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The Paris Time Capsule
The Paris Time Capsule
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A package, a key and a mystery could change your life., 18 April 2014
How could Catherine Jordan have ever believed that a plainly wrapped package with a pretty bow from Paris would turn her world upside down and inside out? It wasn't just a simply wrapped present from someone in that city, but an immersion into a mysterious world of suspense, intrigue and complications that now filled her former calm and stable life.

Plodding along in her calm and serene life, Catherine “Cat” Jordan is content as a photographer for a studio and pleased in her stable relationship with her boyfriend,Christian Carter. When the package arrives and she needs to go to Paris to straighten it out, she never realizes all the changes that would take place. The key she received in the package belongs to an apartment caught in a time warp, filled with priceless possessions, and a decades old mystery. With the arrival of Loic Archer, the grandson of the previous owner, on the scene, the mystery deepens. She wants to do the right thing and give it to him and his family, but they refuse without knowing why Isabelle de Florian, their grandmother, wanted it this way. So a deal is struck between them. She will investigate the mystery and if she can prove it is theirs, they will take it. But she can't forget Christian, who wants to hurry their engagement along swiftly. No one seems to care what she wants. Only she has the same question, what does she want?

With every answer came another question. Why did Isabelle leave a Parisian apartment filled with antiques, love letters and an original Boldini painting to her? Why was everything not left to her own family instead? Was she so accommodating now with Christian that she would allow others to plan her engagement party and wedding regardless of her desires? How could she continue to ignore the feelings that she felt for Loic? And what about the questions she asked herself? Was she trying to mold herself into Christian's world? Had she forgotten her dream of owning a photography studio? All valid questions that needed answers that only she could find. Maybe with the answers she could satisfy herself, Christian, Loic and Slyvie, Isabelle's daughter.

A fabulous book. The intricate weaving of a superbly written plot with well developed characters around a true historical event. With the descriptions of scenery, residencies, and other intimate details, such as, the dust storm upon first opening the apartment after so many years, the rows of grape vines trailing across the hillside and perusing old texts in an ancient nunnery, I felt as if I was there trying to help solve the mystery. The intertwining of several stories about love, life and the pursuit of happiness provided an excellent backdrop to the main plot. Ella Carey weaved an incredible, marvelous story. This was the first book I have read of hers, but it will not be the last.

Highly recommend to all romance readers who enjoy a story filled with history, mystery, love and romance.

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars A package, a key and a mystery could change your entire life.

A Night of Misbehaving (Entangled Indulgence)
A Night of Misbehaving (Entangled Indulgence)
Price: £0.74

4.0 out of 5 stars With a dream, a coin and an invitation, anything can happen., 18 April 2014
Even though her days are filled with her job and caring for her daughter as a single mom, Georgia Taylor knows something is missing from her life...a man, a companion, even a sexual encounter. Joining a dating site, she's gone on a few disappointing, meaningless dates, but when her latest date turns out to be Brent Turner, aka Sexy Dad, from her daughter's preschool, she's thrown into a dilemma. He's the father of her daughter's best friend, he cruelly rejected the sincere advances of her best friend, and her past experiences with men has been pitiful to say the least. If she gives in to the lust she feels, will she be able to face him when she meets him at her daughter's preschool without feeling shame or humiliation? Can she justify the breaking of the female bonding code with her friend for a sex- filled night of bliss, and then live with the consequences of that action? Would he be like her ex, running at the first signs of commitment or responsibility? She had chosen badly before. Could she trust her judgment this time?

Successful with his gyms, Brent Turner wants to take his company to the next step, offering a corporate wellness proposal to businesses. Only the announcement of a date with Georgia Taylor, aka Super Mom, from his sleazy man-whore partner, Carl, derailed his carefully laid plans. He couldn't let his partner near her. One: her daughter went to his daughter's preschool. Two: she was HR Director at a company where he wanted to pitch the proposal and a disastrous date with Carl would ruin that. Three: She was a sexy, gorgeous woman he wanted for himself. So the die was cast. He would go in Carl's place. What could possibly happen on a simple no-strings date? Wasn't he capable of logically getting her vote for his proposal? Wouldn't he show her a better time than Carl? At least they would part friends, wouldn't they? Not if fate has anything to say about it!

