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Persona 3 FES (PS2)
Persona 3 FES (PS2)

4.0 out of 5 stars SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD…TO FIGHT EVIL !!!, 4 Jan. 2015
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This review is from: Persona 3 FES (PS2) (Video Game)
Don’t worry, this is not a horror game, this is a wonderfully weird Japanese turn based RPG with social simulation game elements, from the same people that made the Shin Megami Tensei RPGs.
This is my first time in the Persona RPG series, that began in the PSOne, but only came the first time in Europe, in 2008 for the PS2, more than ten years after, with Persona 3 (the first one was remade for PSP in 2009).
You are a orphaned teenage boy, that founds out that has a special gift and returns to the town he grew up, to attend the Gekkoukan High School.There he joins the SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) a club that has the same gift as him, the ability to summon (with a shot in the head with a gun-like object called Evoker, the iconic move of this game)Personas, a creature that personificates a psicological aspect of the character that summons it, with influences of Tarot lore, to fight evil creatures called Shadows, wich feeds on humans minds and after leaves them in a catatonic state, only appearing in the mysterious Dark Hour, a time period between one day and the next (nothing much out of the ordinary in a High School).
You play the game between the day, in the school, building your social relationships with the other characters of the game, that improves the strength of the Personas, to use in combat at night in the Tartarus tower, the game main dungeon.
Persona 3 FES is a extended version of the original Persona 3, containing the original and extra content,”The Answer” quest, much like DLCs now a days, so I recommend this version, for more value in the package.
The game has only one big dungeon, the Tartarus Tower. The environments can be a bit weak on the design part. Seeing teens shooting themselves in the head, can be a bit shocking for some, but this is a 16+ age game. The extra content, “The Answer” quest, does not have the social Link system and you do not attend the High School, becoming a more traditional Japanese RPG.
The setting of a day-by-day modern Japanese High School, so different of other RPGs, that are mostly in fantasy worlds. The addictive social relationship simulation aspects of the game(no you do not have sex in this game, you Mass Effect and Dragon Age pervert !). The intelligent AI of your companions in combat, speeding in a dynamic way the combat. Seeing teens shooting themselves in the head, to summon creatures for combat. The extra content, “The Answer” that continues the adventure right after the final events of main game “The Journey”, giving as the name suggests some answers to the weird mysteries , giving extra value for the package.
A flawed but very refreshing and slightly different take on the Japanese RPGs, that I recommend for you to try, for a very reasonable price.

Fable 2 : Classics (Xbox 360)
Fable 2 : Classics (Xbox 360)
Price: £10.04

4.0 out of 5 stars Free choice of adventuring !, 18 May 2014
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This game is set again in Albion, 500 years after the finish of the first game, and is a quest of a child to adulthood, to defeat a tyrant. Although it has references of it, it's not imperative to play the first "Fable" to enjoy this "sequel".

Fable games are all about choices.

In the very beginning of your RPG quest, you can choose to be a little boy or a little girl and immediately you begin your moral, social and physical choice adventures: by doing good or bad deeds or sometimes neutral, that will greatly influence your appearance as adult in the game (good actions, angelical look with tanned skin, light hair and halo on your head; bad actions, pale skin, dark hair and horns) and diet behavior, eating vegetables will lead to slim bodies and eating only meat, pies and drinking too much will lead to a prominent belly. You also choose to marry or not, to the same gender or not, leading to choices such as parenthood and adultery. You also can choose or combine and upgrade three styles of combat, fencing, shooting and casting magic. Man, it will be very difficult for you t get bored with so many choices !
Pros - Gorgeous graphics, especially at day, with shadows casting realistically over everything. Fun and diverse combat. A dog companion ! Many choices and free roaming over main and sidequests, jobs, mini-games, house buying and many more and than watching it's consequences influencing the appearance of your character and the surroundings. Co-op with a friend online or locally.
Cons - The combat could be a little more fluid and less robotized. In the co-op, the other player cannot load his or her custom character and instead they have to choose a premade male or female "Henchman".

I recommend this game for those who loves adventure, choices and plenty of (almost forgot to mention the most famous and best feature in the "Fable" games) humor !

