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Antony Vidler (Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom)

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Shenmue II (Dreamcast)
Shenmue II (Dreamcast)

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars the second best game ever made, 15 Feb. 2004
no shenmue 1 isnt better than 2, shenmue 2 is an improvement in everyway and several unexpected ways as well. the shenmue world is grand and beautiful, with hundreds of people living their lives, working, playing, or just out doing their exercises. its simply so stunning and realistic you dont even need to play it, just wander and marvel at the realism and detail that makes up the most expensive game ever made's sequel.
shenmue 2 is so much simpler than its predecessor. you are thrown right into the story and action, no more waiting for the right weather or day or person, you literally live ryos life for a couple of months while he traces his fathers killer.
think of it as the best martial arts movie ever made, and your making it, with so much scenary and beauty that i cant wait to complete it again. never before have i felt like such an important part in a game. its not about winning or losing, theres no cheating to get a good score, no special technique needed to pass a difficult point. just discover the truth, live the adventure and go about it the way that seems best to you.
simply astounding, and once you complete it you will come to realise the truth as i did, sega and dreamcast rule the console world, then now and for a long time to come. dreamcast was the the pure heart of the console market. and it will beat again.
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Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II
Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II

17 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars one of the best dc games comes to xbox!, 13 Nov. 2003
this is one of those days when dreamcast fans can thank god they moved on to xbox and not ps2. phantasy star online revolutionised home console gaming 2 years ago on the all powerful (and my personal favourite system) dreamcast, it was geniusly well made and was very popular world wide, the graphics were astounding and a step above any competition (cough, ps2, cough) when it was released. it was only a matter of time until sonic team and sega realised that the greatest online experience currently available was only found on xbox live (ps2= non existent, gc= awful) and that pso would be the perfect game to release on such an awesome system.
while it doesnt improve the original section that was on dreamcast, ie episode one, it goes a step further and really excels in episode 2, the next chapter in what we hope will be a long line of awesome online games. the episode one section is a straight dc port, with minor graphical improvement (water ripples) and an unexpectedly large amount of pop-up where the console fails to keep control of the scenary, which dreamcast did effortlessly. this section is for players to get formiliar with the game. if you havent played it before it will be imposible for you to play episode 2 yet. you create your character and either gain experience offline, or go online and have the best time ever with the online gaming section.
the episode 2 section is no where near as large as episode 2 but it expands the original story, gives all new stunning levels which push xbox graphics to a high degree and the weapons just keep coming! not only can you use the weapons from the 2 games on dreamcast, theres a vast array of new ones to be found.
the new features include, voice chat, new offline multiplayer modes never before available and the pleasure of playing an incredible game online with other people in what is one of the most important games of all time.
my only problems with this version is that all the character details/performance has been overhauled and its not all that great. for example the rangers could previously use all types of techniques/magic, now they have lost about 3! also some weapons that characters could previously use have been taken away from them, as in hunters used to be able to use spread needles (big powerful gun) now they cant!!
other than those minor flaws, which any new comer would miss totally, they're so small, its a perfect edition to the already huge xbox online selection which destroys all online competition, and i mean all!
it was amazing on dreamcast, but on xbox its just down right brilliant. buy it and see what the big deal is, you wont regret it, rpgs dont come much better than this!

Alter Echo (Xbox)
Alter Echo (Xbox)

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars a fine game for £20 or less new, 13 Nov. 2003
This review is from: Alter Echo (Xbox) (Video Game)
this is one of those games were you feel compelled to buy it because you saw a small trailer somewhere and it looked interesting, then saw the write ups and thought you'd avoid it, then seeing it for £20 you think, what the heck it cant be awful can it? the answer is far from it, this game rocks!
first of it uses the harddisk of the xbox in nice ways, (better than that muppet blinx) and the graphics are stunning. but you must be wondering, why buy it? that simple, it takes your average 3rd person fighting/adventure game (streets of rage mixing rpg elements) and radically improves it, for starters the character you embody can change into 3 forms, first is your average humanoid with a nice sword that allows a huge array of melee attacks and combos. then theres gun mode, you morph into a larger slower but much stronger form that has a huge gun which shoots your usual array of attacks, homing rockets, bullets grenades and the like, to maximize range from target, damage given and minimize damage taken. then theres the stealth form, you morph into what can only be described as a four legged creature version of the main form, this has its advantages, such as invisibility, long range grabbing, jumping and crawling on walls/ceilings!
its all very cool to look at and the only downers would be the sound which is a bit to techno noisy for me, and the learning curve, which starts of fair then deteriorates to impossible when you loose control over the 2 extra forms and the enemies begin to block/anticipate your combos!! while this is clever, it severely lowers the replay value. but its got truly stunning visuals, the features are well thought out and its easy to learn the controls. the best thing which i nearly forgot to mention was the time dialation system. later in the game you learn to target enemies and freeze them in time while you build up a combo. its like a souped up version of snake from a mobile, you have to move the light towards the pictures of the enemies at the right time, stretch it out longer for truly awesome finishers. this alone makes it worth while cos its just so damn cool! for £20 you cant go wrong!

