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1.0 out of 5 stars UncomfortableNight, 16 Jan 2013
I had this product purchased as a present for me, I live with my girlfriend in an old Georgian designed building, nights can get very cold in the winter and as a student I didn't really want to radiate money through my central heating.

Basically, It was a massive let down and we surprised ourselves by even considering using it for one night. The product is wrapped in a cellophane package and includes an instruction booklet. The problem is the instruction booklet doesn't really do justice on how large the 'connector' is and you can not see any of the wiring through the plastic packaging. The blanket packaging states once opened it cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.

However upon opening the package you are immediately alerted to how poorly designed this product is, unfortunately if you have taken the punt of opening it you've realised the present/product you have bought is going to be a waste. To begin with the wires feel so thick it makes me feel like a tender steak lying on a grill. The 'under blanket' only covers 2/3rds of the length of the bed and only around 80% of the width, which isn't a problem in itself, as I actually quite like cold pillows.

Though the worst thing about this underblanket is that the connector is placed in an extremely awkward place, the connector size is also grossly oversized. If I was to compare it to something, it would be like falling asleep on a Nokia 3310 and we know how tough those are. On top of that, the connector is placed a good 1-2" from the edge of the under blanket, so on top of that and the fact it only covers 80% of the width it intrudes even more into the sleeping area. The instructions describe that this connector must be placed at the pillow end, with the product being 1/3 down the bed. The result is that your back ends up getting mauled by a brick during the night.

Thankfully when this was given to us as a gift, I had been sleeping on the other side of the bed from the connector... I ripped the underblanket off after the first night when my gf kept encroaching on my space as a good chunk of her real estate was now made useless.

I can't really highlight how terrible this blanket really is, the design is astonishingly poor, it would be of the quality I'd expect to see in Guantanamo bay Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely, if I hated them.
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FIFA Street (Xbox 360)
FIFA Street (Xbox 360)
Offered by Gameline GmbH.
Price: £14.96

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3.0 out of 5 stars Value for money?, 16 Mar 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
I'll be writing a preliminary review here going off the demo...

Firstly, this game uses the Fifa 12 engine and therefore it is extremely easy to pick it up and play as you would on Fifa 12, the downside it still carries those annoying collision bugs you constantly see in Fifa 12 as well as some of those "Press B... "SHOOT"... Press B..."JUST SHOOT!!".....player stumbles into defender and lose possession, those moments when it feels like you don't really control the player at all. Brushing aside the bugs relating the engine the game itself...

... Well I have to admit it was quite fun, though it did get a bit well repetitive and boring quickly. Of course Fifa 12 is like that but the scale of Fifa 12 allows for much more game play, the demo only seems to have a very limited amount of tricks, I don't know whether this is the case but if so its going to be a bit boring. Furthermore if playing for a scoreline the game can be played without using any tricks at all and therefore I can see multi-player going the way of Fifa 12 which is "Run along wing, run into box, pass across the box and fire it in".

So keeping it short, the price. With the quote release price and the time between Fifa 12 and the likely release of a Euro game + Fifa 13 it just seems like a cash cow attempting to bridge the gap. It is definitely an improvement over the previous attempts at continuing the series however, the big problem I find with this game is definitely the price. I already own Fifa 12 and purchasing Fifa Street would be like buying Fifa 12 again + a mod. I already own a copy of the majority of Fifa Street through the game engine/players/teams and audio bundled in Fifa 12, buying it again at almost the same price Fifa 12 was is just silly. To me this game could of easily been a small DLC to go onto Fifa 12 instead, by itself it isn't much of a full bodied console game but more of a small arcade game you can play one or two games on.

TL:DR A good game but priced too high for what you get.

Roccat Kulo Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset
Roccat Kulo Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset
Offered by -hardware4players-
Price: £55.10

2 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing to say the least., 8 July 2011
I'll try keep this neutral.

Positives -

Good quality audio
That's about it
Microphone cut off
Long cable
USB and also standard audio jack

Negatives -

The ear cushion design is comfy to begin with but after 15 minutes becomes sweaty and crushes your ears after extended use.
The microphone in my experience was broken however it also was no where near as flexible as I had first imagined as when you try to bend it it just springs back which makes the whole concept of a moveable microphone an absolute joke.
The ear pieces were attached in a way that felt flimsy and felt that after extended use it likely wear away and fall apart, they were also "clunky" and loud when moving the headphones.
The external sound card made no appreciable difference, so in essence 7.1 was not impressive, it sounded exactly the same as stereo.
Driver support/Instructions were not very helpful when trying to set up your own customisations.

