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Dead Space 2 (PS3)
Dead Space 2 (PS3)
Offered by MDS Entertainment
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Build's on top of the first game and thoroughly entertains, 20 Nov 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dead Space 2 (PS3) (Video Game)
I loved the first game. It was a dark, fright infested game coupled with an amazing atmosphere. The second instalment builds on top of the first game's merits and it exceeds.
Having become familiar with the idea of game play through the first game, it is quite straight forward to get to grips with Dead Space 2, some of the controls have been swapped over - which was a mild nuisance at the start, but after while, you do become accustomed to them. If you're fortunate enough to have a surround sound set up, then it most definitely should be engaged when playing the game. The developers have done their home work on the sound effects and it is exhilarating, with the eerie noises, the distant clanging of spanners, the roars, shrieks and cries of the vicious mutants and the blasting of thunderous engines.
It is rated 18 and for obvious reasons. I played the game back-to-back first in normal mode and then in survivalist mode. It has that 'just another half hour' factor and very difficult to stop.
There are so many things to like about this game, the graphics, the game play, the sound, the character control and the story line.
This is by far the best 3rd person shooter I've played, thumbs up for the Dead Space developers

Wrong Turn 3 - Left For Dead [DVD]
Wrong Turn 3 - Left For Dead [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tom Frederic
Price: £6.01

1.0 out of 5 stars Never mind wrong turn, this deserves a U-Turn, 22 Oct 2012
Never have I come across a film the blatantly disregards the intellectual capacity of its intended audience.
I saw this film by sheer accident and have now realised that I will never be able to reclaim back those 1-1/2 hours which I have lost wasted on this abomination of a film. This review is to serve as a public warning to avoid this at all costs, it is really that bad.

Some may think that this film deserves cult status....believe me it does not warrant such an accolade

Nothing about this film, in any capacity, makes it worthy of the film reels wasted on producing this. I wouldn't classify this as a film that goes straight to DVD but rather a film that should go straight into the bin.

I highly doubt all those who were involved in producing/creating/directing this film had any formal communication with one another, it seems that they either ran out of budget/ideas or both.

The mind boggles as we're introduced to a bunch of very hard criminals who have committed very heinous crimes. The typical follows, they are being transported on a bus, the bus crashes and they escape (along with the token law enforcement) and then use their sheer lack of killer survival instincts to fend off an attack by a couple of mutant buffoons. For some completely pointless reason a damsel in distress is thrown into the mix and there we have a recipe of disastrous consequence.

At some stage during watching this film, there may be an urge to laugh at the audacity of the film, but it is quickly negated through bad acting, appalling make up, ropey dialogue, complete lack of logic and the sense of urgency to do something else other than watching this tripe.

I consider myself fortunate that I did not watch the entire film.

My conclusion, if you're going to buy this DVD, use it as a tea coaster, it provides a greater level of functionality, rather than subjecting your DVD player through the torture of having to play this nonsense.

B-Tech BT77 - Ultragrip ProTM Side Clamping Loudspeaker Wall Mounts with Tilt and Swivel - Finished in Silver
B-Tech BT77 - Ultragrip ProTM Side Clamping Loudspeaker Wall Mounts with Tilt and Swivel - Finished in Silver
Price: £30.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Solid construction - well engineered, 25 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently purchased a pair of Tannoy Mercury FR surround speakers. The speakers themselves have a hanging eye-hole on the rear panel, however the documentation recommends the speakers are supported from the base.
After looking around, I came across the B-Tech 77. I rang B-Tech who were able to verify that the B-Tech 77's were ideal to support the speakers. They are available in a choice of black and sliver.
I opted for silver as they gave the least amount of contrast to the speaker birch wood colour.
I placed the order and the the brackets arrived promptly.
All the rawl plugs, washers and screws needed for installation are provided. At first inspection I was impressed with their solid metal construction, instilling confidence that these mounts would comfortably support the weight of the Tannoys. The instructions provided are concise with very good diagrams that explain the installation process.
I mounted the brackets onto a brick wall drilling the recommended 4 holes. The remainder of the installation was very straight forward. The foam adhesive strips fit into the inner side of the clamps, ensuring the speaker cabinets will not be marked or scratched and also aid to ensure the speaker will be held securely. The clamp will need to be tightened on both ends to secure the speaker.
There are additional pilot holes provided on the clamps and base plate, through which additional screws can be inserted and screwed to further secure the speaker, however the documentation does state these are optional and the screws will pierce directly into the speaker cabinet. For the size and weight of my speakers I have decided not to screw further screws into the mount.
The brackets themselves look great and have a large range of swivel both pitch and yaw. Overall I am very pleased with them.