A quick read with just enough development of the characters to permit the reader to be fully engaged in the action of the story. A sweet romantic tale with a racier edge. Although there were a few explicit sex scenes, they were tastefully done. A sexy, hot short story about second chances and daring to hope for a happily ever after.

I would recommend to any romance reader. A copy was given by the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars With a dream, a coin and an invitation, anything can happen.

Unlocking the Doctor's Heart (Mills & Boon Medical)
Unlocking the Doctor's Heart (Mills & Boon Medical)
Price: £2.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Would the future always be tainted by the past?, 16 Mar 2014
Things that happen to you in your past always affects the way you see the future. Whether it is a past relationship that has gone wrong, an employment opportunity that was missed, or accidents that change the scope of our lives. It is how you will use these experiences that determine the way you conduct your future. Both Beth and Matthew had life changing events, but the way they handled them were very different. One was afraid to love and one was searching for it. Could they find it with each other?

Tired of being ignored and made to feel unwanted by her family, Dr. Beth Seymour made a life changing decision and applied for an exchange program to Australia. She had felt alone and neglected since her mother had died and her father had remarried. Her stepmother and stepsister required all of his time. Determined to separate herself from their suffocating influence and her father's neglect, a fresh start was needed. But from the first foot she stepped into the A and E Department at Eastern Memorial Hospital, she wondered if a fresh start was all she would get. Although chastised upon arriving in the hospital by the “tyrant” of the emergency room, she saw glimpses of a kind and compassionate man under the surface. Sometimes confused by the way he blew hot and cold with his attentions, she found herself falling in love. Only his revelation of “friends only” staggered her. But if that was all she could get, so be it. When an emergency required her to return to England, she wondered. Would their fledgling love survive? Would he give her a chance to prove she was not like the fiance from his past? Or would he just break her heart and let her go?

Five years ago, Dr Matthew Harrison was on top of the world. A fabulous job, a fiance and an excellent future in medicine was stretching out in front of him, but an accident changed all that. Betrayed and abandoned, he decided to live his present and future by constantly remembering going through this pain. Now the only thing he lives for is his time spent in the A and E Department of Eastern Memorial Hospital. Angry and disappointed that life had turned out this way for him, he demanded perfection from himself and all those under him. If that made him a tyrant in their eyes, then he did not care. That is, until the new exchange doctor showed up. Feisty, intelligent, and gorgeous, he felt the first stirring of emotion for her that he had felt in five long years. He would like to have a relationship, but he knows that affection and trust will never be offered. So, friends it is. However, could he trust his judgment? Was that really what he wanted? Would she really be like his ex-fiance? Would she leave him also? But when a family emergency requires her presence in England, he asks a whole range of different questions. How could he have been such a fool? How could he have forgotten for one minute his heartbreak from five years before?

From the first turbulent beginning until the final climatic ending, an entire range of emotions was used to write a story of two people traveling a rocky road to love. Medical events provided the background with interesting details of the lives of doctors as they balanced their personal and professional lives. Secondary characters were entertaining as they related to the ongoing drama between the hero and heroine. An excellent story. Well written characters and a well thought out plot meshed to provide an entertaining tale.

I would recommend this story to all romance readers. I was given a copy for an honest review.

5/5 stars Would the future always be tainted by the past?

Her Knight In Shining Armour
Her Knight In Shining Armour
Price: £2.46

5.0 out of 5 stars Could they save each other???, 14 Mar 2014
What an emotional and heart rending story. In past relationships, Paisley Vitale and Sterling James have both suffered from different forms of abuse and don't believe they will ever find a happily ever after or that they really deserve one. This story was full of twists and turns as they searched for their elusive happiness. Would that be together or apart?

Running from an abusive, stalking ex-husband, Paisley just knows she has the fool proof plan, but a chance encounter with a deer, a tree, and a bear changed everything. Waking up in a strange man's tent, she could hardly control her emotions: rage, fear, desire and confusion. She didn't want any man to help her, but certainly not a heart stopping, gorgeous, fall-into-my-eyes psychiatrist. She loathed all men, but what she felt for Sterling was certainly not loathing, but desire. Seriously hurt and afraid her ex-husband would find her, she succumbs to the plan he outlines to help her flee from the park and get her back on her feet. Acting like lovers whenever necessary throughout their escape from the park pushed the envelope for them both. As these unwanted sparks of desire constantly flowed between them from the first moment they met, her desire to be free of every man constantly warred with the emotion. When he proposes a new plan to help her escape her ex-husband's clutches, she is astounded. She had lost her freedom once and barely survived, was she crazy to take a chance again?

