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Sean Lock: Purple Van Man (Live 2013) [DVD]
Sean Lock: Purple Van Man (Live 2013) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sean Lock
Price: £5.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Truly awful, 27 Jan 2014
Wow. I love Sean Lock usually. On the panel shows he is absolutely hilarious, and consistently so. This DVD however is poor. The material is weak and forced. Observational comedy is at a peak right now, but Sean's subjects were just dull and uninteresting. I didn't laugh out loud once. I would have given it 1 star, if it hadn't been for the 16 minute "Live At The Apollo" clip as bonus material, which is actually much funnier than the entire DVD.

As a recommendation for something very good however, seek out Bill Burr's "You people are all the same". He deserves to be much better known in this country
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SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Red
SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Red
Price: £34.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, really?!, 11 Nov 2013
These sound muddy, boxy and unrealistic, like a cheap kitchen radio. I've run them in for about 25 hours thinking this might improve them but it hasn't. My Creative EP630's sound better, and they're a third of the price. Is it likely I just have a duff pair? There's no distortion etc, but there's virtually no clarity at all. I'm not sure whether to try for a replacement or just get a refund and go for the Creative EP830's. Any thoughts?
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Sennheiser HD201 Closed Dynamic Stereo headphones
Sennheiser HD201 Closed Dynamic Stereo headphones
Price: £17.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Strange ones these.....TOTALLY source dependant, 11 Mar 2012
Hmm is the best way I can describe these headphones...

I bought them as an emergency pair until funds allowed for something more substantial. I didn't expect much, despite plenty of rave reviews (plenty of people like the X Factor so enough said). Out of the box, they sounded dog rough, but this improved within 10 minutes of use. However they were still muddy, with recessed and quiet vocals and a large lack of bass, as others have noted. This was playing them through my Marantz CD63 KI Sig cd player (£500) and Onkyo TX-8050 receiver (£400). I'd heard that they needed some power to work at their best so I assumed the 100wpc Onkyo would give them that. As a comparison I tried going direct and plugging them in to the cd player (which has its own headphone socket as it's a hifi seperate) and turning the amp off completely. Wow. Night and day difference. They sound fantastic plugged directly in to the cd player. Neutral, but exciting and detailed, with great emphasis on the vocal which now carried much more emotion. They made me want to keep listening. The bass was there now, ample, but didn't overpower the music. Everything felt balanced

I expect them to sound even better when they've had 100 hours of use. So to summarise. TOTALLY dependant on the device you're using. They could sound shocking. They could sound exciting, involving and much better than their £16 price tage dictates. The trouble is, you have to take that risk when buying them


Playing them through a £10 Tesco MP3 player they sound exciting, with good clarity, but the bass is definately lacking. Rock doesn't quite have the drive behind it to really hit you as it should. This could be the low power of the player, it could be that the bass will improve once they've had more use

*Further update*

Perhaps my Onkyo receivers headphone socket needed to burn in, but tonight after some use, these headphones sound unbelivably good for £16. Leftfield's Leftism is blowing me away. Granted I've used the tone controls to boost the bass slightly, and these DO need a fair bit of volume, but I've never heard this album like it, even in £1000's worth of handmade floorstanding speakers. Run these in. Use a headphone amp (if using portably) (or hifi amp at home) and you will not find anything nearly this good at the price

So to summarise, the only cons:

They need power, so amp them
Bass needs boosting
If you can do that, buy them!

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