Intenso 6021530 500GB Memory Case USB 3.0 5400rpm 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive - Black
Intenso 6021530 500GB Memory Case USB 3.0 5400rpm 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive - Black
Price: £40.93

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting little disk, 9 July 2012
Without knowing a great deal about portable hard drives, I decided to purchase this product.
I use the hard drive to connect and store data off from my laptop - which only has USB 2 ports, however the hard drive is able to also support USB 3.
The finish is a shiny glossy black, which is prone to finger prints, it is very quiet in use and has a very bright flashing LED to indicate activity.
It's difficult to review a product like this until it fails, but for the time being it is working fine. I use the drive 2 - 3 times a week to back up data and so far so good.

Nokia C2-03 Symbian SIM Free Smartphone
Nokia C2-03 Symbian SIM Free Smartphone

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars So-so phone, with takes 2 sim cards, 14 May 2012
I purchased this phone simply because it can utilise 2 sim cards.
Switching on the phone and the menu is displayed, it is fairly basic but not relatively easy to navigate. It does require some time to get used to using.
The phone is part touch screen and part button presses, which it does not really pull off convincingly. It is usable, but rather than being user orientated, the user has to learn to orientate around the phone.
I personally found the phone touch screen to be rather unresponsive and sluggish in operation.
The ringer is of a decent volume and the speaker and microphone seem to be relatively fine.
Sending messages is not as fluid as one would hope it to be, where firstly the message needs to be written, then a second page is shown where the recipient's number is entered. It would have been far better if this had been all on one page.
If the phone battery is left to run totally dry, the process to recharge is bizarre. The phone is plugged into a charger and there is no indication that the phone is charging, it cannot be switched on, even after a few minutes. However, after 10 minutes, the phone takes a breath of life and it indicates the charging process is beginning.
The camera is average and battery life is around 3 days of average use.
The phone tends to go into battery-save mode rather too quickly for my liking, 10-20 seconds, and requires a flick of the slide switch to bring the display back up.
The key selling point is the fact the phone can make use of two sim cards, one is inserted in the rear of the phone (primary) under the battery, the other sim card (secondary) is inserted through a flap on the side. The secondary card can be removed and replaced without needing to turn off the phone.
The display shows the provider and signal strength. When receiving a phone call, the display indicates which sim card is being used. Also when sending messages the user is given the option of which sim card they want to use.
Overall, I would not recommend this phone, as the combination of touch screen and buttons has not been harmonised on this particular phone, the GUI is rather clunky and not very responsive on top being rather poor, the only redeeming factor is the dual sim card feature.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 5, 2012 7:13 PM GMT

Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-L37DT30B 37-inch Full HD 1080p 3D 200Hz Internet-Ready LED TV with Freeview HD and Freesat HD (Installation Recommended)
Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-L37DT30B 37-inch Full HD 1080p 3D 200Hz Internet-Ready LED TV with Freeview HD and Freesat HD (Installation Recommended)

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, 3 May 2012
I've owned this television for 9 months and it continues to please and to deliver.
This is my first jump into the world of flat-screens and I did a fair amount of research before settling for this television, based upon on all the largely positive reviews.
I had previously installed a satellite dish and also had an existing aerial, plugged them both in and got very good signal strength and quality.
On the freeview - the standard channels are ok, but the high def channels are amazing. I now get all the buzz and hype over high definition.
On the freesat - the standard channels are indistinguishable in quality from the freeview, the same can be said for the high def cannels. However there is one difference:
I have a Onkyo NR509 for the cinema sound, and it does give Dolby or Pro-Logic surround sound for the freesat high def channels, but not for the high def channels on Freesat.
This remarkable TV can also pick up the other standard free satellite TV stations that you'd get from a sky box, which was an added bonus.

I watched Avatar blu-ray, and found myself marvelling at the detail of crisp picture rather than following the story-line.
I also watched the original Star Wars saga blu-ray and it was stunning.

I also purchased the recommended buffalo just-store external hard disk to record programs, and it works incredibly well. The recording operations are very stright forward, there is a minor drawback where you can only record the content that you are watching. The recording can be done for up to one week in advance and is suitable for most of my needs. Better still, it is possible to set the recording capability to record and pause live TV.
The hard disk starts up when the TV is started, and swithes off when the tv is turned off. However I am fairly certain that the TV is not limited to only working with one manufacturers hard disks.

