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Unattainable (Undeniable Book 3)
Unattainable (Undeniable Book 3)
Price: 2.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVED IT! cage is super hot but DEUCE is still my number 1, 19 Feb 2014
Unattainable (undeniable #3)
Just WOW Madeline did it again
This is cage and Tegan story (deuce son and Dorothy daughter)and its entwined with dirty and ellie story too.
Cage and tegan grew up together tegan had loved cage since she was 8 years old she idolized him. After Giving him her virginity at 16 cage did the unthinkable and stomped all over her heart by saying it wasn't like that for him she vowed never to let him hurt her like that again.
She went off to college and transformed into one bad ass chick what didn't take no rubbish from anyone. Then she came back and when cage met her let's just say
Fireworks abrubted...
Cage is one super duper HOT biker dude i instantly fell in love with him and tegan well tegan has got to be my favourite old lady of them all loved her
Dirtys story is something different its very traumatic and disturbing to say the least but really grips at your heart strings. Once you pull back all the grime there is something just beautiful. (But can dirty let ellie get close?)
Deuce my Prez is back! I love deuce and with the 3 books I'm afraid he's still my number 1.

If you loved undeniable and unbeautifully then you will love unattainable for sure but be warned it's not your typical love story this is once again edgy gritty raw dark and addictive as hell
I ABSOLUTELY loved it.

Can't wait to read book 4...unbeloved and book 5...undying, I just hope that zz will finally Get his girl....
Would recommend

Knight's Mistress (Knight Trilogy)
Knight's Mistress (Knight Trilogy)
Price: 2.06

4.0 out of 5 stars Alpha male alert!!!!, 13 Feb 2014
Knights mistress (all he wants:all or nothing trilogy) book 1

This book was super duper hotttttttt.
My God Dominic knight is hot with a capital H.
Dominic is a self made billionaire what sets his sights on the lovely Katherine Hart who comes to work for him at his company,their chemistry is sizzling.
she's cautious. He wants her....and he ALWAYS gets what he wants! Ah

It's another hot sexy read.
It's very similar to the 50 shades trilogy,the crossfire series,the after dark series and the stark trilogy so if you loved them books you will love this for sure!!
I actually really enjoyed this book even though it was very predictable (well for me) it was
But come on ladies we all know the
A gorgeous rich CEO billionaire controlling possessive alpha male meets young beautiful charismatic girl with whom he becomes obsessed with her,her then giving in to every wimp and with off the chart steamy BDSM sexy scenes..
Sound familiar?
But nevertheless still a hot little number. So why not give if a go!!

I will definitely be reading book 2 knights game and book 3 knight takes queen.

Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers Book 1)
Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers Book 1)
Price: 1.82

5.0 out of 5 stars A BLOCKBUSTER!!!, 12 Feb 2014
Killing sarai....was a outstanding book.
I'm Totally stunned
It's very very different to the edge of never (by the same author) so like me and are expecting it to be similar you will be shocked. It's nothing like.
It's not a love story it's about survival of one women sarai and her captour/protector Victor what are thrown together.

It's dark unnerving and gripping as hell
You will absolutely hate Victor to then loving him. sarai well she is just magnificent.
Your just dying for them to fall in love and for it to be the ultimate love story
Wasn't expecting the ending though.
I can't wait to read the second book reviving Isabel.

Raid (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 3)
Raid (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 3)
Price: 2.44

4.0 out of 5 stars Raid is hot!!, 5 Feb 2014
Raid (unfinished hero #3)....
Well another hot sex fuelled delicious alpha male book from Kristen Ashley.
Yes raid was hot.
Raid is a sexy marine turned bounty hunter with a body any woman would die for, he sets his sights on the lovely geeky Hanna (she's been in love with raiden/raid since a little girl) and they both begin a hot passionate affair with some smoking sexy scenes.
I actually loved Hanna she made me really laugh out loud and loved the witty grandma too.
It's another great book from K A but if I'm honest there was a little something missing for me (ans the 4 stars) I can't put my finger on what it was though
For me it was no knight or creed for that matter but It was still a lovely read and worth a go!!

Price: 2.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars STOP what you are doing....and read this NOW!!, 5 Feb 2014
This review is from: RAW (Kindle Edition)
Belle you can't end it like that! Seriously
Is there going to be a sequal??
Please say there's going to be a sequal.
I need a sequal.

Is just that,raw,dark gritty,disturbing and sexy as hell.

Ok so we have the lovely beautiful lexi who is a caseworker (social worker) she is the kindest loveliest girl you could wish to meet (loved her).
She's been followed/stalked by a hooded figure in the shadows, she knows he's there but still doesn't do anything about it that is until one night she's getting out her car when she is grabbed by an attacker who is intending to rape her then suddenly her stalker comes out of the shadows to rescue her and beats the guy to a pulp.
She knows it's wrong but she wants him to stay the night with her she feels safe protected. But he's been watching her! Why??
Twitch the stalker does want something from lexi. What is it??

I'd say that Lexi and twitch begin a passionate love affair but there's no passion about it, it's cold,cruel perversed,RAW and I'm ashamed to say this....freaking hot too.
There's something strange,weird about twitch what is he hiding from lexi??
(I will say the prologue plays a important part)
Unconventional love story is not the word for this book I really hated twitch but ashamingly absolutely loved him.
But be prepared guys the epilogue leaves us all dangling.
I'm not mad much haha
Again belle will there be a sequal??
What a head trip that book was but loved it one of my best books I've read.
OMG I'm consumed
Read it NOW!!

