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LG BL-53YH 3000 mAh Replacement Battery for G3
LG BL-53YH 3000 mAh Replacement Battery for G3
Offered by total digital stores
Price: £9.15

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Either fake or very poor quality, 30 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this after my original battery failed to hold a charge after more than a yea of heavy use. Worked fine for a month, still charges and holds its charge fine to this day. However...

After a few weeks or so of installing the new battery in my G3 I started to notice the screen was popping out of its bezel along the sides. Due to the size of the phone and my large legs in tight jeans I thought 18 months worth of me sitting down with it in my pocket had broken the seal between the glass panel and the bezel. I accepted it for what it was and continued using my rapidly disintegrating phone.

It was only when I popped the back cover off I realised the screen immediately sank back flush into the bezel. I pulled the new battery out and it is swollen fat to about 1.5x its size in the middle. The battery does not get excessively hot and still charges fine however I'm paranoid it will explode if I leave it on charge over night. Furthermore it has now broken my screen away from the phone.

I highly advise you do not buy this battery, it could risk your life in using it.
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Muc-Off 985 Mega Car Care Kit
Muc-Off 985 Mega Car Care Kit

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bargain warehouse deal package!, 15 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Excellent value package, I managed to snaffle it all up for £43 from an Amazon warehouse deal. Condition was quoted as "used damaged packaging". Everything arrived in a re-taped box, and every product still had its factory vacuum wrap, or metal foil seal, nothing was actually opened and "used".

Everything that is shown in the first picture was included, although my window and glass cleaner bottle is the same size as the green tyre shine gel, probably the same quantity as the taller bottle pictured, just a different shape.

The Uberwax is the larger 70g kit, which retails alone for £35, this also includes an additional applicator pad and microfibre towel inside the box.

The detailer wax, ubershine shampoo, and wheel wash are all 1 litre bottles

The aluminium pre wax cleanser is a 250ml container.

The Tyre shine and glass cleaner are both 500ml.

On top of this you get the two identical wash mits, the blue microfibre cloth and wheel brush.

Along with shower scrub, hand cleaner and sports towels, which obviously aren't actually meant for your car. But a pleasant bonus none the less.

Its worth noting that the "Premium Helmet & Visor Micro Fibre Cloth" shown in the last picture was NOT included. But I drive a car not a bike - Plus I bought this package largely for the wax, not a cloth.

Overall very pleased, I hope the products hold up to their fancy packaging.

HTC One S Z560E Sim Free Smartphone - Black
HTC One S Z560E Sim Free Smartphone - Black

21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars This is not the One S it is the "One S C2" !!! :@, 9 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am absolutely fuming, I received my phone today only to find out they have sent me the wrong handset.

The one advertised, the One S features the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Krait dual core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, coupled with the Adreno 225 GPU. On the back of the box of this model it says Model: z520e

However Qualcomm have had a high demand for this powerful processor and hence a shortage in chipsets resulting in HTC downgrading to last years Snapdragon S3 Scorpion dual core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz coupled with the Adreno 220 GPU. This is Model: z560e on the back of the box. Despite it having a faster clock speed on the processor it vastly inferior in performance, and the graphics power of the Adreno 220 is almost half that of the newer Adreno 225 it should have had.

For those unsure about this do a bit of a google.

Amazon are advertising the HTC One S with the 1.5GHz dual core, search "GSMarena" for this.

However the one I received was the HTC One S C2 with the inferior hardware, search "GSMarena" for this.

HTC told all the stores who sell their devices that they were different so they could make the purchaser aware of the change in hardware, however Amazon have clearly not felt the need to tell me. I wondered why the price suddenly dropped down to £250 for a brand new handset!

I am absolutely furious at Amazon for wasting my time, this phone will be going straight back for a full refund. I highly advise people not to buy from them as they will no doubt receive the inferior hardware version as well. They better send me the correct replacement, or if not shortly update their advert on this page.