Condemned 2 (PS3)
Condemned 2 (PS3)
Offered by Bonkers4Bargains!
Price: £13.95

4.0 out of 5 stars A great disturbing sequel !!!, 17 May 2014
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This review is from: Condemned 2 (PS3) (Video Game)
This game story takes place almost a year after the first “Condemned” (if you didn’t play the first game, don’t worry, it’s not essential to understand the story), and you take control of FBI Serial Crime Unit’s resigned Ethan Thomas, that after his disturbing serial killer X investigation, has become homeless, violent and alcoholic, but is recruited back to hunt again X, who Ethan thought was dead.
The game plays all in first person, melee combat and shooting, having the melee now a combo system to deliver powerfull attacks to the enemies, and a Quick Time Event system to deliver the final brutal blow, occasionally with optional environmental kills, such as bringing the enemies head inside a TV ( lots of mature content of course) .As an investigator you will use cool forensic tools to determine the causes of the crime scenes left behind, “leveling” you up as you determine the right cause, rewarding you with better equipment and skills.
The graphics are very detailed, with claustrophobic and dark environments, with good use of dynamic shadows, that will creep you out in every corner. Better played in the dark and with a good headphone !
Pros – Great and challenging first person combat, melee and guns (you will feel the enemies pain in every every punch and every shot), fun forensic investigating tools, great gory graphics and plenty of tension and scares .
Cons – The controls will need a bit of practice for the perfect combos and in this sequel is more action oriented not having much of story to unfold. The multiplayer could have been better with lag being a big issue.
I recommend this great atmospheric psychological horror action game for the all the brave players !!!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Platinum Edition (PSP)
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Platinum Edition (PSP)

4.0 out of 5 stars A great Japanese RPG, fan or not of Final Fantasy VII !!!, 11 May 2014
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I must be honest with all of you, I bought my PS2 (that can play PSOne games) in 2001 and a platinum copy of Final Fantasy VII and I still(as May 2014) haven't finish it ! Not because it's a bad game, but simply because I continued to buy new games and stupidly not finishing the older ones( I'm cured now, finally finishing games I bought more than 10 years). Because like it or not, Final Fantasy VII is still considered one of the best videogame and JRPG of all time, very influential of the "2D to 3D" age of videogames of the late 90's.
And this game, as a prequel for FFVII, is the place to begin the love for a classic and the reasons are below :
- Beautiful and detailed graphics, even for PS2 standards.
- Great real time action combat (its not turn based combat, as older Final Fantasys) with a slot-machine system that automatically spins as you get 10 or more "soldier points" by defeating foes, for great special moves (the famous Final Fantasy limit breaks), if you get same three numbers or pictures and even if you don't, you'll get temporary combat bonuses, like invincibility.
- Great emotional story(It begins seven years before the original FFVII and you play as Zach, a "SOLDIER"(an army for Shinra, the planet's biggest private company) member, tracking some missing companions.
- As a usual problem in some JRPGs, the combat that is a bit easy, can also get repetitive after a while, but the story will make you almost forget this problems.

In the "Final", this a game for Final Fantasy VII fans, as the classic characters, like Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith, will make your heart pound and melt once again, and game for newcomers, as one of the most beautiful and engaging RPGs on the PSP !

Conan (Xbox 360)
Conan (Xbox 360)

4.0 out of 5 stars The God of...Cimmerian barbaric combat !, 23 Feb. 2014
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This review is from: Conan (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
You are Conan The Barbarian from Cimmeria, in a quest to retrieve his magic armour, scattered by an evil wizard, accidentally released by Conan, and with it to end a terrible curse that makes men kill each other, the Black Death.
As a fan of the comics and the first movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I downloaded the demo and liked what I played.
It's no masterpiece but I think it captures the dark fantasy world and mood of Conan adventures and the combat…well, you will make plenty of limbs and blood splatter the television screen and it gets better and better as you unlock more mutilating killing moves.
Unfortunately the graphics aren’t the best as Conan deserved, but the fun and satisfying combat will make you forget the dumb A.I. but not the fact that this game is a bit too similar to a certain games called “God Of War” (yes, Conan has Quick Time Events for counterattacks and finishing kills).
But for me it is still the best Conan experience for consoles and at a good amazon price, I totaly recommend it, my Hyborian adventurous.

