these specially to charge mine and my girlfriends iPhones as we were sick and tired with the stupid short length Apple provide with their products. Does exactly what it says - its a USB extension cable! not much more i can say really, apart from it works

Neet® Black Line - 5m - HDMI to HDMI Cable - HIGH-SPEED with Ethernet and Audio Return Channel - v1.4 - HEAC - 3D - 15.2Gbps - ADVANCED HDMI 1.4 LEAD
Neet® Black Line - 5m - HDMI to HDMI Cable - HIGH-SPEED with Ethernet and Audio Return Channel - v1.4 - HEAC - 3D - 15.2Gbps - ADVANCED HDMI 1.4 LEAD
Offered by Neet Cables
Price: £23.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Professional Top quality cable, 14 Aug 2010
Good stuff. I use this to connect my laptop to my AV receiver (pioneer vsx-920), which then connects to my TV (Samsung PS50C7000) - also by a neet cable! and i also connect my PS3 Slim to my av receiver with a Neet cable - so you can probably tell i rate them highly!

Neet® Black Line - 10m - HDMI to HDMI Cable - ** Genuine 24awg ** - 3D - High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet Channel and Audio Return - HDMI® Lead
Neet® Black Line - 10m - HDMI to HDMI Cable - ** Genuine 24awg ** - 3D - High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet Channel and Audio Return - HDMI® Lead
Offered by Neet Cables
Price: £49.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top quality 10m Cable, 14 Aug 2010
What more can i say than all the others have said already? really good quality lead. I have now bought 3 different leads off them (10m, 5m, 1m). Did not realise this until after i bought it though, they also do a white lead if you prefer that colour instead. This lead is connecting from my TV (Samsung PS50C7000 to the TV Out port on my AV Reveiver (Pioneer VSX-920). I needed such a long cable as my TV is wall mounted and all the AV equipments is in the corner of the room. As you can imagine, this lead is the most important in my set-up as its the one that carries the signal to my TV from all the other equipment connected to my receiver. I was wary about quality issues as i needed a 10m cable, but you know its gonna be good before you even connect it, as its very thick! If you need a cable this long, then this is the one to go for!

Samsung PS50C7000 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Ready Internet Plasma TV with Freeview HD
Samsung PS50C7000 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Ready Internet Plasma TV with Freeview HD

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5.0 out of 5 stars One amazing TV!, 12 Aug 2010
Hope this review helps. I know i didn't go into explaining everything technically, but i just felt that most people who know their stuff about TV's can easily look at forums to work out whether its worth a purchase or not. I tried to target this at someone who just wants to know if the picture is as good as it should be!

To be honest, to get my point across, all i really need to say is this TV is absolutely amazing for its price bracket, and you should just buy it now.

But if your reading this, then you have probably realised that there seems to be hardly any reviews out there for this TV, which is quite annoying. So i will try my hardest to give you an idea of what the TV is like. Firstly, i have wall mounted the TV ontop of a fireplace, so as it is a little high, i also purchased a tiltable wall mount. This TV is really thin - not as thin as Samung LED Range (Their C7000, 8000, 8000 LED range anyway), but still really thin. The bezel of the TV, has a nice brushed finish to it which i didnt realise until i ripped the plastic off it.

TV quality in standard definition through freeview is what you would expect from a plasma. Watched Incredibles on BBC1 the other day and was surprised by how good it looked. FreeviewHD is not in my area yet (comes in May 2011) so can't quite comment on that, but can tell you that the Samsung Freeview EPG is really easy to use and understand and even gives you the option to change it to the official Freeview EPG is you prefer that layout instead.

Now onto HD content. I probably did the standard test everyone seems to do when they buy a HDTV with a blu-ray player - test it on The Dark Knight! Well all i can say is it looks stunning.........after i bit of tweaking. Make sure you TURN MOTION JUDDER CANCELLER (MCJ) OFF. It may sound contrary to what the feature is there for, but it actually makes the picture a whole lot more "artefacty" when the TV is trying to smooth out lines, and sometimes the audio lost sync due to the TV trying to process the video with MCJ on, and it was too slow to keep up with the audio! I truly recommend turning it off, the TV works phenomenal without it. A word of warning though- you need to manually change it in the settings for each and every source (i.e. for each HDMI input, for component input, etc...). It only takes 2mins to do, but i at first only changed it on one source, and when i switched to a different source it was still there! Once this was turned off, the picture was brilliant. Black levels were great, and these were all on the TV's preset video settings.