Handsome, sexy, and rich, Sterling James is known as the Ice Man,but he has an immunity against women. After several painful experiences in his past, he has decided they only want his body or his money, but they don't want just him. With his libido in the deep freeze for so many years, it was easy to be aloof, cold and a challenge to women, but when he laid eyes on Paisley, all his thoughts changed. Saving her from an enraged bear and a terrible accident, he is smitten from his first glance at her. Unlike any other women he has ever met, she fired his desire and thawed the ice around his libido and his heart. But would she be like all the rest? He had been emotional abused and played for a fool before, but he wanted to trust his judgment this time. If he could help her find herself, maybe he would find himself in the process. He liked being her knight in shining armour, protecting her, rescuing her and fighting her battles. Was he being played for a fool again? Was his judgment sound? Could he have a happily ever after? Should he even take a chance?

This was my first read by this marvelous author, but it will definitely not be my last. A roller coaster of emotions on both sides gave the story an added dimension of reality to the problems encountered in cases of past emotionally and physically abused relationships. From the first page to the last, I found myself hurriedly turning the pages to see how they would solve their problems next. Excellent story. Well developed characters melded with a well thought out plot to create a masterful story as they try to find their way to an eternal love. I enjoyed the story tremendously.

I would recommend to any romance readers who desired a story that is appealing on several layers of emotions. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 Stars Could they save each other???

The Rancher's Second Chance (Entangled Indulgence)
The Rancher's Second Chance (Entangled Indulgence)
Price: £1.51

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4.0 out of 5 stars Did they have a chance for love?, 12 Mar 2014
Losing your soul mate to death is devastating to anyone. Every person handles it in a different way. For Cole, the devastation was complete. No one would ever take her place. He would work his ranch, cherish his memories and strive to achieve their dreams, all while living his life alone. He had had his one chance at love and had no interest in finding another. Then Fate dropped a bombshell into his path.

When Cori, Cole's sister, was out of town, she was rushed into emergency surgery just a few days before her wedding. Appealing to her best friend and wedding planner to handle the last minute details, Melanie knew she was glad to help, but that meant dealing with her older brother, Cole. Although she had admired him from afar, he barely acknowledged her. She knew he thought she was a rich, spoiled, high maintenance socialite, but he couldn't be further from the truth. She had paid dearly for her independence, but those were her secrets. She knew he would never be interested in her. Only why did he have that scowl when his friend flirted with her and what about that look he gave her in the borrowed lingerie when the weather forced her to spend the night. Could she be mistaken? Was he as interested in her as she was in him? Could he be just better at hiding it? Was there a possibility of a future? Or would his late wife always be between them? And the most telling, would she be able to share her secrets with him and survive?

Protective, sexy and handsome, Cole was any woman's dream of the perfect man. A tough exterior hiding a warm center, he had loved his wife and never wanted or needed another woman. Surprised at his feelings when he observed his friend flirting with Melanie, his sister's friend, and flabbergasted at the sudden interest and desire that ran through him after he observed her in the sexy lingerie, he felt confused. She was nothing like the wife he had cherished, but the pull of long forgotten emotions were definitely there. He was definitely attracted, but was he ready to take the plunge into dating again? Would it be a betrayal of his love for his late wife? What could a high maintenance spoiled city girl give him in return? Should he risk it? Was there a possibility that he could have two great loves in his life?

An excellent story of a hot sexy cowboy with a broken heart and a society city girl with dark secrets finding their paths to an eternal love. Well written characters with a well developed plot provided a tale of the pitfalls in every new relationship. While they bare their secrets and hope for acceptance, they wonder if they have chosen wisely. The matchmaking antics of Mrs. Harris and Gage, were entertaining and provided many laughs as they steadily pushed them together. I laughed, cried and sympathized with the characters on their journey.