This is illegal, false advertising that breaks trading standard laws.
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Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds With Inline Mic For iPhone & Blackberry - Chrome
Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds With Inline Mic For iPhone & Blackberry - Chrome

2.0 out of 5 stars Overpriced, poor sound, poor build quality, good warranty!, 31 Dec. 2012
This was the first 'expensive' set of headphones / earphones I ever bought, I got them when they were relatively new at the full £70 price mark, so I was expecting a lot.

I initially loved them to bits, only to find the 3.5mm jack broke after about a year losing sound to one of the ear phones. After a load of digging I eventually managed to get in touch with Skullcandy HQ and they did honour their warranty and send me a brand new set.

This set is still working to date, but this is mainly because they never get used any more. I have since matured as an audiophile, and studying sound and acoustic engineering I realise these earphones sounded absolutely awful!

Yes they have bass, they have absolutely loads of it! Way to much around the 60-100Hz frequencies resulting in really boomy and bloated, sloppy unrefined bass, that sounds muffled and thumpy. Not tight and articulated or at all controlled. It is the most imbalanced bass I have ever heard, similar to the Monster Beats range of headphones, only worse. (But what's wrong with the Monster Beats headphones I hear you say? Well, you have a lot to learn about 'good' sound).

One thing these earphones can do well, with an EQ on the low end to clean it up by massively cutting the frequencies around 60-120Hz, and boosting 20-40Hz, is produce really loud, clean, deep sub bass. There is so much natural low end in these earphones that they need little boosting to produce tons of bass right down to where you can't physically hear it but just feel your eardrum and head vibrating. However this is a pretty useless ability if it can't be put to use in a well balanced song...

The treble is quite good compared to similar styles of in earphone, however better can be had for the money. It is fairly well detailed right up to the highest frequencies our ears can hear, it becomes quite harsh and not very smooth where it starts to blend into the high-middle frequencies from about 4KHz-8KHz which leaves distorted guitars sounding very 'messy'.

This leaves a real lack of mid range, the mid range is virtually non existent, and this is further exaggerated by this massively over bloated bass and bright treble. It has a very 'scooped' sound to it, leaving mid range instruments such as guitar or vocals fighting for any foreground and space within the sound stage and the song.

Overall these earphones are an acoustic abomination, everything sounds muddled and layered on top of each other, all competing for the same space meaning details and nuances are lost within the music. The stereo imaging and spatial quality of the sound is atrocious. The (at the time) cheaper "Titan" earphones, which are of a very similar design, are actually better sounding, they possess a very similar sound signature, however don't have anywhere near as much of the ridiculous levels of boomy bass, so are cleaner and clearer, and have slightly more relative mids.

Don't buy these earphones unless you only care about bass.

AKG K550 Closed-Back Noise Isolating Reference Class Headphones with Large Earcups Compatible with Apple iOS And Android Devices - Black
AKG K550 Closed-Back Noise Isolating Reference Class Headphones with Large Earcups Compatible with Apple iOS And Android Devices - Black
Price: £174.65

177 of 185 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning well balanced studio sound!, 26 Dec. 2012
I received these, by request, as a gift this Christmas, bought from Amazon as they are probably the most competitive price on these headphones in the UK. Over the moon at getting what I asked for I immediately opened the classy box to try them on. Greeted by a fowl stench of artificial leather, please note there is no way the ear pads are real leather after that smell! The headphones feel heavy in a solid way to pick up, they look stunning and feel well built, and I am convinced they are. The whole design is a work of art.

First impressions plugged directly into my laptop playing apple lossless files, with the EQ disabled (flat). They sounded so good that I almost started to well up at rehearing my old favourites in all their well deserved detail, they really blew me away that much!

After having 3 days of use out of them I felt I was ready to give my full opinion. I guess they have had less than 10 hours use so far, so are not fully 'broken in' or 'burnt in', regardless of whether you believe in that. However my ears have had time to adjust and get used to them, and I have noticed their traits, and what they are good at / what they are not so good at. So, onto how they sound...

