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Logitech Wireless All in One Keyboard TK820 - UK layout
Logitech Wireless All in One Keyboard TK820 - UK layout
Price: £77.60

4.0 out of 5 stars Great idea, nearly perfect, 8 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Nicely made, with a pleasant, firm action to the keys, and a decent sized trackpad - similar in size to the Apple magic trackpad. My only issue is that the trackpad is rather close to the keys, as a result of which I found myself constantly inadvertently moving the cursor by brushing the surface of the trackpad. After a bit of familiarisation, I found that I was able to minimise this - but bearing in mind that I bought the keyboard to use in a conference room, passing it between users as needed, other users will I suspect also find this frustrating until they get used to this foible. I think Logitech would be better off reducing the already ample size of the trackpad and having more of a space between the keyboard and trackpad to minimise this problem.

eSynic HDMI to SCART Converter Composite Video HD Stereo Audio Adapter for SKY HD Blu Ray DVD APPLE TV PS3 ( With Scart Interface)
eSynic HDMI to SCART Converter Composite Video HD Stereo Audio Adapter for SKY HD Blu Ray DVD APPLE TV PS3 ( With Scart Interface)
Offered by EsynicDirect

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy and works, 12 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Needed something to convert HDMI from an Apple TV box to my old Sony 32" CRT TV. This does what it claims, image quality is a little soft, but it seems completely stable. Good value for money.

Belkin Energy Saving Smart AV Power Strip
Belkin Energy Saving Smart AV Power Strip

4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says, 16 Sept. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Powers down up to four other components when powering down a master component. I use it for switching off AV gear when powering down my TV - it works as advertised, after a slight delay. Useful for saving a few watts here or there! Build seems OK, and it is also useful to have a couple of sockets which are not controlled, given that they are at least filtered/protected - I use one for my PVR, which needs to be in standby mode when not switched on in order to wake up to record.

Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.04

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So you thought she was good at the Olympics?, 19 Feb. 2013
Millions (billions?) saw her play live at the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, and perhaps like me came away impressed.

Thanks to the wonders of Spotify, I checked out his new live album, and I can tell you that this is SO much better. If you have Spotify (or Napster or whatever) check it out before buying, but believe me if you kinda liked what you've seen so far, just buy it on spec - I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Kudos to the band too, who are extremely tight and the whole concert is beautifully paced. I just hope I can avoid the temptation to play this to death, as it is really something special.

Belkin 8 Gang Conserve Surge With Timer and 2m Cord
Belkin 8 Gang Conserve Surge With Timer and 2m Cord
Offered by total digital stores
Price: £19.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Simple but effective, 24 Aug. 2011
Bought this to replace a similar Belkin distribution strip with a dicky on/off switch. Build quality seems better than the last one thankfully! Design is intelligent, and in particular the remote switch to power off the peripherals connected to the six managed sockets (two are connected to unmanaged sockets, which are therefore powered all the time - good for routers or your PC.

The remote switch is very effective at powering down peripherals you don't need online with one easy click; interestingly, the product listed on the Belkin website has a wireless remote control, whereas mine is cabled via a mini jack. Not sure if this is a product upodate or a more expensive version - I suspect the former.

The timer function which powers devices down automatically is also good, though the elapsed time before it kicks in is perhaps rather extended - I guess it might get annoying to have it shot down components whilst you're still using them, so Belkin have obviously gone for a value that won't offend anybody. If the product could be improved, I would suggest this is where Belkin could focus their energies, by providing a switch/rheostat to offer the user various time options.

Rowenta DG8760G0 Pro Perfect Steam Generator, Anti Scale, 5 Bar
Rowenta DG8760G0 Pro Perfect Steam Generator, Anti Scale, 5 Bar

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nearly perfect, 21 July 2011
My old Philips steam generator was a revelation when I bought it six years ago after a string of steam irons that packed up in rapid succession. I loved the fact that you could get through a mountain of ironing without having to top the iron up with water every ten minutes. I also loved the fact that the steam generator would give much better results much more quickly than with a steam iron. But eventually the water hose failed and the cost of replacing it was prohibitive.

I looked at buying another Philips steam generator but was put off by the fact that the iron couldn't be placed on it's heel on a conventional ironing board stand. I then bought a Bosch steam generator, which worked just fine for precisely 45 minutes before throwing in the towel. Not impressive, and I was on the verge of ordering a Tefal steam generator when I Googled "steam generator review" and this Rowenta unit unit came up with a very favourable review. That having been said, because it is so new, there were precisely three reviews (5 star) on Amazon compared to 62 for the Tefal (4.5 stars) - so it was something of a leap of faith.

I needn't have worried. The unit seems well built - good to see it was built in Europe (France), by the way, unlike the Bosch, which was built in China. It is fast to start up (I timed it at 2 mins 20 seconds - not too far adrift of the 2 minutes claimed). I have no idea what the steam output of my old Philips was - but the Rowenta is an order of magnitude faster and more efficient. With the Philips I would have to iron shorts damp in order to get perfect results. I have just ironed some shirts with the Rowenta that were bone dry and seriously crumpled, and got perfect results. The iron is light, whilst the controls are well placed and work crisply. The sole plate is neatly shaped to get into narrow spaces, and steam is delivered right to the tip - this makes ironing around button holes much easier.