I would recommend this story to all romance readers. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars Did they have a chance for love?

Claiming the Rebel's Heart
Claiming the Rebel's Heart
Price: £2.36

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance can flourish even in the midst of war., 9 Mar 2014
“ Kinton Lacey Castle needs to be defended at all costs. It is important to the balance of the war against the Royalists”. At least that was what her father told Deliverance when he left. Although he may not have considered her to be the prettiest and most proper daughter, when her father left her in charge of protecting the family home from the Royalists, she took her responsibility seriously. If she couldn't gain her father's respect through being a proper female like her sister, maybe it would come through her defense of the Kinton Lacey Castle. She learned how to shoot, fight with a sword and command the garrison. Any battle strategy that she needed, she could read it from a book. As far as her being a female, that would come later.

Sent by her father to organize and defend the castle, Capt. Luke Collyer arrived ready to wage a fight against the latest attackers. Honed to be an impressive warrior by his life's experiences, he is stunned when he finds a woman in charge. His philosophy was she should be doing womanly things, not fighting like a common man. But Deliverance doesn't feel that way. Thus started their own mini-war: from the way the castle should be defended to her proper womanly role.

Finally Deliverance and Luke agreed to work on a compromise about the castle, only the awakening romantic feelings between them starts another war all of its own. With the compromise settled, could they find a way to nurture this love between them, a soldier and an heiress? Were their stations in life too far apart or would they have heartbreak in their future instead of a “happily ever after”?

Descriptions of the weapons, battlements, battles and the workings of the castle made you feel like you were part of the action. The detail definitely showed the author's research into the time period and the political feelings at the time as it affected both the general population and the members of the peer.

The story was excellent from the beginning to the very last page. Well written characters meshed with a well developed plot to show how even in the midst of war and adversity love can take root and blossom. Interacts between the hero and heroine were sensual, sexy, and exhilarating. As I turned each page I was greeted by excitement, mystery and intrigue. A real page turner.

I would recommend to all historical romance readers.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

5/5 stars Romance can flourish even in the midst of war.

Her Unexpected Family: A Sweetwater Springs Novel
Her Unexpected Family: A Sweetwater Springs Novel
Price: £2.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Would they be brave enough to take a chance?, 9 Mar 2014
Again we visit the quaint small town of Sweetwater Springs with all of its intriguing, interesting inhabitants. Claire and Travis have flirted, trying to get to know each other, until one ill fated date sent them in opposite directions. Now they avoid each other, but circumstances are about to change.

Funny, sexy and gorgeous Claire has a philosophy to live by: keep her cancer a secret, live each day to the fullest and allow no attachments, casual or otherwise. Disappointed that Travis no longer wants a casual affair, Claire retreats until a renovation, a darling three year old boy and her help-out-her-fellow-man personality clash. Thrown into close contact with Travis at work and eventually his home, smoldering embers of attraction flare to life. Sparks fly, but can she keep it casual until her five year cancer free period is over? Then there are the main fears. What if it comes back? Will she be able to survive the heartbreak of losing Travis and his son?

Handsome, former “bad boy” Travis has been known for his “love 'em and leave 'em” attitude, but the interactions with Claire makes him want to spend forever with her. Making his wishes known during their one ill fated date scared her off, but extenuating circumstances gave him a second chance to show her he was willing to take the time to tear down all her walls, just to be with her. But with the renovation, sudden fatherhood and the scare of her cancer returning would he ever get the chance? Would he and his son have to survive another loss or would the fates smile kindly on him just this one time?

This was a wonderful, sweet romance showing how with perseverance and love just about any obstacle can be faced and overcome. I laughed at the humor, cried with the heartbreaking parts and sympathized with their plight as they tried to find their lasting love. Well written characters meshed with a well developed plot for true reading pleasure. Real page turner. I look forward happily to the next book in the series.

I would recommend to all romance readers.

5/5 stars Would they be brave enough to take a chance?

A Suitable Wife: A Sweetwater Springs Novel
A Suitable Wife: A Sweetwater Springs Novel
Price: £2.50

5.0 out of 5 stars From friendship to love is sometimes a bumpy ride, but so worth it., 8 Mar 2014
It was going to be a marriage of convenience: a temporary marriage of convenience.