The sound is INCREDIBLY balanced, as in there is very little volume difference between different frequencies, with one slight exception in the high end. Starting at the bottom, the bass is the most well controlled bass I have ever heard! On a frequency sweep from 100Hz - 20Hz there is very little volume change at all, apart from the natural roll off towards the sub bass frequencies. However these headphones do reproduce with ease frequencies right down to 10Hz. This gives an amazingly tight bass that is never out of control and never boomy. However this has a downside, and that is no frequencies in the low end jump out at you, so the bass is smoother and flatter, but much less engaging. There is no large spike around 60Hz that so many speakers tend to suffer from, instead it is completely smooth, so if you are an absolute bass freak then I suggest you go and buy some Monster Beats as they have tons of uncontrolled and unrefined boomy bass. This means there is next to no EQ'ing required for the K550's to achieve a balanced sound. But this does give the effect of a 'calmer' and dare I say it 'quieter' low end. But a studio engineers dream for mixing bass instruments with! By giving all the low frequencies room to be heard bass instruments sound much more detailed then you could ever imagine, as they are not being masked by dominance in one particular area.

Mid range:
The mis are very smooth throughout with little difference in level from 200Hz - 3.5KHz. It is incredibly detailed and has a brilliant wide sound stage, allowing instruments room to 'breath' within the song. It really allows vocals to shine through, and lead guitar work sounds more detailed and fluid than ever.

The downside of the K550's is the presence boost at around 6-9KHz. It is noticeable, and at high volumes can come across as a tad 'harsh' and 'grating' on the ears. However at low-normal listening levels it is much less accentuated and adds to the tremendous level of detail in the sound. From 10KHz onwards the treble is much flatter and smoother, and maintains incredible levels of detail without sound harsh to the ears. Due to this peak in the high mids and low treble ranges it generates the effect of there being a slight lack of low mids. I also particularly favour a healthy amount of low mids in my sound, so it is something I would want to boost slightly on an EQ. Although it is not a necessity for most music.

Listening to "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits the guitar instantly sounds very smooth but also very detailed throughout the song. The slight boost of high mids favours this style of guitar sound, mainly clean, with a hint of break up. The hi-hat and ride cymbal sound crisp and detailed with the slightest bit of decay being audible ringing on throughout the song. The bass guitar and kick drum are also present from the beginning of the track and are perfectly in balance with both them selves, and the rest of the instruments. The kick is really really deep and tight, with little dominance of the high bass. This is where the bass guitar shines, it is very flat in response, so ever note is equally loud, the way it should be heard, with no quiet or boomy spots. This style of music sounds absolutely brilliant on these headphones, and only increase with detail as you turn it up. I also find acoustic guitar sounds really very impressive on the K550's.

Contemporary metal doesn't fare quiet so well. Killswitch Engage's - "My Curse" holds the same high level of detail and wide spatial stereo image, however the detuned heavily distorted guitar thrives of tons of low mids. I felt the K550's let too much of the high mid range to shine through losing some of the 'dark' and 'thick' quality this style of metal is meant to sound like. The bass was still as tight as ever throughout the song, however on the hole could be more dominant.

"Dreaming of You" by indie rock band The Coral starts with a 'raw' uncompressed sounding bass guitar. However despite this it is very smooth and flat throughout the track. No matter what you through at these headphones the bass they deliver is tight and smooth and true down to the last detail. The headphones accentuate the stereo imaging and panning from the main guitar, and other instruments such as sax and keys are much more noticeable than I ever remembered. The drum kit is mixed very quiet and that is where it stays. These headphones produce the sound as the studio engineer intended you to hear it, not how Dr. Dre wants you to hear everything.

Listen to "When We Stand Together" off Nickelbacks latest album at 75% volume, the song starts with a heavily processed but absolutely THUNDERING rumbling bass, you can hear every last rumble the strings would be producing whilst it still being very tight and powerful. This is followed by an nice contrast of an acoustic guitar which is given tremendous detail due to the presence push these headphones seem to have. This leaves a nice hole in the mid range to be filled out by a perfectly smooth vocals. This was the first song I listened to when I tried on these headphones and it still blows me away how good it makes it sound.

