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The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution
The Accidental Species: Misunderstandings of Human Evolution
by Henry Gee
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £18.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Evolution Book that is Appealing to All, 10 Nov. 2013
I spend much of my time reading cosmology and physics books, so I have been aware for awhile that I need to delve into the area of Evolution, where I have been quite deficient in learning the basics. I just needed the right author, with right book, who could provide the concepts explained with humor and a level of understanding that would appeal to a novice like myself. I found Henry Gee`s The Accidental Species. I had no idea that Darwin never mentioned the word Evolution, in his book, The Origin of the Species, or that there was an amazing discovery in 2004 of a meter high hominin, in the cave of Flores, that they eventually nicknamed The Hobbit after the Tolkien creature because of his size. These are some of the amazing facts and anecdotes, that you will find, laced with humor and wit throughout the book. We learn, in the book, about controversies regarding the accuracy of fossils and the discussions about whether our genetic origins came from Africa or not. I do not want to provide any more spoilers, so please get the best book on the market relating to evolution. If you are a novice or just want be more informed as a scientist then this is the book for you. I have read the book and I am now waiting for the movie.

Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits
Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits
by John Gribbin
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An Addictive History of Quantum Computing, 12 Sept. 2013
The first delectable and enlightening exposure I had to a John Gribbin book was "Time and Space", which initiated an array of highly motivated cosmological projects in my grade five and six classrooms. John`s unique style of delivery and connection to students also motivated me to discover more about cosmology and read more books by the author himself. From this experience, John Gribbin and other scientists become a motivating factor in my learning quest of quantum physics and cosmology. I discovered from reading books like In Search of Schrödinger's Cats and Erwin Schrödinger and the Quantum Revolution that you can expect three things from a John Gribbin literary experience. One is a fascinating and personal look at the characters involved in the science theme. Secondly, John has a wonderful way of articulating the basic scientific skills and theories, to both novices and experts, with a sense of humor and intelligence. Finally, there is always a connection to his other similar science books and when necessary, he reinforces and repeats scientific knowledge so that you can be sure not to experience any loss of scientific continuity. You can feel confident reading a book by a master communicator.
Computing with Quantum Cats links this book with John`s other fascinating books on Quantum Theory that pay homage to Schrödinger's Cat. This book gives you a chronological look at the development of the computer from the father of creative computing and Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing to the history and beginnings of the Quantum Computer. If you have not read his other books like Schrödinger's Kittens or In Search of Schrödinger's Cats , I suggest you do but if you have not, John will enlighten and delight in teaching you about concepts that include superposition , wave function , the Many World Interpretation , wave-particle duality and entanglement.

Some of the major characters you will encounter will include Alan Turing , who developed computers that were involved in deciphering codes , artificial intelligence, cryptography and who was particularly essential in ending World War 2. You will learn about his tumultuous life through the realistic writing style of the author. This man was one of the most important men in the history of the development of computers. You will be exposed to the computer conceptions of John Von Neumann, though well known for his weaponry development. Richard Fenyman is outlined as a man who had many ideas for the amalgamation of quantum physics and computers with future applications. The idiosyncratic David Deutsch is described as a physicist who wanted to connect the Multiverse, the Many Worlds Interpretation and the quantum computer. There are many more that contribute to this wonderful history that John Gribbin has put together, in what I think is his best book yet.

Finally, you will learn about Quantum Computers and feel comfortable with knowledge that he has outlined with his great communication skills. I discovered , with ease, valuable information on the difference between a bit an a qubit . I learned how entanglement will help us with future forms of communication. I highly recommend this book because, you will not find another book that will give you the history, scientific knowledge and the fascinating biographical background relating to the Quantum Computer. This is the ultimate book on the subject. I can hardly wait for the his next book.

Deceived Wisdom - An Extended Sampler: Why What You Thought Was Right Is Wrong
Deceived Wisdom - An Extended Sampler: Why What You Thought Was Right Is Wrong

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5.0 out of 5 stars Deceived Wisdom, 10 Oct. 2012
We now live in a society that has immersed itself with myths and urban legends relating to science and health and it is a pleasure to read an extended sampler of an amazing book by David Bradley that is going to be clarifying many of those myths. David looks at our preconceived notions from sleep to artificial sweeteners and in a entertaining , informing and prolific manner, gives us the real low-down. I could not put down the sampler and I can hardly wait for the book to be published. Our society needs a book like this to help our population become more science literate;one that engages the reader with a sense of that learning can also be fun. Hurry up and finish the book.

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