There are plenty of connections; 4 HDMI connections, a number of USB connections, optical ports and also a scart socket on the rear and side of the TV.
The viewing angle is wide, which is very useful for the whole family, and thankfully, the tv screen is non reflective.
Having compared the picture with other peoples TVs, I can honestly say that this picture is far superior (for a LED). There is no blurring, ghosting or ripple effect.
Freesat and Freeview offer a whole bunch of radio stations, when selected, the tv goes into a screen-saver type of mode, this is also the same when playing a music CD on a connected Blu-ray/DVD player.
I have yet to connect this TV to the internet, as I have no real need and I have not used the 3d functionality, despite having the glasses. Without using these functions, I can still happily say this TV still deserves 5 stars.

The TV is extremely light and as a result, I have wall mounted it, to bring it into perfect eye-level.
My viewing distance from sofa to TV is 8 foot, some may argue a larger screen would be better suited, however I opted for quality picture and have no regrets.

If you are in the market for a new TV, I would mark this one down as a serious contender.
Update: May 2012
I recently watched Lord of the Rings on a HD via freesat, the picture was flawless, the battle sequence within the dwarfs caves were astounding to watch, there is a lot of action across the whole screen and the tv managed to produce a marvellous picture, with deep blacks, no blurring - it was a sheer delight

Konig Satellite F-Splitter
Konig Satellite F-Splitter
Offered by NowView
Price: £1.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Used for an FM aerial to split signal to FM and DAB, 3 May 2012
I am very pleased with this little product as it does the job remarkably well without any loss of signal quality.
I have been listening to FM for a very long time and have an external bi-pole FM aerial installed, mounted on a long pole on the roof.
I purchased a DAB module to plug into my amp and having spoken to one of the radio engineers in my work office, I was advised that the FM aerial would be more than adequate to receive a good signal for DAB.
I stripped off the coax plug and inserted the wire into the DAB module, lo and behold - I received a very good signal.
I decided to invest in this F splitter where the FM aerial would be the input and the one output would go to the DAB module and the other to the FM socket. My concern was the possible loss of signal quality on either of the two.
I created a couple of fly leads, one f-type to f-type, the other f-type to coax and plugged it in.
The signal has had no loss at all, both systems work just as good as they did before.
For this price, you can't go wrong with the product.

Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
Price: £5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Grass, 1 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having recently landscaped my garden, I was interested in buying a grass, that was suited for a garden that is mostly shaded, there are times of the year when parts of the garden remain very wet and times of the year when other parts of the garden remain very dry, hence I was looking for a grass that would be suitable for all.
Having read the reviews of various grass seeds I decided to settle on the Canada Grass Seed due to the largely positive reviews and the product claims to be versatile enough to grow in a variety of terrains.

I followed the instructions on the packet, and even added a layer of new top soil. Nothing happened for a while, then there was a hose-pipe ban in the area followed by lots of rain, that was the point when the grass shot up. It took 4 weeks for the grass to grow, as opposed to the 14 day claim on the packet. Since then it has grown remarkably quickly, and is quite thick, which is impressive. I would happily recommend this product.


3.0 out of 5 stars It does the job, 30 April 2012
When reviewing a product I have to keep several things in mind; Quality, functionality and price. The Onkyo UP-DT1 certainly ticks the boxes for the first two categories, however the pricing let's the product down. I purchased it to plug into my TX-NR509, and it works a treat.
I used firstly an indoor aerial, which picked up around 62 channels, with fairly good reception.
However, when I plugged it into my external FM aerial, I managed to pick up 69 channels and the reception on the majority of channels goes up to 90-99%. The product works seamlessly with the receiver's remote control and it allows storage of up to 40 channels.
An internal DAB aerial is provided, but I opted not to plug it in.
It is a great little product and I am happy with the radio quality, but the pricing is the Achilles Heal.

Orion Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Stop Stopper Catch No Slamming or Hitting Walls - Complete with Screws
Orion Stainless Steel Magnetic Door Stop Stopper Catch No Slamming or Hitting Walls - Complete with Screws
Offered by OgbDirect
Price: £9.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars It is a good product not a great one, 10 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this door catch due to the stainless steel finish. It is reasonable easy to fit, however I am dubious about the screws and rawl plugs provided to attach the magnetic door stopper to the wall. Rather than use the ones provided I opted for 6mm rawl plugs and 1 1/4 inch screws, as the door it is attached to is in high use.
The door attachment is spring loaded and attaches quite easily to the door.
The magnet is strong enough to ensure the door is kept open, and will easily catch the door, even when it is flung with force.
I gave this product 3 stars, as I have other magnetic door catches around the house, which in contrast are better engineered and better feel of quality. However, this product is perfectly fine for the job.

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