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Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 Closed Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone with Smart Remote - Black
Sennheiser Momentum 1.0 Closed Circumaural Over-Ear Headphone with Smart Remote - Black
Price: £178.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars What am I missing. Now I know., 16 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought these after extensive review reading across many many web sites and for the money they seemed just what I was looking for.
They look fantastic and are very comfortable BUT.
My other phones are AKG K451 over ears. They cost £49 from Amazon and you know what I just can't tell any difference whatsoever between the two. Maybe it's my hearing? No idea.
I am listening on Spotify Premium extreme quality and the first thing I noticed is you have to turn them up to pretty much full volume otherwise they are too quiet. Maybe they need a top quality stereo to really see a difference but most folk don't use them for that. Or maybe an amp.
So even though yes they do sound nice they don't sound any different (to me) than a set a quarter of the price. I don't understand all this mid ranges and highs malarkey that some reviewers go on about and can only comment on what I hear.
Maybe it's just me, who knows?

Update as of 8/12/14. Basically the IPhone doesn't IMHO seem to provide enough power to get the best out of these. I've now started using them with Spotify Premium on my IPad and they sound so much better. I'm assuming the IPad chucks more power into them (please correct me if I'm wrong). Whatever it is they just sound so much better. Now 5 stars, I originally gave them 4.
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Sony MDR-ZX100 Outdoor Headband Headphones - Black
Sony MDR-ZX100 Outdoor Headband Headphones - Black
Offered by Lovely Gifts
Price: £13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good, 24 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well I wasn't expecting much for the price but I'm pretty impressed. I've got a pair of in ear sennheisers but found that the bass didn't really come through unless you pushed them in with your fingers and held them in. Thought I'd try a pair of over ears and well I'm impressed really.
Very good value for the money.

Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
Offered by RAREWAVES
Price: £31.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, 27 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've put off writing this review until the game was fixed. It's well known about all the crashing bugs that plagued the release as well as other ones that in truth I never really noticed.
Now though WOW.
A round of BF 4 can be anything you want it to be. An epic action movie or a stealthy sniper killing zone. Except it's not really like a movie at all as nothing is scripted. I am of course talking multiplayer here as single player meh!

What I particularly like about it are the little touches. For example when I started playing on day one I thought hmm the vehicles and aircraft are a bit boringly coloured, all boring flat greens. BUT now that people are progressing they are unlocking paint schemes for the vehicles and they now look fantastic with the different camouflage effects.

The shooting mechanics are great. Getting a kill, any kill gives great satisfaction not like COD where it's run shoot kill run shoot kill yawn. This takes a bit of skill, a bit of proper aiming and just works. The guns feel just right, not that I've ever fired any in real life, they just somehow feel right.

The 64 maps in particular are fantastic in scale and you can sit open mouthed in awe as battle rages around you, buildings collapse and vehicles explode, helicopters fall out of the sky. Craters appear in raids where vehicles have run over mines, it's all quite wonderful.

It's not all about 64 player carnage though, the smaller versions of the maps are great fun too. Especially on Domination or the excellent new game mode obliteration.

Every game is different and every game throws up those WTF moments.

The lighting effects, sparks flying off of metal struck by bullets and the sheer intensity of firefights on indoor maps such as Operation Locker show why this is a true next gen title and if they can do this for the launch of the next gen consoles just imagine what they'll be able to do a few years down the line.

If you want excitement, action, variety, gorgeous visuals, amazing sound, and deep immersive multiplayer (did I mention the incredible customisation options and unlocks?) then get BF4 on next gen. XBOX or PS4, doesn't matter which it looks brilliant on both. I've seen both versions and couldn't tell the difference despite the PS4's supposed greater resolution.

If you want to run around in circles shooting 10 year old kids then stick with COD, for true next gen spectacular get yourself a copy of BF4 and enjoy. The king is dead long live the king.

