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USB Cooling Fan With Digital Clock For Portable Laptop, PC, Notebook ,Tablet - HK-F2027
USB Cooling Fan With Digital Clock For Portable Laptop, PC, Notebook ,Tablet - HK-F2027
Offered by Accessories Arena
Price: £4.89

4.0 out of 5 stars Hardy and powerful - but clock doesn't work on mine, 13 Aug. 2013
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Was very useful when I was staying in Madrid with 40 degrees heat. With the fan pointing at me, I could fall asleep soundly! Also it survived being transported in a suitcase and sat on once or twice.

Only issue I have is the clock and thermometer have never worked for me. The screen is just blank and I can't work out how to get it functioning.

Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)
Dance Central 3 (Xbox 360)
Offered by PROGAMES
Price: £7.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Forget Wii dance games, this is all you need, 12 Aug. 2013
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This is the best dance game on the Xbox, so forget the Just Dance series because it is a cross-platform imitation which cannot be (and in my opinion is not) as well calibrated for the Kinect as Dance Central which is designed solely for the Xbox Kinect. Before getting DC3, I had played Just Dance 4 on the Wii and although it was fun for brief periods and parties, for exercise and long-term use holding the relatively heavy Wii remote in your hand is incredibly annoying and actually restricts your movement a hell of a lot. I started dancing to songs on the Wii with no remote because I was sick of holding it and being unable to carry out the dance movements properly.

So I gave in and bought Dance Central 3 and a Kinect for my Xbox 360, and it is seriously 100x better than Just Dance on the Wii.

Firstly, the feeling of freedom from not having to hold a stupid remote in your hand as you dance makes this a much better exercise tool. You can use all your muscles and limbs in a natural way, and you aren't scared to push your self that bit harder for fear of throwing your remote at the TV screen. You can also actually dance along to the movements properly, whereas holding a remote really limits how well you can recreate the dance movements on screen.

Secondly, an important thing to recognize is that Dance Central 3 tracks your whole body movement (arms, legs, torso, head), whilst the Wii dance games only track the movement of the Wii remote which you hold in your dominant hand. This essentially means that movement of all other limbs is redundant on the Wii, and spoilt-sport players who realise this can end up scoring stupidly high scores by simply moving their arm in time to the movements. Once I sat on the couch just moving my arm along to the dance movements and got 4 stars in 3 songs.

Thirdly, from what I've played so far, DC3 it is pretty accurate with regards to tracking your body movements. If you dance perfectly to the movements, you will get 5 stars no doubt. If you dance randomly, you're lucky to get 1 star. Comparatively, if you dance perfectly to the movements on Just Dance Wii, you will find it hard to achieve 5 stars because you might be holding the remote slightly wrong, not emphasize the remote hand enough (which is the only limb that actually counts!) or be unable to carry out a dance move properly due to the restriction of holding the remote. And if you swing the Wii remote around randomly, you will more often than not end up with 3 or 4 stars. In other words, Dance Central 3 on the Xbox 360 does a much better job at separating out the bad dancers from the good dancers.

Even if you are really bad at following dance movements, this game will still get you moving about because it has multiple difficulty levels for every song. The beginner mode is very good for people who are poor dancers but want to exercise whilst learning some dance movements, as it repeats the same dance movements multiple times giving you ample attempts to learn the movements and practice them. There is also a special fitness section of the game which I haven't tried yet.

I would highly recommend this for people who are fans of pop songs and want to do some casual fun exercise.

Sony RDPX30IP.CEK Speaker Dock for iPod or iPhone Media Playback (30 pin compatible)
Sony RDPX30IP.CEK Speaker Dock for iPod or iPhone Media Playback (30 pin compatible)

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2.0 out of 5 stars Compared to old Bose Wave, gives a small tinny unpleasant sound, 12 Aug. 2013
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For the price and brand, would have expected more. Compared to an old (around 1998 or 2000) Bose Wave Radio I used to use in my bedroom, this just sounds so much less impressive. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but the sound doesn't seem to project as much, and when you turn it up you just want to turn it back down again because it increases the volume of all the nastiest sounds in song tracks. With my old Bose, you feel like you are right next to it even if you are a couple of metres away because the sound is so rich and well-projected, but with this Sony speaker you can clearly tell that the tinny sound is coming from over by the wall. I tried putting this and my old Bose next to each other, and the Bose sounds just so much nicer for the vast majority of songs. This Sony speaker picks up all the distortions in the audio tracks, and in the songs nowadays which are full of lots of electronic sounds they sound horrible on this speaker, just tinny and static-like.