Maken X
Maken X
Offered by webgallerie
Price: £24.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars one of the most original titles on dreamcast, 10 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Maken X (Video Game)
wow was i surprised by this game! i thought at first that it would be like hexen, and not very good, but its a fascinating first person battle game, with an amazing inovative game style. you take control of a sword called maken, a life form that can infiltrate peoples minds and allow you to take control of the character that you brain jack. in a sense you can change the character you are using in mid game, they will be stronger or quicker. the trick is that this affects the game outcome. if you pick a pilot he can get you out of places using an escape pod in one level, thus taking you to a safe landing location, if you stay in the current one then you wont know how to pilot the pod and you will plumit to another location.
the graphics are great, the fighting is amazingly versatile (your style changes when you get a new character)the music is fitting and it is incredibly challenging. a slightly confusing storyline about taking over the world and religion and so on but hey what do you expect its japanese style game. well worth the cash, and dont let anyone say other wise!

Mag Force Racing (Dreamcast)
Mag Force Racing (Dreamcast)

5.0 out of 5 stars one hell of a good racing game, 10 Sept. 2003
this game has some borrowed ideas, i wont lie, but it not only changes them it improves them 100 times over, think a better combination of roll cage and wipe-out. the weapons and speed of wipeout with the crazy driving tracks of roll cage. heres a couple of twists to the game play: first theres the whole mag-force system, it allows you to hang onto ceilings and walls, this helps you to pass enemies and generally stay alive, second is the weapon system. theres about 5 types of weapon, pick up an item and it will give you one of the 5 at random, if you dont use it, and keep picking them up you get an upgrade until you get aforth one where upon the weapon will change to turbo ram, a force field protecting you from all attacks and allowing you to plough through the oposition, with out being bounced off, it doubles your speed and you become unstoppable for a matter of seconds. the graphics are astounding and the music is fantastic, the action is fast paced and theres about a dozen tracks, over 30 vehicles which vary in performance and style. all in all one of the best racers ever made!

Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.13

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars best album ever written from the greatest band ever formed!!, 10 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Third Eye Blind (Audio CD)
albums like this are hard to find this day and age, i personally tracked it down because i wanted to hear "semi charmed life" again, you may remember this classic from the end of american pie and in the trailer for jackie chans "mr nice guy". an incredibly bubbly and uplifting song, but the album really changed my opinion on music, i went from liking what ever i heard to having a very critical but diverse taste in music. anyway the albums songs are in a word, fantastic, they say so much about lifes situations and the band writes the music in such a way that you are never bored or waiting to here a good song. all the tracks are excellent, i personally love narcolepsy and back ground. they have an easy listening rock sound, light hearted yet all their songs manage to touch something personal inside. background alone is reason enough to buy this beautiful album. i still listen to it now, and lend it to family constantly. it really will be the first album you own where you just cant stop listening or get the songs out of your head!
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Xbox Console
Xbox Console

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5.0 out of 5 stars not the greatest but definately worth owning!, 10 Sept. 2003
This review is from: Xbox Console (Video Game)
this console can do it all! play it online thanks to xbox live, the most amazing and comprehensive online support for any console, play dvd's and of course play some truly memorable games on this baby. the graphics are the best available but hey you knew that, but did you also know it has a built in 10gigabyte hard disk which allows games to play/load faster, saving and loading of game data is lightning quick and games use it for extra features. for instance: in any normal game when your, say, travelling in a space ship, it takes the console a few minutes to load the next level/environment, right? not for xbox, new games available such as mace griphon and blinx use the harddisk to allow rapid transport and other features where you are piloting a ship one minute then when you land you can get out and carry on playing the game in the new environment, no loading times. not to mention theres so much free space you can save practically anything on it, replays, "create your own" tracks/characters (as many as you want) and new levels/weapons/vehicles from the online support.
it is in a world REVOLUTIONARY! theres more than a hundred titles including exclusives from none other than the legendary sega (my personal favourite company!) along with any game you could want, halo, phantasy star online, dead or alive 3, mech assault capcom vs snk 2 eo live, star wars knights of the old republic and many more. and for the price its going for its a bargain. the most advanced console on earth for under £120! buy it now you wont regret it!

