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Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 - Ruby Red
Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 - Ruby Red

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excelent scroll wheel, 23 Nov. 2006

*) Effortless scrolling wheel. Most mice have a stiff and/or a noisy scroll wheel. This one must be the best scroll wheel on the market

*) Good software included. While it does not need software, the mouse software it comes with is great. It allows you to customise the buttons. I have a dell laptop and lots of people have issues with not being able to disable the touch pad or having the touch pad permanently disabled. The included software allows you to easily control this.

*) Response and mouse movement is very good.

*) Size is small. Ideal for portability and great for small children. My daughter struggled with large mice but small mice make it much easier.

*) Extra button on the side is handy I have mine set to copy and I set the scroll wheel button to paste but I do not use it much.

*) Horizontal scroll. This is a neat trick by pushing the scroll wheel left it scrolls left and the same deal for right. I hardly ever use this but its fun when I do

*) Its optical so no mouse ball to clean. Works well on my wood desk direct no need for a mouse pad.


*) The small size means it's not great for everyday use with big hands.

*) Short cable. It's geared up for laptop use and is kept short for portability.

*) Not cordless. I think the cordless Microsoft mouse is better. I tried someone else's and the cordless one works well.

My biggest purchasing factor was the effortless scroll wheel. At work I do a lot of scrolling and some mice are quite stiff and some are very noisy. This one is free spinning and by far the best of a range of mice I tried. It is small, light and strong. I tried the cordless equivalent and wish I had bought that one. It was a bit bigger and suited my hand better. It was slightly heavier but still quite light. The scroll wheel and response was just as good as the corded one.

This is the best corded mouse I tried and I tried all the mice that were on display at Maplin.
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ByteStor USB 2.0 Memory Stick Card Reader
ByteStor USB 2.0 Memory Stick Card Reader

1.0 out of 5 stars Does not work with memory stick pro, 31 Oct. 2006
*)Does not work with memory stick pro

*)Only works with the original old style memory sticks

I Used it with my 512 memory stick pro. nothing doing. Tried a newer laptop with latest software still no action. Used an old memory stick and bingo it worked. Thats no use to me as my old sticks are too small.

Do not bother with this one its too limited to the original memory stick and does not support memory stick pros and i guess it will fail on the duo as well.

Get into French: Course Pack
Get into French: Course Pack
by BBC Worldwide
Edition: Paperback

27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not impressed, 27 April 2006
At first this looks quite good and in part it is good but it seems to me to have been put together very poorly.


* The Computer software is fun

* The dictionary is good


* The Audio CD is poor

* The Software seems to only work when you have DVD2 in the drive so each time you use it you need to hunt out your DVD

* At first the graphics look fun but actually it get in the way and soon the fun end up in tears.

* On XP I have different logins I installed it under my login and it runs for me OK. Usually when I install software it is available for my daughter under her login as well. When you run this app runs under her login the app starts but crashes when you try anything.

For me it is a shame that two great names BBC and Cambridge put their good names to this. It is neither one thing the other its part graphical but not fully so as soon as you like the graphical exploring you soon find out that it is somewhat limited. It is very cleaver in its teach me a phrase but these are not detailed enough. I would prefer if they either expanded on the fun graphics and with some fun French and do a good job on that or focus on learning phrases and conversations with a great selection. Alas this is neither and for me I am not impressed. I guess I will carry on looking for a better one.

Dirt Devil DD4200 Steam Devil steam cleaner
Dirt Devil DD4200 Steam Devil steam cleaner

43 of 45 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A great little steam cleaner, 22 Mar. 2006
I was going to get a smaller one but went for this as its more flexible better steam jet. I am glad I did this one is just right. The only downside for me is the trigger is too firm.
Loads of attachments
Quick to get started 4minutes and then you’re off
Good running time 20minutes
Very portable can be hand held
Good steam jet
Excluding the small bristle attachment and the trigger arrangement it is a solid quality build yet not too heavy.
Small bristle attachments gets mangles very quickly
Trigger / Trigger lock is too firm and poorly designed
I have now used this on several jobs and some observations would be true of most steam cleaners. It was great a steaming a bathroom that was in much need . I recon it could have been done with chemicals and or steamer just as well. I used predominantly steam with the chemical cleaner just for the odd bits. All in all the streamer did a great job. To get in between the tiles I got to using the small bristle attachment. This was excellent while it worked but it the bristles soon became mangled which is such a shame as the 20minutes of good working was so good. I continued to do the task with mangled bristles and it was OK. The bathroom owner was much pleased with the end result.
The trigger is pretty firm and it does have a trigger lock but this whole area is a bit poor. If you are doing a job that requires lots of short bursts of steam then you need strong hands. If you are doing a job on continuous steam the you put the trigger lock but this is a tad fiddly. When I had it on trigger lock so steam was flowing continuously without touching the trigger my three year old daughter ran to hug me I found switching off the trigger lock a bit fiddly .
The number of attachments is very impressive and the reach when clipping the bits together is great. Especially since on top of this its easy to pick it up and carry it by its handle.
I used an attachment outside as suggested on my patio to get some green algae up. It was no good at this. This requires a jet washer not a steam cleaner.
I steamed some engine bits and it did an OK job. Probably a bowl of boiling water would have done the job but I had to try out the new toy.
I steamed my uPVC and it did a good job. This is handy as strong chemicals should not be used on uPVC.
All in all this is a great steam cleaner and whilst steamers can do loads of jobs they are best at smaller focused cleaning where you do not want to soak everything. Jet washers on the other hand are great at soaking everything and cover larger areas quickly. You definitely should steam a trial area before you go for it. I steamed a cheap lacquered wood door alas it steamed off more than just dirt and now I have to replace the door. I steamed a solid oak door knob at a thirties house and the knob now looks brand new. This pleased the owner but I thought it had lost some of that thirties old look.
Its surprises me on how well it cleans some things and not others. I thought it would make short work of fat on a grill tray but as there was loads of fat it took ages. Fairy and a cloth would have been quicker.
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Weight Watchers 8976U Body Monitoring Precision Electronic Scale
Weight Watchers 8976U Body Monitoring Precision Electronic Scale