Creed (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 2)
Creed (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 2)
Price: 2.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Heart wrenching and raw., 28 Jan 2014
Ah what a book....
creed (the unfinished hero series #2)
Erm i Wasn't expecting that I'm actually stunned.
Read the 1st book KNIGHT loved it loved how hot he was the possessive alpha male what I love so much,thought this would be on similar lines
Oh no this is nothing like it, this is actually a beautiful raw and heartbreaking story what made me cry my damn eyes out.
Seriously big ugly tears sobs the lot...

I absolutely loved Sylvie,what a women.
Anyay creed is about Sylvie and creed (Tucker) what meet as children they both have traumatic childhoods And they form a bond over the years what gradually grows into love. As they plan to escape their horrible lives together on sylvies 18th birthday and plan to start a fresh,creed does the ultimate betrayal and never shows up he just leaves her dangling with no word or nothing.
Fast forward 16 years and Sylvie has grown into a one bad ass chick what takes no rubbish from anyone and can bring many men to their knees.
And without no warning creed Is back!
Shes shocked and confused when creed enters her life again. Why?
She doesn't want to know but as you can gather that doesn't last long and are both In each other's arms having wild off the chart sex (let me tell you that was hot hot hot) but in order for them to move forward they have to revisit their past.
Let me tell you it is gut wrenching what they both have gone through,seriously
What a writer miss Ashley is.
Can't wait to read number 3!!!

Knight (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 1)
Knight (The Unfinished Hero Series Book 1)
Price: 2.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars SWEET BABY JESUS!!!, 27 Jan 2014
Knight (the unfinished hero series)......
Is one hell of a freaking book.
Seriously what have I been missing out on with miss ashleys books??
From time to time I've come across her books and had just added them to my read list with the intention of reading them laters. This book come up and thought why not!
Why not indeed
Well first off I'm not going to apologize to you about my rambling. This book was freaking hot. So hot in fact my kindle did burn my fingers seriously...
I love a possessive male more possessive the better actually and knight is just that he ticked all of my boxes (he's a mixture of Jesse ward and Christian grey) oooooooh delicious.
I'm not going to go into the story because it's very similar to the others out there you know the ones, miss sweet innocent girl (ANYA) meets domineering possessive hot alpha male (KNIGHT) falls in love,the hot stuff telling her how to run her life and with off the chart HOT sex.
You know the books,yes.
Knight as just blown my socks off!!
Let me tell you guys my belly was doing belly flips through out this book and I'm going to read book 2...creed then book of the unfinished hero series and then I'm going to read the rest of kristen ashleys books.
Loved it!!
Stop what you are doing now and read it!!

A Reason To Breathe (Reason Series Book 1)
A Reason To Breathe (Reason Series Book 1)
Price: 1.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping is not the word...., 27 Jan 2014
Wow what a fantastic book that was!
A reason to breathe.....
It's got everything you could ever want from a book and more it's filled with suspense,terror and has got one HOT sexy possessive alpha male.
OMG Jack Gunninson the hot sheriff the playboy who won't tie down for anyone his job means everything. That is until he meets the sexy tenuous Jenn (Jennifer) who has just moved up to the mountains 4 months earlier.

Jennifer Stewart has moved to Colorado to pursue her career in being a reporter. She decided to up sticks and move there after her high school sweetheart husband had been killed by a drunk driver and her daughter had moved away to college
After grieving she decided to move on.
This brings us to the mountains and the sexy sheriff (JUST JACK) ah
There's a murder scene what Jack is attending to. Jenn arrives to report and the fireworks commense.
It's told from jenn and Jack perspective ooooh and bits from the killer too(ah that's got your attention?)
Yes there is a killer on the loose who has got one sexy brown haired brown eyed reporter in his have many more.
Who could it be and what does he want from her?
Can the sheriff save her from this killer and make her his!!
This book is gripping,suspenseful, It's hot and definitely sexy and worth anybody's time!

Once you have it all worked out who the killer is and are getting towards the happy ever after thinking it's over
BAMM it's starts all over again--yep is someone else out there lurking in the shadows.
Can Jack save her a second time??
What a great book,had me totally gripped and will read more this author.
Loved it!!

A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful 3)
A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful 3)
Price: 5.31

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dont understand the haters....., 16 Jan 2014
I thought it was fricking great myself..
Maybe a bit too short but nevertheless still another fantastic read from jamie.
Looking up this book I read alot of disappointed reviews but because I loved the previous 2 books I thought I'd give it a go anyway and I can honestly say I don't understand the haters!!

A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING (is a short novella to beautiful and walking disaster) is a beautiful ending to Travis and Abby love affair and I'm glad I read it.
So if you have read BD and WD I would advise you to read this short novella and get your fill of Travis Maddox again ahhhhh
4 and half stars
Would recommend...

Remy (The REAL series)
Remy (The REAL series)
Price: 4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A is for alpha, M is for male = REMINGTON TATE, 15 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Oh my God
Sweet Jesus
This book

Remy (the real series) #3


Remy is back with his perspective of the two books together (real and mine) and if you can really believe it it's even hotter and better.
Loved it loved it loved it
What more can I say?
Katy if your reading this.... The Remy and Brooke trilogy was super duper fantastic and HOT as fire
Addictive is not thee word.
Just wish it wasn't the end of Remy and Brooke.

But do not fear.....Katy is back "with rouge (the real series) #4
It's melanies story (Brookes crazy friend) and her new love interest.
Can it be just as exciting?
Yep can't wait to read it
Would recommend this book

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