Sega Dreamcast Console
Sega Dreamcast Console

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars the greatest console to ever walk the earth, 14 Aug. 2003
i am one of the biggest dreamcast fans in the uk, i have 123 games 6 controllers, 10 vmu's the light gun the keyboard the mouse 3 steering wheels and an arcade stick, not to mention the online microphone. to own a dreamcast is to be truly aware of what it is to be a gaming fan. this console completely changed my life. i got it when it was first released over here in sept '99. i had been following it for a year as i am a fan of all segas previous work. i waited with deep anticipation. screen shots of sonic and other games were making me shiver with delight it was capable of incredible graphics that blew away the meagre ps1 and still out do the ps2/xbox/ngc trio in my and many other peoples opinions. the list of worthy titles is unending. soul calibur is the first to mind for most but i thank it for phantasy star online, shenmue, skies of arcadia, sonic, headhunter, sega gt, JET SET RADIO, virtua tennis and many more games that make this console truly legendary.
any games ported from DC to any other platform simply look worse and play slower than where they were originally released, ie: DC. even after they officially stopped supporting it, it still pressed on releasing shemue 2, outtrigger, phantasy star online version 2 virtua tennis 2 and even some games that werent supposed to be. the biggest achievement of the dreamcast besides pso and quake online is Ikaruga, the sequel to an old scrolling shooter from saturn days, which outsold super mario on game cube. the graphics are astounding the sound is incredible and, even tho you cant go online anymore (if your smart you can) its still worth owning over the competition by light years. this is the sleakest, fastest, best looking, sounding and playing console. you will forever have a pure gaming heart if you break the norm and get one, for the price its at its a bargain not to be missed.

Saviour [DVD] [2000]
Saviour [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Dennis Quaid
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: £29.99

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars the most moving, gripping and vivid movies of all time, 14 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Saviour [DVD] [2000] (DVD)
so much needs saying about this film, so to start i will give the jist of the story, joshua is living in paris working for the american embassy there when his wife and son are killed in a sudden bombing only moments after he leaves them to return to work, this obviously scars him deeply and he takes his vengeance in the local muslim temple, killing several innocent worshipers. he then joins the foreign legion to escape this crime and his now shattered life.
he now works as a mercenary for the serbs, heartless and cold he no longer cares for anything, when he loses his only friend he is left with next to nothing. he soon has to rescue a young woman from brutal murder while she is pregnant with the result of a tragic rape while being held prisoner, he not only saves her but delivers the child as well. this shows he still has some shred of humanity. he then sets out to try and return the two victims. failing to do so he ends up being responsible for them, and we are taken on a harrowing journey through a war torn country that is frighteningly realistic.
heart warming scenes and truly moving choices/decisions make this one of the most amazing stories i have ever seen. i love most dennis quaid films but this one truly shows what he is capable of. it is deeply moving and leaves you feeling totally amazed and upset when its over. i could not believe how wonderfully the story worked and how beautifully it was directed. truly a masterpiece

Crimson Sea
Crimson Sea
Price: £28.99

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars a seriously big surprise from koei!, 10 April 2003
This review is from: Crimson Sea (Video Game)
when i first wanted to buy this game i was persuaded by a shop sales man that it was awful and that i should buy something else called blackstone, which was so awful i returned it in 3 days. i exchanged it for this and was overwhelmed! its got the best graphics and sfx i have ever seen, in game and fmv. its a mixture of 3 games, first dynasty warriors 3, because your surrounded by thousands of enemies at a time. second: final fantasy franchise, because it has over the top colourful characters and a story line worthy of hollywood. third: phantasy star online, because you can customise weapons and items and walk round in a ship shopping and talking before each mission. all in all, its fantastically fast, compelling and entertaining, with constant action, amazing visuals and the missions have serious variation. you can play thru it again and again unlocking new items each time. and theres 3 difficulty levels to try out as well. buy this game!!! its essential gaming for action rpg fans and its ONLY ON XBOX!!!

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