161 of 165 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic scale, 8 Feb. 2006
Its now stopped working so ignore the 5 stars.

Its weighing is accurate, has a loads of data:- fat, water, BMI, goal weight' but then as someone said 'do I realy need a scale to know that I'm over weight'. Definitely! My goal is based around the reading I get and the guide that they give in the instructions.
*Accurate weight (I reckon +- ľ pound)
*Digital display is easy to read
*Uses an advanced algorithm to get the most accurate fat and water reading
*Goal weight setting and tracking is very helpful for dieting
*No need to ajust. (It must auto calibrate its self)
*Can estimate your fitness if you do not enter it.
*The carpet feet do not work on carpet
*Whilst this is the best of the bunch for measuring your Fat and water. It can only estimate your fat and water, this is true of all scales at present that use bio-impedance.
*Entering details the first time can be frustrating, but its easy when you done it a few times.

The weighing appears accurate and it is certainly consistent, we all weighed ourselves several times in turn as soon as it arrived. Each person's weight was the same each time it was their turn. It does not need calibrating which is much better than the manual adjust I had to do with my old scale.
It measures fat and water by passing a small signal from one leg to the other. This gives it a bio impedance value, which it uses in connection with data you enter (height, age, sex, your fitness level)
Once you enter your details as person 1-4 you do not need to do this again. (I am not sure if I need to update the data each time I get a year older)
Entering the details is fine when you have done it a few times but the first time you will no doubt get annoyed by the short amount of time it gives you to put in the details. It asked me my height in inches and before I could do the maths it had timed out and I had to start again.

Once the details above are entered then you can weigh your self and it takes this weight as your original weight and you can enter a goal weight.
If you do this, when you weigh yourself it will tell you the weight difference from your last weighing, from your original weight and from your goal weight.

When you have entered all of your details then you press your number 1-4 (I am number 1 off course)
It shows your:-
Weight then
Fat by weight
Fat by %
Water by weight
Water by %

Your Weight again
Delta since your last weighing
Delta since original weighing
Delta to you gaol weight

Now that's a lot of data (Anymore and it would need a usb port). It flicks through the values. If you miss a value you can see it again by pressing a few keys.

I gave this scale 5 stars because it does so much for the money. I bought it in the amazon sales and I reckon the full retail price would be well worthwhile.

To weigh my 9 week old daughter Olivia I weigh myself then weigh myself carrying Olivia and subtract one value from the other and the result is her weight. A week ago the mid wife weighed her as 10ponds, which matched my figure. I cannot weigh her by sitting her on the scale as I think it has a minimum of around 1 stone before it takes a reading.

It comes with carpet feet, which do not work. I was very tempted to drop the rating from 5 to 4 because of this but really its no bother to me as I now always use a firm, flat surface. I put the carpet feet on and used it on a carpet with a small pile and standard underlay and it recorded my weight as if I had lost a few pounds. It had me going for a while. Who ever designed the carpet feet has let the side down. This should not be allowed on this otherwise excellent scale. You can put a firm board on the carpet and then the scales on the board and it works fine.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Days
Winnie the Pooh Baby Days
by A.A. Milne
Edition: Hardcover

28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, 24 Jan. 2006
This is our second copy. Our first daughter's copy has been filled in to cover her first year. It is just such a great place for recording all thoes important first occasions, first word, steps.... It has places for mementos like the hospital tag, places for photos.... It is well presented and well thought out.

First Fun With French [DVD]
First Fun With French [DVD]
Price: £9.14

8 of 12 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, 24 Jan. 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: First Fun With French [DVD] (DVD)
My daughter, 3years and 4 months old, is not captured by this DVD. At first she was interested and watched it end to end but she is not keen on it being repeated. The cartoon style is OK but overall its not that good. I was looking for a DVD like the "Sing and Sign" DVD by Sasha Felix which was so well made that you can watch it again and again and the language is a by product of having fun watching a DVD. There are not many learn french DVDs about and this may be one of the best but they could do much better.

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