There is more to say but I want to keep this short, over all I was thoroughly disappointed and had expected more from Roccat seeing as some of their products are innovative over competitors. However my headset was defective from day one with the microphone acting as if it wasn't attached properly, at times there was no response from it and when it worked it only recorded an extremely loud rumble somewhat like a packet of crisps in a movie theatre. Since the "USB Sound Card 7.1" did not feel like it added anything to the headphones it was most definitely not worth the price difference from the standard "5.1 Kulo headphones"

Finally, I would not recommend this to a friend, family or other due to it's uninspiring, uncomfortable and useless design, it is priced far too high for it's level of quality or lack of it. This product failed to perform after the hype Roccat made about it. To say these were underwhelming would be an understatement, Avoid and find something else to purchase. I must admire for the helpful service on refunding my Product and P&P, I would definitely use their service again and recommend others to.

Edit: Corrected spelling mistakes, apologies I was in a rush and didn't proof read. With regards to the comment made on this review, I find Roccat's attempt at saving this product dire. It raises the question, how can a headphone designed by a "leading company" be allowed to be shipped in the first place with such poorly designed ear pads. I actually admire some of their products with regards to gaming mice and keyboards but however their "slip up"...

1) Allowing faulty goods out the door which could easily of been tested, a bit ridiculous and caused me to be out of pocket for some time... Though Amazon refunded full price + P&P almost immediately after receiving which I have to praise them for.
2) Allow a product with such flimsy and uncomfortable design out the manufacturing plant...

...leads me to change my mind about them and cause me to negatively influence my friends towards this company.

Do yourself a favour and get a better pair, Roccat at best are mediocre... stick to something like Logitech but avoid Beats at all cost.
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Samsung P2270HD 22-inch Full HD 1080p LCD TV/Monitor (5ms, 50000:1, HDMI)
Samsung P2270HD 22-inch Full HD 1080p LCD TV/Monitor (5ms, 50000:1, HDMI)

16 of 20 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good quality image but everything else lets it down., 8 Sep 2010
Quick an simple....

If you want a good quality image with something with simple connectivity and ease of access with a remote this is for you. However if you're one of those people who prefer not to use a remote this monitor is not for you, the buttons never respond perhaps 1/50 presses of the "touch/heat sensitive buttons" actually have a response from the monitor and even then it's not the response you want. Sometimes it can take 10/15 minutes to turn the monitor on because it's so unresponsive. It really does drive you round the bend, then onto PC mode. The only way to make your PC acceptable to viewing without offending your eyes is enabling "PC Mode" in which you don't really have any sort of customisations available it just stops your images being so blurred.

The monitor is good once you have it set up but still 9 months later I am having problems with it, perhaps looking for a more "PnP" monitor would be a good idea.

5 Star Air Duster Can HFC Free Compressed Gas Flammable 400ml (Pack of 4)
5 Star Air Duster Can HFC Free Compressed Gas Flammable 400ml (Pack of 4)
Price: £12.00

75 of 80 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quality product at a fair price., 8 Mar 2010
Lets get a few things straight... We all refuse to be ripped off from these "High street" prices. This is why we have come to Amazon, as previous commenter has said a specific shop beginning with M and ending in N have been selling them at extortionate prices of £11.99 for one can. Compare that to the price of 4 cans and a much cheaper price by this supplier... I think I would happily wait the TWO days it took to arrive... rather amazing for the Royal mail.

As a joke on my initial discovery of the price in Maplin when leaving the shop I confronted a security guard patrolling the Mall and said "Theres been a robbery in Maplin" he replied "Oh really?" I said "Yes they're selling cans of compressed AIR for £11.99". He laughed and plodded onwards.

The cans jet air out powerful enough to shift dust and dirt but not too powerful to damage PCBs. However the can cools a lot faster than other dusters I have used and becomes cold to the touch extremely fast. Someone
also previously commented on the liquid gas that comes out on the initial burst, I would reccomend spraying it away from your PCB for a second or two before you initially use it after shaking, however thereafter it is perfectly fine to use.

All in all... high quality product and for a pack of 4 at this price you really would be an idiot to not use them. Since the price is so cheap I have actually gone on a whole dusting regime and taken my whole laptop to clean out rather than sticking to only jetting the CPU/GPU heatsink and on my XPSM1530 a metal plate panel which conducts heat at an ungodly rate.