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
Offered by Woodlark Trading Ltd UK fast 1st Class dispatch
Price: £28.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yet again the whinging begins., 17 Sep 2013
As predictable as night following day a 5 star incredible game has its ratings dragged down by a multitude of people who never ever learn.
It didn't arrive on day one so lets ruin the games overall rating by reviewing it 1 star. Review a game you've never played and give it one star. Pathetic.
It happens with EVERY major release. Like others have said, if you want day one play the only guarantee is get it from a shop. You know, those buildings in Towns and cities that sell things. The Internet isn't the be all and end all of all shopping.
Get a grip folks.
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Carry on Confidential
Carry on Confidential
by Andy Davidson
Edition: Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not What I Expected, 21 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Carry on Confidential (Paperback)
It's alright, that's all really. Yes there's detail but not all is interesting.
List of crew members for each film, sorry not interesting.
For the price, what I wasn't expecting was a small paperback book (yes I knew it was paperback but its only the size of a small novel) £16.99????? £5.99 would be more appropriate.
For the so called definitive work I would have expected biographies of the main actors at the very least but no.
No pictures either and none of the QR codes in my copy would scan.
Overall disappointed and that price..........far to expensive.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown 2025 Edition (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown 2025 Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £26.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars Every year the same whiners., 13 Nov 2012
Ooh I didn't get it on day one, quick give a game I haven't even played 1star.
What on earth is all that about? Year after year after year the same, when will people learn:
1/ if you want guaranteed day one play then buy it in a shop
2/ don't review games you haven't played and give them 1 star, that is pure idiocy.

I have played it, for about 5 minutes at my brothers house (he bought it at Tesco)I am a Battlefield player through and through but I can still appreciate a quality other product when I see one. Graphics excellent, smooth gameplay, great array of multiplayer options. So 5 stars from me if only to balance out the stupid 1 star whines. I won't call them reviews as they clearly aren't.
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Arnhem: The Battle for Survival
Arnhem: The Battle for Survival
by John Nichol
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 9 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
One of the most gripping and readable books I've ever read. The story of Arnhem is immaculately told mostly from the viewpoint of those who took part.
However if you're after a book about Op Market Garden as a whole then this isn't it as its just about Arnhem BUT I would still recommend it to be read alongside any book covering the whole OP.
Highly recommended.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360)
Price: £12.22

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2.0 out of 5 stars Hmm Same Old Same Old, 10 Nov 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Lets get one thing straight from the outset. I have played COD from the very first one on the PC, through the add ons, COD 2, COD 3 MW, WAW, MW2 BLOPS and now this.

Forget the people who say the graphics are rubbish, they aren't. They are as visually stunning as always. The gameplay is smooth, the sounds are OK and it's fast and frantic. Why the 2 stars then? I hear you ask.
Well to sum it up in 2 letters and 1 number BF3.
If BF3 had never happened, indeed if the BFBC games had never existed then this would be the pinnacle of FPS's. The problem is the BF series has continually raised the bar each time a new title has been published, COD has basically remained the same. Here's an example.
COD, run around shoot someone get shot, run around shoot someone get shot etc etc or if you play domination or one of the other game types then there is a small bit of variety but still run around shoot someone get shot etc etc.
Now BF3, get in a jeep, mate climbs on back operates machine gun. Race into battlefield area, get out of jeep lay anti tank mines around captured flag area. Get back in jeep, head to new area bail out as you come under fire from tank approaching over hills. Run for cover, take out 2 enemies planting mines at their end, break out RPG, flank tank blast it send em to hell. Mate sends recon drone up, spots enemies guarding next capture point. Another squad member breaks out mortar shells enemies spotted by squad mate, helicopter lands close by everyone piles in, fly to next point, dodge stinger missile using flares, bail out of chopper land on top of enemy tank, plant C4 detonate run away laughing and so it goes on. Different everytime you play, OK I may have mixed up some classes there but you get my drift.
COD run shoot run shoot ad infinitum BORRRING.

COD is a victim of it's own success. It' a shame but there are plenty of decent COD players out there who never give BF the time of day and I just know if they did they would love it.
It's important to remember that these are 2 different games and each has it's place it's just that COD seems so dull after BF.

Now that graphic thing, both visually stunning but the difference is that COD looks like a game, you never feel totally immersed, just like you are playing a game. BF looks more real and coupled with the stunning sound gives an experience second to none.

MW3 is basically a MW2 map pack, same overpowered kill streaks, same juvenile kids running round everywhere and dull dull dull. Lots of maps but really they are all the same, it's not fun anymore.

Now to all those people who think they've been ripped off How? You know what to expect, nothing in any of the reviews ever said it would be any different. You pay your money you takes your chance. I bought it but I don't feel ripped off just disappointed. No one forced me to buy it.

