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Blyssful Lies
Blyssful Lies
Price: £2.63

5.0 out of 5 stars BLYSS-TASTIC!!, 24 Dec 2014
This review is from: Blyssful Lies (Kindle Edition)

WOW! JC has done it again.

Sweet baby jesus this book sure took me for a spin, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride going higher and higher. It was nothing but intense, drama, suspenseful, lies, lies and more lies. It was riveting and it just keeps you hooked at the edge of your seat -- hot damn!

Poor Julianna is being held captive by Nick whom is completely utterly obsessed with her
Travis is Nick's right hand man, but the only problem is that Travis has fallen for Julianna too
Will Travis rescue Julianna?
Is he willing to risk both their lives?

We start off with Nick's POV and are introduced to a side of Nick that is rather unexpected. Who knew that someone so sadistic could have such an amazingly sweet and loving side? He is practically the reason Stockholm Syndrome exists.
We also get to see more of the beautiful Travis that was only hinted at in the first book. However,it is such a surprise that even Travis shocks himself.

What happens when you fall for someone your not supposed to love ..
What happens when this girl is the "bosses" property ?
What happens when the boss goes too far and you can't see her hurt and broken down anymore?
On the run ... Amnesia ... Falling in love ...
..You get one heck of a story!!!

AND Talk about a major cliff hanger at the end AGAIN -- it makes you want to scream and tear your damn hair out --

I SERIOUSLY, ABSOLUTLEY NEED BOOK 3... LIKE NOW...this minute, this second grrrrrrrrrrrr (when will this be out JC??)

If you loved the first one then you will freaking love this one too so stop what you are doing and click to buy...RIGHT NOW!!

BLYSS: The Blyss Trilogy
BLYSS: The Blyss Trilogy
Price: £0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars BLYSSFULLY MAGNIFICENT..., 19 Dec 2014


I can't stop saying it!!! O-M-G!!!!!

First let me say, this was a fanfreakingtastic book

Poor Julianne was kidnapped and taken away from everyone she loves. She comes from a powerful family and when a business deal goes the wrong way, Julianne/jules is caught right up in it.
Forced into a world she doesn't know. She's feisty, driven and she won't go down without a fight that's for sure. Her attitude might get in her trouble, or it may just save her life.

Nick who is the "Boss" has been overly obsessed with Julianna for years and has wanted to make her his for 7 long years. (and now it is the time to claim what is his)
He is selfish and egoistical with his own form of twisted but One thing is for sure he has totally underestimated juliannes resilience.
Then you have Travis, Nick's partner who is the "Trainer". He seems the complete opposite of Nick. He is kind and caring to Julianne. Gorgeous, charming, HOT Alpha Male and he seems as if he cares of Julianne
but does he really? Is that the real Travis?

You really should hate both Nick and Travis, but you can't. It's like your mind is saying WTF why do I like either of these guys, but you will and you won't be able to stop it so don't bother trying!

Can Julianne hold on to her sanity long enough to stay alive? Can she help but not fall for one of these boys?

This book has some very hot scenes, but some having you gripping your kindle so hard because they are super duper jaw dropping hold on tight scenes.

This book has got to be one of the best reads this year freaking loved it!!!!!

and going to devour book 2..bylessful lies right now..whooo

Wallbanger (The Cocktail Series Book 1)
Wallbanger (The Cocktail Series Book 1)
Price: £3.99

3.0 out of 5 stars I wanted to bang head against the wall, 15 Dec 2014

I really enjoyed the opening of this book, and was looking forward to a great read.
Oh, it started off so funny and original. The 'Wallbanger'jokes were cute. Simon was such a mystery, and Caroline was a person I would love to hang with if she was a real person. Her conversations with her cat had me laughing out loud (love a bit of clive). When Simon and her finally met, the banter was so well done.
The story stayed on pace for a while, but around the halfway mark it got a little stupid In the quest for friendship with Simon, Caroline got a bit whiney and started playing head games. The banter got a bit over the top.
For me then the story got really farcical, Caroline started to really rub me wrong way She was turning a bit too desperate for my tastes and the delusions dancing in her head were no longer entertaining. I no longer wanted to hang with her
and I just wanted to bang my head against the wall haha
so overall I was disappointed with this read

Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack)
Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack)
Price: £3.49

5.0 out of 5 stars OH HOLYNESS...MOTHER OF GOD!!!, 11 Dec 2014

Ok before I begin my review
you ask did I read the infamous orgy scene what has since been edited?? The answer is...God damn yes I did
and let me tell you something else it is ABSOLUTLEY scorching panting red HAWT (but be warned though you may need your boyfriend/husband/B.O.B at the side of you when you do) lol