Reccomend this product to your friends and family and to the random people you meet going into PCworld/Maplin/Currys or any other shop in which they are robbing you blind.
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HDMI KING 1.8M (6ft) Imperial Series 240hz+ HDMI Cable v1.4 Gold Plated, Double Insulated
HDMI KING 1.8M (6ft) Imperial Series 240hz+ HDMI Cable v1.4 Gold Plated, Double Insulated
Offered by RightPriceUK
Price: £49.99

79 of 86 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic quality and price, 16 Feb 2010
These are my experiences and benefits with using this cable.

It is well known that high street shops are selling HDMI cables at 1000% real market value, I recently went into PCworld only to find a "similar" product was selling for £79.99!! I am not exaggerating at all, however to add insult to injury if you had purchased that product, the cables sheathing was only rubber! For PC world to push a sale on that would mean a round for everyone in the whole pub and still make a profit off the cable. Its disgusting how retailers get away with such prices, however I guess we can all say if you are delving into HDMI you'd expect to at least be up to date and have the internet, therefore only a fool wouldn't compare prices over the net. So yes this cable is outrageously cheap compared to retail shops, however not the cheapest on amazon nor online. Worth the money...

Next I would like to comment about the length. Although the cable is 1.8m long and it is infact that actual length for me. The only "issue" I have noticed is that due to the sheathing being so tough and resistant to flexing that you have to make large curves in your cable when connecting. I use my laptop HDMI output on the left to a HDMI port on the back of my TV. The side port requires a good 5cm only which isn't bad at all but the cable hangs on its own weight. However going into the back of the monitor the cable needs a good 5cm of cable plus the 4cm or so for the actual socket head. It is one of my only negatives about this, however it just shows how tough the cable is. Once it is seated in place and might I add that the connection fits snuggly, none of this falls out when someone opens the door to the room. Finally for negatives, around the socket head there is a tiny bit of fraying on the nylon braiding. Nothing serious no issues really with that, I imagine its something to expect on most tough braiding. If we were to look for one improvement I would say to put a thin layer of transparent rubber around the outside to seal in the braiding for extra durability.

Signal transmission is astounding for the price I've paid, comparing this on other cables my friend has whom has fallen into the extortionately priced deals at high street shops there is no difference, in fact this cable might just be clinching the better picture quality, Durablity and definately price!

Overall if you're spending £100's on a new Monitor/TV for specific HDMI viewing do what I did... look around, I have this paired up with a Samsung 22" P2270HD monitor excellent combination! Don't fall into this silly trap and ideas of people that if you pay high prices for a TV/Stereo pay high prices on cables. Cables aren't expensive to make and therefore shouldn't be 1/3 the price of your TV.

Thank you for reading and Goodnight!

P.S I recommend you buy this product
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Belkin CoolSpot Cooling Stand for Laptops up to 17-inch - Black
Belkin CoolSpot Cooling Stand for Laptops up to 17-inch - Black
Price: £17.99

18 of 21 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Good shape, bad quality., 4 Sep 2009
I was first impressed with this product when purchased...

However after removing from the packaging my first big disappointment was the flimsiness of the "stand" it only takes the slightest nudge backwards for it to collapse on itself. We all know crashing and banging laptops isn't the best for their health.

Second disappointment was the USB cable, it was nicely tucked up inside and when I tried to ravel it out it only JUST reached on my USB ports, If you have limited ports and use a hub. Think again, you will have to sacrifice the closest one for the fact and it pretty much HAS to go to the side ports on your laptop as the cable struggles to reach around the back of the curved design.

The next disappointment... Is the nicely designed rubber grip, merely glued down which struggles to cope with heat, so if your laptop does heat up then you will slowly close the glue to melt and the rubber crinkles. Not so much of a problem but looks a mess.

Finally the biggest disappointment was the product life span. My cooler functioned perfectly for a little over a week after that apon bootup I began hearing grinding noises which was sorted simply by removing and waiting for my laptop to be on the desktop and plugging back in... strange for a fan to be solved by that? The fan is sealed so that it prevents you from accidentally stopping it or getting something trapped in it. It causes a nightmare to try and remove anything that goes in there rendering the fan useless after 2 weeks. I have a dog... I kept the cooler on a table and once a couple of hairs had got to the fan it continuously without fail made the most annoying noise possible. I attempted to clean it out in which it failed, after further inspection I had noticed that the fan had abnormal amounts of play in it and when probing around I had noticed that if propped up on the stand the fan continuously scraped the sides of the fan casing. A mark of extremely bad build design.