Until COD raises it game, brings in multiple vehicles, destructible environments and gameplay that is different and fresh then this will be the last one I ever buy. Also personal preference I prefer the Treyarch games. MW3 is missing things that made BLOPS great, customisable emblems, great maps, combat training mode (loved that), COD points etc
WAW was and still is my favourite COD game but sadly now that I have spent 18 months on BFBC2 and now have BF3 I can't see the disc ever going in my drive again. Thought about trading it in but when would I ever have time to play another game when BF3 is in the drive.
Sorry if this sounds more like a BF3 review but the stakes are now set so high that it's impossible to review MW3 without referencing it.
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Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by rockaway-records
Price: £16.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Some folk really baffle me., 30 Oct 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I am writing this review in response to some of the sheer bafflement I have experienced when reading some of the 1 star reviews.

Some people say the graphics aren't up to much WHAT??????????????. The only thing I can think of is that either they aren't playing the game on a HDTV AND using a HDMI cable which makes a serious difference or they have some major eye problem and really ought to see an optician. One deluded individual even commented that they weren't much different to Homefront. That person really does need that HDMI cable or those new glasses.
How DICE have got something so beautiful to run on a SIX year old console well its witchcraft I tell you. Fire and smoke effects that look so real, amazing lighting effects, gritty realistic scenery, it's just so immersive. Just imagine what DICE will be able to do with the next generation of consoles.

Some one remarked (albeit not a 1 star review) that the game is aimed at teenagers WHAT????. I am 42, the majority of people I play regularly with are well into their 30's. No I'm not a sad gimp, I'm happily married with a child thank you very much.

One chap was moaning that the maps are to big for the guns WHAT??????. All I can think of is he's trying to compare it to COD. It's not COD. I like COD and will buy MW3 but they are completely different games. COD is an arcade blast, BF3 is a war simulator. It's epic in scale. He says that he can't hit anyone from 200-300 metres away. Hmm perhaps he ought to have a go on a real gun rather than a COD laser accurate toy and see if he could hit something at 200-300m away.
The joy of BF is that every kill gives satisfaction, it's not easy to get kills, it's challenging and closer to real than COD will ever be.

I understand some of the complaints about the initial multiplayer issues. However DICE have straight away put a message up on the game itself saying they are working to fix it. The server browser works fine and the game runs smooth as silk.

One thing I think EA should have done is to release 2 versions of the game. A cheap, say £15 single player only version and the full price with single and multiplayer. I haven't played the single player game but by all accounts it's a bit short. Doesn't bother me as multiplayer is where it's at.

Just as an example of what makes this game special. I shot down a helicopter with a Stinger missile, it crashed to the ground and landed straight on top of a jeep thing whose gunner was pinning down some of my team mates. That 1 shot killed 3 players on the chopper, the jeep driver and the gunner. Totally unscripted and the chances of ever doing it again remote. But for me that just summed up the game.

If anyone has any doubt about getting this then don't just get it. You will be rewarded with hours and hours of multiplayer action second to none.

In summary all the 1 and 2 star reviews can be pretty much ignored as they just don't make any sense and bare little if any relevance to the actual game. No in fact read them, play the game then laugh at the ludicrousness of them.

This will keep you entertained for months if not years and DICE are well known for supporting their games and continually improving them. Can't wait for the Back To Karkand DLC, I played those maps on BF2 and can reassure you they are well worth the short wait we have till they come out.
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Homefront (Xbox 360)
Homefront (Xbox 360)
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £6.15

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3.0 out of 5 stars I really wanted to like this, 25 Mar 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Homefront (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
I love the film Red Dawn, went to the pictures to see it when it first came out. Just watched it again on Sky Anytime, still a great film only ruined by the rubbish gun sounds (seriously they are awful).
So had great expectations for this one. Single player, hmm, its OK as far as shooters go, solid enough, guns feel OK but god its ugly. Backgrounds aren't to bad but the character and weapon textures are really last gen, close up they are awful. With a better game engine this could have been so much better. The graphics are like the gun sounds of Red Dawn, they spoil it.
The multiplayer isn't bad at all although it's very hectic and suffers from the boring sniper syndrome. When will game developers cotton on and start to limit the number of snipers in a match or if not don't make them one shot kills, it just ruins the game having some boring git camping with his sniper rifle on a hill miles away where you can't see him. Snipers play a part but not when there are to many. Having said that I doubt I'll play it much, it just hasn't got the immersion factor that I so love in BFBC2. So looking forward to BF3.
I'd wait and pick up a copy when it gets cheaper.
3 stars for the single player, 3.5 stars for the multiplayer.
I know the graphics are poor so that you can have 32 player multiplayer but even so gamers of today demand more, the technology is there they've just got to make best use of it.
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