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Demon Ororon, The Volume 1: v. 1
Demon Ororon, The Volume 1: v. 1
by Mizuki Hakase
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars So cool!, 23 April 2004
Ok, I admit the title for this review isn’t overtly creative, but mycreativity is presently snoring in its dormant state, so bear with mewhile I try to come up with a few good sentences to do this mangajustice...without rambling on. To be honest with you, I'm not really amanga person...much rather invest in my rapidly growing collection ofanime. Till now I've only enjoyed stuff like "Blade of the Immortal",(notthat I’m very partial to blood and gore, I just find there is somethingnostalgically poetic about that manga + brilliant art too) which I'd justborrow from my local library. Can’t think of much else other thanthat...very few of the stuff I've read recently, comes to mind now, coznon of them really sparked my interest, and most of them turned out to bea disappointing waste of money and time (like Juvenile Orion...boring orwhat!)
So it was with much hesitation that I picked this up. I had no idea if I'dlike it or not, and was just itching to waste some money on a bit ofdistraction which didn’t involve taking up days to read, like a good novelwould do (I have exams coming up). And can u guess what happened? I fellin love! The art may not be your typical manga style, but it's got a charmin its self. I know I appreciate it, and I don’t care if some of thecharacters look like each other. What matters is the fact that they haveindividual and fully developed characters. You just end up loving Ororon-the guys this charming romantic with all the coldness of the devil comingthrough. so that when he attempts to say something affectionate, thepoetry which spews from his mouth is so dark and grim, you'd think its asick joke- but the guy utters it all with a straight face and seemsgenuine, so that while you were just about to laugh, you feel touched, anddrawn to this dude, who is so artfully created. The story is great: it’sdeep, its thought-provoking, it leaves u feeling sad...and still you getthe random laugh here and there. The way it deals with Western religion,might be offensive to some, but it didn't really bother me, although I'mactually quite religious and it had all the reason to. I think this is‘coz I just saw it as one big, thought-provoking, metaphor.
...and I've gone off on one just as I though I would. ok, will go now,but YOU WILL LOVE THIS MANGA! Especially those of you who are keen on"Angel Sanctuary"...yes I was interested in that for quite a while, and amstill really drawn to Kaori Yuki's art, but this is a lot better. It’smuch more...sophisticate...and would u say...well it hasnt gotyour crazy: "she's a reincarnation of her, he's a reincarnation of her,he's a reincarnation of that and a reincarnation of this, which makes himgood and evil but for all the good reasons coz he loves her, and she's toobusy loving his enemy, who loves her brother, who in turn loves his ownsister, and hates himself, so they all angst and agst and get nowhere!" :)And any way, for some reason the angsting in this seems a lot morejustified, and easily relatable to. ...oh dear I’m doing it again, thebane of the writer, is to go off on one I’m sure. Ok. Two words: GET THIS.

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