Sam needed to provide the perfect family picture to a judge in case his ex-wife, Jasmine, decided she didn't like the arrangements she had agreed to in the divorce. Rosie needed a cash influx for her business so she wouldn't have to face her ex-fiance, Dean, to obtain a new loan. Each had a need. Each had a solution. Easy, right? Not when you throw in dormant feelings, exes who want to cause trouble and secrets too dangerous to be shared. Then anything can happen.

Stories with characters all living and interacting in the same small town are some of my favorite books to read. I really enjoyed this very romantic story of long time friends who started with a relationship in friendship that slowly morphs into love. The story unfolded at a steady pace, fleshing out the main characters. This is the first novel in the Sweetwater Springs Series. Although it is a standalone novel, the characters for the next novel, Her Unexpected Family, Claire and Travis were introduced and mentioned throughout the book.

This was my first time reading works by Carol Burnside, but it definitely will not be my last. Looking forward to more novels in this series.

I would recommend to all romance readers.

5/5 stars From friendship to love is sometimes be a bumpy ride, but so worth it.

A Lot Like Love
A Lot Like Love
Price: £1.83

4.0 out of 5 stars Could love overcome all their problems?, 8 Mar 2014
This review is from: A Lot Like Love (Kindle Edition)
With Jessica Dennison's death, an entire family was affected in different ways. Sophie, her two year old daughter was now motherless. Mark, her husband, was now a widower with a secret and the sole parent of his child. Catherine, her twin, was tormented by a secret and banished forever from the family by her brother-in-law because of the accident. Now ten years later, circumstances have changed. Sophie needs the help of her aunt to live. Mark must swallow his anger and resentment to request it. He would do anything for his child, even this. But would a possible cure for Sophie's illness be all they would find together? Could a long ago attraction lead to something Mark and Catherine could call forever?

Would he act on his attraction or would his secret be in the way?

Would she act on her attraction or would her torment and secret be too much to overcome?

Would this treatment be the cure they have been praying for or was it another dead end?

When I start to read a Helen Lacey book, I know I will find a sweet, sensual romance with an intricate plot and well developed characters. This story did not disappoint. Building gradually throughout the book toward a climatic end, I rode a roller coaster of emotions as this family tried to meld together. Excellent story. Well written.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers.

4/5 stars Could love overcome all their problems?

Melting the Ice Queen's Heart (Mills & Boon Medical)
Melting the Ice Queen's Heart (Mills & Boon Medical)
Price: £2.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Was it possible to melt the Ice Queen's heart?, 8 Mar 2014
Growing up poor and losing her sister to sub standard medical care had made her life's decision for her, but was it the right one? She was no longer sure.

Chief of Surgery Dr. Virginia Potter was the consummate professional: cool, aloof and all business. For her, job security equaled financial stability. To achieve that goal, a career was what she wanted, even if she had to sacrifice having a family. Only sometimes she wondered if she had made the right choice. Her practical side dealt with rules and regulations, schmoozing with the board to save the hospital's ER and delivering the finest surgical care. Her feminine side dreamed of a husband, family and a bustling home. Had she chosen wisely? Her practical side said you can't have it all. Her feminine side said you want the quintessential “bad boy”, Gavin. Could she? Would she? Did she want to try?

Unorthodox and intense, Dr Gavin Brice has spent the last years on the front lines in developing countries with Border Free Physicians. He considered it his life's commitment, but a sudden guardianship of his nieces changed his mind. Regardless of the “suffocating regimented environment” he works in, he would provide the love and stability they needed. An instant family, death of a dream and new responsibilities were now his reality, but something was missing. Someone to share it with. At first glance, put together, feminine Virginia appeared to be a candidate, but the illusion was shattered because she only considered rules and regulations important. Could he change her mind? Was there a way to melt the Ice Queen's heart?

Truly excellent book. A well written plot was woven with the well developed characters to give an intense sensual story of two people trying to find love in their life. The medical field provided an intense background to the story from the first page to the last. I laughed, cried and sympathized with the characters as I followed their journey.

I would highly recommend to all romance readers. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 Stars Was it possible to melt the Ice Queen's heart?

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