Comfort / fit:
These headphones are huge, and I have a very small head. I wear them on the shortest setting, number 1, but they still fit me fine. People say the struggle to get a good seal from the cups which can result in reduced bass response, but they seal perfectly for me and the pads are lovely and soft! In fact, if I push gently on the outside of the cups I can feel the pressure being exerted on my ear drum, not leaking out.

The headband has a very thin layer of padding, I would have thought they could have made it slightly thicker, but saying that it is not uncomfortable at all. In fact I find these headphones incredibly comfy to wear, and after 30 minutes of sitting listening I actually forget they are on my head until I go to move! That is how nicely they sit. Plus the huge cups keep your ears nice and warm!

Well the 3m long cable isn't ideal, I would have much preferred a detachable one but you can't have everything. I braided my cable to shorten its length and it did the job fine. They fold flat to put in a case, however there is particular case designed for them so you will have to find a generic one which fits which isn't ideal either. Despite them being large cans they grip my small head firmly and I can't see them being any issue wearing them out and about, and being closed back they leak very little sound even at high volumes.

I enclose a link to some frequency response graphs and sound test graphs of these headphones if you care to know more about the technical stuff: [...]

Overall I am very pleased with these headphones for the price, and I'm sure I will grow to like them more and more, and they will break in more with time and smooth out a bit more of the presence boost. I highly recommend these headphones to anyone wanting a very balanced and detailed sound, wanting to hear the music how it is meant to be heard, not how you want to hear it (an EQ does that bit!).
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HP X2301 LCD Monitor
HP X2301 LCD Monitor

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning display in every way!, 3 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Monitor arrived in one piece so the stand did not have to be self assembled. This also means the stand is very sturdy and the monitor does not wobble or feel flimsy when adjusting the tilt angle. The range of tilt available is not brilliant though, only about 5 degrees forwards for viewing from below, but nearer 25 degrees back for viewing from above.

Straight onto picture quality, through HDMI or HD through DVI (HDCP compliant obviously) the picture is fantastic. The monitor actually has a resolution slightly higher than 1080p at 1080x1920 but when I sent a signal of that resolution to it it produced an "out of range" error. However this does not bother me as I rarely view higher than 1080p resolutions. There is an inbuilt sharpness control ranging from 1-5, 5 yields the crispest results without looking over sharpened and distorted, anything below seems to subtly smooth and blur the image. It appears to be more of a blur control rather than sharpening the original image.

The inbuilt menus are very easy to navigate with the 4 solid buttons on the base. Contrast and brightness controls all respond well, the monitor has a very good contrast aided by the fact it is a glossy screen, Blacks are very deep in a dark room, and whites can be very bright. The back light of this monitor is by far bright enough to be viewed in a well light room without reflection being overly annoying.

Colours are nice and vibrant too, however the monitor suffers slightly from a 'green push' making greens appear more vibrant than reds or blues. Needless to say the monitor still produces very warm reds and deep vivid blues. It is possible to adjust the RGB colour and turn down the green slightly, and there are also two or three options for colour temperature, but there is no simple 0-100 colour control to cut or boost the overall saturation, not that you really need one, as you can control the Red Green and Blue separately.

VGA through this monitor in 1080p still looks very nice and crisp and vibrant, however it does't compare to HDMI understandably. I bought this monitor primarily to play my PS3 through and it offers a very smooth image with no ghosting visible, so the refresh rate is more than adequate for me. It has a built in "Video Overdrive" feature which is meant to up the voltage to each pixel in order to lower the refresh rate even further, however with this engaged it produced very visible ghosting in certain circumstances of fast moving video, with pink ghosting on a white background and green ghosting on a blue background. I highly recommend you ignore this feature and turn it off.

