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The Shadow Prince (Mortal Enchantment, Book One)
The Shadow Prince (Mortal Enchantment, Book One)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great introduction into the world of Mortal Enchantment!, 7 April 2014
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This is a great introduction to the Mortal Enchantment series and has definitely whet my appetite for more. We meet Rowan, a fire elemental living in the mortal world, Rowan is in fact a prince and heir to the fire elemental court and this is how we meet Rowan, as he is taken back to Avalon to assume his position as King. Rowan knows that his mother is up to something, she has no love for him and totally disregards his existence so alarm bells are definitely ringing and when she sends his best friend to return him, making him his slave in the process those bells are blaring. Rowan is spot on as he is welcomed home only on the condition that he kills Kalin – the Halfling heir of the Air Elementals – before she has a chance to come to Avalon and have her powers fully transition for she has been brought up in the mortal world too by her mortal mother… but Prisma – Rowan’s mother – views her as a threat and seems to think that Kalin will have a special power that hasn’t been seen in over a century…. The power to command all for elements. Rowan believes by completing this task will not only keep the balance between the courts but will put him in a position to make a real difference in Avalon, freeing the realm from his mother’s tyranny and surely one death for the greater good is worth it right? He thinks so, that is until he sets eyes on Kalin…
So I thought this was a great introduction to the series and the world of Avalon. It has a ‘Fae’ feel to it with its courts and decrees on how to ‘play nice’ with everyone. Rowan really makes an impact within a short amount of time and you can really feel that he will be something – warrior, leader, lover…- displaying all the traits a good hero should including his good sense of right and wrong. Not only does he have a foot in both worlds, being brought up in exile on earth with the mortals but belonging in Avalon with the immortals but he also has the wealth of knowing how others aren’t treated equally in Avalon through his best friend and that is always a good combination when he doesn’t agree with how things are run – even if it his own Mother at the helm. I loved the quest his Mother had set for him, you get a good feel for how things in that world are going to change because of it, where peoples loyalties lie, a little bit of knowledge about the ‘elementals’ themselves, How important Kailin could possibly be, plus it sets up Rowan’s downfall and he will definitely have a sort of underdog status which has me routing for him already. Great introduction though, I couldn’t wish for more in a teaser other than the actual full length book. Read it!!

Cold Blooded: Book 3 in the Jessica McClain series (Jessica McCain)
Cold Blooded: Book 3 in the Jessica McClain series (Jessica McCain)
Price: £4.31

5.0 out of 5 stars Another action packed installment!, 10 Oct. 2013
The storyline picks straight up from where we left book two.... Jessica gets home from rescuing Rourke to find that Marcy has been kidnapped by Sorcerers and that James has gone rogue in an attempt to find her, Tally, the leader of the Witches places the responsibility of finding her on Jess. Jess was always going to look for her Bff anyway but that becomes a different story when Jess becomes the hunted and on finding that Marcy isn't as defenceless as people assume she is... it all becomes about keeping Jess out of the Sorcerers clutches. After receiving some vital `information' & a couple of pitstops, Jess decides to head to the Vampire Coterie in New Orleans to seek protection & fulfil the debt to their Queen Eudoxia early.....that is if she can make it in one piece.... And that's just the half of it!
This was yet another spectacular book in the Jessica McClain series. I am constantly wowed by this series and even though we are only at book 3, it is definitely established as one of my most favourite series EVER! I love Jess, she is such a great character, she is so fearless and willing to take risks, further evidence is again in this as she puts herself on the line, time & time again. I love her relationship with Rourke, love the whole mating situation and was sooooo grateful they got to be together in this book because we didn't see much of him until the end of book two. They have great chemistry, the sizzle right off the page and I don't think I'm alone when I got 27% in and breathed the word ...finally. Rourke is totally swoon-worthy & smoking hot!!! Oh and we eventually find out what he is !!! and it's awesome!!!
It's not often when you read a book that you are interested in & care about every single character, wanting not only Jess & Rourke's story but everyone elses (I want Marcy & James story at the minute).
The storyline was great, it is all action, all of the time and just the way I like them. Jess is really causing a stir in the supernatural world, unintentionally causing waves of unrest & change - which I love! - bringing out all of the supernaturals who want to use her for some reason or other and while some a forthright in what they want, others..not so much. It's so hard to know who to trust in these books, there is always some hidden agenda or misdirection going on and that drags you into the story so much, keeps your interest & holds it all of the way through... its exciting, it's magical, it's violent, it's romantic, it's hot and as always I'm left counting the days for more.

Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath Book 1)
Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath Book 1)
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning Series Opener, 5 Oct. 2013
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First of all, I have to say that this is one of the best 79p's I have spent in my life!!!
Soul Avenged is the stunning opener to the 'Sons of Wrath' series and if I could describe it as anything it would be 'kinda like BDB, but with Lycans as the enemy'. The first book is about Ayden, an Alexi warrior, reborn to kill lycans.... after escaping the clutches of her tyrannical 'General' who brought her back from the brink of death, took her memories, desensitised her & made her into a killing machine, Ayden comes across the 'Sons of Wrath' who are vengeance demons and will help her find vengeance against the one who ended her human life. Years later, Ayden stumbles upon a recently bitten human who will turn into a lycan in the next seven days (if she doesn't kill him first) and the only thing stopping her from killing Kane is the visions his touch brings, like memories, making her feel for the first time she can remember. She quickly realises that the visions may help her in tracking down her own attacker so against her better judgement and the need to kill, she takes him to the 'Sons of Wrath' mansion in the hopes of unlocking more visions.... she just doesn't bank on unlocking her feelings... which begs the question... will she really kill him once the seven days are up?
So yeah, this book was amazing and I loved it! It's definitely UF at its best and just the way I like them. We have a strong kick ass female, damaged but determined & driven to find the one who did it to her. Ayden is an admirable character, I really empathised with her & enjoyed seeing her icy facade melt away over the course of the book, softening her character up. it was nice to see her find some peace in her harsh world. The storyline was great, who doesn't like a good whodunit with a bit of vengeance thrown in, add to that a sprinkling of romance & sexytime and I was hooked. I like the world set up, it was gritty, harsh & violent & that is not a bad thing in my book. I like the 'Sons of Wrath' and what they stand for...I'm guessing all of the brothers will get there own books and they deserve them because their characters come across so well in this even though they are mostly secondary characters, they all made an impact with their individual personalities & their brotherhood, leaving me curious about every one of them. I like the Alexi warrior thing too, even though the 'general' is a dick, every set of bad guys needs someone to kick their ass and they sure were kicking the Lycan's butts. I'll be curious to see what becomes of them following the conclusion of this. To be honest, this was just a perfect book for me, everything about it and if I had to grumble about one thing it would be that I preferred our leading lady's relationship with her ex - I felt their relationship more, felt they connected better & shared a background - more than I did with her chosen one... but that's just my opinion and in no way spoils my opinion of the book. Awesome start to the series though and can't wait for more!

Two Wrongs, One Right (Entangled Brazen) (Come Undone Book 3)
Two Wrongs, One Right (Entangled Brazen) (Come Undone Book 3)
Price: £1.93

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4.0 out of 5 stars Hot!, 13 Aug. 2013
I really liked the premise for this one, it was a really sweet story and made me think about how much time & chances are wasted due to misunderstandings. We could learn a lot from these books. I thought they made a great couple, they had great chemistry and there were some super charged moments that turned the heat up. I liked the little power play they had going on but she gave in far too easily in my opinion. It was good that we finally got to know more about Nathan who has appeared in both of the previous books and see what had been troubling him. These books are a great way to spend a couple of hours with great characters, romance & sexytimes.... perfect for a HEA fix and such an easy read.
Chelsea's friend, Danielle's story is up next, we meet her in this & she leaves a definite impression that has me looking forward to her story, to see what mischief will follow her

Dark Wings (Never Dark Book 1)
Dark Wings (Never Dark Book 1)
Price: £2.24

4.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable read, 1 Aug. 2013
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I really enjoyed this, to be honest it could have been a longer book but I was still satisfied with what I got. I liked the premise about ex lovers now on opposing sides having being ripped apart by the event that made them enemies but still never having gotten over their love. I liked the idea of the four horsemen being demons/men, I would have liked a bit backstory on their choosing process especially because of the fact that they could choose an angel to become one of them and I would have liked to have read about Lucas's adjustment to his new persona. Violet was a great love interest & opponent for him, I always appreciate the student/teacher falling in love type of storyline and I liked the flashbacks we got to show us how deep their connection was. I did connect with the characters in the short time & felt what they were going through, which is always a good sign. I enjoyed the storyline and what happened throughout, some of the action scenes were great to read. It had excitement, action, danger, romance & redemption - a great combination and as I said, I really enjoyed it and read it in one go. My only grumble would be the ending.... redemption could have gone further.... Just saying :)

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