Taryn warner is a latent wolf and a alpha female
The story begins where she wakes up in a strange place on differnet sheets in a different bedroom in what seems like is a cave she realises that something is a miss and she isn't where she is suppose to be. She then finds out that an Alpha from another wolf pack has kidnapped her to talk about a deal.Taryn is an alpha female so she isn't afraid of Trey but she is intrigued by him and her wolf is very attracted to him.
Trey coleman is known as one of the most feared Alpha around, when he is in wolf form and in a battle he goes feral and kills anything in sight.
Taryn needs to take this deal, she has no choice other than to be mated off with a sick and twisted alpha who only wants to hurt her. Her father is a very mean man with lots of alliances to other packs and that's what Trey wants, no needs. Trey's Uncle from his old pack wants to merge packs with Trey but he is against this as his Uncle taunted him and helped him be banished when he was a young boy. So in order for Trey to beat his Uncle in a battle he needs more alliances and that is why he needs Taryn to mate with him so When Taryn mates with Trey, he can have her father's alliance and all his alliances as well.
so a win win situation really, They both agree

Taryn and Trey start the role play in a club where everyone can see them. They act out meeting for the first time and becoming true mates, both Trey and Taryn know it's fake but still to complete the mating they need to be intimate. The human sides of them know this is fake but their wolves do not and their insticts are to own, possess, protect and claim
As they start to spend more and more time together Trey and Taryn's feelings for each other start to grow and they both try their hardest to fight what is happening to them. But it's something that can't be fought its destiny.

Trey... Is crazy possessive, protective, sweet, strong alpha male and my god HOT,HOT,HOT

Taryn... GIRL CRUSH!!! She is feisty, strong, sweet and sarcastic. She may be a small but she can hold her own in words and actions!
Loved all of the wolves in the pack and the banter between taryn and greta (Trey gran) is just hilarious
This story is steamy, red hot and full of alpha men.
I mean what more could you want?

..Back to orgy scene I do understand why it was later edited because it just doesnt make sense "why would Trey let others touch her when he was so possessive of her? yeah didn't get that at all but needless to say im soo not sorry I read the original version
deary deary me..

oh god just thought what will I read now?? this is going to be so hard to follow

Would recommend for sure but be warned DONT BURN YOURSELF!!!

You Were Mine
You Were Mine
Price: £2.62

4.0 out of 5 stars second chances!!!, 8 Dec 2014
This review is from: You Were Mine (Kindle Edition)
you were mine..

Tripp and Bethy were in love once... until Tripp ran away, trying to free himself for a future imposed by his parents that he knew that would never make him happy. He leaves Bethy behind without telling her anything... hoping to one day returning to her.
Bethy was left broken hearted and a lost pregnancy. But she finally moved on and fell in love with Jace, Tripp's cousin. Tripp always wanted her but he would never get in the way of her and Jace, But now Jace's gone, died saving Bethy's life and she is now broken and a shadow of what she used to be.
Tripp now decides to heal her again...
Is there any hope of second chances??

I wasn't sure how to feel about this one at first I was torn because I loved Tripp throughout the series and in the beginning I loved the broken girl who befriended Blair.
As the series progressed though Bethy just continued to wear on me and then with Jace's death I was at my breaking point.

However I am a huge fan of Abbis and I have to read all her rosemary series books up to now so I just had to read this
and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest
loved it

cant wait to read the next installments
read it!!

Worth the Chance (MMA Fighter Series Book 2)
Worth the Chance (MMA Fighter Series Book 2)
Price: £2.45

4.0 out of 5 stars possessivly good, 7 Dec 2014

Seven years ago Liv and Vince were friends in high-school.She was the tutor and he was the person she was helping. They were completely opposites, Liv being a shy bookworm and Vince being the popular and sexy troublemaker. They ended up being friends and feeling... more. Until everything went wrong and they never see each other again.
Now, seven years after, not much has really changed. Liv is now a journalist and still shy. Vince is now a MMA fighter, still sexy, still a troublemaker and still a playboy. Life brings them together again when Liv has to do an article about him, but this time, Vince is not willing to let her go.
But Vince's past (and present) still messes with him, and Liv has some secrets of her own that may put them in trouble after.

would recommend

Jaked: A New Adult Romance
Jaked: A New Adult Romance
Price: £2.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars well ive been well and truly JAKED...., 4 Dec 2014

This one a little bit too hard to review actually..
Because if I'm honest I still don't really know what ITS about haha

All I know is that I love Jake and I want to read more of him

Bring on book 2!!