The Rowenta steam generator has a calcium collector to deal with lime deposits in the boiler, along the same lines as the Tefal steam generators. This seems a neat and efficient way of tackling the lime problem, and should help to ensure a long boiler life. This is in contrast with the rather tedious process of washing out the boiler of the Bosch steam generator.

So why nearly perfect? The only thing I could have asked for is that a locking mechanism be designed in to allow the unit to be carried securely. However, that's hardly a deal breaker, and I'm very pleased with the purchase. Interestingly, the Amazon website seems to offer this with a 3 year warranty (see the Product Features and Technical Details section) - definitely a deal maker!

Philips Dimmable Master LED GU10 7W equivalent to 50W 40 deg
Philips Dimmable Master LED GU10 7W equivalent to 50W 40 deg

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4.0 out of 5 stars Worth checking out, 7 Dec. 2009
I have been waiting for some years for LED technology to mature to the extent that the products brought to market are genuinely viable alternatives to other forms of lighting. I think the new Philips range may be sufficiently highly developed and engineered to bring LED lighting to the mass market, once prices fall - at today's prices they are still for those with the vision to invest in the long term payback that these bulbs promise. My experience with this bulb is a mixed bag. It is a very well made product, which inspires confidence. Despite being termed "Warm White", at 3000 Kelvin the light output is discernibly on the white/cold size of a halogen, but not so much that it is distracting. It certainly appears as bright as a 50W halogen, which is a first for LED bulbs. The fly in the ointment, which prevents a 5 star award? The length of the bulb means that it may not fit in all light fittings. I have 25 downlighters of the same type, and these bulbs will go in, but it is a tight fit - there is no room for the bulb retaining clip, but fortunately the bulb remains in place by friction. Oh, and after 48 hours of use, one of the four LEDS in my trial bulb has failed - so much for the 25 year life claimed by Philips on the packaging! I'll be returning this one for a refund/exchange - but I will most likely persevere, as it is probably the best LED bulb out there at the moment...though I note that Osram have just brought their LED GU10 5W lamp to market (though not yet listed on Amazon), which may also be worth a try.

Fisher-Price Precious Planets Projection Mobile
Fisher-Price Precious Planets Projection Mobile
Offered by CJ & Co.
Price: £69.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Eats batteries, but worth it!, 10 Oct. 2009
This is not an inexpensive mobile, and you'd better budget for a stack of D cell batteries, as it eats them at quite a rate of knots - a new set perhaps every 2-3 weeks - thanks to the projection function. I'm contemplating getting rechargeables, though rechargeable D cell batteries cost a king's ransom too. It might be better if this mobile were supplied with a mains transformer - but I guess that might represent a safety hazard.

The good news is that the mobile calms baby very effectively, so very useful for the bedtime routine. The peace and quiet is worth it! The mobile is cute, seems well made, and the remote is very handy if you want to fire it up from a distance, thus not betraying your presence in the room. Recommended.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Does exactly what it says on the tin, 6 Aug. 2008
Chose this router as an upgrade to my faithful Draytek, as it offers Draft n wireless speeds and is so far as I know one of only a few modem routers to offer a gigabit switch, which is important for me as I have a NAS to which I backup regularly.

The Vision NI has ticked both boxes nicely - my Dell laptop connects nicely at 100Mb/s plus, though interestingly when very close to the router the speed drops off to 802.11g speeds - still quick though. Assume you'll get about double the connect speed that you get with 802.11g.

The gigabit switch has also made a big difference to the usability of my NAS - I can now stream videos and music from the NAS that I would not have done before.

Setup was relatively painless, though BT Braodband users may be bemused by the router's insistence on having a password to connect to the ISP - by default BT Broadband Windows users do not have a password! I eventually noticed that Mac OS-X users have to type in a password (which I think from memory is BT), so I put this in and was soon in business.

I agree with earlier comments about the display - it really isn't all that useful - I tend to leave it on the clock display now - though I suppose handy for troubleshooting. I must add that the display itself is a murky unpleasant LCD of the type that first gen laptops were fitted with, with narrow viewing angles to make matters worse.

Even the case design is slightly underwhelming - the gloss black and silver finish looks great in photos, but is actually quite cheaply done, and doesn't look so good in the flesh.

But on the plus side, the setup is slick and easy, the feature set is very good, and to date I've not had any of problems reported by other users here about losing wireless connections - but then I've only had it for a week...

Samsung NV30 Digital Camera - Black (8.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5" LCD
Samsung NV30 Digital Camera - Black (8.0MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.5" LCD

10 of 20 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars This is not a 10MP Camera!, 6 Aug. 2008
Like the last comment, I too was lured by the offer of a 10MP Samsung NV30 camera - only to find on checking that it is the NV40 that has 10MP, whilst the NV30 has to get by with just 8MP. I agree this is not such a big deal, and am happy with the value the camera offers (see Trusted Reviews for an excellent and very recent review of the camera) at £90, so will be ordering one!

Though you might also like to check out the Casio EX-Z1080, which seems have been equally well reviewed (in some respects better, perticularly noise performance at higher ISO) and is physically more compact - a good thing if like me you're looking to buy a truly compact camera to use instead of hauling around the SLR. It's on Amazon at £119, but I do notice that Dixons have it listed at £94, though out of stock...

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