Now onto Sky HD (& 3D). Sky HD is was not such a huge jump as i was expecting. it cetainly looked crisper on the TV, but was not a HUGE jump from standard definition. My Tv is connected to the Pioneer VSX-920 AV Receiver (which is 3D ready also), and as that receiver upscales all soucres to 1080p, i am assuming that is why i couldn't tell the difference that much - the receiver essentially changed the image to "1080p" quality before i got a chance to see what it is supposed to look like. But, as for the TV, it does its job. Picture quality was great and my gripes with buying HD subsctiption should not be in anyway taken as to think this TV does not produce HD content well, because it does.

I also have Sky 3D. 3D viewing on this TV is truly fantastic. you only get one pair of glasses with the TV (either by redeeming it from the website and them sending it out to you, or included in the box itself - it all depends on when you buy the TV, as they have only started to put the glasses in the box since mid-July 2010). But 3D content is sooooooog good. The only prroblem with it is that you must watch 3D content in a relatively darkened room. Any type of ambient light can lead to the glasses flickering. This doesnt mean the 3D picture starts flickering, but if you can see the light source which is on in your peripheral vision, then you will think the light is flickering when its not, and you will still be able to see the 3D content fine. All in all, recommended you watch 3D content in a darkened room. I also have the UE46C8000 LED TV from samsung which is 3D in another room, and this TV IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER VIEWING 3D. the technology behind the 3D is exactly the same in both TV's, but Plasmas just produce 3D so much better i think. I truly don't understand why Samsung are promoting their LED 3D TV's so much more, when this TV is clearly better (and soooooo much cheaper). So many forums and thrads on the internet also agree with my opinion. Can't be bothered to go into it right now, so just google it. For the majority of TV viewing in 3D, Plasma is better. The sky 3D preview channel was actually suprisingly good as they use a different method of transmitting 3D material then you would when watching a 3D blu-ray or playing a 3D game. You can really see the different depths of the picture. I am a huge football fanatic, but to be honest, i am more looking forward to the nature programs to be shown in 3D than sports.

Playing games on the playstation 3 in 3D is also just as good. Really recommend buying a game called Super Stardust HD, even if you don't like games just to get a sense of what this TV can do, in terms of both picture quality and 3D quality. You will truly be suprised.

Its 2D-3D conversion (only Samsung provide this option at time if writing), it again what you would expect. Its not brilliant, due to the source not natively being 3D, but not rubbish either, It never 'springs out' as much as a true 3D source does, and at times i genuinely forgot i was watching 3D and thought it was just 2D. it probably something you will try out once in a while, probably to show off to your mates that it can do it, and leave it at that.

Also, the Internet@TV - its good.............but just a little lacking at the moment Only a few apps at the moment but Samsung promised more are coming (but they said that when they started it 18 months ago and not much has chnaged really). One good thing to note is that you can set up different Internet@TV accounts on the TV. For example, if i have my own Samsung Internet@TV account and log in with it, i can view my facebook profile, my youtube profile etc... on the TV, and don't have to re-type all passwords again. And if someone wanted to look at their facebook profile, they can do so by logging into their Samsung account, and all their settings will be saved also. And another bonus is BBC iPlayer- you can also watch HD content!

Hope this review helps. Just to note, i have had the TV for 1 month now, and have had no problems with it. However, some people on forums who have pruchased this TV from amazon have had problems with 'buzzing noises' coming from the TV. so if you do get this problem, i would suggest asking for another set. I cannot comment on the problems other poeple have had with the Tv as i have not experienced them. All i can say is how happy i am with the TV, and how much i recommend it. At time of buying, i purchased it for £1299 from amazon. For a 50inch Plasma TV, thats an amazing price - but what topped it off is that it was also 3D enabled - a technology only just released on commercial TV's in 2010 and most people expected to pay a premium for jumping on the 3D bandwagon so early. How wrong they were. Defintely worth a purchase!
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