Would recommend x

the Fight (the Fight Series Book 1)
the Fight (the Fight Series Book 1)
Price: £0.77

3.0 out of 5 stars Too damn short!!, 4 Dec 2014

Ok so I'm not a happy bunny at the moment...

That's not cause this book isn't great no it's cause its too damn short.
It's hot sexy and filled with anticipation...
But just when you think we going somewhere
BAMM it's ended
Nooooooooooooooo you can't do this???
No way
I need book 2 like NOW!!

The Sweet Gum Tree
The Sweet Gum Tree
Price: £0.39

4.0 out of 5 stars Gut wrenchingly good, 4 Dec 2014


Alix French and Nick Anderson both grew up in the same small town. They meet when Alix is 8 and Nick is 10. Alix comes from a good family. She lives with her grandfather `Judge', her mama and her two aunts. Nick doesn't have the same home life. He lives with his drunk father, who runs the junkyard and is abusive to him. He doesn't have too many friends, and Alix decides to befriend him. A beautiful friendship between the two of them begins. Nick and Alix grow up together. Nick becomes part of the family to the other French's. He often stays in the spare room of their barn when his dad is particularly nasty. As they grow up and get older, the feelings the two of them have start to go past friendship. They develop real feelings for one another. Nick never feels good enough for Alix. It's a hurdle for their relationship.
Nick and Alix start to fall in love. They date `secretly'. Alix is technically seeing a guy who her mama wants her with, but she doesn't love Hugh. She only cares about him like a friend. Nick's the only man she has ever wanted. She wants to break up with Hugh, but things are complicated with her and Nick.
Nick has a neighbour named Lindsey he is particularly close to. He has been like a big brother to her, and she needs his help. That is why Nick and Alix's relationship has to be a secret. This goes on for months. Finally, Alix makes Nick chose. He of course, chooses her.
The morning they are going to come clean with her family about their relationship, she finds out something shocking. Nick's father Frank has been murdered. And Nick is in jail. It looks as though it was self defence, so they give Nick a choice to leave town and join the Army. He takes it. This devastates Alix.
Many heartbreaking things happen from here...
Alix finds herself pregnant with Nick's baby. She is only 18 and getting ready to graduate high school
Hugh, the guy she has been seeing finds out all about Nick and wants to marry her anyway. Because of the circumstances and Nick telling her he's never coming back and to move on- she agrees
Something devastating happens to Alix that year. Her baby, Katie, dies of SIDS at 6 months old
She never gets past it. She is in a loveless marriage for 15 years before she decides enough is enough and files for divorce. She works hard at her company, her job is her life. Her family and friends are worried.
Right before her divorce is final she see's him. Nick Anderson is BACK in town. He brings her back to life, but not in the way you imagine. She blames Nick, hates him for what he did. Especially now that he has brought a son with him. A son that would be the same age as her daughter and looks a lot like Katie Its too much for Alix
Nick can't explain everything quite yet, but he tries to get through to Alix. He loves her, he's never stopped loving her and he wants to be with her.
It takes a lot of convincing for Alix to realise this, but once she hears the truth
will she ever be able to forgive Nick?

Nick and Alix's journey is sweet and beautiful, but it is also gut wrenching and tragic
Those two went through so much together but through it all, they still had this unbreakable bond.
Beautiful story

would recommend

Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter Book 1)
Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter Book 1)
Price: £2.47

4.0 out of 5 stars 4 fighting stars!!, 3 Dec 2014

Elle lives the apparently perfect life. Beautiful, nice job, nice boyfriend. Nothing exciting happens and her life is just plain and boring. But that's exactly what she needs in order to have her feelings buried. The capacity of feeling just makes her relive her past... and that's something she avoids at all costs.
Until the day she meets Nico, MMA fighter, hot as hell, sexy, mysterious... and very interested in her. But not only he has his own ghosts, but he also makes her feel... and feel a lot.
And feelings is something she doesn't deal very well with... but he's persistent and he's decided that Elle is a fighting he's not willing to lose.

This was a pretty nice reading. Elle annoyed me a little but I liked how Nico, even being a former womanizer, didn't try to deny his feelings or was commitment phobic.
There were moments where this was extremely sweet and a lot of other ones where this was sexy as hell.
If you're like me, and you're always ready to read a book with a nice fighter / alpha-male hero, you probably should read this

give it a go

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