Overall disappointment, makes me feel like build quality in speakers is one thing that has just got worse over the years. All the focus is on iPod docking or wi-fi playback, when really all you need is a good sounding speaker and an audio-in cable and you are set.
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Hush Puppies Ceylon, Women's Sandals
Hush Puppies Ceylon, Women's Sandals
Price: £44.00 - £57.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars Either fake or seconds, 10 Jun. 2013
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After purchasing these shoes for £50 in a well-known high-street shoe shop, I saw they were much cheaper on Amazon (£23 reduced from the RRP of £55). Naturally, I decided to purchase them from Amazon, with the plan to return the first pair to the shop. I purchased the shoes direct from Amazon EU S.a.r.L. which I assumed meant they could not be fakes. However, upon receiving the shoes, I was very disappointed. Visually, they looked almost identical (with slightly different coloring). However, they felt completely different on. The insole of the first pair I bought from the high-street shop feel very cushioned to the touch, like walking on clouds. Whilst the Amazon pair have barely no cushioning whatsoever - they feel hard and flat. I blind-tested other people, and they immediately could feel the difference.

Obviously I understand that no two pairs of shoes are identical, but the extreme difference in quality is just unacceptable for two pairs of shoes being marked as the same product. Irrespective of the price difference, the Amazon shoes were marked as being reduced from £55, so one would expect the same quality.

Either Amazon is selling fake pairs of Hush Puppies, or they are selling seconds. It really makes you wary about purchasing things on Amazon, since you may be unknowingly getting a lower-quality product than on the high-street - I only knew because I had a high-street pair to compare to.
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20 Pairs of Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs
20 Pairs of Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs
Offered by Rubber Soul Healthcare
Price: £2.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect (for my ears at least), 22 Dec. 2012
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I think with ear plugs you just have to try out what works best for you, as everyone has different ear canal size/shape. I didn't think I'd be able to get good ear plugs as cheap as this (2.75 for 20 pairs works out at a meagre 14p a pair), previously I have bought the Ohropax but these are just SO much cheaper and actually feel more comfortable (they are softer than the Ohropax).

I mainly use ear plugs because I am a very light sleeper and get woken up by my family making noise in the morning. I also use ear plugs to help me concentrate on work as I get distracted by people talking around me or intermittent noises. These do the job and stop me going insane.

One Direction Official Calendar 2013
One Direction Official Calendar 2013
by Danilo
Edition: Calendar
Price: £7.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Too much airbrushing, 22 Dec. 2012
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I bought this calender for a laugh, and I can imagine it would be good for big One Direction fans, preferably those under the age of 13 since every single photo is completely wholesome and inoffensive. I was slightly disappointed with the photo selection, as I don't think they chose very interesting photos (they are all very similar that I could have sworn they repeated the same photo twice). But the worst thing about the photographs in my opinion is the level of airbrushing, particularly on their skin making them look very alien/doll like. It would have been nice to have higher quality photographs without the unnecessary airbrushing.

The Tree of Life [DVD]
The Tree of Life [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brad Pitt
Price: £3.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars A glorified nature documentary, 24 May 2012
This review is from: The Tree of Life [DVD] (DVD)
Lucid, ethereal nonsense, "deep" questions ("What are you?" "Where are you?" "Why has this happened?" etc) spoken over archive footage of trees, animals and CGI-dinosaurs. I was half-expecting David Attenborough to pop up at any minute. I was seriously contemplating the possibility that either I was watching the wrong movie, or this was just a parody of a movie trying to be deep and meaningful, and failing miserably.

I admit, the footage was nice, but if I wanted to see panoramic views of the Earth I would just watch Planet Earth, or another nature documentary. And sure, I got the metaphorical imagery; the link between the life & death of a human family, and the life & death of animals, entire species, the Earth and ultimately the Universe, and whether there is some meaning behind it all. But other than this wishy-washy metaphor, the movie was essentially just various pretty footage mashed together. I'm sure many people have spent hours pondering the imagery in this movie, but tbh you can analyse anything and find some deep imagery within it.

I naively assumed The Tree of Life was a drama about a family. This is certainly what the synopsis and advertising suggests: "A family with three boys in the 1950s. The eldest son witnesses the loss of innocence.", no mention of Jurassic Park dinosaurs, footage of volcanoes erupting, star nebula and whathaveyou.

I have only watched the first half of the film, because I couldn't take any more of it. I shall watch the rest at some point, and maybe the link between the seemingly random nature footage and the family will become more clear. Probably not though.

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