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Xbox 360 Console (20 GB Hard Drive)
Xbox 360 Console (20 GB Hard Drive)

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5.0 out of 5 stars If There Is One Console You're Going To Buy This Year, Let It Be This!, 7 Jun. 2006
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I have owned an original Xbox for just over one year now. I have absolutely loved it. I was almost disappointed to hear that it would soon be collecting dust in my cupboard just like the PS1 did when the Playstation 2 came out. But luckily, I didn't have to worry. Because this console was the most kick ass system ever made! Everything about the Xbox 360 is totally amazing. I have had endless amounts of fun with this and never seemed to be able to put it down in the first week of me buying it. Now I know a lot of people have said how they would rather hold out until the PS3 is released. Sure it looks good, but it's going to cost even more than the 360! The average estimate of the price of the PS3 is £500. And that's with only one controller and no games. I do not doubt the fact that it will be utterly fantastic. But you have to think. Hang around for the PS3, realise how amazing it is and not be able to afford anything else for a while? Or buy a 360 and gawp at the amazing graphics, sound and game play?

I bought this particular model, because it has the backwards compatibility. I have still got loads of my old Xbox games that I still play on. E.g. Halo 2. These prove to be brilliant on Xbox live, so I thought why get rid of them? The games I bought with the console were Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2, and Perfect Dark Zero. All I can say is that I was totally blown away by all three of them! If you want a fantastic single player with a not very good multiplayer, then I would say you would want Call of Duty 2. I you want a reasonably good story mode with a totally amazing multiplayer, then you want Perfect Dark Zero. If you just want one totally jaw dropping all rounder, then you definitely want Project Gotham Racing 3.

The wireless controller on this is also a fantastic idea and is very practical. This is handy when in the past you've had experiences with tripping over wires and realising that the controller has stopped working.

The controllers fit perfectly in your hands, and the layout is simply great. You feel confident that it is a solid and good piece of kit and that it is going to last you a good long time.

I simply love my Xbox 360, and never regret buying one. So if you're worried you're not going to want one, then don't have that impression and go out there and buy one! You will never look back.

A truly amazing console. 5 stars and thumbs up!

Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)
Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Brilliant, 8 Mar. 2006
You have to look at the fact that it is a launch title for the 360. Where i have read where people have said how terrible this game is, I was shocked. Trust me, this game is better thatn people have said it is.
The graphics are beautifully detailed, with no flaws whatsoever.
Its a great game to play aswell. You have great fun while playing, and its absolutely amazing online! There's no trouble getting used to the controls, and you soon find yourself killing bad guys with ease.
You don't have to worry about the fact that you're a woman. That doesn't make her any less aggressive.
Co-op is also a lot better than a lot of the original XBox games I played on.
I love this game and can't seem to put it down.
If you buy this game, you deffinetly won't regret it. Mabye not as good as Halo 2, but still an absolutley flawless and well put together game.
5 Stars and a big thumbs up!

Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit (Xbox 360)
Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit (Xbox 360)

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Well Thought Out, 17 Feb. 2006
I recently bought one of these so that my controller wouldn't go dead during a game. (Which it did once) I was very pleased with the item and it comes in handy when you know your controllers going to run out of battery any second.
The lead is also really long, so this helps because it really doesn't affect the distance you would be playing from wirlessly anyway.
After a good charge, the battery will last up to 25 hours.
Simply great. A truly essential piece of kit.
5 stars and a thumbs up!

Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)
Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360)

3 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Knocked Me Off My Feet, 16 Feb. 2006
When I picked up this game, I thought; ‘O dear. You’re a girl.’ I really couldn’t imagine this. But I was told what a great game it was, so I thought I’d give it a try. And I must admit that I am very sorry to have ever said that. I was so wrong. This is definitely the best game I own on the 360, and it’s the only game I seem to be playing on.
Live on this is also amazing! Great fun. This game just screams great quality and is just overall a fantastic game. The graphics for instance; totally flawless! I just fell in love with it as soon as I turned it on!
If there’s one game you’re going to buy with your new 360, let it be this!
Definitely 5 stars and thumbs up.

Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad White
Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad White

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Truly an essential piece of kit, 14 Jan. 2006
This is an all-round great controller. Its fits very snug in your hands and you feel very comfortable when playing. There is also the fact that you never have to worry about tripping over the wire. There isn’t one!
The battery life is also very impressive. You can play for hours without having to change the batteries.
I don’t really say there are any major faults, but in previous reviews I have noticed this has been mentioned. You can occasionally press the wrong direction on the D-pad. This isn’t deliberate but it can happen.
The size is what I would say to be just right. A little bit smaller than the previous controller, but you do become accustomed to the feel of it.
All in all, this controller couldn’t be any better.
This definitely deserves 5 stars and a thumbs up!

Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360)
Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360)
Offered by Revival Books Ltd
Price: £31.13

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What Can I Say?, 14 Jan. 2006
This game is amazing! It truly blew me away when I started playing. The very finely detailed graphics are perfect.
At first I was kind of worried about the fact you’re playing as a fairy. But you don’t have to be worried. When you start transforming into monsters that can fire lava balls, stick enemies on spikes on their back and freeze bad guys, you’ll be totally hooked!
The fact that the game is fairly short doesn’t really turn out to be much of an issue. It’s just great fun. The boss at the end proves to be fairly hard but you’ll be chuffed with yourself when you have finished.
But remember, you won’t be 100% complete until you finish upgrading your characters. Don’t let first impressions spoil your chance of missing out on a truly great game.
Best game on the 360 and probably will be for quite a while.
This gets a thumbs up and definitely 5 stars!

Console Bundle (Inc: PSP Value Pack, Midnight Club 3, Mercury) (PSP)
Console Bundle (Inc: PSP Value Pack, Midnight Club 3, Mercury) (PSP)

37 of 37 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great if you're starting off, 2 Jan. 2006
I was thinking about buying a PSP for ages. I was imagining it just to be another gameboy. Of course, I was wrong. This console is simply amazing! The graphics and simply everything about this little console is great.
This pack offers two games, which is great! It saves you time and money buy buying this pack. The other great thing is that the games aren’t like other ones I’ve seen in packs. There is usually one good game and the other one turns out to be rubbish. This is not the case with these two games.
I had recently purchased Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition on the Xbox and I loved every minute of it! It is a long life, fast paced game. The kind of game that you don’t mind restarting. So I thought I would see what it was like on the PSP. And I wasn’t disappointed! The speed is still there and the fact that it is in the palm of your hand just makes the experience even better.
The other game that comes in the pack is Mercury. I wasn’t to sure about this game. The fact that you’re supposed to be a blob of liquid metal. Doesn’t sound to exciting, does it? Well it is just brilliant! It had me hooked for hours! Levels are well deigned and are both frustrating and complex. This pulls you in even more. You will find yourself playing and playing. Trust me, this is a great game.
If you are going to buy this set, I would also recommend a larger memory stick, as this increases your space for saves and music storage.
A great deal and a great deal of fun!
Five stars!

WipEout Pure (PSP)
WipEout Pure (PSP)
Offered by AllGoodDealz
Price: £7.65

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A good Comeback. And on PSP!, 9 Dec. 2005
This review is from: WipEout Pure (PSP) (Video Game)
I must say that I really enjoyed the first of these games, and often found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.
Now it's come out on PSP! I couldn't be happier! With dynamic background that you seem to leap into are well detailed aswell as colourful.
The hovercars are also detailed, and soon you'll be having great fun, whizzing around in these floating beauties.
I'm sure this will be a popular title amoungst those who liked the previous game.
I know that I was blown away and had great fun.
5 stars!

Virtua Tennis World Tour (PSP)
Virtua Tennis World Tour (PSP)
Offered by mr__shackleford
Price: £16.99

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A good little number, 9 Dec. 2005
There are a few sports games being released on PSP, and I must say that this one is fantastic! These kind of graphics on a portable machine is amazing!
This is a type of game when you will pick it up very fast and soon find yourself being roped in by the competition. And this game isn't only for tennis lovers; this is a game for anyone and of any age.
Great at partys and special occasions.
Also fantastic on multiplayer.
5 stars. Brilliant!
What more can I say?

Sony PSP Handheld Console Value Pack, Includes Memory Stick, Battery Pack, Headphones, Demo Disc and More
Sony PSP Handheld Console Value Pack, Includes Memory Stick, Battery Pack, Headphones, Demo Disc and More

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No.1 in the 'WOW' factor!, 9 Dec. 2005
This little piece of machinery is simply amazing!
When I first saw this, I thought it was just going to be another gameboy. I honestly couldn't be more wrong!
The graphics are those standard of the PS2! It has truly blown me away!
It's really worth it!
I think Sony have outdone themselves on this one.
5 stars and thumbs up!

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