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Black Lies
Black Lies
Price: £3.23

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4.0 out of 5 stars I freaking knew it!!!, 18 May 2015
This review is from: Black Lies (Kindle Edition)
Black Lies....

So. This book. I liked it. I didn't love it. I can see how so many would give it 5 stars, but unfortunately I had the twist figured out very early on So everything just felt predictable
That being said, it was a quick, fast-paced, steamy read. It was well written and completley different from other books out there

Worth a read!!

Fear You (Broken Love Book 2)
Fear You (Broken Love Book 2)
Price: £2.06

5.0 out of 5 stars OMG!! DAMN!! AMAZING!! IM OBSESSED!!!!!, 14 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fear You...

OMG!!!! A M A Z I N G !!!!! DAMN!! OMG!

Fear You is book two in the Broken Love series and is the continuation to the story of Keiran and Lake...

First off I have to say that this book picks right up from where we all left off in Fear Me (book 1) This one is mostly told from Kieran pov..

OMG This book was one intense freakin ride! I adored Fear Me and let me say Fear You.. did NOT disappoint, not in the slightest, absolutley LOVED IT!!
Kieran Masters is one dark, sexy, dominant, possesive God! MY GOD!! I LOVED HIM, Im so obsessed with him, this book, this series, WOW
I also loved how confident, and independent Lake has become in this one, She's grown up she is stronger and is going to prove to everyone including Kieran that she isn't going to be bullied anymore, she's not taking it lying down (*pun intended*)
And we finally get all of them lingering questions answered as Kieran's past and childhood memories are laid bare.
Best book series EVER and Kieran Masters is now my number 1 book boyfriend!!

I can't wait for Fear Us to come out now! I need to learn more about Keenan and Sheldon! and i hope to god that we get more from Kieran and Lake.

Hearts of Fire (Hearts Series Book 2)
Hearts of Fire (Hearts Series Book 2)
Price: £2.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Spektakular Hell Fire..., 13 May 2015
Hearts of fire...

This is Jack and Lille's story..
Jack is the long lost dead brother of Jay Fields from the book...six of hearts

Artist, Lille is a 21 year old woman who is fed up with being under the thumb of her controlling mother. Told what to do, how to behave,what to eat and where to go to Uni. She is a dreamer who just wants to live a life full of colour and when she is given the opportunity to leave and travel to France with the circus she grabs it with both hands and decides to take a chance.
Her only hesitation is the broody Fire Eater and knife thrower Jack McCabe. He has made it quite clear that he is not happy that she is tagging along. He warns her that she would be safer to stay at home and more specifically, far away from him.
Jack McCabe, however, is unable to take his own advise and strikes up a friendship with the beautiful Lille that results in a passionate relationship.
I fell head over heels in love with Jack, on one hand he was a sweet, gentle, mysterious kind hearted soul, and on the other he was a gruff sexy alpha male with a secret fetish. God I luuurvvvved him
This book wow....Loved, loved it, it was damn Spektakular
Cant wait to read King's book (book 3), he's the lonely alcoholic brother of the circus ring-mistress and it sounds very intriguing.

Six of Hearts (Hearts Series Book 1)
Six of Hearts (Hearts Series Book 1)
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Six of MAGICAL hearts..., 13 May 2015
Six of Hearts...

Matilda doesn't have a great history with men, anything more than friends doesn't seem to work out for her. She's scarred, both physically and emotionally from a viscous attack what happened in her childhood, but despite her history and insecurities, she has an incredible positive outlook. She's strong, determined to succeed in all areas of her life, and Matilda is a lady who affects Jay Fields, like no one ever has.
Illusionist Jay is a little older. He ends up living with Matilda and her dad. His plan is to persuade Matilda's (lawyer) father to take on a lawsuit for him. He's confident and charismatic with masses of sex appeal. He's a smooth talker and a showman.
He never gives too much away...
His main focus is revenge for his 6 of hearts...

This book...It was amazing!!!I loved every part of this!!! The story, the characters...everything was fantastic!!
Jay...stole my heart...I couldn't get enough of him.!! OMG this man...I have finished the book and I'm still thinking of him..This book was mesmerizing, steamy, magical and romantic...Exactly what I needed!!!

Loved it..and i've just seen there is a second book..(Jack....Jay dead brother) oooooh gotta get my paws on this!!

Taking the Fall: Vol 3
Taking the Fall: Vol 3

4.0 out of 5 stars Fun, Quick, Possessive read!!, 11 May 2015
Taking the fall...volume 3

Conclusion of Carter and Cherry/Layla's story..

Picking up immediately following the dramatic ending of book 2 (Taking the Fall: Vol 2) we finally get to see the show down between the bad guys (Layla's father) and the good guys (Carter and Saint)

This book has a HEA and ties up most loose ends with an endearing epilogue.
The sneak peek of book 4 (Falling In: Vol 4) gives us an insight into Jeannette/Mama and Saints story (and I will be reading that!!)