This brings me onto the "Dynamic contrast" feature, which is also best disengaged. Rather than dimming the back light behind part of the screen where dark images are and keeping it on where light colours are it works by analysing the overall colour of the image displayed and either dims or brightens THE WHOLE SCREEN. So from one frame to the next the contrast could be 8,000,000:1 but the relative contrast of different areas of the screen for just 1 frame, or a still image will never exceed the 1000:1 static ratio. However this is adequate enough.

Overall a very thin beautiful screen which I would highly recommend!
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Acer S240HLBID 24-inch Monitor 16:9 FHD LED 5 ms 100M:1 A DVI w/HDCP HDMI Acer EcoDisplay
Acer S240HLBID 24-inch Monitor 16:9 FHD LED 5 ms 100M:1 A DVI w/HDCP HDMI Acer EcoDisplay
Price: £119.99

6 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Wishy Washy Colours, 7 Jan. 2012
Bought this for only £150 off of Amazon warehouse deals thinking I was getting a bargain. Product was checked over and "like new" so what could be wrong?

Well as soon as I turned it on I found a dead pixel, but one that was permanently blue so it stood out quite a bit on anything other than a blue background, probably the reason the previous owner returned this product to Amazon!

Bought primarily for my PS3 it showed a high resolution image at 1080p which I was quite impressed with, however the image didn't seem to be quite as sharp or crisp as I expected, I think this is largely due to the matte screen finish which gives the impression you are viewing the image through frosted glass. Then again I am used to a gloss monitor.

Colours didn't jump out the screen at me and were nothing more special than my laptop screen, I spent plenty of time tweaking, blacks were VERY grey and brown, the whole screen had a green tinge, reds were note very vibrant at all. The overall appearance was of very washed out colours. However again I think a lot of this might be due to the fact it is a matte screen and I have grown used to a glossy one. Increasing the contrast seemed to be a second brightness control, and even with the ACM enabled the contrast was nothing impressive. Overall the inbuilt menus provided VERY LITTLE IMAGE TUNING options, and the 5 presets that were provided barely changed the image.

On top of this the VGA / D-sub port decided to be temper mental and at first my laptop would display through and then sometimes it wouldn't displaying "no signal". The HDMI port also displayed artefacts on the screen when my laptop was connected, however I feel this MAY be due to me only having integrated low performance graphics.

Aesthetically the monitor is stunning, super slim and a fairly sturdy stand, all plugs easily accessibly at the back. I'm just disappointed the image didn't live up to my expectations, so I returned the item to get another glossy screened monitor.

Perhaps I got a faulty one? The other reviews were all so great...
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 9, 2012 7:59 PM BST

TeckNet® Apple FM Transmitter Charge and Play for Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, iPod Touch, Nano
TeckNet® Apple FM Transmitter Charge and Play for Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, iPod Touch, Nano
Offered by Hippidion.Store
Price: £13.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bought for a present, seems good so far!, 18 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this item as a Christmas present for my dad, he knew it was cheap, the last one i got him was a belkin tune cast which broke (my fault not the items), but that never worked very well anyway. The reception was poor, and the audio signal was distorted.

He thought the reviews on this site were promising for the money, so asked me to get him this new fm tranny despite its cheap price tag, i was skeptical at first.

As i'm sure you know this doesnt need batteries (Y), it draws its power straight from the ipod, i tested it with my ipod classic, it produced crystal clear audio at the correct frequency from all the way across the room. Highs were high, mid rang was present as it should be, and bass was tight right down to the lowest frequencies the speakers can produce.

It did not distort the signal, partly because you can't 'set' the volume it transmits at, the tranny will always transmit at a cosntant volume independent of what your ipod volume is set at, and you adjust the overall level on your radio. This seems like a good feature to me!

I am yet to try it out in a car, which will be the real test for it! However providing there is a empty frequency band for it, even on the move i'm fairly confident it will produce a clear strong signal, wayyy better than the belkin tunecast was capable of. And with the supplied in-car charger it charges your ipod on the go!!!

Brilliant, just buy it.

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