Without the fan the laptop cooler is useless it does more harm than good, with the fan I noticed a small decrease in temperature of the CPU but more so on the hard drive. It was useless whilst it worked but as soon as the noises appeared you had to get rid of it.

For the price that it is the product is not worth it at all. However I did manage to salvage the USB to 2 pin fan plug and now have made my own cooler using an 120mm case fan. This shifts so much air onto the bottom of the laptop it cools perfectly.

Monopoly: New Edition (PC)
Monopoly: New Edition (PC)
Price: £19.90

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Monopoly PC has its flaws, 21 Jan 2009
So you're looking to buy monopoly for the PC, thinking back to the times when you had fun licking the tips of your fingers and splashing out on buying hotels for Broadwalk whilst your friends are struggling to afford their electric bills.

With this new edition of monopoly don't be expecting that, if much at all! As with all dice based video games. The numbers that are rolled are ever so convenient for your computer opponent, landing on the two most expensive places in a row is a common occurring event in the PC edition as well as the unrealistically large amount of doubles thrown in the game, usually against your favour!

Along with the poor randomness of the dice throwing comes the unbelievably unintelligent artificial intelligence. The AI in this game refuses the best of trades and can cause a game that at first started strategically to prevent a full set turn into a stalemate moments later. Paying for Hotels on Broadwalk (Most expensive and profitable place) can be cheaper than trying to buy the Purple slums from a almost bankrupt player. The will to survive in this game is low from the computers when funds are going dry they will rather mortgage their properties than except even the most generous of trades. I tested this theory and pushed a player to almost bankruptcy and then offered him something a human player couldn't refuse. A large lump of cash for a meaningless property with no value to me what so ever... In fact I offered the same quantity of cash for every property they had, and they were all mortgaged however each was refused. This demonstrates the lack of intelligence in each player, whether its 'First time buyer','Tycoon' or 'Entrepreneur' each level of style of play is less intelligent than the last.

So my review is not so biased I can only see two real benefits and that is there is no need to set up a game board etc etc and you can create a relatively fast paced game in a matter of minutes with this PC version. Also the multi-player aspect allows friends who are trying to pass the time or for some family fun enjoy a relaxed game of monopoly. Finally the other benefit is that players cannot cheat!

With the combination of constant doubles, rather suspiciously convenient reoccurring throws and out right stupidity of the AI this game has a playing value of under 10 games for the majority of Human - AI game play.

Multi-player... Well the lack of certain deals that should be available via trade is not so fun in the end, the rules of course can be varied but not so much that it is ground breaking in the field of monopoly. Human vs Human game play has much more game time as it eliminates for some the boredom of counting the cash and dealing the property cards. However the randomness of the dice rolls grows tiresome as they are not so random as previously stated.

For those who are die hard monopoly fans stick to the board game rather than splashing out on a PC version, you'll be most definitely disappointed!

For the occasional player, you may want to play the odd game on the PC but you will realise those Human vs Human PC games aren't as fun as the real board game.

Last but not least those who have not played monopoly before, I advise you to play the board game with friends before hand, as the PC version will drive you away from ever playing it again if you haven't experienced its full potential!

All in all, I don't believe this relatively simple PC game is worth the money. The labour costs to create such a game and the trademark issues etc etc cannot account for its price. It is overpriced for what it is, though if you were to acquire it by other means you would not lose out, only your time.
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Yusmart 17" TFT Monitor - 178QP 12ms with Built-in Speakers Black/Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)
Yusmart 17" TFT Monitor - 178QP 12ms with Built-in Speakers Black/Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)

24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quality Monitor, 11 April 2006
When my CRT monitor burnt out I thought it was time for a change to a flat monitor. After looking around I was still debating wether to buy one from PC World they were charging £230 for a 17" TFT monitor and they said it was a "good make" but last time i was there around a year ago they said make doesnt matter nowrdays. I seriously doubt pcworlds quality control now.
Anyway i bought this monitor for a rock bottom price, i was curious to see if there was a quality loss due to the low price. When i got the monitor 2 days later it was working within 2 minutes (1 and a half minutes getting it out of the postal packaging) but to end it all, Top quality monitor crystal clear clarity definetly something worth buying. Comes with UK plug and Foreign plug. Although most computers come with Dual cables now but still a good thing to have just incase !
Well Done Amazon (once again)A truly great buy

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