Hate F*@k: part three (Hate Fuck Book 3)
Hate F*@k: part three (Hate Fuck Book 3)

4.0 out of 5 stars The conclusion of Cole and Haileys story!!, 11 May 2015
Hate F*@k...part 3..

The final instalment of Cole and Hailey’s story

This instalment picks up right after the end of Hate F@#k: Part Two.
It doesn't take long for Cole to figure out that something is off when Hailey doesn't return right away. He goes right into Horus Group mode. He knows what's happened and is determined to get his girl back.
When Hailey wakes up, she's freaked at the state of things. But she knows that Cole will come for her. She just has to try stall things as long as possible. When she has to take things into her own hands it effects her more than anyone could know!!
Once back in Washington, Hailey and Cole's relationship moves fast. He will do anything to protect her, even if that means hurting members of her family.

What a great book and series and I am looking forward to more of the Horus group.

Hate F*@k: part two: romantic suspense serial (Hate Fuck Book 2)
Hate F*@k: part two: romantic suspense serial (Hate Fuck Book 2)

4.0 out of 5 stars "We're Not F*@king Done", 8 May 2015
Hate F*@K...part 2...
This book takes place right where the first book ends. Hailey doesn't want to believe that Cole would use her as an alibi, but she goes to The Horus Group offices anyway in order to give Cole an alibi.. When Cole declines Hailey's offer, this starts a new chapter in their relationship.
Though Hailey believes this won't last with Cole. She's willing to ride the wave for however long it lasts, Knowing that he's ruined her for any other man.
Cole has no intention of letting Hailey go, not ever,(he knows he's no good for her.) but he claimed her as his anyway.
He's trying to change and finds himself rushing to get what needs to be done and completed in order for him to have a clear conscience and more time with Hailey.
But did they move too fast... ?

oh heck...
onto book 3

Hate F*@k:part one: romantic suspense serial (Hate Fuck Book 1)
Hate F*@k:part one: romantic suspense serial (Hate Fuck Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars 4 **** Cole Parker stars ****, 7 May 2015
Hate F*@k..part 1...

Hailey Reid...daughter and part of the Reid socialite family that attract the paparazzi like bees to honey...
Hailey wants no part of this. Moving away and making a life for herself out of the spotlight. Unfortunately because of the scandal that surrounds her family once again she gets pulled back in.That's where Cole Parker comes in.
Cole Parker ex Navy Seal and now employed by the security firm The Horus Group, Is now assigned by Hailey's father to look after her.
Hailey is attracted to Cole. Knowing nothing about him, his life or his job but thinking that she is bound to get hurt somewhere along the line she is still willing for that one time only with him..
Cole, wants her like he has never wanted anyone so much. He knows he can't go there, he'll hurt her. He's bad, dangerous but everything flies out of the window when it comes to Hailey.

The plot was just beginning to unfold .. and HOLY CLIFFHANGER.....onto book 2

Bound By Hatred (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Book 3)
Bound By Hatred (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Book 3)
Price: £2.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Explosive, 5 May 2015
Bound by hatred....

Matteo and Gianna story

Gianna Scuderi always wanted to live a normal life, but growing up the way she has, it feels like that it could never happen. She meets Matteo-the blade- Vitiello when his older brother Luca comes to marry her older sister Aria.
For Matteo there is just something about Gianna the sexy redhead that he just can't seem to forget about. Eventually after a few more family meetings he decides that he wants to marry her and make her his, but before he gets the chance to walk her down the isle she runs away from the Famillia with her help of her sister
For a few months she enjoys backpacking around Europe and living a free life but Matteo is a predator and he is out to catch his prey...
Eventually her past catches up with her and it isn't pretty when it does. Even though Matteo catches her with another man, he still wants her and is still set out to marry her. After their wedding Matteo and Gianna have a lot of ups and downs and a whole lot of explosive fights but there are moments when they put it all aside and actually get along and start to bond. There is a thin line between love and hate after all

Matteo, Matteo, Matteo....I Loved him. and all his knife Crazy-Ness.

This book was a solid 5 stars read for me. I couldn't put it down once I started it. Loved it!
cant wait to read more instalments

Taking the Fall: Vol 2
Taking the Fall: Vol 2

4.0 out of 5 stars OTT Alpha ride!!, 5 May 2015
Taking the fall...volume 2

Picking up where book one left off, things are much different, It's been months since Cherry has heard from Carter. She doesn't knew where he is and her life has drastically changed.
She is trying to move on, But something happens and Carter comes back with a bang to claim her for good
Cherry is in danger and Carter wants to keep her safe.
Get ready for a OTT alpha ride that will leave with one hell of a cliff hanger.

Carter and Cherry were hotter than ever in this book.
They are SMOKIN!!
I can't wait for more of them in the next instalment

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