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Acer S235HLbii 23 inch Widescreen LCD TFT Monitor - Black (VGA, HDMI, 1920 x 1080, 100000000:1, 2ms, 250cd/m2)
Acer S235HLbii 23 inch Widescreen LCD TFT Monitor - Black (VGA, HDMI, 1920 x 1080, 100000000:1, 2ms, 250cd/m2)

4.0 out of 5 stars A great monitor at a great price!, 5 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this monitor to replace an Acer 19 inch VGA flat screen I got of a friend.

Is bigger, better?
When looking to buy a monitor I came across the Acer S200 Series monitors in 21.5/23/24/27 inches. Which at first I paid no attention to, instead looking at other brands but in the end I kept coming back to Acer. I had not bought Acer products in the past but I decided to give it a go. At the time of purchase the 23 and the 27 inch monitor were at similar prices but I went with the 23 inch as it had two HDMI inputs instead of the one HDMI input on the 27 inch. I am glad I did as I have a blu-ray player and a PC connected to the monitor. The HD quality is amazing compared with my old VGA monitor as you would expect. I think with this quality it didn't matter that it was four inches smaller than the other 27 inch monitor.

The old switcheroo!
This monitor has 1 X VGA, 2 X HDMI, 1 X 3.5mm Audio input. The three visual connection options seem great but what if you have them all being used? Lets say I have a PS3, blu-ray player and PC connected to it, how do I switch between them?
Unfortunately if you wanted to switch between these devices you would have to go into the monitor menu, find the input page, scroll to the input you want and then select it then wait for the monitor to change to the input. This seems like a lot of work that could have been avoided by Acer putting a physical switch on the monitor stand.

I want to mount it.
Unfortunately this model cannot be wall mounted as the monitor is permanently fixed to the stand as the input and power connections are built into it. This is not noted in the product description.

Kingston Technology 16 GB USB 2.0 DataTraveler SE9H Flash Drive with Metal Casing
Kingston Technology 16 GB USB 2.0 DataTraveler SE9H Flash Drive with Metal Casing
Price: £5.00

5.0 out of 5 stars A USB memory stick that will last!, 5 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had many memory sticks in the past but this one is the best yet. In my world I use a memory stick almost everyday so finding one that will last a long time isn't easy.

Metal always beats plastic!
It's a nice change to see a modern item made of a material that will last, too many things are made of plastic these days and thats why they don't last. Back in the good old days products seemed to last because they were built with that in mind, today it is just about how cheap you can make it and how much can I sell it for.............But not for this little one. Made of one piece of metal it clearly is made to last, no compromise on the metal either, try and bend it with your hands and it just won't budge.

Small enough to lose?
No actually, there are a lot of memory sticks with holes so you can have straps on them but the manufacturers seem to put them on the lids, which means if your going too lose anything it will be the most important part! This is not the case with this, the loop hole is made into the memory stick body and of course being made of metal means the loop hole won't snap like plastic types.

No cap?
On this memory stick there is no cap, is this a problem? only you will know if this is a problem for you, it isn't a problem for me as the environments that I will use it in are clean so the memory stick will stay clean. If your in the habit of running through mud, climbing over walls or driving in water with your memory stick with you then your best bet is the Corsair 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Survivor Stealth 200m Water Proof Flash Drive!!! (available on Amazon UK)

Are you a speed freak or just impatient?
The transfer rates on this memory stick are nothing to shout about but then again it isn't advertised as having Hi Speed transfer rates, for most of us this will be fine but if you frequently transfer large files then you may want to look for a memory stick specifically made for Hi Speed.

Greedy Monkey!
As I use memory sticks on a daily basis I have got four of these and have ordered another two for family members. I will never go back to plastic memory sticks again!

Apple Keyboard (MB110B/B)
Apple Keyboard (MB110B/B)
Offered by Office Nerd
Price: £46.38

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best keyboard i've owned., 5 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have many computers of both Windows & Mac but the only keyboard I use is the wired Apple keyboard.

It's all about the experience!
There is a big user experience difference with the wired and wireless version of this keyboard, so much so that when apple ships the wireless keyboard on their new Mac's It doesn't take me long to sell the wireless one for the wired on. The two USB ports on the wired one are a must have for todays uses. The wireless one feels cramped, I pretty sure that it's the same size of the wired keyboard, just without the numeric keypad and up/down/left/right arrows etc but still I find myself missing the keys or pressing the wrong one.