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS)
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS)
Offered by Trade-N-Go Gaming
Price: £9.76

4.0 out of 5 stars Ninja Gaiden quality in your pocket !, 23 Feb. 2014
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You play as the ninja Ryu Hayabusa, in search of Momiji, who was kidnapped by the Black Spider Ninja Clan, that hope with her, they will obtain the Eye Of The Dragon and get them an ancient Fiend (a powerfull being).With gorgeous pre-rendered world, but with great full 3-D animated characters, its one of the most beautifull games of the DS.
Amazing combat inspired by the previous games of Ninja Gaiden, using intuitively the stylus, you won't believe you will playing this in an handheld of previous generation.
The only negative side is that this great ninja adventure could have been a bit longer, but believe me, it's worth your money for this thrilling ride.

God of War: Chains of Olympus - Platinum Edition (PSP)
God of War: Chains of Olympus - Platinum Edition (PSP)
Offered by rockaway-records
Price: £7.90

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the Best game for PSP !, 1 Dec. 2013
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If you never played a "God Of War" game (shame on you), don't worry because this game story is a prequel to the excellent games of PS2, where you are Kratos, the spartan warrior, who's instructed by the godess Athenas, to find Helios, the god of sun in order to drive away Morpheus, god of dreams, who as put the Olympian gods into a deep slumber.
One of the best graphics in a Sony handheld, great epic combat, great puzzles and a bit platforming, make this game one of the reasons to buy a Playstation Portable.The only negative side of this game is the slow frame rate when too many things are on screen at once, but nothing that happens too often.
If you like Greek mythology, brutal hack n' slash combat with gigantic bosses, buy this amazing PSP game !

Soul Reaver 2
Soul Reaver 2
Offered by Quick Discount Sales
Price: £25.45

4.0 out of 5 stars The Revenge of the Vampire-Wraith continues !, 17 Nov. 2013
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This review is from: Soul Reaver 2 (Video Game)
Sucessor of the "Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver", this action adventure game continues the revenge of Raziel, pursuing through time, Kain, his murderer and former master.
Better graphics and level design, better combat, better puzzles and better story, between time, physical and the ethereal planes, are some of the many reasons to, once again, accompany Raziel in his adventures.(its not mandatory, but I advise you to buy the previous game to fully apreciate this one).
If you like me, love action adventure games and vampire revenge stories, you must buy this game !

Sly Racoon (PS2)
Sly Racoon (PS2)
Offered by Gamesbuyer
Price: £16.95

4.0 out of 5 stars "Thief" thievery meets "Metal Gear" stealth meets "Super Mario" platform ?!, 17 Nov. 2013
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This review is from: Sly Racoon (PS2) (Video Game)
Its true.This game has this three features:great design in platforming levels, the good use of stealth to avoid the powerfull henchmen that guards every treasure you will steal, almost right before their eyes.
Beautiful and varied detailed cell-shaded enviroments and characters, that gives a comic book cartoon cool look, many gadgets to help in you missions, RPG like upgrading moves and a story of a revenging son when a father master of thievery is murdered because of his family, almost mistical thiefs bible, the "Thievius Raccoonus".
The only bad critic of the game for me, its over too soon, but if you want to unlock everything in the game, it will take some time to reach 100% in all levels.
If you like platforming games, with stealth and thievery in the mix, you will love the first game of a wonderfull, funny quadrilogy of this great Sly Cooper franchise.Buy it !

Heavenly Sword - Platinum (PS3)
Heavenly Sword - Platinum (PS3)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: £14.47

4.0 out of 5 stars One of the first great exclusive game of PS3 !, 17 Nov. 2013
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The first game of Ninja Theory (makers of "Enslaved:Journey To The West" and the reboot "DMC:Devil May Cry")was for me the true first great exclusive game for the PS3, with beautiful epic backgrounds, a excelente motion capture and voice acting from Andy Sarkis (Gollum of the "Lord Of The Rings) and Anna Torv (Agent Olivia Dunham of the TV series "Fringe"), great combat gameplay that is one of the few games that uses the Dualshock 3 motion-sensing to control, for example, the projectiles in the ranged combat parts.The only downside of this game for me is the duration of the game, its a bit short, but a thrilling ride from begining to end.
If you like epic, gorgeous, brutal action fighting games and you own a PS3, you must buy this game !

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