Keep it clean!
The design is fantastic!! not because its different from others or it looks good or its Apple but because it's easy to clean. There is nothing worse than using a keyboard that has dried up food bits all over it, with this keyboard you can clean it with ease as the keys are not raised up too high and being white enables you to monitor the cleanliness of your keyboard. If you ever used Apple's previous keyboard then you will know how hard it was to clean them! The white keys were raised up and the rest of the case was see through, any dirt, food, dead skin found its way underneath the keys and collected in the see through part of it as a reminder to how dirty your are!

I want a longer one!
The one thing I do find annoying is the length of the keyboard cable. It's short! too short even for using it with a mac so if in doubt buy a usb extension cable to save disappointment when your keyboard arrives. Some people have their desktops placed on the floor by the desk and will not have any chance in connecting it to their computer without moving the PC tower to the desk.

Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB Black - SIM Free
Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB Black - SIM Free

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than the last one but still too fragile!, 5 April 2013
I bought the iPhone 5 after having the iPhone 4 for a while.

Apple decided to remove most of the back glass for an aluminium design which is great as I won't have to replace the back cover twice. One change however in my opinion is worse, the outer edge of the phone uses a softer metal than the stainless steel used on the previous model, this means if you were to drop your phone the metal will chip and will be more noticeable with the black model as the chip will reveal the silver underneath. However this phone feels more durable than the iPhone 4(S) and there is less worry about watching what surfaces you put it on or if keys in your pocket will scratch it.

I never thought that having a bigger screen by half an inch would make much of a difference but it really does!
The 4 inch screen on the 5 is now what I would say is perfect, I've had a Dell Streak in the past with its 5 inch screen, it was something everyone was impressed with and so was I at first but after a while you felt like you were using a scientific calculator as a phone!
In some apps the 4 inch screen cannot be used to its full potential as the apps haven't been changed to work on a larger screen but it doesn't bother me too much and have been told that most apps will be updated to work.

The most advanced mobile operating system could do with some basic features!
The iOS software is fantastic. I really do love using it compared with the Android and Windows Phone OS's which I have also used (Dell Streak, Nokia Lumia 800) unfortunately apple have forgotten some of the basics such as the user being able to choose a song from an album and set it as a ringtone on the device. Instead you have to go on to iTunes, duplicate the song you want, convert it to AAC format, change it to a 30 second song and then put it in the ringtones folder before syncing the iPhone and changing the ringtone. I had a Nokia 6260 in 2004 which had the capability to "set as ringtone"!!! Now I know my way round a computer but some who don't will have no hope in hell at doing this. Another feature not in iOS is bluetooth data transfers, I remember the days when people were sending the latest crazy frog ringtone to all their mates in the playground at break time! so why can't we do it now!!

Someone needs to re invent the battery.
My iPhone 5 lives by my bedside table at night, every night and on charge, if I failed to do this then the chances of it lasting the next day would be pretty thin. I don't text much (1-5 times a day) and calls maybe an hour or two a day. I do have my phone bluetooth connected to the car for two hours a day and browse the internet for an hour as well. We have more powerful phones with more features and uses but we are still using the same old technology inside the battery as we have for years. Will dual or quad core mobile phones of the future be boosting two batteries to keep it running?

Can the snapshot camera be replaced by the mobile phone?
8 mega pixels on a mobile phone is now pretty much the standard nowadays but somehow the iPhone 5 seems to have the edge compared to other phone manufacturers. I have compared the Nokia Lumia's 8MP Carl Zeiss to the iPhone 5's 8MP camera. The difference between them seem to be so far apart that you wonder what Nokia have been doing! I know there is a price difference between the two phones but the Nokia's Carl Zeiss lens should be up to the task.

So in the end, this iPhone 5 is a phone worth keeping, the iOS software is what does it for me (it's even better on the iPad!) and even the older generation can use it with ease. It never freezes or crashes and only restarts when an update is installing as it should. Maybe Apple can make a phone with a design that wow's but is a little more everyday friendly.

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